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Issue #020


August 4, 2000

Where Are The Remasters !?
Jürgen Speaks !
"Here are some answers." 

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Russ' Update
Jim's Corner

Jürgen Fritz Speaks !
Barry Palmer on MP3.COM
The Money Planet

SFB--Original Bassist of Jefferson Airplane Bob Harvey has new album and Project.....

Saint Louis Concert Videos

I Want To Know
Purchase of a Certain CD
Sheet Music
The Remasters
Happy The Man Website
Triumvirat LP's
Great Job on the Web Page
A Brilliant Band
A La Carte
Thank You

FUGU - Harmonia Maudit
Progfest 2000
New Flower Kings Album 'Space Revolover' Due in June
Steve Hackett News Update
Mastermind:  New Live Album
Nexus News
Happy The Man News
Ozric News
Steve Howe Audio Downloads
G2 Genesis Convention




Russ' Update

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the loyalty, patience (big-time) and support while this all gets sorted out.

Most of you know by now that the first four Triumvirat albums have already been remastered, and digitally cleaned up for a new release along with bonus tracks.

The news that most of you want first is that I was contacted last Friday by Glini of EMI Records in Cologne. He asked me to prepare some liner notes for "Med Tales", "Illusions" and "Spartacus". The first two will be out in the next 3-4 weeks. "Spartacus" will follow shortly thereafter, along with the remainder of the catalogue. A previously unreleased, recently unearthed 1975 Triumvirat track with Helmut Köllen, Jürgen Fritz, and Hans Bathelt called "Showstopper" will be the first of the bonus cuts for "Spartacus" followed by "The Capital of Power" and I hope..."Deadly Dream of Freedom" live.

The remaster of "Illusions on a Double Dimple" will contain two previously unreleased tracks from that same era 1973-74 called "Timothy" and "Dancer's Delight" with Helmut Köllen on lead vocals, Jürgen on keyboards, and Hans on drums. "Timothy" is cool; since it is Helmut Köllen at his best, and there are trade-off vocals with Jürgen similar to "Mr. Ten Percent".

The remaster of "Mediterranean Tales: Across the Waters" will contain two previously unreleased tracks, and I'm not sure if its Dick Frangenberg on bass or Hans Pape; probably the former... called "Ride the Night" and "Sing Me A Song".. Jürgen does a great vocals on both tunes.


Jürgen says his new "Triumvirat' album is 60% complete and won't be out until early 2001 since there were scheduling problems with some of the guest artists and a previous management shake-up....

Barry Palmer's letter to John Lennon "Dear John" makes its debut on mp3.com as a free download this week:

Please check out his new DAM CD available for purchase within a few days from now on the site listed above. It will contain four tracks:

1) "Dear John" ( a letter)
2) "Accidents Happen"
3) "Love At First Sight"
4) "God Knows"

two tracks(1&4) being new, two older rare tracks (2&3)...

It's an EP and a reasonably priced good value IMO. 

Thanks again, I have less time for this as I nail down this law degree and work at a firm in STL, but I will always tell you when there is big news.

Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer/Barry Palmer USA Manager
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

Jim's Corner

Greetings Friends !

Yes, it's been a long, long time hasn't it folks ?  So much hope and promise and expectation...so much anticipation and sitting on pins and needles as the promised scheduled release date for the remasters approached.....and came....and went.

As the time passed, we received hundreds of messages from fans, all asking the same question, "Where can I get the Triumvirat CD's ? They were suppose to be out..." And we had to reply in frustration that we had no idea what was going on, all our inquiries as to the status of the remasters went unanswered.  Until now !

As Russ has told you, we have heard from Jürgen (see his message below), as well as from Glini at EMI.  Liner notes are in the pipeline, so the release shouldn't be far away.

Speaking of Triumvirat CD's, some of you have noticed that one showed up as being for sale through several vendors.  Suddenly you looked at the Triumvirat listings and saw:

"Illusions On A Double Dimple/Mr. Ten Per"

Well, sorry to tell you but it is an illegal bootleg.  EMI has confirmed that there is no legitimate release of Illusions from England at this time.

If you haven't visited Barry Palmer's website since the last newsletter, now's your big chance !  The site has been completely redesigned, and a Japanese translation of the site added.  MANY thanks to our friend at J'rat, The Triumvirat Japanese Page, for all your hard work and patience !  Thank you again  Hideyuki !  Barry's website is at:


On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their patience recently as I have gone through some personal situations and have moved from near Seattle, Washington, to Helena, Montana.  So nice to be back in Montana, the "last, best place!"  Now if we could only get rid of these fires around here *cough* *cough* !

