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November 6, 1998

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- Russ's Update: Tales From The T'rat European/St. Louis Connection
- Jim's Corner:  Tales From The Triumvirat Net Administrator/Webmaster
- Joe's Comments: Tales From TATW Editor/TATW Online News Administrator
- Dirk's Update: Tales From Links Administrator/Triumvirat Researcher
- Triumvirat Net Websites
- Progressive Video Review
- KANSAS CD & Concert Review
- Triumvirat Lyrics on the Triumvirat Homepage
- Triumvirat CDs
- Triumvirat MIDI Files/Scores
- Triumvirat Live Recordings
- Contacting Triumvirat Members
- Possible Scoop on ELP
- Official Opening of Triumvirat Net
- Rick Wakeman Press Release
- Mastermind Update
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=>Russ's Update - Tales From The T'ratEuropean/St. Louis Connection

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

This month has seen the most Triumvirat-related activity
in almost two decades. We'll start at the top: Triumvirat,
led by Jürgen Fritz, is due to sign its new record deal
on or about November 12, and unfortunately, I am not
yet able to announce the details, nor do I know them all.

I can tell you that it will be with a major international
record label, and that it will be a concept-type album
with all songs co-written by original Triumvirat members
Hans Bathelt and Jürgen Fritz. Just like in the old days,
Jürgen is writing and producing the musical ideas, and
Hans developed the album concept and lyrics. I have
been told by Triumvirat's management agency that they
do plan on extensively promoting the album with live shows
both in Europe and North America. Triumvirat is also
quite moved and impressed by the extraordinary fan
response in Brazil, and wants to keep their options open
as far as performing in Brazil next year. I would encourage any
of our readers anywhere in the world with legitimate connections
to established and reputable concert promoters, radio stations,
etc., to contact me and we will work with Triumvirat's management
to plan the 1999 concert schedule and promotions.

I think it is safe to say that there will certainly be shows in western
Europe and the northeastern USA next summer, and other than that,
it is simply too early to give any further definite information.
Both Jürgen and Hans have expressed their deep gratitude and
astonishment at the wide base of fan support, and have asked me
to thank the fans on their behalf for remaining loyal for so many years.

As far as I know, recording on the new album will begin within the next
few weeks in Jürgen's studio in Cologne, Germany. I don't think it
has been established who all of the musicians will be, but it is also
safe to assume there will be several new faces on this album, in
an attempt to give it a more current sound. If you have any ideas
or opinions on who should play on the album, I will be happy to
forward the mail to Jürgen, just in case it matters.

It also appears that I will get a great opportunity to meet with Jürgen
and his manager when they visit the USA for Christmas. This will enable
me an opportunity to personally deliver your messages and thoughts to
him, and perhaps record an interview for the website.

More news: "Old Loves Die Hard" and "Pompeii" have been released
on a new label, Virgin Records. I do know that the other old Triumvirat
titles will be re-released on CD soon, but I do not yet know which label
they will be on. I should have that information within two weeks.

Triumvirat vocalist Barry Palmer is about midway through the production
of his new solo album in London, but production has been delayed a bit,
as they are moving the studio to a new location, and are packing boxes
as we speak. Barry and his co-producer/writer David Duncan, have
recorded about 15 songs, and have decided to use at least 6 of them on
the new album. Very shortly (within 2 weeks), Barry will be sending me
a CD of the new material, and those songs will premiere on Barry's solo
website; "Barry Palmer Online": http://www.triumvirat.net/palmer

I am very excited about these songs!! As some of you know, I am Barry's
manager for this part of the world, and am the one to contact for live
appearances and radio promotions. In all of my contacts with musicians
around the world, I can tell you there is no nicer person than Barry
Palmer. He has recorded a personal 'thank you' to his fans which you
can hear on his solo website, along with 'real audio' versions of some
of his new songs. It is not clear to me if Barry will be involved in the
new Triumvirat project, or just the tour. If you have strong feelings
about this, please write to me and I will forward the messages to the
appropriate people.

That is about all I have time and room for...just a quick thank you
to Dirk Evans for running the show and keeping the website alive
for the past year, and to welcome back Jim Bradley as the webmaster.

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer/Barry Palmer USA Manager
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

=>Jim's Corner: Tales From The Triumvirat Net Administrator/Webmaster 

Greetings Friends !

We finally have a permanent home at http://www.triumvirat.net  !
There are new features at the site now, and more is yet to come.
The site has undergone a redesign with a new look, and a few changes
here and there. I hope you enjoy it. Let me attempt to summarize the
changes you'll find.

