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Triumvirat Is Back! Special Edition Issue #014
July 22, 1998

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- Russ's Update: Tales From The European/St. Louis Connection
- Jim's Corner:  Tales From The Barry Palmer (T'rat Sister ) Website 
- Joe's Corner:  Tales From The Editor's Desk And A Little White Mouse 
- Dirk's Corner: Tales From The Official Triumvirat Website In St. Louis
- This month's new links 
- A Few Prog CDs of Interest & More
- Triumvirat Lyrics on the Website
- More Triumvirat Lyrics
- Triumvirat CDs
- Triumvirat MIDI Files/Scores
- Triumvirat Live Recordings
- Contacting Triumvirat Members
- Great Artwork Covers, Great Music
- Great Homepage/German Contact
- The Website Feedback Form Page
- A Message from Odessa, Ukraine
- Various Items of Interest
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=>Russ's Update - Tales From The European/St. Louis Connection

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

We have waited eighteen years to hear this, and now it is really
official!  According to a statement released Monday, July 6, from the
office of Triumvirat's agent in Cologne, Germany, "Triumvirat is
returning to the international music scene..."  "Be prepared
for a surprise."

Unfortunately, I cannot announce anything further on the website at this 
point.  However, when a few business details are inked, you will hear it
all here first.

I also spoke Friday night with Barry Palmer who said he would be "very
interested and enthusiastic" to participate in a Triumvirat reunion.
He is busy working on a solo album in London, England at the moment.
Barry is in touch with us frequently, though, and we should know
something soon. Barry's album (co-produced and co-written with Dave
Duncan from Aberdeen, Scotland), is shaping up quite nicely. I believe
that his new song "Night Thoughts" is one of the best songs he has ever
written or recorded, period. The keyboardist is Nik Green, formerly of
the Jimmy Page Band. You can hear several of his new songs and get
up-to-date with Barry Palmer's solo career aside from Triumvirat
by visiting his official homepage called "Barry Palmer Online":

Other confirmed information from Cologne is that some of the
gems of the Triumvirat catalogue will be re-released onto CD very soon, 
(presumably in conjunction with the new activity from Triumvirat), 
which should be appearing in early 1999. These include the legendary 
Spartacus", "Illusions On A Double Dimple", and Helmut Köllen's 1977
solo album "You Won't See Me".

Lastly, I would like to publicly thank Jürgen, for listening to and
acting upon the fan's requests for the return of Triumvirat.  The
greatest chapter in the history of this great band could be yet to come.

Welcome back, Triumvirat!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/USA Liaison/Biographer
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

=>Jim's Corner: Tales From The Barry Palmer (T'rat Sister ) Website 

Once again...

Greetings Friends !

Such a bounty of good news these days! There's little I can add to what 
has already been said about the reunion. We've been waiting a long time 
for this, and now we can look forward to NEW Triumvirat music!  Not to 
mention having their catalogue available once again via re-release. Best 
wishes to the newest Triumvirat, for much success! What a way to end a 
millenium, eh ?

I'm pleased to also take this opportunity to officially announce the 
Barry Palmer Online website! His website has already won the Musicians 
Network award for Best Design, as well as the Ravi's Elite Website award. 
As you may know, Barry granted the Triumvirat Homepage the right to 
premier the song "Ghost of a Love" in RealAudio format (and it will continue
to be available on The Triumvirat Homepage's Barry Palmer page). The 
Barry Palmer Online site currently has RealAudio files of two new songs: 
"Night Thoughts" and "Miracle Tonight". Additionally there is one song 
from his 1985 solo album "Without An Aim" called "Accidents Happen". 
Also, on the homepage is a message from Barry himself. Stop by, look 
around, and don't forget to sign the guestbook !   The URL is:

Also, speaking of his 1985 solo album, there is a possibility of this being 
re-released in one form or another in the future. If you're interested in 
getting information on this when/if it happens, e-mail barry@triumvirat.net . I 
do believe that at a minimum, it will become available via CD-R. What do 
you think ? Would that be a good idea, or not ? Again, drop a line to 
barry@triumvirat.net  !

I hope that things are going great in your part of this glorious world !
And now.....on with the show !


Jim Bradley 
Barry Palmer Online (Triumvirat Sister Site) Webmaster
Seattle, WA USA

=>Joe's Corner:  Tales From The Editor's Desk And A Little White Mouse  

Greetings to all of our TATW Readers across the world!

Russ and Jim get top billing because they started this whole concept
years ago. I can't top the excitement of reaching their dream, but
I can add to the excitement of our loyal subscribers. Congratulate 
yourselves TATW readers and Triumvirat website visitors for a job well 
done! A more correct statement at this moment is congratulations to our
subscribers. YOU are the only people that know this news because it is
too early to put it on the website!

Just when you were about to think we disappeared off the face of the
earth not only is Jim back, but TRIUMVIRAT IS BACK! Why so long since
the last TATW issue?  Internet/e-mail problems, new Internet/e-mail 
service, behind the scenes activities (many dead ends), exciting new 
contacts from all over the world. You could have had a few mundane 
TATW issues, but it was worth the wait. Wasn't it?

