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Issue #016

April 30, 1999

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- Jim's Corner:  Just a quick note ! (well maybe not so quick)

- Barry Palmer Radio Interview, Sunday May 2nd
- Triumvirat Signs Record Deal
- Saint Louis International Progressive Keyboard Extravaganza

- Information About One Way Records Release

- Jürgen Fritz Solo CD's

- 2nd ELP tribute album
- John Paul Jones Solo album
- Geoff Downes New Solo Project
- US Ozric Tentacles Tour
- Spock's Beard Tour 1999
- Spence Dead at 53
- Wakeman UK Church Tour
- Pär Lindh Project Summer Tour Dates
- Asia Reunion

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=>Jim's Corner: Just a Quick Note ! (well, maybe not so quick)

Greetings Friends !

Long time no new issue, eh ?  Well, we were hoping to be able to have this great issue #16 with the latest information on a brand new Triumvirat album and re-released Triumvirat catalog. But, hey, we're talking about the music business, right ?  Things don't always happen when we want them to !  But never fear !  A new Triumvirat album is indeed on the way, and a worldwide record deal has been signed with Chlodwig Records in Germany to that end ! They are also negotiating concerning the release of the entire Triumvirat catalog on CD. So, yes !  It's all coming together.  Just takes a little patience my friends !

In the more immediate future, Barry Palmer has done an interview with John Ulett of KSHE-95 radio in Saint Louis, Missouri.  They've scheduled the interview to be broadcast this Sunday, May 2nd, during the "KSHE Classics" show that runs from 8am to 12noon Central Daylight time (I believe that's from 13:00 to 17:00 UTC).  You can listen to the broadcast online via KSHE's live feed from their website.  They use Windows Media Player for their live feed, which is a free download.  See the article below for complete information and for the links to the player and the broadcast.

And don't forget, 'cause it's coming up sooner than you think !   The St. Louis International Progressive Keyboard Extravaganza with Par Lindh Project, Barry Palmer, and Alaska is happening on June 5th and 7th.  Can't be there ?   Pre-order your copy of the video now and beat the rush after the shows !  It is a limited distribution of 120 copies at $35.

There's been quite a few little changes here and there around the website since the last issue. Take a look at the What's New page to see what all has happened on The Triumvirat Homepage.

Want a "triumvirat.net" email address of your own ? Want to help us pay our bills (wink, wink)?   We've got triumvirat.net email forwarding address available for a small annual fee.  Take a look  at the website to get the details.

Where are the rest of the Author's comments ? 
- Russ is busy working and studying hard, slaving over those law school texts.  A sampler CD of
  Barry Palmer's new songs is in production.
- Dirk continues to do a great job keeping the progrock links up to date, and
   adding new links.  He's also got a great new ProgRealAudio Show mailing list.  Sign up for the
   list at: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/ProgRealAudio .
- And Joe is doing a great job with all the preparations and promotion of the Saint Louis concerts.
   Disc Connection will have CD's from the artists on sale, as well as the currently available
   Triumvirat CD's at the concerts.

So how are things in your corner of the world ?


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


=>Barry Palmer Radio Interview, Sunday May 2nd

Vocalist Barry Palmer of Triumvirat and Mike Oldfield Band fame has done an interview with St. Louis' #1 Rock Station K-SHE-95 to promote his new songs and concerts.

KSHE's John Ulett conducted the interview which is now scheduled for broadcast this Sunday, May 2nd, on the "KSHE Classics" show.  The interview will be heard sometime between 8am and 12noon Central Daylight Time, and can be heard online.

The station broadcasts on a live feed to the internet via Windows Media Player.  You can download the player as a free download at:

And the URL to KSHE's live feed is:
or visit their website at:

For details on Barry Palmer's music and concerts, visit his website at:

=>Triumvirat Signs Record Deal

A TATW Exclusive (must credit Tales Across The Waters)

(Triumvirat Net www.triumvirat.net ) April 22, 1999 - A new version of the Cologne,  Germany band Triumvirat, lead by Jürgen Fritz, has signed a worldwide record deal  with Chlodwig record label in Germany (BMG Distribution worldwide).  Recording of  the new album is currently scheduled for May.

Jürgen is currently finishing production of an album for German teen soap opera  star/singer Christian Wunderlich.  Two singles from this forthcoming album were  pre-released in Germany.  Both of them have gone top ten in that country.

The material for the new Triumvirat album has apparently been already written, with  original drummer/lyricist Hans Bathelt collaborating with Jürgen Fritz on lyrics for at  least part of the new project.   The two previously worked together on the first four Triumvirat albums.