The musician pages for Arno Steffen and Dick Frangenberg have been
updated with new information, thanks to both Arno and Dick! You can
link to their webpages from there as well.

Transcribed lyrics for Mediterranean Tales: (Across The Waters) are
added to the album page. Also, the lyric transcription of Illusions
on a Double Dimple has been replaced with the official lyrics,
graciously supplied to us by Hans Bathelt!

The Picture Gallery now includes thumbnails of all the pictures
available. There are also links to photos of the group Jail, with
Helmut Köllen. (thanks Georgie !)

The new "Tours" section has the dates of the 1974 US Illusions tour,
and will contain any future tour information that we receive.

The new "Reviews" section, is currently "under construction".

We now have The Spartacus Forum discussion board available for
everyone to discuss all things Triumvirat !

And for real-time discussion, stop by at "Rat Chat", our chat room.
This is a Java based chat room, & has a limit of 20 users at any one

We've added an online poll as well on our "welcome" page. November's
poll asks you which is your favorite Triumvirat album. You can vote
once a day, so support your favorite album ! Keep visiting if you
want to keep track of the polls.

Barry Palmer Online website has moved to join us on triumvirat.net.
The new location is now http://www.triumvirat.net/palmer . (Ed Note:
Barry's new song Ghost of a Love" remains on the Triumvirat Homepage
on the Musicians/Barry Palmer page). It actually never did leave like
a few TATW readers and T'rat Homepage visitors had thought.)

Tales Across The Waters (Triumvirat Online News) now has it's own home
and a new expanded online look! It's location is now at
http://www.triumvirat.net/tatw .

And speaking of TATW, there are new subscription options available.
If you prefer to read the latest issue on the website, you can 
subscribe to the update list, to be notified as soon as new issues 
are available.  And you can discuss all things Triumvirat on the 
TATW discussion mailing list. (subscription details below)

(Ed. Note: You can subscribe on the website, and can also use the 
TATW online feedback form for your submissions. Note that this 
form is for TATW communication to the Administrator/Editor of 
TATW (Joe). But the T'rat Homepage has a separate form to communicate
with any or all four of us.)

Of course, regular subscription to TATW is still available, however,
we have a new automated email subscription method.

To subscribe, send a blank email to:
subscribe_tatw@triumvirat.net  .

To subscribe to the TATW update list, send a blank email to:
(to receive notice when the site has been updated.)

To join to the discussion list, send a blank email to:
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In all three cases, you will receive an email confirmation of your
subscription automatically. 

(Ed. Note: What about unsubscribe, archived/text TATW
issues, and stuff like that? Are you confused? Well, help is now
automatically available. Joe has created an autoresponse help 
message at helpme@triumvirat.net  . If you forget every single word 
stated above, then just remember to send a blank email to 
helpme@triumvirat.net  . You will automatically get back a short 
message telling you everything you need to know. Remember that's 
for help to both 'online' and 'email only' fans.)

Phew ! I hope I covered everything for ya. And there's more to come !
If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or thoughts about the
Site, just drop me a note !

So how are things in your corner of the world ?


Jim Bradley
Triumvirat Net System Administrator and Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

=>Joe's Comments: Tales From TATW Editor/TATW Online News Administrator  

Greetings to all of our TATW Readers and Visitors across the world!

Hey Jim, you forgot to mention the "What's New" page, and that other
page called uhmmm... (something or other?), and that option that
let's them choose something that uhmmm.... , well never mind. Just use
the "helpme" "@" "triumvirat.net" or actually visit the T'rat Net.
What an awesome job Jim has done on Triumvirat Net websites and the
entire new concept. Thanks to all of our past subscribers. I will keep
you in my personal address book. The former website has been replaced
at the same time this issue comes out since. If anyone was supposed
to receive this issue or a friend of yours wants a copy of this issue, 
just submit a blank e-mail to tatw_issue15@triumvirat.net  .

Jim now has the latest TATW issue available on the Site at the same 
time it is sent out to you. I send out by the TATW subscriber listing. 
If you want a copy after that, you can go to the archives page on the
site, or retrieve it by the (auto response) method. You only need to 
contact me if something changes in your e-mail address. In fact, you 
could use the subscription system to subscribe, unsubscribe, subscribe. 
That's 3 blank messages from you, which gives me 3 lines of the information 
needed to change your e-mail address. The new method uses e-mail addresses 
only, so I don't need your names anymore for subscriptions unless there 
is a special reason. Subscription is FREE to all three services to the 
Newsletter, Forum, & Site Update.