This paragraph is in memory of progressive drummer Cozy Powell who
died from an automobile accident on May 5. More information is on
the ELP digest website which has a link to the Cozy Powell website.
A rather nice letter from Keith Emerson about Cozy Powell is on the
Keith Emerson website (www.keithemerson.com) or use the T'rat links
pages to visit. Perhaps this might influence the set list of ELP
opening for the Deep Purple tour later this summer. Maybe Cozy is
up there playing with Helmut right now. I think he might be.

There are a lot of people asking why ELP would open for Deep Purple?
Usually ELP/Triumvirat type of fans are completely different than
Deep Purple fans in music taste. Jethro Tull made more sense in the
1996 tours. The ELP digest website will cover all details as they
occur along with all the various ELP websites. Hopefully, ELP has
been working on the new progressive concept album that they have
promised fans, and will tour at cities with full orchestra as they
have promised to do at some point going into the new millenium.

l have arranged that Par Lindh could listen to all the Triumvirat
albums. He was quite impressed and thought that Barry had a 
"GREAT VOICE". Par would like to meet Triumvirat and is looking 
forward to someday performing with them on the same venue. 
Wouldn't it be great if PLP opened for Triumvirat, left some of
the keyboards (possibly some used some of Jürgen's keyboards, 
and then Par & Jürgen could jam for a little bit. Now Barry said he 
was impressed with the Par Lindh music that I arranged to be sent 
to him. Par told me in an e-mail sometime ago that he won't break 
up PLP, but in-between other projects, would be more than happy to 
play keyboards with Barry on a separate project of some type. It is 
then possible that sometime you might hear Barry's solo work on 
concerts where PLP opens up for Triumvirat, but I am still trying to 
see when Par has time available and if he is still willing to work with
Barry on just solo works. Unfortunately all these artists are across 
the ocean and I don't know if I can help get everyone get together at 
some date in the future.; If it ever does actually all work out, then I 
would be willing to try contact with ELP management for at least one
Fantastic concert to be recording with Triumvirat  and possibly PLP.

Rick Wakeman has signed with EMI to put together Return to the
Center of the Earth. Check the various Wakeman websites for his
comments on the project which he claims will be the biggest thing
he has ever created (same London Symphony and full Chorus as on
the original Journey album). My suggestion is to get a lead singer
with a better voice than on the original Journey. The original 
reviews were correct when they stated that the only drawback was the
lead vocals on Journey to the Center of the Earth. The tour was
so great with the symphony and chorus, I tended not to let the lead
singer bother me at the concert. I was going to suggest Barry Palmer,
but with all the recent developments I wish Rick the best in choosing
a singer with a voice like that of Barry Palmer. 

Thanks to our friends over in Europe for information & shipments
during our long absence from putting out issues of TATW newsletters.
Russ & Dirk both now have copies of the 1991 J. Fritz CD by the
group Millenium entitled "Dreams of Amadeus". This is a collection
of instrumental selections based on themes of Mozart and reminds
me much of the instrumental pieces by Michael Quatro back in the
1970's. It demonstrates how all of the great progressive rock
artists were well trained in classical music. This is why all of
these great artists can compose and play with symphony orchestras
in their various musical works. At this "current" time we don't know 
how fans can find the Millenium CD unless someone in Europe can locate
it for them. Shipments of 3 vinyl 45 rpm solo works by J. Fritz
recently were sent to us. The 1984 CBS release of the group Joey
entitled "Dance to Dance" has a about 9 minutes of music. The 1986
Coconut Records release of the group The Motive entitled "Miss You
So Much" has about 9 minutes of music. The 1987 Titan release of
the group Black Denim entitled "Everybody Dance" has about 14 minutes
of music. All of these are dance songs sung in English which at
times sound like the music of Robert Berry. A collection album of
these songs would please fans of the A La Carte album by Triumvirat.
New technology could even lead to bonus tracks of works such as these
on Triumvirat CD reissues.

The 1983 Gänsenhaut recording with J. Fritz playing on several
tracks was recently sent to us. It has ten songs, but all the words 
are sung in German on this album that was only distributed around 
Germany. We are eagerly awaiting the J. Fritz/B. Palmer collaboration 
45 rpm "Shimmering Gold" which also has an instrumental on side B. It
is supposed to be very outstanding music. Barry also sings on the
1984 Mike Oldfield "Discovery" album which is quite enjoyable, but
not an easy album to find. I expect to eventually obtain some 1984
Oldfield concert videos which most probably include Barry singing.

