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Friday, August 13, 1999

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- Russ' Update: Thank List for St. Louis Concerts
- Jim's Corner: No Illusions

- Triumvirat Remasters !
- Barry Palmer in the studio
- Studio Sneak Preview '99
- Saint Louis Concert Review in Progression Magazine
- Note from Dick Frangenberg
- New Triumvirat Album Update

- Saint Louis Concert Videos

- Reno's CD Clearance
- RE: 2nd ELP Tribute Album - correction
Palmer/Alaska/ParLindh Concert Review
- Triumvirat Tribute Concert
- Saint Louis Concert Video Review on e-prog

- New Yes Album:  The Ladder
- New Dream Theater Album
- Canadian Walk of Fame Adds Rush
- Wakeman - Emerson 2000
- Strange Times

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=>Russ' Update: Thank List for St. Louis Concerts

The St. Louis concerts were a success thanks to a lot of people including, but not limited to (legal-like): Barry Palmer, Dave Duncan, Par Lindh Project,  (Par Lindh, Marcus Jaderholm ,no more Subway sandwiches for you my friend, Magdalena, Nisse Blefeld (the happy camper), Jocke Ramsell, especially Alaska (John O'Hara and Al Lewis; amazing stuff guys), Rob La Duca, John Ulett and KSHE 95 Radio, KDHX Radio 88.1 FM,  the video guy, Jim Bradley, Chuck Palmer, Doug Briscoe, Joe Toohey,  Kathy Toohey, Jacqueline for the artwork and Chinese food, Pastor Michael Tooley and the congregation of Centenary United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO, Nik Green, Penny Little, and "The Away Team" (http://theawayteam.com);Sherre at Disc Connection in St. Louis, Joe Camarata and Off Broadway NightClub staff, Joe Williams (music editor St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspapers); Randall Roberts at Riverfront Times newspaper in St. Louis; Steve Banks of Mel Bay  Music in Kirkwood for loaning us some very expensive instruments (sorry 'bout that guitar case!); Steve Taafe at Radio Free Kansas, Dirk Evans, John that helped out from the beginning- forgot your last name-, Jordan Palmer, Debbie Turner and Joe Buck and Show Me St. Louis staff on KSDK TV-5 in ST. Louis, all the fans that attended, all the internet fan letters, Anna and the staff at Lafayette House Bed and Breakfast and anyone else we've inevitably forgotten.

(And for the BIG news, see the news section below !)

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer/Barry Palmer USA Manager
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

=>Jim's Corner: No Illusions

Greetings Friends !

It's no Illusion !  You really have received an new issue of TATW with a lot of news to tell you about all things Triumvirat !  So much to tell and so little time.  I think I'll have a Double Dimple, sit back, and put this new issue together.  Speaking of Illusions, in case you haven't noticed, this year is the 25th anniversary of the release of Illusions on a Double Dimple, my personal favorite Triumvirat album.  And what could be better to celebrate, than to remaster the album and release it in time for Christmas this year ?  Well guess what ?  It's really gonna happen !  Read the article below for more info.

The concerts in Saint Louis were a real treat.  So many fantastic musicians gathered together, playing together.  And these guys had so little time to rehearse together, it was amazing what they were able to do.  Alaska did a great job, Barry Palmer sang his heart out, and Par Lindh gave a fantastic performance with spot on playing of their material, my favorite being the title track from their latest album, Mundus Incompertus.  Not to mention the rendition of Spartacus at the Off Broadway was nothing short of magical.

I've gotten the itch to tweak the website here and there once again, and who knows, maybe even a whole new look will be coming soon.  You never know.   There is a new Spartacus Forum, that will have multiple forums, and will be moderated.  Hopefully, this new software will help control some of the malicious postings that we've had recently.  I have traced these posters, and fair warning, next time their provider's system administrator will be notified so that appropriate action can be taken.  We cannot tolerate juvenile behavior on our boards.

Sorry to say that the progressive rock news in this issue is a bit old, so forgive me if you've heard about these things already.

There's lots of Triumvirat news to share with you this time, so I'll let you get to reading it all !

So how are things in your corner of the world ?


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


=> Triumvirat Remasters !

At this very moment, the entire Triumvirat catalogue is being digitally remastered onto CD. And at least four of the titles will be out by Christmas (Spartacus,Illusions on a Double Dimple,Old Loves Die Hard, Pompeii) with new catalog numbers, new booklets with lyrics and liner notes, and extra tracks. Some of the extra tracks to look forward to: live versions of "Deadly Dream of Freedom" and "Capitol of Power" from the 1975 Spartacus tour on that CD, and "Timothy" featuring Helmut Koellen on vocals to be added at theend of "Illusions". Also recently unearthed at the EMI vaults in Cologne was a version of the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home" produced by Juergen Fritz and featuring Barry Palmer on lead vocals, and Helmut and Elke Koellen on backing vocals fom 1976. Helmut's 1977 "You Won't See Me" album is also being digitally remastered and will be out soon as well.