The current TATW Newsletter is always going to look a lot neater
on the TATW Site with Jim's HTML skills in great web designs. We
will also put the current issue in the online "archive section"
which I make semi-HTML for nice viewing with your Netscape or Internet
Explorer browser. In order to know what issues are available in the
archives & (auto response), when you are not on the internet, all
you do is use the helpme (auto response) to find out. Adjustments
will be made to all issues as needed to avoid confusion problems on
information that is found to be incorrect.

Thanks to Mark Fonda for helping me finish transcribing those Med.
Tales lyrics. I'm saving Mark's Feature of Top 10 Instrumental
Keyboard Prog Albums of "lesser known" groups for the next TATW
issue expected to come out within several weeks. (Come on Mark we
know a lot of those names, we just don't have the albums :-) .

You really need to visit all three Triumvirat Net Sites. When you are
done reading this Issue, don't just sit there. Spread the information on
to all your friends. If they need some help, just have them send a
blank e-mail to helpme@triumvirat.net . If you think this issue is
big news, just imagine what the future issues will be like now that we
are totally prepared for the fact that TRIUMVIRAT IS BACK!!!!

Joe Toohey
TATW Newsletter Editor/Distributor and TATW Online News Administrator
St. Louis, MO  USA

=>Dirk's Update: Tales From Links Administrator/Triumvirat Researcher

Greetings and Salutations Triumvirat Fans and Alumni,

Hope you like all the work done the past few months on the new Sites.
Some important progressive links out there have recently changed that
you might want to make note of. The Progressive Rock Web Site is now
located at http://www.progrock.net  and Mastermind is now located at
http://www.k2nesoft.com/mastermind.  Check out PROGRESSIVE ROCK NEWS
section for more interesting news on Mastermind signing a new deal in
Germany which is now the 3rd largest music market in the world (sounds
like the perfect time for Triumvirat to return)! In fact Mastermind
just played with Ars Nova recently on the east cost of the USA.

Let me know about any links to add on or fix, because every group is
starting to put up websites all over, and the internet locations seem
to keep changing for many links as well. Triumvirat Net is rapidly
expanding and the LINKS are still being worked on. However, let me
know when you come across broken links or want links that Triumvirat
fans might enjoy. There are a lot of Gigantic groups from the 1970's
coming back now.  The Gentle Giant website also has a new home at
http://www.blazemonger.com/GG.  Dan Barrett also has a GG Tribute
Double CD set available from that site. You could also find your way
there from the Hybernation site mentioned by Mastermind in this
issue's PROGRESSIVE ROCK NEWS section.

How about some more news for progressive rock keyboard fans out there.
Ars Nova is a female Japanese trio of keyboards and drums. Up until a
couple of months ago, they had a bass player, but she quit and they now
have 2 keyboardist! They are very much in the ELP style of music, but,
it is all instrumental. Check out the Ars Nova website at the location
http://www.progconcepts.com/arsnova  . The new album is called "Rev Nv
Pert Em Hrv" made in Japan Records and Musea. Each version has a different
cover and a different tune. Mark Fonda's review in the next issue of
TATW includes a couple of Ars Nova CDs from the past.

With Jim back, I can now concentrate on LINKS to the Triumvirat Net
and on T'rat related research. Check out my own personal web page at
http://dirk.dra.com  when you get a chance. Thanks for the compliments.
The LINKS portion on the Triumvirat Net Homepage will pretty much
continue to look like it did on the former Homepage in case you like
seeing something familiar looking. Got questions? I'll get answers.

Dirk Evans
Triumvirat Net Links Administrator and Researcher
St. Louis, MO  USA
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=>Triumvirat Net Websites

Check out the entire Triumvirat Net. Now you can get TATW updates,
get the very latest news of Triumvirat online, be in the Triumvirat
Forum, have a chat with other Triumvirat fans, get lyrics, find
Triumvirat merchandise, visit Sister sites, play some T'rat games,
vote in various T'rat related polls, and lots more features as the
Triumvirat Net evolves.
"We Believe That You Can Make It, Steppin' Thru The Door Ahead of Time!"

The Official TRIUMVIRAT HOMEPAGE - St. Louis, MO/Seattle, WA  USA

Please visit our 1st sister site (Russ & Jim) "Barry Palmer Online":

Visit the new 2nd sister site (Joe & Jim) "TATW Triumvirat Online News":

Jim, Russ, Joe, & Dirk now proudly present to the entire world
the official opening of the TRIUMVIRAT NET which is ready to support
TRIUMVIRAT & the fans into the new millennium. Spread the word NOW!!

=>Progressive Video Review

Hello TATW readers and Mr. Ten Percent! Today I'll review two recent
YES TV appearances: Yes live on Budapest TV & Yes on Hardrock Live, VH1
U.S., Cable TV. Both from the current "Open Your Eyes" world tour.