Joe Toohey
TATW Newsletter Editor/Distributor
St. Louis, MO  USA

=>Dirk's Corner: Tales From The Official Triumvirat Website In St. Louis
Greetings and Salutations Triumvirat Fans and Alumni,

Due to time constraints, a heavy scheduled full-time job, and improving
the website, I don't have much that I can add to what was stated by Russ,
Joe, and Jim. In short, congratulations to everyone for a job well done.
The lyrics will be on the website by the time this newsletter gets on.
You will find Barry's new (Triumvirat sister site) website on the
Triumvirat homepage and on the artists sub-page for Barry. There have
been many new artists/other links since that last TATW Issue #013 came
out way back in January.  A few of the newer links for artists are:

Always Almost   Anubis Spire   Paul Appleyard   Asia   Atomic Rooster
Ginger Baker   Jean-Paul Bourelly   Captain Beefheart   Crack the Sky
Dark Aether Project   Edhels   Esthetic Pale   Fireballet   Michael Franks
Garmarna   Gerard   Kevin Gilbert   Goblin   Greenslade   Group 87
Halloween   Haze   Hermetic Science   Scott Kinsey   Magic Elf
Greg Mathieson   Lars Eric Mattsson   Scott McGill   Phil Mercy
Alphonse Mouzon   Museo Rosenbach   Nice   Open Souls   Pallas
Parallel or 90 degrees   Radiohead   Rare Bird   Andy Rinehart   Alex Saba
David Sancious   Steeler's Wheel   John Michael Talbot   Turtle Om
Under the Sun   Volare   West, Bruce, and Laing   Where Echoes End
The FEATURES section shows the URL link to Triumvirat and the new 
sister site of Barry Palmer Online.  Thanks to everyone for your kind 
comments about the presentation of the Official Triumvirat Homepage 
from St. Louis, MO  USA!!  Check out my own personal web page at 
Please send me any comments, suggestions, or information that you
wish to share. Don't be afraid to use the form page on the site. If
you need to use your regular E-mail to one of our individual E-mail 
addresses, by all means please do so. I'll try to get all those T'rat
lyrics for you on the website ASAP. If you bug Joe and Russ enough,
maybe they will do the typing for me. {:-)
Dirk Evans
Triumvirat Homepage Webmaster
St. Louis, MO  USA
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>This month's new links

Keep checking the website. You never know what new things will appear.
Our loyal subscribers/readers will always come first! (I hope we can
process all the future subscribers in a timely manner {:-) )


Please visit our new sister site by Jim & Russ "Barry Palmer Online":

Dirk Evans
Triumvirat Homepage Webmaster

=>A Few Prog CDs of Interest & More

I asked for somebody to be a regular audio review author back a long
time ago in the last issue. Nobody replied back. Let's see if I can
stir up a little more excitement.

First of all, the group Renaissance Live Vol 1 and Vol 2 CDs are
a must have for all prog fans everywhere. These are both the
King Biscuit Flour Hour live CDs with full Orchestra from the
seventies and are very easy to find (The Artist Shop, CDNow, etc.)
online links on the website. Prices are very decent for fantastic
music (better than all the other Renaissance releases). The voice
of Annie Haslam with Renaissance is definitely the best female
vocalist of the seventies (has the octave range like Minnie
Ripperton on Rotary Connection Albums of the late 1960's and performs
vocal inflection stunts that I have never heard any other artist
duplicate). Definitely put these 2 CDs at the top of your wish list
for easy-to-find CDs. Another KBFH CD to definitely get is the
Rick Wakeman live with the English Rock Ensemble, also easy to get at
the same vendors. It is a lot of music from all three of his first
solo albums that sounds great. There are a lot of live symphony
bootleg recordings, but this official CD is much longer and also
covers more King Arthur than I have ever heard live (much like the
concert I attended the year after his Symphony tour, where he had
Gentle Giant opening, and then played with the English Rock Ensemble.

The Gentle Giant KBFH CD is also very clear live sound and easy to
find. Their double live album Playing the Fool from the seventies is
a lot more music and should be a higher priority album to hear first.
However, the KBFH CD is a must for those that like Playing the Fool.

The new Pär Lindh Project CD, Mundus Incompertus, is a must have CD
that lives up to the high standards of the Gothic Impression's
debut CD by PLP. The 42.5 minutes of music is pure genius with
Pär playing just about every instrument that a Triumvirat/ELP type
of band plays. Check it out on the Pär Lindh link of the T'rat
links/artists.  You can get the CD from the popular M&M Music online 
vendor. You can also get it in N. America for about $18 from his USA 
manager, Robert La Duca, at e-mail rlladuca@rs01.kings.edu.
He will answer questions on the USA PLP tour. A 1996 CD of note with  
Pär playing keyboards, is Fool's Journey, by the New Grove Project
available at M&M Music online vendor. The 48.5 minutes of music
produced by Ingemar Hjertqvist and Per Sundborn was originally conceived
a long time ago. They used Pär's Crimsonic Studio to record and
engineer the music. The instrumentals primarily sound exactly like YES 
is playing and never get dull. It would have sounded better with a 
vocalist like Jon Anderson or Barry Palmer who have higher pitched 
voices. After playing it a few times, I got used to the lower pitched 
vocals, and am satisfied with the CD, but I would much rather here the 
voice of Barry or Jon on most progressive CDs that have great keyboard 
instrumentals. The female voice of Pär Lindh CDs is very beautiful 
and sounds just like that great voice of Annie Haslam who happens to be 
a friend of Barry Palmer. That reminds me, Annie is recording a brand 
new album with Renaissance right now and her last live album includes 
Renaissance songs. Check out details on the Renaissance website for more 
information. If you want more info about PLP/Pär CD's just visit
his website from the T'rat website Links/Artist's Links.