Russ Shaw

=> Barry Palmer In the Studio

Former Triumvirat vocalist Barry Palmer will be in Isla Vista, California next month to record several vocal tracks for his forthcoming CD, which is being co-produced by former Jimmy Page Band keyboardist Nik Green.

Russ Shaw

=> Studio Sneak Preview '99

It's the first look at Barry's latest project !  These are the songs that made their live concert debut on June 5th and 7th, 1999 in Saint Louis, Missouri.   There are only a few copies left of this extremely rare CD-R release from Barry.

The CD includes 5 songs:

Dear John
Ghost of a Love
Miracle Tonight
Night Thoughts
God Knows

The CD is $13 in the US, $16 international (price includes shipping).  Sorry, no credit cards, check and Money Order in US funds only.   To reserve your copy, email Jim Bradley at jim@triumvirat.net , and he will get back to you with the address for sending your payment.

=> Saint Louis Concert Review in Progression Magazine

Robert La Duca, manager of Par Lindh Project, has written a review of the Saint Louis concerts that will appear in the next issue of Progression Magazine.  For more info on Progression, check out their website at http://www.progressionmagazine.com/

=> Note from Dick Frangenberg

This is a message that we received from original
Triumvirat bassist/founding member Dick W. Frangenberg:

Hi Russ,

the above CD (Triumvirat Gold Collection)  just arrived at our office.
Many many thanks! Its a nice and important reminder of my early days as a pro.

It gives a real good feeling when you get to know that there are people like you
who appreciate what weve done - even after such a long time!
It means a lot of encouragement for my work.

Deepest thanks to the whole bunch of you great fans!

Dick W. Frangenberg

( Editor's Note: Dick now plays bass with the European band, Nashville Music Company - http://home.t-online.de/home/nashville-music-company/   .)

=> New Triumvirat Album Update

The new Triumvirat album (we know the name but have promised not to release it yet) will be out around Feb. of 2000 and we can say that Juergen is working with former Alan Parsons Project vocalist John Miles ("Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether", "Stereotomy") as well as ex-Triumvirat/Passport drumming legend Curt Cress who will play drums on all tracks.

Russ Shaw

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *

=>Saint Louis Concert Videos

Guess what ?  You want videos ?  Well you can get videos !  Joe Toohey had both the June 5th and 7th concerts taped to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy these historic shows.

Those who pre-ordered video sets should have them now, as they were mailed out on the last week of July.  If you pre-ordered videos, and haven't yet received them, email video@triumvirat.net .

And if you haven't ordered your copy yet, well now's your chance !  You can use our online ordering system at http://www.triumvirat.net/event/video.htm to reserve your copy.  You can purchase either the Centenary Church concert or the Off Broadway concert (or both, there are differences in the sets !).  Each concert video is 2 tapes in length, nearly 4 hours of concert footage from each night !  Each video set is $40 in the US, $45 outside the US.  Price includes shipping and handling.

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


=>Reno's CD Clearance

Hi Gang!  I'm getting caught up with the orders!  I just thought I would tell you guys about the 25% off discount on the used CDs & LPs that I have listed here! Plus I will be giving 15% off on my list of CDs for sale.  You can also take 25 cents off of each CD if you don't need the case.   If you e-mail me about any of those, I take it as a offer to buy and then I will reserve it for you!   Shipping is free in the USA!


RENO FAORO "THE PROGGER"  renoprog@ia-omni.com
PH/FAX 515-244-3089
PAGER 515-241-1612

=>RE: 2nd ELP Tribute Album - correction

Marco at Colossus Magazine Finland ( http://www.mousesupport.fi/colossus/ ) reminds us:


This is just a correction to the progressive rock news in Your latest TATW regarding the 2nd ELP Tribute album "Endless Enigma, a Tribute to Emerson, Lake and Palmer"... this is actually the third ELP tribute, as a matter of fact Mellow Records from Italy has released last November "Fanfare for the pirates, a Tribute to ELP", a three CDs set including 28 bands from all over the world covering most of ELP's releases, kindly check Mellow Records ( www.mellowrecords.com ) web site for more information's.