YES LIVE IN BUDAPEST. Budapest, Turkey Television Broadcast.
1 Hour long with no interruptions.

Set list:
Wonderous Stories
Owner of the Lonely Heart
The Revealing Science of God
I've Seen All Good People
Starship Trooper

As we all know Rick Wakeman had left the band only months before the new
tour due to some type of conflict. After seeing Yes live in Milwaukee
last October, I walked away feeling cheated with Yes' current keyboard
replacement, Igor Khoroshev, a native of Moscow Russia. My very first
impression of Igor was not good at all and left me saying all types of
things about him that would not be proper for TATW's family dinner table
reading. Mostly my anger stemmed from the fact that Igor was turned down
so low in the mix I didn't hear a note he played. It was as if I was
listening to Yes without a keyboard player at all.  It left a very stale
taste in my mouth. However, seeing Yes once again last July I could here
Igor very well and found him to be an incredible technician and a rather
remarkably good fit for Yes' blend of classically oriented rock n' roll.

Even more ear opening was listening to him on my stereo while watching
the Budapest TV appearance. Igor was truly impressive on this show. In
fact he was the only thing impressive on this show!! I was amazed at his
rendition of Wonderous Stories, and it seemed like Yes couldn't keep up
with him during The Revealing. I must point out though that the mix had
Igor turned WAY up, too much even. He was the star of the show! In fact
Steve was a bit too low but not too bad, and Chris was so low he could
have stayed in his hotel sleeping and not bothered showing up. Jon
sounded fine and was wearing his new half-day beard. In fact, the whole
dichotomy of the band is weird to see on TV now. You have Igor who looks
young enough to be in "Hanson". Then the camera cuts to Steve Howe who, in
comparison, looks like the Crypt Keeper from "The Tales from The Crypt."

Best songs played were of course, Wonderous Stories & RSOG, as there has
never been any live TV footage of these songs. So it was quite a treat.
Roundabout was a gas too with Igor playing with one hand while clanging
a cowbell and bongo with the other. I'm telling you he blew me away, he
sounded great!!! I take back every rotten, nasty thing I ever said about
him. And the visuals were good too with the hyperspace and other cool
effects under the tent! Interesting that Steve did all the guitar parts
in OOTLH leaving Billy Sherwood to do... to do... to do... Does anybody
know what Billy is supposed to do? He doesn't seem to do much at the shows
at all. He did a short guitar lead in "Starship" but it didn't really add
anything. On the other hand, he doesn't really take anything away either.

All in all, it's a nice show. Their age seems to show a bit more on TV
compared to TV footage from the Union tour where they all still seemed to
be hopping around the stage creating hi-energy rock-n-roll. You can really
see how they don't move around much anymore and how truly old they look.
Steve also totally screwed up during "Starship" and Chris shrugged it off.
But, for the most part they still can make it happen! It was great fun to
watch! Don't forget Igor, who stole the show with his brilliant keyboard
playing, youthful appearance, and help from his buddy at the soundboard!


20 minutes long (commercials excluded).

Set list:
Owner of the Lonely Heart
I've Seen All Good People

There was a lot of exciting buzzing around the web about this appearance
on a popular national US TV station. All which came to a crashing halt
after the show aired in July. People who attended the taping told about
YES playing an hour long set including a couple new tracks from "Open
Your Eyes." And the show "Hardrock Live" usually features 1 hour of live
music from their featured band. However, for Yes they ended splitting the
show in half with The Moody Blues. Leaving YES with only 3 live tracks.
Much to everyone's disappointment, they didn't feature "Close to The
Edge", "The Revealing", or "Siberian Khatru." Instead they played it safe
and chose YES' Hit staples. Except for a few letters of grief after the
show aired, not much was said about it from fans on the web.

I'll have to say though, the live performance of "Roundabout" was pretty
daring when you think about it. And "Roundabout" is progressive rock at
it's finest. Think when the last time a live YES performance was featured
on NATIONAL U.S. TV? Would the answer be NEVER? Pretty close actually.
They never appeared on The Midnight Special or Don Kirshner's Rock
Concert. Yessongs was aired in the early days of cable TV, on a show
called Nightflight, but not many people had cable back in the early 80's.
The biggest one was the 1989 ABWH Pay-Per-View special, and we had to pay
to see that, if we were able to order it! There was a 5 minute David
Letterman appearance in 1994 featuring a song from "Talk". But other than
that, mostly only a few short local TV appearances and an MTV Documentary
in 1991. All other Live footage comes from other countries or Japanese
Laser Discs. So this was the first major U.S. TV appearance in 9 years and
the only one from the OYE tour. I'm amazed they were on VH1 at all! I have
never seen VH1 show any YES videos. So why are fans complaining?