Also M&M Music stunned me when I saw along with Fool's Journey,
a 1997 remastered CD of Keith Emerson's Inferno movie soundtrack.
The extra 10 minute bonus track of outtakes from music in the
movie, along with the great final track on the original LP ending
in full on the new CD, gives you 47.5 minutes of his best movie
score music available on CD at a very decent price and it is easy to
order. The insert is in English and tells the plot of the movie
along with a lot of pictures (way more/better than the LP had). The
insert has a website on it (www.talenti.it/bixio) in Italy where
the CD was digitally remastered & distributed. If you hunt around,
you will come across horror movie soundtracks links that show
a lot of information about Emerson & Goblin soundtracks for
Inferno, Murderock, La Chiesa, and all the other Dario Argento
horror movies. I recently found Argento movies The Church, Suspiria,
and Trauma at a local video rental store. All Argento movies are
easy to find on the Internet. Argento is an artistic master to horror
fans where the music is part of the artistry. Although the blood &
gore is not real, non-horror fans may find the movies to be very
offensive and should just stick to buying soundtracks of Argento films.
The latest Argento project is Phantom of the Opera (no it is not
Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, but I hear that movie deal is also
in the works). A web search on "Dario Argento" also gives sources
to the locate the soundtrack music as well as the movies, reviews,
summaries, etc.

Past issues of TATW have mentioned CDs by Pär Lindh, Emerson, ELP,
Wakeman, Rotary Connection, Mastermind, and other groups of interest
to most Triumvirat fans. Most progressive rock has artists trained
to play classical music when they were young. That is why past
issues of TATW have also mentioned new age keyboard-oriented artists
as well, since new age keyboard music in general doesn't get the
commercial attention similar to the progressive artists. The fan
base tends to be the same in many cases. Did you know that the tour
grossing the most money over the past year has been Yanni who is
on an 18 month tour of the Tribute CD/Video music? I believe there
is a certain group from Germany returning to the music scene that
could very well produce joint tours in upcoming years that will knock
Yanni out of that top spot. Let's just see what happens.

Joe Toohey
TATW Editor/Distributor

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=Triumvirat Lyrics on the Website

For: "Numerous Fans"    INTERNET: All Over the World

SPECIAL UPDATE INSERTED AUGUST 4, 1998. Dirk now has all the lyrics
which you can find on the website. We even have Helmut's solo album
lyrics. Special thanks to Mark Fonda and Russ for what we believe to
be a very accurate transcription of all the Med. Tales lyrics. This
update was inserted after information about lyrics was in the
original version of this newsletter issue. 

=> More Triumvirat Lyrics

From:  Ricardo Medina        SMPT:   lancelot.medina@bigbear.com.ar

I'd love to get Spartacus on CD. Please do something about this!!!!
Please print your lyrics on the www page!  All the best from Argentina!

From:  Mark Fonda    INTERNET: markfonda@setarnet.aw

Hi Joe,
You bet... please add me to the mailing list. (Mark had a letter in
TATW #13). BTW, I'm in Aruba now. I'm from Philadelphia originally,
where I first got into Triumvirat...never saw them live unfortunately. I
noticed Russ transcribed some lyrics (not all) from Mediterranean Tales
in your TATW #8 issue, but they're not in the webpage (medtale.htm)... 
why not?? If no one else has finished these lyrics, I'd be glad to give 
it a shot!!  Excellent Job on the Website Guys!! (EdNote: Mark has also
started an e-prog message exchange newsletter for all you fans of the
various new and old prog groups. Much information is exchanged everyday.
Mark, you now know why I dropped out of e-prog. There is no way I can
handle all those e-mails plus Triumvirat e-mails coming in. Contact Mark 
by e-mail if you are interested in a wide variety of prog comments & 
information on a daily basis. Not much prog news going on now Mark??)

