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Russ' Update
Jim's Corner

Triumvirat Remasters ???
Triumvirat Net Freemail
Barry Palmer Update
Message from Dieter Petereit
Jail CD Release

Saint Louis Concert Videos
Lost Car and Spartacus

Favorite Album
If They Can Cure Cancer, Clone People...
Waiting for Remasters
A New Generation
Looking for Remasters

Festivals 2000
Dream Theater to Hit the Road
Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000 US Tour
After Crying - New Album & Tour
Yellow Submarine Ride Set to Open
MP3.COM Announces Suit by RIAA
Time Warner, EMI in Music Deal
Challenge to Warner-EMI Merger




Russ' Update

Hi all

I spoke with Jürgen Fritz yesterday, and the new Triumvirat album is progressing nicely, with mainly vocals left to be recorded. He would not confirm the vocalists, but it is widely known that he has been working with former Alan Parsons Project vocalist John Miles, and intends to include several vocalists on the album. He says recording will be done by April, and the release August or September.

Regarding the re-releases of the digitally remastered back catalogue, including "Spartacus" and "Illusions", he confirmed that release of those discs is imminent.

However, he appears to be waiting on EMI, and EMI engineer Gert "Glini" Gliniorz who is in charge of the remastering told me that they were waiting for Jürgen. Who knows. That's the best info I have. Thanks for the millions of e-mails asking those questions. When I know more, I'll post it.

I also heard from someone in Cologne that Jürgen gave an absolutely stunning classical piano performance as part of a larger production last December. Apparently he had so much fun that he refused to be paid for the performance. I forgot to ask him about that.

My source in Cologne (who asked to remain anonymous) said that Jürgen was "absolutely stunning" and that the performance was "sensational" and "breathless". I believe it was taped for television and maybe our friends in Cologne can try to get us a copy and more details about the show. I did not hear it, but I heard about it from two different people who were there.

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer/Barry Palmer USA Manager
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

Jim's Corner

Greetings Friends !

Did everyone survive Y2K ?  Did the sky fall in your area ?  Power still on ?  (oh, wait a minute....must be still on if you're reading this !)  Okay, so much for all the hype.  I saw all the major cities around the world had their marvelous New Years celebrations, and then there was Seattle.  (pause for effect)  The only city to cancel it's celebrations, how embarrassing.  I guess there's always next year.  On the other hand, we did have the WTO protests in December.

There are a couple changes to let you know about.  We are discontinuing the Site Update mailing list.  There are simply too few subscribers to that list to justify continuing it.  Apologies to those of you that are subscribed to that list.

And speaking of mailing lists, we had some interruption in our email while we added the new Freemail service.  This also disrupted the operation of the forms on the site, and the subscription system.  I'm looking into arranging for a new subscription system, but until something new is setup I am adding new subscribers manually.  I *think* that I've gotten the backlog of subscriptions taken care of, and I apologize if I've missed anyone !

So how are things in your corner of the world ?


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Triumvirat Remasters ??

Hey, what happened ? Looking for Triumvirat Remasters at Christmas time and finding nothing ? Yes it's true, the long awaited Remasters have yet to be released. Last we heard, EMI was saying Feb.-April 2000, but we haven't been able to get any updates since then.

So how about this folks. EMI engineer Gert "Glini" Gliniorz is THE MAN in charge of the stuff. Since he hasn't responded to the last few emails, why don't we inundate him with requests ? Send him a polite note and ask him about the Triumvirat Remasters. Let us know if you get any response ! His email is: glini@emimusic.de

EMI in Cologne has gone from 740 employees to 80 in recent months, and is under new leadership. And you may have heard the news that EMI now plans on merging with Time-Warner (who in turn is planning on merging with America Online).

We hope that the Remasters will soon be released. We may not get any forewarning of the the releases, so if anyone spots them, PLEASE let us know and we'll pass it on to everyone else !

Triumvirat Net Freemail

Need an email account that you can access from any internet connected computer in the world ?  Well look not further !  We have recently added our own free web-based email service, powered by everyone.net .  You too can have a triumvirat.net email address.