Read on, gentle reader...


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Helena, Montana, USA

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible" 
     - Frank Zappa.

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Jürgen Fritz Speaks !

From: Jürgen Fritz 

Hi Russ,

I've been away on vacation.
Here are some answers.

The album is 60 percent finished, won't be ready and out before 2001 though.
The delay was caused by a variety of management/company changes, along with
trying to coordinate the agendas of artists we wanted to work with.
According to Elke Schlimbach, who I spoke to yesterday, nobody from Helmut's
family has any objections against a re-release of the "You won't see me"
album. Don't know how that came about.
I cannot speak for Glini here, but I think he and EMI want to release the
"old" TRIUMVIRAT package at a time that will correspond with activities and
promotion around the new album - which makes sense, don't you think ?

Hope you are all well.
All the best


Barry Palmer on MP3.COM

Barry Palmer's letter to John Lennon "Dear John" makes its mp3 debut on mp3.com as a free download this week:  http://www.mp3.com/barrypalmer

Please check out his new "DAM CD" available for purchase on the site listed above. It will contain four tracks:

1) "Dear John" ( a letter)
2) "Accidents Happen"
3) "Love At First Sight"
4) "God Knows"

Tracks one and four are his new material, while tracks two and three are older rare tracks from his 1985 album, Without An Aim. 

The Money Planet

Who, or what, is The Money Planet ?  They are a group of four musicians that include our own Russ Shaw, vocalist Mark "E" Smith, guitarist Doug Briscoe, and bassist Chuck Palmer.  You are invited to check them out for yourself on mp3.com !  Their musical styles range from Progressive Soul to World Beat to Pop to Hard Rock, with influences that span a spectrum that includes Santana, Gypsy Kings, Al Stewart, Triumvirat, Aphrodite's Child, Vinx, Style Council, and more.

Now playing, at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/101/the_money_planet.html :

A Nation's Fire
Steel Wills
Dreaming Aloud

SFB--Original Bassist of Jefferson Airplane, Bob Harvey 
has new album and Project.....

Bob Harvey's 35 years of silence has been broken. In 1965 the third member aboard the Jefferson Airplane was booted out and fell to Earth -- the rest of the Airplane flew on and became the Starship. Noted for changing member's and having a very sordid and bumpy history, Bob Harvey was there at the beginning when the plane was assembled and was there for the historic run at the Matrix that led to the deal with RCA. Bob with his acoustic bass were no longer needed in the all Electric Airplane. After stints back with Slippery Rock String Band and a few Movies (Low Budget Biker-B movies) he faded into Oblivion.........

In 1990 the war broke out in the Persian Gulf.  The Kuwait people were being killed and abused and America decided to help them out. Bob, a navy Journalist, got order's to Saudi Arabia, kissed his wife goodbye and boarded the plane. Brian Fowler playing mandolin in RIVERSOUTH opening big shows for Aaron Tippen, Cyrus, and Charlie Daniels, also got his order's to Saudi Arabia. Brian packed his mandolin is his seabag and boarded the plane. In country, with gas mask in tow, Brian and Bob hit the sand and see its gonna be an interesting 6 months. Settling in the canvas tent, I see a guitar case and go speak to the dude w/ the guitar. We talk about music and life in general and become buddies. I even shared some of my coveted Whiskey that I snuck there in a Listerine bottle. He had a boom box and asked me what kind of tapes I had. I had Hawkwind (I later in 1995 took Bob to his first Hawkwind show in Atlanta) Nektar, Amon Duul, and alas Jefferson Airplane. He said, "I used to play with them." I was thinking in my head ?????????? He pulled out his guitar and played some of the weirdest songs I had ever heard and I figured he's telling the truth. We jammed in between Scud missile attacks and became friends.......