(I had my transcription of Broken Mirror in the oringinal issue, but
 since Mark Fonda and I got all Med. Tale lyrics to Dirk which are now
 displayed on the website, I am removing them in this issue as of
 August 4, 1998 - Joe)

From:      Roberto Alcántara P.     SMPT:   spacio@netmex.com

I want the words of Pompeii and (1,2,*3,*4,*5,6), Old Loves Die Hard
(*1,3,*5,*7) Illusions on a Double Dimple (flashback, *lucky girl, 
Russ is fluent in Spanish and here is a response sent back for an 
A La Carte song in English/Spanish:
Hola Roberto:

Sigue las letras a "Waterfall". Si puedo enviarte un cassette sin
Segunda la traduccion:
Con letras de espanol:

Waterfall (Salto de Agua)

It's been raining for a fortnight or longer
And every day the pressure's getting stronger
All the houses slowly sink into water
We have enough to drink
But the food is getting shorter

Ha estado lloviendo Para 40 noches o mas,
Y cada dia, la presion es mas fuerte,
Todo las casas hunen en agua despacio
Tenemos justo Para tomar
Pero esta mas corta la comida

WATERFALL - Here's another day
WATERFALL - The sun has turned away
The sky has opened up the doors
St . Peter's trying to sweep the floors
He sent a million raindrops on their way

Salto de agua - Aqui esta otro dia
salto de agua - El sol ha despidido
El ceilo ha abierto las puertas
San Pedro intenta a barrer los pisos
Los envio un million gotas de lluvia en su via

WATERFALL - Here we go again
WATERFALL - It never seems to end
We used to drive but now we float
So sell your car and buy a boat
But you can't escape the pouring rain

Salto de agua - Ya vamos de nuevo
Salto de agua - perece que nunca se acaba
Conduciamos pero ya flotamos
No puedes escapar la lluvia vertiendo

Everybody's looking for a solution
The weather experts, Department of Pollution
On the news they say there's no need to worry
There's nothing we can do
Just learn to swim in a hurry

Todos les buscan a una solucion
Los expertos de la clima, el departamento de ensuciamiento
No hay nada podemos hacer
so aprender a nadar con prisa

And it rains and it rains
it rains all day
The cities are washed away
And it rains and it rains
It rains all night
It rains all the time

Y llueve y llueve
llueve todo el dia
Las ciudades son lavados afuera
y llueve u llueve
todo la noche
Simepre llueve

WATERFALL - Here's another day
WATERFALL - The sun has turned away
The sky has opened up the doors
St . Peter's trying to sweep the floors
He sent a million raindrops on their way

WATERFALL - Here we go again
WATERFALL - It never seems to end
We used to drive but now we float
So sell your car and buy a boat
It could turn out to be lots of fun
And never mind the pouring rain     -JT)

=> Triumvirat CDs

From: "Numerous Fans"    INTERNET: All Over the World
Please check the website links to Albums/Where to buy CD's currently
out there. In this age of technology, there exists the process
of digital remastering CDs which can now enhance the quality
of the sound far better now than on the original release. Technology
also allows the common technique of adding in bonus tracks not on
the original release. This tends to make fans with CDs buy new CDs
just for the quality enhancement and bonus tracks. You already know
much of what will be re-issued on new CDs based on past issues of
TATW and could make a conclusion that all fan requests will be 
issued on CDs of T'rat/solo material at some future date. Anything
published in TATW or sent in to the website is seen by TRIUMVIRAT
including fan requests for songbooks/MIDI files/website soundbytes,
and of course, the always requested T'rat live CD/Video concerts.
Therefore, we will no longer reply to these requests, but just
forward requests/publish those that need to be viewed by TRIUMVIRAT.

From:  Mike J. Dunphy       SMPT:  Mike351SRA@aol.com

Somebody has to tell me why "Spartacus" isn't available on CD.
My two vinyl copies are worn out. The cassette tapes I made are long
gone... eaten by a hungry tape player years ago. I saw the group
perform in St. Louis. MO - USA in the summer of 1975 when they played
before the Electric Light Orchestra, and became a huge fan right on the
spot. But back to the problem at hand.... Why isn't "Spartacus"
available on CD? Surely someone is aware of the fact that there is
money to be made by remastering and releasing that CD... I refuse to
believe that anyone could lose money on that venture..... 

From:  Mike            SMPT:   Schizoid21@aol.com 

I am looking to buy A La Carte' and Russian Roulette here in the USA.
Where can I find them here?  I live in the state of NJ.  When are you
guys going to get back together and tour the USA?  Let me know and I 
will spread the word thanks... Mike!


I thought I had every Triumvirat LP ever made. Even including
"Al a Carte". And then I got into CD's. I was lucky enough to
find "Tales,Illusions,Old Loves and Pompeii at Sam's in 
downtown Toronto Canada. Now I've been able to order 
Spartacus from Brazil. I love the Net. But I have never seen
nor heard of "Russian Roulette" Can anyone help me obtain a
copy on tape or LP? I may have some interesting bartering
chips to trade (live ELP and ELPowell recordings from
Toronto shows maybe?) E-mail me at jd.dinsdale@sympatico.ca
Keep up the good work and let's all hope for more in the

From:  Stephen Baker    SMPT:   stpbaker@ix.netcom.com

Anybody out there willing to sell or trade for a copy of Helmut 
Köllen's "You Won't See Me"?  Quick nostalgic note: Saw Triumvirat as
the second bill to ELO in Wildwood NJ in 1976, except that the darn 
Spartacus sculptures took up so much room on the stage and were so
difficult to move around that ELO elected to play first. ELO played, 
the philistines left, and only a few hundred of the faithful remained
for a nearly private performance of Spartacus.
(EdNote: In St. Louis, they had a day and an evening concert.
The day had ELO first, and then Triumvirat. I went to the evening
concert where they made everyone from the day concert leave. That is
why we saw Triumvirat first followed by ELO in the evening (we started
to leave when ELO encored with Roll Over B....yawn. The sculptures
were not in the way at all. Perhaps most cities did the day and
evening concerts like in St. Louis. -JT)  