All the best

Colossus Magazine Finland


=>Palmer/Alaska/ParLindh Concert Review

Posted by Kevin Behrndt on June 07, 1999 at 04:23:25:

Awesome. The only word to describe virtually four hours of progressive rock.

Alaska: Excellent keyboardist. Agree with previous poster that the words sung by drummer/vocalist Lewis were difficult to discern the way it was miked. I'm not crazy about his voice but the instrumental soundscapes were gorgeous. Some of the songs too wordy.

Alaska played instrumental backup to Palmer and his band for "I Believe" and "Spartacus". Keyboard parts were virtually flawless by O'Hara--just like Jurgen Fritz. I was hoping they would play more of the instrumental parts of Spartacus but they did not.

Palmer's voice sounded great I thought, but backstage he said he was suffering a sore throat and apologized.
His solo stuff was good, more pop oriented, not really like Triumvirat.

I thought the Alaska keyboardist was great--but Par Lindh is simply awesome. I completely disagree with previous poster. His playing is as virtuoso as it gets. Rick Wakeman is maybe in this league. Par Lindh blows Keith Emerson away. Beautiful majestic sweeping organ playing.

They played a few Triumvirat songs also, including Waterfall off A La Carte sung by Magdelena Hagberg, not Palmer. I was disappointed they did not play more Triumvirat, but they may be playing different stuff at Monday's show.

Par Lindh is an unusual band--true "classical" rock dominated by beautiful synthesizer and organ combined with hard rock blasts of guitar and drums. And I think I'm in love with the lead vocalist Magdelena--beautiful voice and stunning looks to boot. This may be the world's tallest band also--everyone is tall and lanky.

Overall, there was a delay at the beginning which made the concert run past midnight, and there were some technical glitches, but considering the amount of equipment, the changes between sets, and the unusual venue, for $18 this was a steal for four hours of progressive rock. And you could chat with the musicians between sets and after the show. I was disappointed in the crowd size--I don't think there was more than 150-200. I thought St Louis would fill the Church venue. These musicians deserved better and we all need to spread the word and support this great music. Overall--8.5 out of 10.

=>Triumvirat Tribute Concert

Posted by Kevin Behrndt on June 08, 1999 at 02:48:06:

Come on people...Let's hear some reactions to the progressive rock extravaganza held in St. Louis this week. Where are you fellow Triumvirat fans?

I, much to my wife's displeasure, spent 2 of the last three nights listening to some great progressive rock. A truly unique experience. My hats off to Joe Toohey and Russ etc for making this happen. I'm sure it was a lot of work and a financial hit, but for those that were there, it was well worth it.

Random thoughts on the second concert at Off Broadway.

Surprisingly, technical glitches aside, the sound was probably better at Off Broadway, especially for the vocals. This time you could hear the words sung by Lewis of Alaska more clearly. Unfortunately the flow of their show was interrupted several times by computer keyboard problems (how bout a handy old mellotron for backup?) but when that was resolved they were great. Did not have time to play as much of their album, but did a great version of Tarkus by ELP. With all the ELP we heard this weekend it sounded like an ELP tribute at times.

Barry Palmer sang pretty much the same set, capped off by great versions of I Believe and Spartacus. John OHara of Alaska really shone with an awesome solo to conclude Spartacus. Disappointed they didn't stick "March to the Eternal City" in there somewhere.

I meant to ask Barry Palmer what was up with Jurgen Fritz reforming Triumvirat for a new album and whether he was interested in being a part of that but did not get a chance. If you read this Barry, tell us the scoop.

Par Lindh and Barry did "Deadly Dream of Freedom" but that was it for Triumvirat material--no Waterfall tonight.

Finally, Par Lindh Project did a more rocking oriented set since Par did not have the Church organ or grand piano to utilize. They did not play as much music but what they did play was blistering at times.

Magdelena Hagberg was more animated and just as enchanting. What a find she is--beautiful voice, a violin player, and you can't go wrong with those looks. I have nominated myself Chairperson of the Magdelena Hagberg Fan Club. At times, PLP can sound a little like Renaissance in their more pastoral moments, but their intense drummer pushes them into hard pounding rock after the mellow interludes.
Par Lindh is simply an amazing keyboardist--this band is better than 90% of the music out there, and its a shame so many are missing the boat.

All the musicians were very friendly and approachable making this a unique experience, which will be interesting to "relive" on video. Let's support these great musicians and lets see more reaction to these concerts.