The performance itself was quite good. With a very professional TV
production that blew The Budapest show away. The Mix was perfect, the
camera angles exciting and the small venue gave the band a very special
energy. In fact, in comparison with The Moody Blues, who played during the
first half an hour, Yes seemed a lot younger and full of life. Not to
mention they played all their own instruments. Where as The Moody's had a
back-up drummer & keyboard player to pump up the sound. Everyone in YES
was dressed up for the show. Steve Howe in a hip bright Blue shirt
similar to something he wore in Asia. Jon was dressed casual, and Chris
was wearing his long-tail Yes jacket. The cameras were buzzing around
Steve so much, you really didn't notice he was just standing there.
And Billy Sherwood... he was... he was... Well, Billy was still being
Billy. Often looking confused and hoping they'll need him to play
something soon.

Maybe we complain because we so rarely get live progressive music on TV,
that this just isn't enough? Making us greedy and wanting more and more.
We were limited to only 20 minutes of music, and with YES that means only
a few songs. I believe the problem actually was that they opened the show
with Roundabout, which was the strongest song. Then put "Owner" in the
middle and ended the show with "All Good People" which most hard-core
YES fans hate, and those are hardly Progressive at all. If the set list
was in reverse, I think we all would have been much happier at the shows
end. In all though, we shouldn't complain. It was good exposure for YES.
Think about how many people must have been flipping through channels and
came across YES playing "Roundabout" in their living room. Let's stop
complaining people! It is truly a triumph for Progressive Rock to be
aired on VH1! One might even say... it's a "Wonderous Story."

Martin Kornick
Chicago, U.S.A.
Write me at: treasures@interaccess.com 

=>KANSAS CD & Concert Review

CD: KANSAS, "Always Never The Same" with the London Symphony Orchestra

Hey everyone, Kansas just released a new CD! Who cares you say? Well,
you should care! For the last 10 years Kansas has been touring around
with 3 of its original members, Steve Walsh, Richard Williams and Phil
Ehart. With a few mediocre CD releases and constant touring anywhere they
could play, such as your local family day festivals, Kansas has not
really done anything to gather much attention. And with only 3 original
members the band obtained a more solid Classic Rock sound, rather than
Progressive. Anything new from the band was lame compared to the great
works written in the 70's by Kerry Livgren or Livgren/Walsh. This put
Kansas under the "Where are They Now" category.

On "Always Never The Same", The band has come back full circle. With the
return of Robbie Steinhart on vocals & violin after a 15 year hiatus and
the backing of a full orchestra, Kansas has returned in a new form as
exciting as the old sound in the 70's. This is not one of those boring
symphonic rock records with minimal guest appearances by actual band
members. This is Kansas backed by The London Symphony Orchestra. Recorded
at Abbey Road studios in London, it was a 2 year in the works dream come
true for the band. The CD has over 71 minutes with 13 tracks including
restructured classics such as Song For America, Miracles Out of Nowhere,
Cheyenne Anthem, The Wall, Nobody's Home, & Dust In The Wind. There are
several new tracks like Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover), and 2 new Walsh
compositions. What makes this CD great is they accomplished revising the
old sound into a new form. The music is full, and without Livgren on
Guitar & keys, the orchestra fills in perfectly and adds even greater
intros & buildups to surpass even the original recordings. I found myself
stunned with "Hold On", which sounded majestic with the London Symphony.

Most outstanding was Phil Ehart's fantastic drumming, holding it all
together to make this one of the most successful blends of Orchestra &
Rock music. While most projects of this type find the orchestra & rock
instruments fighting each other; with Kansas, it is the perfect fit.

"Always Never The Same" is the surprise progressive release of the year.
This CD is among the best works of Kansas. Unfortunately it hasn't been
promoted much on radio which is usual for progressive rock. You can find
the CD at the usual vendors like CDNow, record stores can order it, and
public libraries with other Kansas CDs have it. It can be compared to CDs
with Renaissance and symphony. Some people look puzzled when you mention
a new Kansas release. Please seek out this recording. It is a must for
your progressive rock collection. If sales are good with this CD, Kansas
hopes to release another in the same form. Similar to Yes' Keys to
Ascension CDs. There's no place like home!  How about the concert?