From: 	Andrew Conover    SMTP:  aconover@ecicnet.org
                                 or  aconover@bigfoot.com

Hello Triumvirat Fans from around the world. I have been a Triumvirat
fan since the first time my older brother had me listen to them in about
1972 or 73. After a search on the Internet last year, I was very much
surprised to find the Triumvirat Homepage. Finding others that were 
still interested in Triumvirat really sparked my interest in locating 
all the Triumvirat LP's and CD's.  After spending many hours on the net
using every search engine I could find (it is amazing the different 
returns on different search engines using the same keywords), I have 
been able to find ALL the Triumvirat LP's. I even located a copy of 
Russian Roulette and purchased it from a music store in Germany. I was 
able to buy one of the Spartacus CD's from Brazil, (thanks a million to
the hints in TATW). After I had been e-mailed that my Spartacus CD had 
been shipped from Brazil, I received an e-mail from a used record store 
in Florida stating they had a used copy of it. So now I have 2 CD's of 
Spartacus and 3 copies on vinyl. I guess I got carried away. I had my 
best copy of A La Carte (I had bought two copies of it) transferred to 
CD. I have also had Russian Roulette transferred to CD. I lent Russ CDr
copies of the Russian Roulette and A La Carte CD's that I burned for 
him to check out. Both turned out very good considering they were from 
vinyl. Much better than Si Wan's. In addition to having found all the 
LP's I was also able to get a promo 45 of Waterfall from A La Carte 
(stereo one side and mono on the other) and a 12" promo of Waterfall 
backed with Late Again. So now I feel my collection is complete, I have
all of Triumvirat's albums on vinyl and CD. Now to start looking for 
their stuff on video.....? I could not have located all of this without 
the advice and ideas that were available from the Triumvirat Homepage. 
I followed all the leads, tips and hints that they had listed in their 
newsletter. I posted in newsgroups, used search engines, and one of the 
most helpful tips was to go to every online music CD and record store I 
could find. I would send them e-mail asking for any CD's they might have
by Triumvirat. I am still getting listings from many of them. So do not 
give up, all of their stuff can be found if you are persistent enough. 
I would be interested in corresponding with other Triumvirat fans should
any care to e-mail me. Thanks once more for all the help.
(EdNote: Great work Andy! Sorry we didn't know THE NEWS until NOW! -JT)

=> Triumvirat MIDI Files/Scores

From:   Ronaldo Souza       SMPT:  rcgs@unix.horizontes.com.br

I'm looking for good Triumvirat scores/transcriptions in
the web (piano). Any suggestions ? Thanks!

From:  Jean Sauvageau        SMPT:  jeansauv@total.net 

I would like, if it's possible, to have a musical partition of the piano
piece entitled "Pisces at Noon" so that I can learn it. I find it's a 
very good piano piece and I would like to play it. Thank you!! 

From:   Claude Magnan      SMPT:  louisger@globetrotter.qc.ca 

I`m a French Canadian. I would like to know ifeanyone has any MIDI
files of Triumvirat music. I would especially like to have a partition 
of A DAY IN A LIFE. For many years I have tried to learn this piece,
but it`s very difficult with no partition. Anyone with MIDI files,
please e-mail me. Thanks very much.

From: Gilberto Sales      SMPT:  gil@mls.com.br 

I loved the news of "Mediterranean Tales", but don't see why they
don't release all albums on CD? I really want to get Triumvirat's
songbook. If you know where I may find out how, please, send me an
E-mail, I love Triumvirat and I've always wanted to play their songs. 

=> Triumvirat Live Recordings

From:  Fritz Hombach    SMPT:  Fritz.Hombach@t-online.de 

Hello, Russ Shaw, thanks a lot for your e-mail and for the address
of the Triumvirat Homepage. It has a lot of good information on 
all the very good music. I was born in Cologne. I'm still working
there, but I live now in a short distance of 20 kilometers from 
Cologne.  I remember the wild SIXTIES, the hot SEVENTIES and so on
in Cologne. There were a lot of good groups and there are still 
some! I loved the Nice and ELP, so it was not too far to love 
(LIVE-)music from Triumvirat. From now there will be a link from my
homepage to the Triumvirat homepage. Have a good time!  Fritz!

From:  Mike Elliott         SMPT:   melliott@neo.lrun.com 

I have Spartacus, IOADD, OLDH, MT, & Pompeii on LPs and I have been 
trying to find them on CD. Triumvirat has to be one of the most 
spectacular groups I have ever heard and I was wondering if they are 
still together or if they have any other works available. Have they 
ever recorded a live album? Love to hear more about them. Thanks!