=> Saint Louis Concert Video Review Posted on e-prog

>    Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 04:12:32 -0400
>    From: Mike Flemmer <mikejf@freewwweb.com>
> Subject: PLP video!
> My copy of the St. Louis Centenary Church Keyboard
> Extravaganza video arrived today. This video concert
> features Par Lindh Project, Barry Palmer, and Alaska
> from a concert on June 5th, 1999.  (more info and to
> place an order at: www.triumvirat.net )
> Ladies and gentlemen, PLP turns in an outstanding performance,
> satisfying in every way. Many thanks go to Joe Toohey for
> organizing the event and capturing it on video!  THANKS, JOE!
> (thanks also to the Centenary Church!)
> The video comes on two tapes with Alaska and Barry Palmer
> on tape 1, PLP on tape 2.  I'm not an Alaska or Barry Palmer
> fan, so my review will only be about PLP on tape 2.  However,
> if you are a fan of Alaska and Barry Palmer, I'm sure you'll like
> their performances.  I'll let someone else review them.  I'm
> reviewing PLP only in this post.
> The star of the show was PLP and they pull 'all the stops' (literally).
> My expectations have been exceeded.  Every now and then, the
> right combination of musicians happen to find each other and the
> result is a group that has that extra 'something'.  PLP has that extra
> 'something'.  NO doubt about it.
> First, let me say what could have been better about the production,
> then I'll review PLP in detail.  It's obvious that big money could not
> be spent on production costs because the production is grade C.
> If you've ever seen the ELP 'Pictures' video from the 70's, this looks
> very similar.  However, I'd rather have a grade C video than no
> video at all.
> The first problem is that the audio is mono, not stereo!  This is
> as stereo certainly can't be that expensive to produce, right?  Even
> in mono, I still enjoyed it.
> The other problems are:
> -camera work doesn't know how to follow the music
> (this would take full rehearsals and more costs)
> -audio problem on the organ
> -the piano is actually off stage, out of view
> Even with a grade C production, I still thoroughly enjoyed watching
> PLP perform.  All the musicians are superb and the group is very
> tight (which is not easy considering the complexity of their music,
> which often has several slow/fast changes in each pieces that have
> to be executed with utter precision).
> ---------------- The Musicians --------------
> -PAR LINDH is an astonishing musician.  Not only is he a classically
> trained pianist/harpsichordist/organist, he writes the groups excellent
> music, each piece an outstanding prog work.  These are compositions
> that rock, and yet also have slow sections.  Something interesting is
> always happening every 16 bars.  The compositions have 'forward'
> motion, either building to a climax, or exploring a harmonic progression.
> Solos are rarely improvised and they never venture out of context. It's
> remarkable to watch the guy play every type of keyboard with equal
> skill. I have no doubt he could play a Rachmaninov Piano Concerto
> one day, and then give a Bach organ recital the next.
> -JOCKE RAMSELL on guitar is excellent. Solos are virtuosic.
> -NISSE BIELIED, drummer, is working his butt off!
> -MARCUS JADERHOLM, bass, never gets a solo (I think),
> but he is also virtuosic as well.
> -MAGDALENA HAGBERG, vocals, violin.  Sounds as good
> live as she does in recordings!  Always perfectly on pitch.  It's
> evident she loves the music and since ladies in prog are very rare-
> let's hope she sticks with this group for a long time.
> ---------------- The Concert ---------------
> A very polished show and superb musicianship. Highly satisfying
> to watch.  These pieces really do rock in a live concert!  And,
> these people are nice.  They thank the audience for applause and
> Par even bows his head in thanks almost like a pianist would
> in a recital (something maybe now a habit from when he use to
> give harpsichord recitals).
> Here' what they played:
> Outstanding!  Excellent opener.  Here's what Par Lindh has around
> him:  a synth facing the audience set for harpsichord tone, 3 synths
> in a stack facing the guitarist, and something really beautiful on his
> right - a 4 manual pipe organ with a mini-moog on top!
> Unfortunately, everytime Par plays the pipe organ, the audio goes out!
>  You can still hear the organ, but at 80 percent volume reduction.
> There is an obvious short in the mike.  Only once, at the end of
> The Cathedral, is the pipe organ audio ok and the conclusion of
> Cathedral is highly satisfying, with Par playing what sounds like a
> Bach fugue.
> They play ELP's arrangement of Jerusalem! Then they go into
> another song, but I'm not sure the name.
> 3. PIANO CONCERTO (by Par Lindh)
> Par plays solo on the piano.  He says he is working on this work-
> a piano concerto.  We hear what sound like the opening section,
> about 5 minutes. It's a very Emersonish piece, lots of runs up and
> down the keyboard, a soft moment here and there.
> One problem- the piano is not on stage!  Par leaves the stage to
> play a piano that is off stage, out of camera range!  We can
> however, just barely see his face, and thankfully, somebody
> remembered to put a mike near the piano, so we can hear it ok!
> A nice work featuring Magdalena on vocals.  She is outstanding
> on every piece.
> Par solos on pipe organ with a prelude by Buxtehude. But again,
> the audio is out- we can hear it, but it sounds far away.
> This nifty work rocks and yes, they don't have a name for it yet!
> But, they said it will appear on their next album.
> If this isn't a prog masterpiece, I don't know what is!  Excellent
> video of watching Par's hands on the keyboard (harpsichord sound).
> Magdalena sounds as good live as she does on the CD!
> About 5 minutes shorter than the CD, I think the opening is skipped.
> Still, a great piece of music. Standing ovation.
> 9. (ENCORE) ?
> I don't know the name of this piece but I like it.
> Nothing bugs me more than the fact that many ELP concerts were
> not filmed for future prosperity! Too many incredible ELP concerts
> were never filmed! How often does an Emerson come around?
> Not often! Let's not make the same mistake with PLP!  I hope
> more filming of their concerts takes place!
> Again, I am very thankful again to the organizers who made this
> event happen and had it recorded on video in the USA!  That had
> to be a challenge. The rewards were worth it.  I feel like I have a
> concert of PLP that I can watch again and again. Maybe it's even
> historic.  The first PLP concert filmed in the USA for commercial
> release?
> A must have for fans of PLP, even considering the grade C production.
> Thoroughly enjoyable.
> Mike

