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The School of Instant Pain


I'll be your guide
So join me and fight
To break down the walls
That keep us in this misery

I'll be your friend
Believe in the end
We built up a new
and better land

The Gladiator's Song

I've been trained to kill a man
A sword, a spear or with my hand
As nature built me big and strong
A gladiator's song

We're kept like animals in a cage
They pay for it to see the rage
Their kicks have become stale and dry
They get excited when we die

Our life it is not meant to last
The arms so strong the eyes so fast
We're putting on a special show
And selling out the big front row

There is no chance of getting free
We could fight for eternity
And death is near it won't take long
A gladiator's song

Roman Entertainment

Get ready now, this is your next fight man
Don't think too much about yourself
Last night you told me that you can't go on
You have no choice, you go to hell

You said the moments you enjoyed your life
They seemed to fade away so fast
And when you felt that you had found a friend
You knew for sure it wouldn't last

I know these people in the audience
They want the show to be on time
Don't hesitate I ring my special bell
And you know that's my starting sign

So draw your knife, go out and take your chance
And show these folks your bravery
And if you manage to come back alive
Tomorrow's big fight is at three

The Deadly Dream of Freedom

In the night, we lie awake
And see the hazy shades of dawn
There's no rest for those who die
The deadly angel greets the morn

I have a dream that we can change it
You need just a glimpse of hope and I
Will be your leader in the fight against Rome
We're united, so you don't stand alone

In the night, you hear the drums
The last and longest fight begins
Your knife is sharp and in your mind
You know this time we got to win

I can see the face of fate is turning
We can throw the ball and chain away
We can make it happen just as long as you believe
Together we stand up for our peace

The Sweetest Sound of Liberty

It was shortly after nine
When they started a new time
Blood was flowing

In the gladiator's school
Things we perfect things were cool
Faith was around

When the news was spread around
Freedom is the sweetest sound
You can hear

And the hero of them all
"Spartacus!" you hear them call
"Where do we go?"

Dreaming of freedom is easy to do
You have to fight and win but never lose

From the nearby hills and woods
Men and women joined the troops
Without fear

And the hero of them all
"Spartacus!" you hear them call
"Where are we going?"

When the Roman soldiers come
We will soon be on the run
Heaven knows

Dreaming of freedom is easy to do
You have to fight and win but never lose

Building a new world where hate isn't known
A good kind of people with rules of their own

The March to the Eternal City

Dusty Road

Marching on a dusty road
They are on their way to Rome
Countless slaves to go to war
And they are fighting not alone

On their way so confident
They are carrying missile and spear
The desperation disappeared
And victory is near

In the sea of blood and bones
Sands of time stand still
Dying on the dirty road
Spartacus has come to kill

First Success

On their way so confident
They are carrying missile and spear
The desperation disappeared
And victory is near


The Superior Force of Rome


The day is gone
The sky is red
A bloody shine deceitful peace

It's just a break
The fighter's need
Tomorrow's sunrise waits for more

Soon the final dance begins
In the early morning sun

Think of tomorrow
Yesterday's burden
Nearly forgotten
In a corner of your mind

There's heaven above you
A starry blanket
You dream in the darkness
Of tomorrow


Sky so blue the sun is shining high
On the battlefield you see them die

Fighting bravely never getting weak
There's no mercy in this dust and heat

Spartacus stands, sword in his hands
Drawing a blood line all around
Fighting so hard for a new start

He stands like a rock
In the surge of the sea
No one comes near

Suddenly the soldiers realize
They need more men to survive this fight

All confused you see them dash away
losing now but they come back some day

Spartacus knows, though he has won
Too many men of his army are gone
For him and his friends there is no chance
To fight again for their liberty
Never be free

Thousand faces without hope and home
Kind of death will be the choice of Rome

Crucifixion of a lion's food
Human victims of an age so cruel

Glory and wealth, Power of Rome
Built on the shoulders of millions of slaves
Spartacus knows, though he was close
Their chance is gone
It was all in vain
There'll be more blood and pain

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