From:   John Colling       SMPT:  johnroxx@aol.com
Can't believe I found a Triumvirat page!!! This group was some of my
favorite albums back in my high school days, and I still pull out the
old vinyl every now and then. I'll probably get around to tracking down
CDs one of these days. What I'd REALLY like is to find some sort of live
recordings from the period when they were touring in support of the
Illusions...believe it was late '74 when I saw them open for Jefferson
Starship at Golden Hall in San Diego. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks... John Colling, Staff Writer, SLAMM Magazine (San Diego's
Lifestyle And Music Magazine)
(EdNote: We never could track down the old ABC TV IN CONCERT
Video that people say they saw, although we have been sent audio
tape that is supposed to be from that concert. There were a few
radio broadcasts and some bootleg audio tapes around, but it isn't
worth getting the poor quality now that TRIUMVIRAT is back and can
create quality recordings. Warning: A CD falsely claiming to be
Triumvirat BBC Live CD is really Long Beach, California July, 1975.
We already have a cassette tape sent in of the concert, and find
the quality of the falsely represented CD to be lacking, although
we do not have the actual CD. -JT) 

=> Contacting Triumvirat Members

From:    Fabricio Carvalho   SMPT:  fabricio@fm.unisinos.tche.br
I'm a Brazilian fan. I play the keyboards in a progressive rock band
and would like to make contact with the Triumvirat members. 
Can you please help me find their e-mails?
 Russ Shaw is the official contact to Triumvirat Members. Please
 use the form feedback page or contact Russ Shaw by E-mail and
 messages will be sent forward to Triumvirat members. Anything
 presented in TATW issues is also directly seen by TRIUMVIRAT. -JT)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

 =>Great Artwork Covers, Great Music

From: Sue-Ellen Sulivan  SMPT: sue.ellen.sullivan@snet.net

Others may call Triumvirat a rip-off group, but I find them totally
fascinating!!! I remember the first time I stumbled across their LP
"Illusions on..." and I was so taken with the little mouse coming out
of the egg that I bought the LP, not knowing a thing about them. But,
as I have often learned, cool cover artwork usually leads to GREAT 
music inside. And so it was... and here we are, all these years later,
still listening to them and supporting them. I'm thrilled there is a 
web site about them!!! Keep up the great work!!! - SKS
(EdNote - The first prog LP I ever got had this great cover on
front with a strange looking armored covered animal that looked like
a tank called Tarkus. Then I played it over and over realizing it
was that neat intro music to the local news. Being so young, it took
me awhile to realize that Lucky Man was on that ELP LP with the dove
on front. Then I got anything that used synth keyboards from that
point on. The vocals of Triumvirat are a totally different sound
than ELP. I have never heard any melody sections played by both ELP
and Triumvirat in spite of a few ELP fan opinions. In fact, it was
recently listening to groups like Pär Lindh Project where I found
out that Rondo was by Dave Brubeck before the NICE, along with a
lot of other NICE material being taken from jazz artists. A lot of
small sections of ELP music is directly from classical musical
sections. Triumvirat is essentially all original composition in
the style of other great music, but not imitating the melodies of
the other classic progressive rock groups. -JT)

=>Great Homepage/Contact from Germany

From: Tony Riley   SMTP:  trmvirat@aol.com

This is an excellent site in a lot of ways. first of all, it provides
information about a band that I know a lot of people still love that 
is almost impossible to find anywhere else. And it doesn't slow you 
down with unnecessary graphics; you can point and choose. I like that.
You didn't mention that Werner Kopal played with the German band 
"jail"..I don't recall now but he may have engineered Old Loves...
It is obvious it took a lot of work to create and compile. It's great 
to see the international interest, but almost zero from Germany. Go 
figure. The AOL Netfind brought me to your old site, and I didn't see 
the new site listed in any search engines. I had a silly thought. 
Wouldn't Jürgen Fritz be a great replacement for Wakeman in Yes? Why 
doesn't he record original stuff anymore? It seems like a waste. Bravo
for playing the new Barry Palmer song. His voice is still very good 
and original. There are people out there who appreciate your trouble!
I'll be BAAAACK!
(EdNote: It has been many months since the last newsletter.
We have heard from many new fans and Triumvirat contacts in Germany
since that time. The website is very easy to find now with all the
links to it out there on many progressive rock websites now. You are
correct that this whole idea started with Russ and Jim, and slowly
spread across N. America, Latin America, various European countries
and the entire world. We knew the website had become well known in
Germany, but are still stunned by the sudden return of TRIUMVIRAT.
Here is one example (from a couple months ago) that we received 
from Germany:                        -JT)

From:  Georgie     SMPT: georgie@koeln.netsurf.de

Hello, I have set a link to the Triumvirat homepage here in Cologne, 
I know the Band from around 1968/69 till today since I worked on 
concerts with them. More on this matter will follow as soon as 
possible. Greetings to everyone from Georgie in Cologne, Germany. 