In 1995 I went to Atlanta to hang out, write, and play some and Bob showed me a lyric he had. I read it and said, "This is great!", and quickly put a melody to it.  We then recorded some 4-track versions of it. I contacted Robert Richardson, who is a awesome musician. He is into progressive stuff like Dream Theatre, Yes.....he wrote the Middle section to "One by One " It is on the website as an mp3 ( http://www.starship.pp.se/sfb/ ) if you want to hear it. Robert's Wife sang the lead vocal and we recorded the track along with "Running Like 60" . Bob had a serious personal problem and we never finished album. Only 2 tracks from 1995 were recorded and we are going to put "one by One" as a bonus track. Robert and Rebecca split and time marched on and the song was shelved. Robert is releasing a album called "Theatre of the Mind" which is awesome with Rebecca singing. 

Anyway we flash to 1998. Brian contacted Jeff Tamarkin who was needing to talk w/ Bob about the book he was writing and I gave him Bob's address in Atlanta. He had moved back to California and I didn't know that he had. Jeff gave Bob my phone number and he contacted Brian.

Bob or Brian didn't want to leave "One by One" unreleased so they decided to start writing again. They wrote 5 brand new songs and were going to do them with Robert, but he and Rebecca had split and the chemistry wasn't the same so they recruited Mike Childree and John MCgill to round out new line up. The sound now is more raw and psychedelic. Bob is singing all the lead now, and the album is almost completed. The album "Idiots Vision" has some heavier songs and some more acoustic songs as well. The lyrics are posted in the website and we may put a couple more songs in there periodically until the album is done. 

We also have some reel to reels of Jefferson Airplane live at Matrix in 1965 which would be the oldest recordings of the band, and 2 ADAT's full of some recordings Bob did in 65-68 w/ members of Mother's of Invention and other's so keep checking site, and we will eventually have all this stuff in there for everyone to hear. Hopefully album will be out by Aug/Sept.

We are mixing it out and finishing some last vocal tracks. This album would be hard to describe I can only say it is psychedelic and lysergic in the making. Hopefully we can get it done and to the public as soon as possible....

Thanks, Jim Bradley, for the interview time..

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Saint Louis Concert Videos

Yes, they're still available !  Joe Toohey had both the June 5th and 7th, 1999 concerts taped to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy these historic shows.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, well now's your chance !  You can purchase either the Centenary Church concert or the Off Broadway concert (or both, there are differences in the sets !).  Each concert video is 2 tapes in length, nearly 4 hours of concert footage from each night !  Each video set is $40 in the US, $45 outside the US.  Price includes shipping and handling.


*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *




From: Mike Dowen [mailto:mgdowen@attglobal.net]


Keep up the good work on TATW etc.

Some of the comments from the group regarding the continued interest in their music amaze me. Its kinda sad that they are unaware of what happens the first time that you put on an album that is going to send shivers up & down your spine for the rest of your life. That initial purchase after hearing the music on Fluff's Saturday show and the impatient bus ride home to lay it on the old Garrard turntable...mmmmhappy memories!

.........we gotta have SPARTACUS on CD NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
....... Its better than drugs!



I Want To Know

From: Consuelo Macias Valadez [mailto:cmacias@banamex.com]

Hi there:
I just want to know who will be the musicians in the new project of Triumvirat (2000)?
Is Barry Palmer in?
Is Hans Bathelt in?


[Editor's Note:  We don't have a complete listing of the musicians involved in the new Triumvirat project at this time, however, Barry Palmer is not involved with it.  Han Bathelt will not be performing on the new album, but did have discussions about the lyrics with Jürgen Fritz.  Jürgen will, of course, be on keyboards for the album, and as far as we know, Curt Cress will be on drums, and Werner Kopal on bass.  There are to be multiple vocalists, the only one that's been mentioned to date is John Miles.]


Purchase of a Certain CD


From: Ian Fleischer [mailto:ian-f@home.com]

To whom it may concern:

I have been a fan of Triumvirat since the 70's when I bought an album entitled "Illusions on a double dimple" I have looked everywhere for a CD replacement with no luck. Even while living in Germany in 1993 I couldn't find it anywhere. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada now and I hope you can point me in the right direction to find this magnificent album, hopefully on CD.



[Editor's Note:  Hang in there, Illusions is currently out of print, but we are awaiting the release of the remastered CD.]

Sheet Music


From: Jim Turner [mailto:Jim.Turner@tellabs.com]

This is great. It is amazing what a search on Yahoo can uncover. I didn't think these albums would ever be on CD. I was wondering how I could get the sheet music to some of the Triumvirat albums. If you could send back some information, I would really appreciate it.


