"Russian Roulette"
Album Credits

Russian Roulette Album Credits

Engineer & Co-Producer: Jimmy Hite
Recorded at:  Filmways/Heider, Hollywood, CA.
                        Capitol Records. Hollywood, CA
                        Info Studios,    Monheim. West Germany
                        EMI Studios,    Cologne, West Germany
Assistant Engineers: Hugh B. Davies - Tchad Blake
                                     Felix Lueiano Piccino
                                     Rolf Hanekamp Harald Lepschis
Mixed by Jimmy Hite & Jürgen Fritz at EMI Studio 2, Cologne, West Germany, using the Necam Computerized Console (whenever HAL decided to work) & the Aphex Aural Exciter - Recorded & mixed between September 10, and December 18, 1979
Mastering: John Cremer, EMI Records Cologne
This album was recorded with a Tape Machine
Cover Concept    Triumvirat
Cover idea    Arno Steffen
Photos    Hermann Schultz
Graphics    Hannes Jähn

Our thanks to everybody who helped on the way especially David, Jeff, Mike, Neal, Steve & Tim for their fine playing and ideas and Jules Chaikin for his wise advice

Thanks to Lorraine (“We're rich on what we've got...") Marita, M H, Hans, Gerd, Hermann the German, Gigi, Nick's, Yamaha Europa & Rolf Wüpper, Hannes for being fast, Bruce Ravid, the staffs at Heider's & Info, Rolf, JK, Dr Gong and all the ladies and gentlemen that helped & supplied, and helped & supplied...

... Regards we’ve had a few - but then again too few to mention...


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