KANSAS with Orchestra at Ravina Festival, Chicago Illinois USA 8/10/98

Ravina is located in Chicago's Ritzy North Shore Suburbs. Just a few
blocks from Micheal Jordon's house actually. Ravina is usually reserved
for Symphony & sometimes soft folk music only. The residential homes of
the upper class surround the park. The last time an actual Rock band
played there was in 1968, the band was Janis Joplin & The Big Holding
Company. The neighbors complained so much about the noise that they have
never had another rock band play there. Maybe Kansas has fooled them with
the accompanying Symphony, because this was real rock n roll! Ravina is an
unusual place to see a show. It's a place where rich people in the
neighboring areas come to listen to symphony music. For only $5 you can
sit on the lawn. However, you can not see the performers if you sit on
the lawn. They have speakers placed all around so you can have picnics
and sit under the trees. Wealthy people come in droves and bring the
whole family. Children, Grandma, Rich Uncle William... sitting around
small portable picnic tables sipping wine and comparing nose jobs and
jewelry. 70% of the people there could care less about Kansas, another
20% are mild fans who just like going to Ravinia to listen to music. And
about 10% are there for the show. I sat in the 5th row under the pavilion,
and was lucky to get the tickets as many of the seats are taken by season
ticket holders. Yes, old Mr. Burns and Witherspoon were sitting right
behind me, but didn't last through the first song I believe. The true
Kansas fans were easy to pick out.

The orchestra was small, assembled from the Ravina Symphony and they
opened the show with a melody of Kansas hits. Conducted by former Moody
Blues composer, Larry Baird, they sounded as good as can be despite a
lack of brass instruments that were present on the CD. After 5 minutes
enters Kansas. Phil Ehart looking fit, Richard Williams who seems to have
put on another 100 pounds in the last few years, has to be the heaviest
guitarist I've ever seen! Most interesting was Steve Walsh, who in the
80's & early 90's tried his best to give the band a somewhat new image
by taking front stage, hiring another keys man, and jumping about the
stage like Bon Jovie with a snake in his boot. Way overdone in my opinion.

Today Steve was dressed very conservative in shirt and tie. Steve was
almost in a straight jacket for this show, refined to being the sole
keyboard player and minimal hopping around. Most surprising however was
Robbie Steinhart who has taken the center spot as the formidable front man
for Kansas once again. This is quite remarkable considering Steve has been
in front for so many years. This, however, is the Kansas we have missed.
Robbie looked exactly the same as he did 20 years ago, a bit overweight,
beard, long hair, shirt hanging out.  Kansas certainly was a little
freakier looking on stage as any middle aged rock band does, but
nonetheless, more like the Kansas we remembered from the 70's.

Kansas played in top form this evening. Every song played to perfection
and orchestrated beautifully. I'm not just hyping here either. I can't
remember the last show I attended that the musicians gave so much to a
performance. They seemed to be thrilled playing in this format. The
orchestra was having fun too, many smiles and even laughter (whether it
was "with" or "at" the band) made it a fun experience. All songs from
the new CD were featured as well as others like, Paradox, Carry On & Point
of Know Return. Most were the best versions I had ever heard of these
songs, and even Walsh's new compositions sounded better than ever live with
extended jams and orchestral crescendos. There was still some over acting
by Walsh, but as I said before, he was surprisingly tame. His voice was
great on the opening number, but then seemed to be a little scratchy after
that. Ehart was flawless, and the chemistry between Williams and Steinhart
right on the money. Only thing missing was Livgren's guitar & synthesizer
playing. But it didn't seem to matter much as the orchestra filled in
nicely. That's the key to the new sound.

The highlight of the show was a guest appearance by "Rachael Barton" an
acclaimed Chicago violinist who is only 21 years old. Robbie said she's
accomplished more in 21 years than he has in 50! Both have studied in
Vienna, but Robbie barely making a "C" average, Rachael got all "A's."
And is an award winning violinist and was recently named Chicago's Woman
of the Year. Robbie says he is very jealous and sad that he has not done
more with his life. But Robbie says jokingly, "Well... I still have
Kansas!" Tragedy struck Rachael 3 years ago when she dropped her violin
and got her arm caught in a subway train door. She was dragged for 3
blocks by her arm. She lost one of her legs and nearly lost her life.
She came on and played "Dust in the Wind" with the guys and did an
extended duet with Robbie at the end of the song. Her playing brought
tears to everyone's eyes in a matter of minutes! It was incredible!!!
Without a doubt the greatest version of "Dust" ever performed!!! How
many concerts do you go to where the music makes you shout like a madman
and then makes you cry??? Certainly a special night of Kansas music!!!
Kansas rocked Ravina, there is no doubt. My wife is still talking about
it and is playing the CD now. That's amazing in itself!!! Don't miss
them if they come to your town in this new format!

