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This album was recorded and mixed at CONNY'S STUDIO, W-Germany, between January 14th and July 11th 1977 on MCI Computer Mixing Console

Jürgen Fritz - Steinway Grand Piano, Hammond C3 Organ, Moog Synthesizers, Yamaha Polyphonic Synthesizer CS-80 and GX-1, Arp String Ensemble,Fender Rhodes Piano, Hohner Clavinet, Bells, Tympani

Curt Cress - Gretsch and Fibes Drums, Roto Toms, Timbales, Paiste Cymbals & Gongs, Handclaps, Moog Synthesized Percussion

Dieter Petereit - Fender, Rickenbacker, and Yahama Bass Guitars

Barry Palmer - Lead Vocals & Background Vocals

Jürgen Fritz's notes about the album

After deciding to do an album based on the story of POMPEII, it was not an easy to gather value - able information for an inside look on those dreadful events that took place almost two thousand years ago. Most of the books on POMPEII read novel-like and describe cultural, political and social backgrounds of life at that time and place. Knowing the unpossibility to include all this in one album, I concentrated on what seemed obviously most important - the earthquake 62 a.d. and the final destruction seventeen years later.

Consequently, the idea of the album turned into a fact-fiction-fact story - the facts building the frame for fictions little stories that are related to POMPEII, however, they might be looked at individually.

During the six month of recording and two month of preparations there were enough times when the spirit of this album was about to overtake - it almost collapsed.

There were a lot of people that helped to keep it going, and there were a lot that tried the opposite. - Pressure sometimes frees unknown strength. It did. That is why I am thankful to these people. All of them.

Jürgen Fritz
July 1977



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Jürgen Fritz's notes about the album
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