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Issue #019 www.triumvirat.net March 9, 2000
=== Triumvirat Remasters Release Timetable ===
"Soon the final dance begins
In the early morning sun" 

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Russ' Update
Jim's Corner

Triumvirat Remasters: Release Timetable
Jail CD Remaster now available !

Saint Louis Concert Videos

Polish Mike Oldfield Fanclub Online
To Dream or Not to Dream
Questions From an Old Fan

King Crimson European Tour Dates
Steve Howe Interview at Progressive World
New Spock's Beard album due in June
NEARFest Update




Russ' Update

Hi all

In addition to the news about the Triumvirat Remasters, here is what is happening at the moment: The latest word about the new 'Triumvirat' album is that it will be released in September on Chlodwig Records. Jürgen Fritz is keeping many of the details under his hair, although we know that there will be a number of different musicians on the record, including legendary English singer John Miles (formerly with the Alan Parsons Project). Jürgen has said that he has created a totally new sound and that this recording "will not be 'Son of Spartacus"...No classic Triumvirat members are thought to be a part of the recording, other than Werner Kopal who played on "Ala Carte". Hans Bathelt had written some lyrics with Jürgen last year, but it is still not known if any made the album...Stay tuned to this space for the latest we can extract from the boys....

Former Triumvirat/Mike Oldfield lead singer Barry Palmer has just finished recording an "extended CD single"; his first new solo studio recording since 1987. It was co-produced by Barry and "The Away Team" (Nik Green and Penny Little/Savage) at their state-of-the art digital studio on the Pacific Ocean in Isla Vista, California, USA. Nik Green was formerly the keyboardist in Roy Harper's band which also included ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Tony Franklin, who later formed "The Firm". Green also played keyboards in the 80's and 90's for ex-Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes band "Blue Murder". Nik Green has played with the likes of Carmine Appice and Cozy Powell, as well.

For a look inside this high-tech, state-of-the-art digital studio where Barry's single was recorded last month, visit Nik Green/Penny Little/Savage's band site "The Away Team", and hear their new music while you are at it: http://www.theawayteam.com (then click on 'the studio')

Included on the CD are brand-new, big-money, orchestrated productions of "Dear John", Barry's stunning tribute to John Lennon (co-written by Barry Palmer and Scottish writer/musician/architect Dave Duncan), as well as a second potential single called "Ghost of a Love". The CD will also include a few alternative mixes and is due on Amazon.com by June, as well as his website www.barrypalmer.com.

I was at the sessions to record guitar tracks, and can tell you that Barry's voice has never sounded better, invoking the feel of Triumvirat, especially on "Ghost of a Love". "Dear John" is a made-for-radio pure hit single waiting to happen. We invite his fans to help us promote the new single in your hometown market as the release nears.

Barry's new label 'Hold Your Horses Records' will also be releasing some of the gems of his back catalog exclusively on the internet next month, including his 1985 solo album (that also features Nik Green) entitled "Without An Aim", and an EP of rare singles recorded in the 1980s. BP has also been invited by a major Russian band (whose name escapes me at the moment) to record a song with them and well-known German female vocalist Nina Hagen. And lastly on the Barry Palmer front, you can meet and greet Barry in person in April at a Mike Oldfield fan convention in Stuttgart, Germany. E-mail me for details.

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer/Barry Palmer USA Manager
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

Jim's Corner

Greetings Friends !

Finally !  The news we've been waiting for for so long !  The Triumvirat Remasters are coming, and we've got a timetable and a few details to share with you.  So without further delay.....

May/June 2000:

"Mediterranean Tales", 
"Illusions On A Double Dimple"

September/October 2000

"Old Loves Die Hard"

January/February 2001

"A La Carte"
"Russian Roulette
"You Won't See Me" (the late Triumvirat singer Helmut Köllen's 1977 solo album.)

For the full scoop, read the message from Gerd Gliniorz of EMI below.

Oh, and I guess that perhaps I should mention, just in case you haven't noticed....the Triumvirat Homepage has got a new look !  Comments, criticism, complaints, praise and raves are all welcome.  And if you run into any problems with the new layout, find a link that isn't working properly, please let me know !  

This is the beginning of the year we've been waiting for, the year of the 'Rat !


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

"Being a rock musician is a bit like being in the trenches in WWI: 90 percent boredom, 10 percent terror." 
                         - Bill Bruford.

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Triumvirat Remasters: Release Timetable

From : Gerd Gliniorz, EMI

Dear all,

Here is some news about the Triumvirat Remasters.