To setup your own triumvirat.net freemail account, visit :

(note:  you can logon to your freemail account directly from the Triumvirat Net homepage)

Barry Palmer Update

"Barry Palmer arrives in Isla Vista, California on February 17 for a two week visit to complete the digital recording of the "extended CD single which features an all-new recording of 'Dear John' complete with orchestration and live drums done by sometime Fish drummer Neal Findley. The single will consist of two versions of 'Dear John" (a radio mix and a piano mix) and a new recording of 'Ghost of a Love'. The original demos of these songs can be heard in real audio on Barry's website

The recording wraps up March 1, mixing and mastering will be done in March-April. Mastering will likely be done at Capitol Records in Hollywood. We are looking at a June release at the very latest.

For those of you that haven't heard, Barry's new single release and the album that will follow are being produced by ex-Jimmy Page Band keyboardist/studio whiz Nik Green. 

For information on the state-of-the-art equipment that will be used on the recording you can visit the site of Nik Green and Penny's site "The Away Team" at http://www.theawayteam.com and hear their great music too!

You can write Barry Palmer a personal message via barry@barrypalmer.com


Message from Dieter Petereit

Hi Jim, 

By surfin' through the www I reached your very interesting Triumvirat page...Wow,  interesting to find myself in the Internet after all these years of being the bass player with the group. My name is Dieter Petereit. For the first time I searched for myself and ended here. What are you guys doing..is this a kind of fanclub? I sent a message to Barry Palmer.  I met Jürgen a couple of years ago in Berlin...do you have his email-address? I quit the active music scene around '89 and switched to the other side, to radio. I'm programming several radio stations in Europe and worked as head of music for Berlin's public radio, Radio B2. Please send me a note....this is real fun stuff...

Greetings from raincountry...
Dieter Petereit

Jail CD Release

The 1976 CD "We Can help You" by the Cologne, Germany group JAIL: (which featured former Triumvirat lead vocalist Helmut Köllen on guitar and some vocals) is said to be available in stores in Cologne GERMANY by Monday. I think this means that the Triumvirat collection is next, but again all we have are rumblings and I have not gotten an official confirmation from EMI- Electrola or Jürgen Fritz. 


*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *



Saint Louis Concert Videos

Yes, they're still available !  Joe Toohey had both the June 5th and 7th concerts taped to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy these historic shows.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, well now's your chance !  You can purchase either the Centenary Church concert or the Off Broadway concert (or both, there are differences in the sets !).  Each concert video is 2 tapes in length, nearly 4 hours of concert footage from each night !  Each video set is $40 in the US, $45 outside the US.  Price includes shipping and handling.

Lost Car and Spartacus

I had a copy of Spartacus but it was stolen (along with my car about 10 years ago). I miss it!!. I also would like to get the dimple album. I still have the Pompeii album.

Staten island
, New York

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *




It's fantastic that we will be able to get Triumvirat's earlier music later this year. Illusions & Spartacus are classics that will survive till the end of time. Please keep me informed when I can buy these CDs. 25 years ago I owned the albums. many great memories.

Bill Parker
High Ridge
, Missouri

Favorite Album

favorite_album: Illusions on a Double Dimple

I'm 36 year old and was born in Mexico City. Triumvirat is and has been my favorite rock group.

Imanol Laresgoiti
New York
, NY


If They Can Cure Cancer, Clone People...

Can we start a campaign to have all the Triumvirat LP's released on CD? 
Has this been tried? It's Y2K, they are about to cure cancer, clone people,
and I can't get Illusions on a damn CD.

L. Ferrilli
Pittsburgh, PA

Waiting for Remasters

Please notify me when the remastered recordings of Spartacus and Illusions on a Double Dimple are released. It would be much appreciated. Thank You.

St.Louis, Mo.


I am a virtuoso piano, organ, theater organ and digital keyboard player/composer since age four (now 45 with material inspired from the days of these great players. Looking to find a way to get my material played and/or published. I fly and teach Gulfstream jets now...... Hey You asked.