Jim Turner

[Editor's Note:  No sheet music for Triumvirat is available at this time.  We have advised the band that there is a demand for it, and hopefully they will look into making it available at some point.]

The Remasters


From: Jim [mailto:zerogravity2510@webtv.net]

Hi Jim, 

I hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble, just having a good time with life. Well, we are into June and I am still anxiously awaiting any word of the Triumvirat remasters. I have picked up several of the Eloy cds ( excellent!!!! ), and have enjoyed turning my younger family members and their friends onto them. I've told them how much I love the Triumvirat albums I used to listen to in the 70's, and that when they become available as remastered cds, they will love them too. I suppose good things come to those who wait, but for crying out loud, what is the hold up? On another note, I wonder if you could give me some information regarding possible remastered Nektar works,: I.E. Remember the Future ( the quality of the cd is , at this point, not worth the money due to very poor engineering ), Recycled, etc. Any knowledge you could pass on to me would be greatly appreciated. Oh, Jim, one last item, when will the next issue of tales across the waters be forthcoming? I hope you'll be able to respond with great news, soon.



Happy The Man Website


From: craftystan@webtv.net [mailto:craftystan@webtv.net]

Hi there, just wanted to let you know the 'official' Happy the Man website is up and running. http://www.happytheman.com/


Stan Whitaker


Triumvirat LP's


From: Mark E Daniels [mailto:mdan850976@juno.com]

Jim here is a heads up for everyone who needs a rat fix. if you go to RECONSIDER and click on links at the bottom you will be given several search site to go to that are around the world there are lp's out there for sale, one of the site I found is MUSICS or some thing like that. I'M a fan from the 70's and when I retired from the US ARMY moved back home only to find my lp collection destroyed I have been doggedly been hunting for double dimple and spartacus.

I am now disabled and can no longer work, I have a lot of time to search the web,I will help any one out that I can the only thing I ask for is a small donation that will help cover my expenses. I'm on paypal. I have a couple print outs all ready to disseminate if requested.

Mark Daniels


Great Job On The Web Page

From: Roy Ogren [mailto:reojeo@home.com]

Hi Jim     

I'm from Chicago and have been  studying Photoshop and macromedia and I'm fascinated with web sites and the internet. I think you've done a great job on the Triumvirat web site. The reason for the e-mail is, I was hooking up my old Thorens turntable so I could burn some CD's of old LP's I have in the basement. As I was going thru the LP's I found Illusion on a Double Dimple (boy did that bring back memories) as I was recording it I decided to make a search on the internet for Triumvirat, to my surprise, behold I found your web site. All I want to say is thanks and keep up the good work.  



From: Harry T. Stone [mailto:webmaster@karnevil9.com]


Just a note to let you know I have created a link back to triumvirat.net from the reborn www.karnevil9.com The site is 90% finished and I'm going to launch this week come hell or high water.

Your site, as always, looks great!

Harry T

[Editor's Note:  Thanks for the link Harry !!!]


A Brilliant Band

From: ScuffleDig@aol.com [mailto:ScuffleDig@aol.com]


Firstly - a brilliant web site! It made my day to finally track down some info on this brilliant band.

Now the question - How can I get a copy of the re-mastered Spartacus? I've searched the suppliers I know about but can't find a copy. Can you give me the URL of a supplier so I can order a copy as my LP is wearing out!

many, many thanks


A La Carte

From: Sven Wallén [mailto:sven.a.wallen@telia.com]

Hi Jim!

I was just wondering if Triumvirat's promise from '98 to re-release everything will happen. I am really interested in getting the A la Carte on CD.

Best regards,


Thank You

From: Jamie Saunders [mailto:saunders@computan.on.ca]

Hi Russ;  

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and whoever else is responsible for this great site...it is clearly a labour (Canadian spelling!) of love.  Triumvirat was a huge part of my life growing up in the mid-late '70s and it's nice to know so many people remember their music with similar fondness.  I'm greatly looking forward to the re-releases on CD.  Thanks again. Jamie Saunders St. Catharines, Ontario Canada 



*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


FUGU - Harmonia Maudit

FUGU - Harmonia maudit

The album : Fugu is a band created by Philippe Troïsi (guitars) and Thierry Massé (keyboards), members of the French rock band Eclat. With the help from L.Bencini (bass) and Fred Pasqua (drums) they release Fugu's first album. "Harmonia maudit" is a nice surprise, not exactly in the same vein as Eclat. These nine instrumental pieces offer an original music, mixing jazz-rock ala Brand X and progressive guitar orientated music. The "classical" influence may sometimes recall the Enid or Steve Hackett, but this very diverse, melodious and eclectic music (with also a bluesy and a jazzy touch here and there) reveals a great new band!