Martin Kornick
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=>Triumvirat Lyrics on the Website

For: "Numerous Fans"    INTERNET: All Over the World

No more letters please. They are on the website, but if you don't
see the A La Carte and RR Lyrics up yet, that is because this issue
came out before we had a chance to put them on.

=>Triumvirat CDs

From: "Numerous Fans"    INTERNET: All Over the World

Many letters have come in stating that vendors list Triumvirat albums,
but don't stock them. Other ones are bootlegs. The Pompeii & Old Loves
CDs are very easy to find from the sources on our website plus we
have news that they have already been re-released a few weeks ago and
are now attempting to give you full information on the details within
a couple weeks. We received the information that ALL Triumvirat
recordings of the past will be re-released (the status of singles
has not been confirmed yet). It isn't worth your time and money
searching for Triumvirat CDs anymore. Helmut Köllen's 1977 album,
"You Won't See Me" will also be re-released. Details on other solo
material such as Jürgen's solo albums are currently unknown to us.
We don't know if there will be box sets or things such as bonus tracks
on the re-releases similar to what is done when other groups like
Triumvirat re-issue materials. More details should become know soon
when Russ discusses many topics directly with Mr. Fritz in December.
How Triumvirat Net will be used as the interface between fans and
requested Triumvirat materials & services will be clearer also.

=>Triumvirat MIDI Files/Scores

From:  "Numerous Fans"       SMPT:  All Over the World

Triumvirat indicated that sound bytes will be provided to the website.
Triumvirat has been notified of the requests for MIDI Files/Scores,
Transcriptions, & other requested materials. After the new album and
re-releases, these requests might be attempted as time permits when
the band is not on tour or recording. If talented fans create their
own MIDI files/transcriptions in the future, let us know so that we
may pass that information on to all of the fans.

=>Triumvirat Live Recordings

From:  "Numerous Fans"     SMPT:  All Over the World

With the band now back, it is very possible that tapes of unreleased
material and lost material may be uncovered. We have passed on the
desire for live recordings of Triumvirat during their world tours
(both video & audio). This is one of our top priority requests that
come in, but we don't yet know what Triumvirat plans to do about
recording tours next year and after. Our attempts to obtain 1970's
good quality live video/audio materials have not been successful.

=>Contacting Triumvirat Members

Russ Shaw is the official contact to Triumvirat Members. Please
use the form feedback page or contact Russ Shaw by E-mail and
messages will be sent forward to Triumvirat members. Anything
presented in TATW issues is also directly seen by TRIUMVIRAT.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=>Possible Scoop on ELP

From: One of Joe's Sources

This is a rumor from one of my fairly reliable sources. I can not
verify or deny this rumor in the short time of getting this issue
out. If it turns out to be true, then remember that you heard it
here first before any other internet source as far as I know. We
will have beaten the ELP-Digest and the other ELP Web Pages with
this scoop. If it turns out not to be true, then remember it was
only a rumor without time to verify the details.

It has been stated to me that ELP are playing 15 dates in the UK
between 9-26 April, 1999, and the tickets are planned to be on sale
any day now. A source heard from the band earlier on the last US
tour was that they would then be touring Europe & America, followed
by Australia and Japan. It has also been stated that Keith has been
working on a long (conceptual) version of the "Man in the Long
Black Coat" for the new album.

I saw Greg Lake state on an interview some time ago that the
concept album would be on the subject of cloning (evil & good).
Anyway, I'm sure we will find out soon whether we came up with a
real scoop or a false rumor that was sparsely spread.

(from Joe Toohey)
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=>Official Opening of the Triumvirat Net

Official approval from the Triumvirat progressive musical group to be
the only official internet source for Triumvirat information including
the TRIUMVIRAT HOMEPAGE, Sister Sites of the Homepage, Electronic
Newsletters, Forums, Triumvirat Bulletin Announcements, and all other web
activities has been received. Get online, check everything out, spread
the news of the NET for everyone to enjoy.

=>Rick Wakeman Press Release


Rock legend Rick Wakeman is set to embark on his most ambitious project
ever with a £2,000,000 sequel to his multi-million selling album "Journey
to the Centre of the Earth". The new symphonic opus "Return to the Centre
of the Earth" will be released worldwide by EMI Classics on Monday, January
18th 1999 - the twenty fifth anniversary of the first live performance of its predecessor.

The album, which will be recorded in London during November with the London
Symphony Orchestra and the English Chamber Choir, will also feature a host
of special guests including Star Trek's Patrick Stewart (narrator), Ozzy
Osbourne, Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Trevor Rabin (YES) and Bonnie
Tyler. Further guest artists will be announced shortly.