Wednesday last week, I had a meeting with Jürgen Fritz, and he agreed on our plans to release the Triumvirat catalogue in chronological order in 3 steps:

1) "Mediterranean Tales", "Illusions On A Double Dimple" and "Spartacus" in May/June 2000.

2) "Old Loves Die Hard" and "Pompeii" in September/October 2000.

3) "A La Carte" and "Russian Roulette" in January/February 2001, plus late Triumvirat singer Helmut Köllen's 1977 solo album "You Won't See Me".

All albums will be digitally remastered and no-noised. All will have an 8-12 page booklet incl. liner notes, lyrics and photos. And all will have bonus tracks (mainly singles a's & b's plus some live material), although on the second half of these albums we don't have much yet.

If you have any ideas/questions/remarks (yes, Russ, the publishing details on "Old Loves ..." will be changed!), please let me know. But keep in mind, that I might be not able to answer each mail individually.

You might be interested, that beside releasing UK-/US originated products and developing international repertoire for compilations, series and re-releases, I've worked/I'm working (and it's just me! No assistant, no secretary! Yes, I'm a poor guy) on the following German(-based) artists/projects:

- Eloy (first 3 albums in February 2000, the remaining 9 during the next 15 months),

- Sweet Smoke (first 2 albums on 1 CD in February 2000, "Live"-album in April),

- Jail (first and only album incl. "Julie"-single from this Triumvirat-related band in February 2000),

- Kraan (first 5 albums to be re-released in 2000),

- Scorpions (new "Best"-compilation in September '99 / 2 long-time unavailable, now EMI-controlled ex-RCA-albums in May 2000, the remaining 6 remastered catalogue-albums during the next 18 months),

- Lords (A's & B's-sides compilation from this German beat/rock band in October '99, other releases planned),

- Fehlfarben (famous wave band, 1st album in August, to be followed by at least 2 others),

- Double-CD of the German Harvest-label (including some of the above mentioned bands plus rare stuff from acts like Tanned Leather, Round House, Janus, Cobraa etc.)

And we are still waiting for the guys of Kraftwerk to decide what they want to do on their catalogue.

I'll try to keep you updated!

Best regards!


Jail CD Release

The Jail CD, 'You Can Help Me" (which featured former Triumvirat lead vocalist Helmut Köllen on guitar and some vocals) is now available through cdeurope.com 

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Saint Louis Concert Videos

Yes, they're still available !  Joe Toohey had both the June 5th and 7th concerts taped to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy these historic shows.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, well now's your chance !  You can purchase either the Centenary Church concert or the Off Broadway concert (or both, there are differences in the sets !).  Each concert video is 2 tapes in length, nearly 4 hours of concert footage from each night !  Each video set is $40 in the US, $45 outside the US.  Price includes shipping and handling.


*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Polish Mike Oldfield Fanclub Online

From:  "Lukasz Wierzbicki" <luke@oldfield.org.pl>   

By the way I'd like to inform you, that Polish Mike Oldfield fanclub,  Four Winds is very busy. We edited and placed on the net special pages about all the musicians that have played with Oldfield. There is also a page dedicated to the career of Barry Palmer in Polish and in English: http://mike.oldfield.org.pl/related/bpalmere.html 

We invite You! 

Regards Luke

To Dream or Not to Dream

From:  Martin Kornick <treasures@interaccess.com> 


Thanks for the next T-Rat newsletter! Surprise to see it again.

Why on Earth did you feel a need to list tour dates for Dream Theater? They
are not progressive Rock, they are Heavy Metal, and I am sick and tired 
of them getting so much praise as the next big Prog band.  They have poor
writing skills and shred through everything with ear blistering Metal
hogwash. The only thing interesting about the tour is that The Dregs are
opening for them. But you missed the biggest news Jim.... Spock's Beard
will be opening for them in Europe! Keep your eyes on Spock's Beard and
you'll toss those DT CD's in the resale bin, or even better, the trash.
It's a pity these 2 great opening bands (Dregs & Beard) have to sink to
the level of opening for these Heavy Metal prog impostors.

Sorry to sound so harsh, I'm just really sick of hearing about DT as if
they were a pure progressive effort and we all should enjoy them.  Their
tour dates should be listed on a Blackmore's Rainbow newsletter, not T-rat,
as that's the type of music they play. And there's nothing wrong with that
type of music, I enjoy some of that style myself.