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *

=>New Yes Album:  The Ladder

Here's the official press release on the new album:

YES is mixing their anticipated new album, The Ladder due on YES Beyond / BMG Entertainment on September 28. YES features the classic line-up of Chris Squire (bass guitar), Jon Anderson (vocals, acoustic guitar), Steve Howe (lead guitars), Alan White (percussion), Billy Sherwood (guitars) with the newly added Igor Khoroshev (keyboards). Bruce Fairbairn, legendary producer best known for his work with Aerosmith (Get A Grip, Pump), Bon Jovi (Slippery When Wet, New Jersey) and Cranberries (To The Faithful Departed), had just completed making The Ladder prior to his death May 1999.

YES, formed in 1968, has been on the leading edge of progressive rock music for over three decades. YES has created some of rock's most enduring hits including "Roundabout," "Seen All Good People" and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." To date, the band has sold over 28 million albums worldwide including the unforgettable albums Fragile and Close To The Edge. The Ladder will mark the 30th Anniversary of the band's first album release YES, released initially in 1969.

"Yes create sort of a classical modern pop: a wacky mix of Stravinsky, Moody Blues and Vangelis scores...Their vocal harmonies have always been one of rock's most epic sounds." - Los Angeles Times, 1997

"Yes has aged better than fellow classic rock icons the Who and the Rolling Stones because its music has always been based on experimentation and virtuosity." - Chicago Sun Times, 1997

Keep up with the latest Yes news at Yesworld ( http://www.yesworld.com ) .

=>New Dream Theater Album

A new Dream Theater album is tentatively scheduled for release in France on Friday, October 15, 1999.  Dates for the rest of Europe are expected to be varied.  In the US, a date has yet to be determined, but an October release is anticipated there too.

=>Canadian Walk of Fame Adds Rush

Canadian rockers Rush joined Celine Dion and David Cronenberg among the 1999 inductees for Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto. 

The Walk of Fame was started last year with it's first 14 inductees which included Brian Adams and Chrisptopher Plummer.  There are plans to add a Hall of Fame along the walk.

To qualify for induction, individuals must be born in Canada or have spent their formative years there, have made a national or international impact in their field, and have worked in that field for a minimum of 10 years.

The new cement stars were unveiled on May 27th.

P.S. - Rush's latest album, 'Different Stages', received a JUNO nomination for "Best Album Design".  However, the award was won by The Tragically Hip's album 'Phantom Power'.

=>Wakeman - Emerson 2000

Rick Wakeman has revealed that there are plans for a joint tour in the summer of 2000 featuring himself and Keith Emerson.  Wakeman envisions a tour of amphitheaters with backing from orchestras in each city.

Read the complete story at : Wall of Sound ( http://wallofsound.go.com/news/stories/rickwakeman051999.html ) .

=>Strange Times

The Moody Blues are releasing a new 14-track studio album on August 17th, titled 'Strange Times'.  A single from the album has been chosen as well, called 'English Sunset'.  Advanced orders are being taken by the Moody Blues Fan Club.  Check out the Official Moody Blues ( http://www.moodyblues.co.uk/frames10.htm ) website for details.

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