1 . La Walkyrie Quand On... Ouverture 3'42 
2 . Sinistre 6'18
3 . Hommage Au Mage 6'26
4 . From Barletta 5'52
5 . X-Fly 6'25
6 . Papyrus 4'21
7 . A M'on's Domicile 5'56
8 . Ectoplasmes 9'16
9 . La Walkyrie Quand On... Final 2'04

The brand new album of this great French band, formed by ex-Eclat Philippe Troïsi on guitars with Thierry Massé (Eclat/Ortega = keyboards), Lilian Bencini (Ortega = bass) & Fred Pasqua (Ortega = drums), is available now !!! A fantastic progressive fusion, including as various influences as The Enid, Camel, Alan Holldsworth, Steve Hackett & Pat Metheny in a great melting pot ! Simply brilliant !!!

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to review the album, make interviews with the musicians or book them for forthcoming gigs.

Kind regards.

MUSEA - Production et Distribution

Progfest 2000

Hello Everyone,

We have some great news for those that are planning to attend to the Progfest weekend in Los Angeles this year.

1 - Camel will start their 2000 tour in August 2000. At this time, the ONLY USA dates are in California. Their L.A. show is scheduled for August 30th Wednesday, location will be confirmed in the next days. The progfest team in just helping Camel to advertise their show, and we will not be able to sell tickets. For additional information, please check on the band's web site, located at http://www.camelproductions.com

2 - The Pre-progfest night is scheduled for August 31st, Thursday. Spock's Bear and Rocket Scientists will perform at The Troubador, located at 9081 Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood. The doors open at 7:30PM, the show starts at 8:00PM. Tickets are $20 if purchased before the show, and $25 at the door. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster, or through Spock's Beard's web site (www.spocksbeard.com), or directly from The Troubador.

3 - Progfest 2000 nights will go as planed on September 1st and 2nd with the following bands and show times:

September 1st (Doors open at 4:00PM, show starts at 5:00PM)
Transatlantic - Members of Dream Theater, Marillion, Spock's Beard, &
Flower Kings
Kenso - From Japan
Codice - From Mexico

September 2nd (Doors open at 12:00Noon, show starts at 1:00PM)
Banco - From Italy
Supersister - From the Netherlands
Mona Lisa - From France
Tempus Fugit - From Brazil

4 - September 3rd, Sunday Progressive Rock CD/Record Convention—FREE Admission. This event will take place from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at the Sequoia Club in the Lexington Room. The Sequoia Club is located at 7530 Orangethorpe Ave. (at the corner of Beach Blvd.) in Buena Park.

This will be a great weekend of Progressive Music. If you didn't start planning your trip to LA, better start thinking about it. Progfest tickets are on sale, and here is how you can get it.


Progfest 2000 Ticket Prices: $65 for two-day pass or $35 each day.

Send check or money order to:

Greg Walker
P.O. Box 2034
La Habra, CA 90632
Phone (562) 947-1576
Email: progregwalker@sprynet.com

Send check or money order to:

Alex Castro
1731 Colby Ave. # 109
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone 310.473-4217
Email : proghouse@earthlink.net

For CREDIT CARD (Visa and Mastercard) orders:

David Overstreet
P.O. Box 65131
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone (323) 225-3210
Fax (323) 343-1925
Email: david.o@newmail.net
or: bc093@lafn.org


La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts (Los Angeles)
14900 La Mirada Blvd.
La Mirada, CA 90638

Directions from LAX to the venue: Take freeway 105 east; to 605 south, and almost immediately exit at Rosecrans Blvd; Take a left (heading east) on Rosecrans Blvd; drive about 5 miles on Rosecrans Blvd; pass La Mirada Blvd and make a right into the driveway for the shopping center. You'll see the venue from there. La Mirada Civic Theater is at the corner of Rosecrans and La Mirada Blvd.