=>Saint Louis International Progressive Keyboard Extravaganza

Triumvirat Net Proudly Presents :
Pär Lindh Project - Barry Palmer - Alaska
and a Musical Tribute to Triumvirat
In Concert !
June 5, 1999 7pm, Centenary Church, St. Louis, Missouri
June 7, 1999 8pm, Off Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri

Tickets are $18, and are available through MetroTix (www.mtix.com),
Centenary Church (314)421-3136, and online through Triumvirat Net at
www.triumvirat.net/ticketorder.htm .

If you can't make it to the shows, the shows are being videotaped with a three camera system.  All four hours of each night's performance are being made available.  A limited distribution of 120 copies is available for only $35 for a two tape (4 hours total) set.  You can order the Saturday night
show or the Monday night show, or get them both !  Advanced orders are now being accepted.  For complete video details, check out :

There will be CD sales of the musician's albums, as well as the currently available Triumvirat CD's at the shows.

See ya there !

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *

=>Information About One Way Records Release

There are rumors that One Way Records will be issuing Spartacus and Illusions on a Double Dimple re-mastered sometime this summer.  We cannot confirm this, and are rather dubious about it's possibility.  However, if anyone has some more info about this, or can shed some light on it (anyone from One Way want to speak up ?), please let us know.

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *


=>Jürgen Fritz Solo CD's

From:  Andreas Turner

Hello, TATW readers

In the last three years I spent a considerable amount of time searching for Jürgen Fritz' two solo CDs which, as everybody knows, unfortunately are out of print.

In the beginning of the new year 1999 my lucky star finally guided me in the right direction. In the catalogue of a small German record mail order service I tracked down the CDs:
- Jürgen Fritz: "Es ist nicht leicht, ein Gott zu sein" (Soundtrack, 1989)
- Millenium (Jürgen Fritz & Ralf Hildenbeutel): "Dreams Of Amadeus" (1991)

Both CDs contain excellent pieces of Music:

The soundtrack is mainly instrumental, absolutely high class electronic-symphonic with a beautiful song at the end: "Hard To Be A God", sung by Grant Stevens.

"Dreams Of Amadeus" is, of course, based on themes by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and absolutely brilliant. If anybody remembers the synth masterpiece "Switched-on Bach" by Wendy Carlos, then this is the definite "Switched-on Mozart", but with impressive electronic drums and much more artistic input by the arranger i.e. Jürgen Fritz.  

The mail order even had some more copies of each CDs in stock. In an attempt to please other die-hard Triumvirat & Jürgen Fritz fans I purchased them all.

So if you read this quickly enough and feel that you can't live without those musical jewels you can contact me through E-Mail.

Best regards & let's hope for a return of Triumvirat which is worth the name.

Andreas Turner

*     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *

=>2nd ELP Tribute Album

The recently released  album "Encores, Legends & Paradox", is not the only  ELP tribute.  Hybernation Music is planning on releasing their own tribute titled "Endless Enigma, A Tribute to Emerson, Lake and Palmer".

Participants in the project include Par Lindh Project, Mastermind, Fragile Forest, Sky Island, Eclipse, and Gerard among others.

In 1997 Hybernation Music released a tribute to Gentle Giant titled "Giant Tracks, A Tribute to Gentle Giant".

Check out the Hybernation Music website.

=>John Paul Jones Solo Album

John Paul Jones' first solo album "Zomma" is now scheduled for release on September 13th.  The project will be on the Discipline Global Mobile label (cat. no. DGM 9909).

In a 1997 interview Jones said that the project would be purely instrumental, including "bass, bass and drums",  featuring an array of multi-stringed basses. "A good stick bass player can do the bass, and guitar-like parts when I'm doing bass."

=>Geoff Downes New Solo Project

According to the Official Asia Web Site, Geoff Downes has begun efforts towards work on a new solo project.  Although Geoff would not commit himself to the project being the long-hoped for sequel to the Light Program, he said the project would be "ambient" in nature.  Geoff hopes to have the new work completed before the Asia reunion tour this summer.

=>US Ozric Tentacles Tour

Ozric Tentacles, having completed their as yet unnamed new album (scheduled for a Fall '99 release), has announced plans for a US tour in May and June.  Most tour dates have yet to be announced, however a few dates are now known.

May 7th & 8th   New York, NY           Wetlands
May 13th           Boston, MA              The Paradise Rock Club
May 14th           Baltimore, MD          Recher Theater
May 15th           Philadelphia, PA     Theater of Living Arts
May 21st           Cleveland, OH         Odeon
May 22nd          Detroit, MI                Majestic Theater
May 26th           Boulder, CO            Fox Theater & Cafe

=>Spock's Beard 1999 Tour

Spock's Beard's new release "Day For Night" is available through their website.  The band will be touring the US and Europe this summer and fall.