Several years ago Dream Theater were featured on MTVs Headbangers Ball, 
and that's where they belong. Please keep them off my Triumvirat newsletter.


(Editor's Note:  I know that some of you like getting the info on Dream Theater and some of will agree with Martin on this.  How 'bout we have an informal vote on it ?  Drop me a note, Do you want Dream Theater news in your Triumvirat Newsletter? Yes or No ? I can go either way...yeah, I know that's a cop out, eh?)

Questions From an Old Fan

From: Dr. Roland Knoben [dr.roland.knoben@t-online.de]

Dear Jim ,

Since 1978, I am fan of Triumvirat. In the years 1978 and later, I got seven LP`s from the group. Nine years ago, I changed my home and all my LP`s got broken. That was a great disaster for me. On Christmas 1998 my wife presents me two CD`s ( "Pompeii" and "Old Love Die hard" ). That was a great day for me and I remembered the very good time after 1978 . I went to many shops to look for the other CD`s but everywhere I got the same answer :  " Diese CD`s gibt es nirgendwo mehr !!"

Since this year I can go online, and I found your homepage!

Please can you help me to become the other CD`s:  "Mediterranean Tales: Across The Waters", "Illusions On A Double Dimple", "Spartacus", "A La Carte" and "Russian Roulette".

On the 5th of February I will celebrate my 40th birthday and it's a great wish of mine to have some information about the Group and where to find the CD´s.

In a great hope of your answer
Best wishes,

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


King Crimson European Tour Dates


May 2000
19, 20, 21 Nashville, TN - 12th & Porter (Warm-ups)
   (Web Site: http://www.faisons.com/newsite/ (or)
   Ticket Purchasing: http://www.faisons.com/newsite/lineups.htm)
27 Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio (Sold Out)
28 Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio
30 Hamburg, Germany - Musikhalle
31 Berlin. Germany - Columbia

June 2000
2 Nurnberg, Germany - Serenadenhof
3 Stuttgart, Germany - Liederhalle
4 Munich, Germany - Circus Krone
6 Bonn, Germany - Museumsplatz
7 Offenbach, Germany - Stadthalle
9 Poznan, Poland - Arena
10 Warsaw, Poland - Roma
11 Warsaw, Poland - Roma
13 Prague, Czech Republic - Archa Theatre
14 Leipzig, Germany - Haus Auensee
25 Paris, France - Olympia


Steve Howe Interview at Progressive World

"Of course we have done some stupid things in the past, recorded stupid things, made some stupid decisions," admits a relaxed Steve Howe.

New Spock's Beard Album Due in June


Here's the latest from Neal...

"Oh just you wait... Oh you lovers of all things prog... The new Spock's is coming... Ooohhhh! Am I building this up too much? I never know what other people are going to think, but, let me put it this way, Al and I have both been moved to tears while recording this album! Dave (calm, cool and collected Dave) says of this record, "I think this one may be my favorite so far." Needless to say, we're all real excited about it. I've been doing vocals and acoustic guitars here in Nashville (well, pretty close anyway) and everything's sounding great. Just sang "The Great Nothing" yesterday.

"It has two epics on it. "The Great Nothing" and "At the End of the Day" clocking in at high numbers and four shorter songs. One of the big differences on this one is that we were together for more of it and not overdubbing as seperately as we have in the past. It's made it quite a bit better and lots more fun."

Release date will be in late June.

NEARFest Update

From Rob LaDuca:

We've got about 130 tickets left for NEARfest on Saturday and Sunday! If you know anybody on the fence about coming, especially those not often on the 'net, please let them know tickets are starting to run low. You can order tickets with a credit card via Lehigh University's Box Office at 1-610-758-2787.

We've sold over 200 tickets for NEARfest Friday, featuring Priam and Echolyn, after only about a week of sales. Demand for this show has been extremely strong! To get tickets for this event at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, please send a check for $12 per ticket payable to Rob LaDuca at 58 East Center St., Shavertown PA 18708.

I should be receiving the tickets from the printer this week, and they will be mailed out in the order payment has been received. Unfortunately I cannot reserve tickets, or acknowledge receipt of payment, due to lack of time. I will announce when I've begun mailing tickets. If you've ordered, and you don't receive it within 10 days after that, please drop me a note about it then.

Please note: Tickets MUST be ordered in advance for this Friday event, there will not be door sales! Note also due to venue rules it is a 21-and-over show only. Contrary to a spreading rumor, NEARfest on Saturday/Sunday is an all ages event.


Rob LaDuca
President, NEARfest





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