HOTEL INFORMATION (You must mention PROGFEST 2000 to get these rates)

Red Roof Inn (Buena Park)
$47 per night, multiple occupancy
Phone (714) 670-9000
Fax (714) 522-7280

Hanford Hotel (Buena Park)
$59 per night, multiple occupancy
Phone (714) 670-7200
Fax (714) 522-3319

Holiday Inn (Buena Park)
$65 per night, multiple occupancy
Phone (714) 522-7000
Fax (714) 522-3230

Directions from LAX to the hotels: Take freeway 105 east; to 605 south, to the 91 east; exit at Beach Blvd.; Take a left (heading north) on Beach Blvd; Hotels will come up within about a block (right before Orangethorpe). Red Roof is on the left, and Holiday Inn is on the right.

For additional information , please check the festival's web site

Stay tuned for Progfest 2000!

All the best, and see you in LA,
Alex, Greg, David and Brian

New Flower Kings Album 'Space Revolover' Due in June

The new Flower Kings album 'Space Revolver' sees world wide release on 20th June

For a sneak preview go to Flower Power where five exclusive high quality MP3s are now available to download.

Flower Power: http://www.flower-power.org.uk/
TransAtlantic:  http://www.btinternet.com/~archimedes/flower/transatlantic.html
BoA              : http://www.btinternet.com/~archimedes/index.html


Steve Hackett News Update


Dear Jim

Thanks for your patience... I realize it's been quite a while since the last newsletter but I wanted to have something substantial to offer rather than just talk about the many potential projects that were in the pipeline.

It's still early days for Camino Records (even though I personally turned 50 last 12th February...!) We're very proud that the company has now released some other artists such as Ian and Chester and in continuing this trend we'll shortly make available a new album by John Hackett and myself entitled "Sketches of Satie" - recordings of Erik Satie's music rearranged for flute and guitar. This record is hopefully the first in a series to be released on 'Camino Classics'.

Other news items that may be of interest...

We're splashing out on a new recording studio - the original version has served its purpose well but as ever it's time to move with the tide of events... Exciting times for this team of myself, Billy, Kim, John, Roger, Ben, Jerry and quite a few other 'regulars'.

I continue to apply myself to all the musical possibilities at once - Classical, Rock, Jazz, Comedy, World Fusion -and if I have the time I may even get around to Country... if Gibson ever manage to send me that free banjo they promised back in the mid-Eighties! More specifically I'm still working on a guitar concerto and another 'modern' album which is likely to be toured, as band members are being recruited (or press-ganged when 'unavailable') at this very moment.

The project with Jim Diamond seems to have reached an impasse, largely, I suspect, due to inability to decide on suitable material - such is the producer's lot...

Further 'Live' and 'Best Of' compilations are planned but require the co-operation of Virgin Records who inherited the original Charisma catalogue but seem unwilling to either work it or release it to us in whole or in part... negotiations are afoot. The alternative seems to be re-recording but this may have less impact as I suspect people prefer the originals, warts 'n' all. The future we can handle - the past? - well we'll just have to wait until those b******s get their act together!

Meanwhile all the early titles are still available from us, by post or online. Thank god for the Internet or Einstein's Relatives - Space continues to be warped and, proudly, so are we at Camino. As the 'family motto' says... "Entrench thyself not lest thou falter before the altar of great electronics"... or... "Where wast thou when a sense of humour was handed out?"

Steve Hackett

Mastermind:  New Live Album


From: Bill Berends [mailto:bberends@k2nesoft.com]


UPCOMING: Mastermind will open for TRANSATLANTIC in Wash, DC June 24th at
the 9:30 Club. With some luck possibly another show (Boston?). Also,
Mastermind returns to POWERMAD 2000 in Baltimore August 18,19,20. More
details as we get them.

NEW LIVE ALBUM: "Prog, Fusion, Metal, Leather, & Sweat" recorded last summer
with special guest Mickey Simmonds on keyboards featuring tracks from
"Excelsior!" and "Angels of the Apocalypse" live in concert. This high
quality 80 minute 'official' live recording is being made available by
mailorder from StellarVox Music. For more info and release details visit:


The reaction to our new "ANGELS OF THE APOCALYPSE" studio album has been
very positive, we wish to thank everyone for their strong support. If you
haven't got a copy of "Angels..." yet, visit the Mastermind web site for
sounds clips, review links, and other info. Thanks!

All the best,

Bill Berends


Nexus News

From: nexusfan@ciudad.com.ar [mailto:nexusfan@ciudad.com.ar]

Este mensaje se encuentra en español e ingles. This message is in spanish and english.