The announcement comes just weeks after Wakeman was rushed into intensive
care suffering from a life threatening combination of pneumonia and
pleurisy following an exhaustive trip to Los Angeles to record Patrick
Stewart's narration. Now fully recovered, the timing of Wakeman's illness
ironically mirrors the original work when he suffered a major heart attack
shortly after completing the album.

The release will coincide with a series of major live performances of the
album in capital cities across all five continents with the world's leading
symphony orchestras and choirs. The work is expected to receive its live
debut in London during January directly followed by two American premieres
in Los Angeles and New York. All three stage shows will feature a unique
"Return to the Centre of the Earth" stage set conceived by renowned artist
Roger Dean who has also been commissioned to create the original artwork
and sleeve design for the album. Full details will be announced later this

"Return to the Centre of the Earth" has taken Wakeman some three years to
plan. The original album sold in excess of twelve million units worldwide,
hit the top ten in twenty territories and saw some of the most extravagant
live shows ever staged. It was an integral part of classic Seventies excess
- along with other renowned Wakeman extravaganzas including "The Six Wives
of Henry VIII" and "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur..." - and critics
at the time claimed that the likes of it would never be seen again.

Rick Wakeman is one of rock's most charismatic figures. In a career
spanning thirty five years and with record sales in excess of 100 million
units both as a solo artist and as a member of superstar group YES, Wakeman
has led a checkered lifestyle. A classically trained musician, Wakeman was
the ultimate "wild man of rock" during the Seventies until he was given
less than three months to live unless he stopped drinking. He now lives on
the Isle of Man with his wife, former page three model Nina Carter. In
recent years, his highly diversified career has also encompassed Christian
recordings, numerous game and chat show appearances and host of the
contemporary comedy series "Live at Jongleurs".

"Return to the Centre of the Earth" will be recorded at London's CTS
Studios with the orchestra and choir between November 19th - 28th. EMI
Classics are planning a massive marketing campaign to coincide with the
release which will mark the label's first involvement with a contemporary
composer since Paul McCartney's "Standing Stone" project in 1997.
Rick Wakeman will be available for selective media interviews during the
November recordings. For further details, please contact Simon Porter at
Duroc on +44 (0)1895 810831.

For more information visit the Rick Wakeman Communication Center at:

(Wouldn't it be great if Barry Palmer could sing in the recording and
concerts, since he very often records around the London area, and could 
create outstanding vocals for those higher pitched sections of such 
fantastic concept-type projects? )

=>Mastermind Update

Greetings from Mastermind!

Finally!! All current mail orders for EXCELSIOR! Japanese imports were
mailed out today (11/2) and should be received by the end of the week. Again
apologies for the delay and thanks for understanding the situation, we hope
you enjoy this album as much as we do. Tom Gagliardi tells us Excelsior! is
now the #1 most requested disc on his Gagliarchives radio program. Woohoo!!

We have signed a three album deal with the InsideOut label of
Germany and their first Mastermind release will be EXCELSIOR! with
Jens Ohansson. They plan to release the album in January 1999 to avoid the
year end glut of releases which makes sense, but you can see what I mean
about wait and wait through '98.... If you were hoping to get Excelsior! for
Christmas, it will have to be a Japanese pressing I'm afraid. A few people
have asked why we didn't do this album with Cyclops in the UK, so let me
say we have no problems with Cyclops. Malcolm Parker is a great guy and we
are still friends, but we need to increase our presence in Germany (earth's
3rd largest music market) and InsideOut is very involved with getting their
bands out LIVE which is something Cyclops does not wish to be involved with
(understandably). Malcolm himself agreed this is probably a good move and
our previous titles will continue to be available from Cyclops in Europe.

ELP TRIBUTE: Mastermind was invited to play on the Hybernation ELP
Tribute disc so we are recording "The Endless Enigma" even as we speak!
This is a real musicians' "tribute" and not orchestrated by some greedy
record label. No one is being paid to appear... just a bunch of folks such
as Par Lindh Project, Ozone Quartet, French TV, Jon Finn and others hacking
around with ELP bits for the pure joy of it. More info on this project can
be found at: http://www.hybernation.com 

On the horizon: Mastermind has been invited to perform at ProgFest '99 in
San Francisco next May and we are beginning to sketch out touring plans for
the same time period including a return trip to Japan and tentatively Europe
as well. Woohoo!! Can't wait.

FINALLY: Stop by and sign the new GUESTBOOK on the Mastermind web site! We
are feeling a little lonely without new guests and enjoy the comments.

Bill Berends

(Mastermind Mailing List Message Received by Jim Bradley; OK, Bill
now it's time for you to join OUR subscriber list:-)

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