Can I get any of the early stuff on CD.
Double Dimple, Spartacus, The original LP's got destroyed in an apartment flood years ago.


PS Do these Guys need a Pilot?

Savannah, Georgia


A New Generation

Do any of the video's you are selling had Spartacus music on them. i also want to say that I'm 17 so it shows how their music last's if a new generation of kids can love their music. Oh and when will Spartacus be available on general  release in CD form ( my dad found one, but it came from Brazil and cost 45 bucks)

Jon Rose
Stockton Springs, Maine

Looking for Remasters

I have been waiting for the releases of Triumvirat albums that were supposed to be released by Christmas. I have checked with all the major outlets and was a little disappointed that I could not find any. When will Spartacus be re-released? Will it be anytime soon? I can't wait!!

Upland, IN

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


Festivals 2000

Here's a look ahead at what the progrock scene has to look forward to in the year 2000 !

Baja Prog 2000 
01-04 March 2000
Mexicali, Mexico
After Crying / Jadis / Halloween / Nexus / Pallas / The Nightwatch / Drama / The Flower Kings / Cast and more to be announced

NEARfest 2000
Saturday and Sunday, June 17 and 18, 2000.
Bethleham, Pennsylvania
NEARfest will be held at the 1,002-seat Baker Hall at the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University. 

Progday 2000
no info currently available

ProgPower 2000
Preliminary date is November 12, 2000

Dream Theater to Hit the Road

Hard Radio news: "DREAM THEATER Hit The Road!"

"Frontman James LaBrie recently spoke with Space In Your Face radio on CKMS in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario regarding DREAM THEATER's touring plans in support of their latest epic, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory: "What we want to do in the new year, we want to go out with a huge production and because this is a concept album, we want to play it from beginning to end, the way a concept album should be played, and have it unfold, have imagery, have screens, and everything going on. So I'm kinda hitting our booking agents over the head and saying, 'you know, make it happen', so we'll see. And then we're gonna go basically everywhere in the world and present the album in that way". James also stated his goal is to bring the tour to Massey Hall in Toronto in the new year, the perfect venue for such an anticipated performance."

Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000 US Tour

Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000 US Tour
Special Guests: The Dregs

Confirmed Dream Theater Tour Dates for the US

    Monday      January  31   Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theater
    Tuesday     February 01   Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
    Wednesday   February 02   Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theater
    Friday      February 04   Los Angeles, CA - Palace Theater
    Saturday    February 05   Los Angeles, CA - Palace Theater
    Sunday      February 06   San Francisco, CA - Maritime Hall
    Tuesday     February 08   Salt Lake City, UT - Kingsbury Hall
    Wednesday   February 09   Denver, CO - The Fillmore
    Friday      February 11   Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre
    Saturday    February 12   Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
    Sunday      February 13   Chicago, IL - The Riviera
    Monday      February 14   St. Louis,  MO - Mississippi Nights
    Tuesday     February 15   Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts
    Thursday    February 17   Cleveland, OH - The Agora
    Friday      February 18   Detroit, MI - State Theatre
    Saturday    February 19   Pittsburgh, PA - Metropol
    Sunday      February 20   Sea Bright, NJ - Tradewinds
    Monday      February 21   Washington DC - 9:30 Club
    Wednesday   February 23   New Haven, CT - Toad's Place
    Friday      February 25   Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
    Saturday    February 26   New York City, NY - Roseland
    Sunday      February 27   Boston, MA - The Roxy
    Monday      February 28   Towson, MD - Recher Theater
    Wednesday   March 01      Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle
    Friday      March 03      Orlando, FL - House of Blues
    Saturday    March 04      West Palm Beach, FL - Pompano Beach Amphitheater