* indicates show is unconfirmed at this time.

Date City Venue
May 16 Baltimore Orion Sound Studios
May 17d Philadelphia Upstairs at Nick's
May 18 Rochester The Penny Arcade*
May 19 Pittsburgh Graffiti Showcase
May 20 Detroit The Magic Bag
May 21 Grand Rapids *
May 22 Chicago Martyr's
May 23 Minneapolis *
May 24 Milwaukee Shank Hall
May 25 Cincinnati Annie's
May 26 Cleveland Peabody's
June 27 Bethlehem, PA NearFest
July 7 Herzberg Berg Herzberg Festival
Aug. 7 or 8 Wacken Wacken Open Air*
Sept. 13 Hamburg Markthalle
Sept. 14 Bochum Zeche
Sept. 18 Offenback Hafenbahn
Sept. 19 Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik
Sept. 21 Salzburg Rockhaus
Sept. 22 Pratteln Z7
Sept. 25 Paris Le Divan Du Monde
Sept. 26 Verviers Spirit of 66
Sept. 27 Amsterdam Paradiso
Sept. 28 Tilburg 013
Sept. 29 Hengelo Metropol
Oct. 1 Rotherham Oakwood Centre

=>Alexander 'Skip' Spence Dead at 53

Former Moby Grape singer-guitarist Alexander "Skip" Spence died of pneumonia and complications of lung cancer on April 16th in a Northern California hospital.  He was 53 years old. 

Spence was also the original drummer for Jefferson Airplane, writing songs on their early albums including "My Best Friend" and "Blues From an Airplane".  A Spence tribute album was recently produced, featuring covers of songs from his only solo album, Oar.  Artists on the tribute album include Robert Plant, Beck, Tom Waits, and Mudhoney.  The album is due out in June.

His career began in 1965 as Marty Balin asked him to join his new band, Jefferson Airplane. Spence became the group's drummer, even though he did not know how to play drums.  He then left the group after the Airplane's debut release Jefferson Airplane Takes Off in 1966, to form Moby Grape with Jerry Miller and Peter Lewis, along with bassist Bob Mosley.  The group was praised for the interplay between the three guitarists as well as their vocal harmonies.

 =>Wakeman UK Church Tour

Rick Wakeman's "Return to the Center of the Earth" is now available in most nations.  Rick will be performing in UK churches on a 3 week tour starting May 21st.  Special guest Ramon Ramedios will join Rick on the tour.

Date City Venue
May 21 Shanklin St. Saviour's Church
May 22 Aylesbury Long Crendon Baptist Church
May 23 Portsmouth Wecock Church
May 24 Kettering Fuller Baptist Church
May 25 South Harrow South Harrow Baptist Church
May 27 Woodford Green All Saints Church
May 28 Holt Audin Theater - Gresham School
May 29 Luton Stopsley Baptist Church
May 30 Stanley St. Peter's Church
May 31 Pointon St. Peter's Church
June 1 Rochdale Banford Chapel
June 3 Southport Southport Theater
June 4 Derby St. Osmund's Church
June 5 Bedford Priory Methodist Church
June 6 Loughborough The Schofield Centre
June 7 Saffron Walden Saffron Walden Baptist Church
June 8 Nottingham All Hallows Church
June 9 Wellington Somerset Wellersley Theater
June 10 Norwich Norwich Cathedral
June 11 Bury St. Edmunds Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral
June 13 Edinburgh Wester Hailes Baptist Church
June 14 Stockton-on-Tees The Oakwood Centre

=>Pär Lindh Project Summer Tour Dates

The Pär Lindh Project will be performing a short North American Tour this summer that will include ProgFest in San Francisco and the Saint Louis International Progressive Keyboard Extravaganza.  Progrock Duo Alaska will be opening for Pär Lindh on most of these dates.

Date City Venue
May 27 New Brunswick, NJ The Vault
May 29 San Francisco, CA ProgFest
June 3 Louisville, KY Headliners
June 5 Saint Louis, MO Centenary Church
June 7 Saint Louis, MO Off Broadway
June 11 Mt. Clement, MI JD's Macomb Theater

Negotiations are underway for additional dates.

=>Asia Reunion

It's now official:   Geoff Downes, John Wetton and Carl Palmer have reunited for a summer tour of North America beginning on June 11.    Specific dates are not yet available.

According to Asiaworld, "Geoff, John and Carl will be touring through the United States, Canada, and Mexico during June, July, and August before heading to Japan. Joining the three men on guitar will be David Kilminster, who has recently played live in John Wetton's
solo band. "

Keep track of the latest Asia news at these websites:

Chasing The Dragon - The Official John Wetton Web Site
The Official Carl Palmer Web Site

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