=>The Website Feedback Form Page

From:  Gary O'Brien      SMPT: obrienh@sympatico.ca

I was surfing the net through my local Classic Rock station's home 
page when I stumbled into the "Ultimate Band List"...low and behold...a 
TRIUMVIRAT site. Well for the last hour or so I have indulged in your 
site and I must say that you have an excellent website!!! Being a fan
of TRIUMVIRAT since the early seventies, I have been exploring your
site for over an hour now and will return often!! It was of pure 
coincidence that I picked up the CD Spartacus in the discontinued bin
of a local Record Shop here in Toronto..Its playing as I type...Keep 
up the excellent work....Bye 4 Now!
(EdNote: Gary used the form feedback page on the website to
send his message and subscribe. It took me a month to figure out that
Gary spelled sympatico as smpatico which prevented me from getting
back in touch with him. Everyone be careful to type the correct
e-mail address on the website form feedback page so that we are able
to respond back to your various requests. Please type Names and E-mail 
addresses carefully on the website form feedback page especially
for subscribing or needing a reply back. Here is the final message
from our newest subscriber that I hope everyone will enjoy. -JT)
=>A Message from Odessa, Ukraine

From: V Moldavsky          SMPT: jude@te.net.ua

Hello Mr. Toohey and Triumvirat!
I am from Odessa, Ukraine. Please tell me about Jürgen Fritz
releases and his music life after Russian Roulette till now.
I am a fan of Spartacus, M.Tales and especially of the amazing 
Illusions on a Double Dimple albums!  Best wishes to Triumvirat!
(EdNote: Being amazed at our first contact from the former
 USSR, I asked for a bit of history with prog music in the USSR -JT)

Independently of USSR goverment propaganda the interest of progressive
rock in 1970-80 was great. The most expensive albums on vinyl were
"Refugee" by Patrick Moraz, Nice, King Crimson, ELP, Rick Wakeman 
and of course Genesis, Yes, Camel, etc.).  The most popular albums at
this time were Triumvirat: M.Tales, Illusions..., Spartacus, but not 
Pompeii-R.Roulette, ELP: ELP-Welcome Back My Friends..., but not Works
and Love Beach, Patrick Moraz: Mainhorse & Refugee, but not the Moody 
Blues. The price of these albums were higher than albums of Boney M., 
ABBA, etc.  Now, in Kiev, Moscow, & Odessa the most popular groups are
Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marillion, and of course Hanson & Spice Girls.
About Triumvirat: Illusions on a Double Dimple is one of the greatest 
albums of Progressive Rock and one of the best sellers in all CD-shops 
in Kiev, Odessa and Moscow. Please E-mail me for more information.

(EdNote: This is fascinating information. Prior to USSR breakup
we knew that the Moody Blues were one of the first Progressive Rock
groups to tour over there, and assumed they were the only known group.
The Pink Floyd Wall concert at the Berlin Wall made it obvious that
they had become popular. Most fans have debated whether Spartacus or
Illusions is the best album, but it is obvious that both are icons
that will remain in the hearts of Progressive fans forever. With
better promotion, the Old Loves and Pompeii CDs should sell big over
there. I would bet that Renaissance would catch on big over there
especially with songs like Mother Russia sung by the voice of Annie 
Haslam. Your information about Mr. Fritz is spread throughout this 
particular issue of TATW and we hope to here from you in future
issues of TATW. You are proof to Mr. Fritz and Triumvirat that we 
have indeed reached the entire world. It is because of all the fans 
like you that we have reached the goal in everyone's heart.

GLORIOUS NEW MILLENIUM                                       -JT)
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Various Items of Interest

PROGDAY - From multiple sources; ProgDay will be held at a converted
farm just outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA over Labor Day
weekend Sept 5 & 6. Advance $50 weekend passes are available from
Peter Renfrom at . Peter can also add you
to the ProgDay mailing list. Here is the lineup:
11:00am Crucible  75 minutes
12:45pm Boud Deun 75 minutes
2:30pm Soundscape 75 minutes
4:30pm Cast       90 minutes
7:00pm Pär Lindh Project 120 minutes
11:00am Korai Orom   90 minutes
1:00pm Discipline    90 minutes
3:15pm A Piedi Nudi  90 minutes
5:30pm Flower Kings 120 minutes
All the details for this year's event may be checked on the website:

Pär Lindh Project on Tour Dates
North America
9/3 or 9/4 D'Auteuil, Quebec City, PQ
9/5 ProgDay, Chapel Hill, NC
9/8 St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wilkes Barre, PA (with Alaska)
9/9 Uptown Tavern, Manchester, NH (with Flower Kings)
9/11 The Merry-Go-Round, Trenton, JN (with Mastermind).
9/12 Orion Studios Baltimore, MD (with A Piedi Nudi & Dark Aether Project)
9/18 Bordeaux
9/19 The Theatre Dunois, Paris
10/28 Frölunda Kulturhus, Gothenburg (with Zello)

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