  Confirmed Dream Theater Tour Dates for Europe

    Friday      March 24      Ice Hall - Helsinki, Finland
    Sunday      March 26      Solnahallen - Stockholm, Sweden
    Monday      March 27      Rockafeller - Oslo, Norway
    Tuesday     March 28      Rockafeller - Oslo, Norway
    Thursday    March 30      The Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark
    Friday      March 31      Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
    Saturday    April 01      Stadthalle - Offenbach, Germany
    Monday      April 03      Manchester University Student's Union
                              - Manchester, UK
    Tuesday     April 04      Shepherd's Bush Empire - London, UK
    Wednesday   April 05      Rock City - Nottingham, UK
    Friday      April 07      Zenith - Paris, France
    Saturday    April 08      Phillipshalle - Dusseldorf, Germany
    Tuesday     April 11      Palamarino - Rome, Italy
    Wednesday   April 12      Tenax - Firenze, Italy
    Thursday    April 13      Palastampa - Torino, Italy
    Saturday    April 15      Zeleste - Barcelona, Spain
    Sunday      April 16      Polideportivo Anoeta - 
                              San Sebastian, Spain
    Tuesday     April 18      Riviera - Madrid, Spain
    Wednesday   April 19      Aula Magna - Lisbon, Portugal

  Confirmed Dream Theater Tour Dates for Japan

    Monday      May 08        Nagoya, Diamond Hall
    Wednesday   May 10        Fukuoka, Drum Logos
    Thursday    May 11        Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall
    Friday      May 12        Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido
    Sunday      May 14        Yokohama, Bay Hall
    Monday      May 15        Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido


After Crying - New Album & Tour

From The Complete After Crying page

"A new double live album "Struggle for Life" will be released in the beginning of 2000. It contains more than 130 minute live material including the immortal King Crimson masterpiece "Starless" After Crying will go on tour in the Spring of 2000.  Check for dates in February.  "

Yellow Submarine Ride Set to Open

It's been more than 30 years since the film and album were originally released, but now Beatles fans can take their own real-life ride on the Yellow Submarine.

To read the rest of the story, go to Wall of Sound.

MP3.COM Announces Suit by RIAA

SAN DIEGO-- January 21, 2000 -- MP3.com, Inc., the premier online music service provider (MSP), confirmed today that it had been served with a complaint for copyright infringement filed by the RIAA in New York federal court.

"On behalf of consumers, we are disappointed that the positive benefits and security features of our newly upgraded My.MP3.com service are misunderstood by the RIAA and its member companies," said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of MP3.com. "My.MP3.com provides more choices for consumers to do what they want with the music they already own. Our technology also empowers artists to communicate directly with their fan base. We believe My.MP3.com will stimulate CD sales and expand the music industry overall."

Mr. Robertson also stated, "Although we haven't had an opportunity to review the complaint, we plan to defend this suit vigorously through the courts. We have every intention of fighting this to the court of last resort, if necessary."

For more information, please see Mr. Robertson's response to the RIAA's open letter by visiting http://www.mp3.com


Time Warner, EMI in Music Deal

Time Warner, EMI in Music Deal

EMI and Time Warner Will Merge Their Music Businesses To Become World's Largest in That Field

NEW YORK (AP) -- Time Warner's merger deals with America Online and EMI were hatched separately, but they both help advance a common goal: bringing music to the Internet.

Time Warner's chairman and CEO, Gerald Levin, has been saying for months that the music business would be the first big winner from opportunities in promotion and distribution offered by the Internet.

He repeated that mantra Monday in announcing the merger between his company's Warner Music Group and EMI of Britain, which would create the world's largest music company with $8 billion in annual revenues. Seagram's Universal Music Group had been No. 1 with $6.3 billion.

``Music, out of all our businesses, is the one that will benefit most from the Internet and the digital revolution,'' Levin told a London news conference via satellite from New York.

Click for Complete Story...

Challenge to Warner-EMI Merger

Audio Investor Alert: Bertelsmann Moves to Challenge Warner-EMI Merger

The London Daily Telegraph reported Monday that German media group Bertelsmann AG is prepared to make a rival bid for EMI group which announced Sunday that it was ready to merge with Time Warner Inc.




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