Noticia importante para todos los amantes de la buena música..!

Nos pone muy contentos informarles que NEXUS, la banda argentina de rock que está dando que hablar a todo el mundo sinfónico / progresivo de USA, Europa, Japón y Latinoamérica, está en estos momentos completando los últimos detalles para su partida del próximo 15 de Junio hacia los Estados Unidos y México, donde se presentará en dos de los festivales más importantes del circuito: NEARfest USA y Mexprog México DF.

Luego de sus exitosas presentaciones en Río de Janeiro y Baja California, estos festivales representan los tramos finales de la gira americana, la cual NEXUS planea cerrar en Septiembre en Buenos Aires.

Nuestros mejores deseos para los NEXUS, que están haciendo llegar una muestra de la mejor música argentina a todo el mundo!

Un saludos para todos!

//Fans de Nexus en Argentina//


Para contactarse con NexusFan: nexusfan@hotmail.com
Más información y fotos de los últimos conciertos
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Important notice for all lovers of good music..!

We have the pleasure to inform you that NEXUS, the argentine rock band that is generating the best comments from symphonic/progressive audiences from USA, Europe, Japan and Latin America, is now arranging the final details for leaving next June 15th towards the United States and Mexico, to perform in two of the most important festivals of this genre: NEARFest USA and Mexprog Mexico DF.

After the band's successful performances in Rio de Janeiro and Baja California, these festivals are the final steps of the American tour, which NEXUS plans to close next September in Buenos Aires.

Our best wishes for NEXUS, who are bringing some of the best argentine music to the world!

Greetings for everybody!

//Nexus fans from Argentina//


To contact NexusFan: nexusfan@hotmail.com
Information and pictures of the latest NEXUS gigs



Happy The Man News


Hello Happy the Fans!

Two new Happy the Man dates have been added in August. Friday August 18th at the Recher Theatre in Towson, Md. and Saturday August 19th back at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Va. Gig and ticket info can be found at our website http://happytheman.com/

Also, for those of you who don't have 'em yet, HTM t-shirts are now available via mail order. L, XL, & XXL (black Hanes Beefy T's with 'rainbow Ibby' logo). Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, due to overwhelming demand not all sizes are currently in stock. T-shirts are $20 ($18 if you buy 'em at our shows) plus $5 shipping and handling.

Send check or money order to Happy the Man, Inc. at 522 N. State Rd.
Suite 102, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510.

Take care and see you in August!

Happy the Man


Ozric News


Greetings Erp-beings!

Just to let you know that the brand new Ozric album has now been recorded and mixed and will be released world-wide in September!

Keep your eyes on the web-site for sneak previews of the track titles and artwork!

The next edition of the Ozracle, the official fan-club magazine will be out in August. The mag will include an exclusive in-depth interview with Seaweed and a one-off chance to win an original piece of Ed Wynne artwork which will be framed and signed by the man himself!!

You can join the fanclub by going to the merchandise section of the website and clicking on the Fanclub button.

More news soon!

Cheery Bye!


Simon "Eddie" Baker
Stretchy Records Ltd
PO Box 5520
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3WH
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1279 865070


Steve Howe Audio Downloads

YESWORLD: The Yes Online Service
UPDATE - July 1, 2000


Steve Howe kicks off his new Store page by offering exclusive digital downloads along with Steve's remarks about each track and exclusive photos taken by Steve himself. The music downloads are powered by Liquid Audio and include a special edition Steve Howe Music Player faceplate. Once downloaded, you will be able to record your own music CD through any of the CDRW devices supported by Liquid Audio technology.

Visit the Store page at http://stevehowe.com , also accessible through the Band Members section at YesWorld.


G2 Genesis Convention



A Genesis convention is taking place on 31st March 2001 in Guildford UK. 'G2' is the follow-up to the highly successful 'G99' which took place last September.

In addition to special guests, memorabilia, competitions and rare video footage, the key event of the convention will be a performance of 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'. The music will be performed by ReGenesis, the UKs best known tribute band, augmented with an ambitious and innovative visual show utilising the state of the art multimedia technology, a huge light show and costumes.

This will be the first time that 'The Lamb' has been performed in it's entirety in the UK for 25 years, and I am sure it would be of interest to any progressive music fan. You can find out more at the following URL:



Doug Melbourne (Keyboards, ReGenesis)





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