The Triumvirat Electronic Newsletter

Issue #013 Barry Palmer Special Edition
January 25, 1998

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
or to correct mistakes in the information presented.  We have done this to insure that you
receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)

- Russ's Update
- Joe's Notes
- Dirk's Notes
- This month's new links 
- Progressive Video Review
- Inside Look of TATW Creation
- Jürgen's Permission for Lyrics
- Triumvirat CDs
- Barry's New Song
- The First Form User on the Site
- Great Homepage
- Fast Reply Back to Fan
- Fan on the Site from WebTV 
- Longtime Triumvirat Fan Finds CDs
- Various Items of Interest
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=>Russ's Update

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

We have new music for you!  Literally!
Legendary Triumvirat (and Mike Oldfield) lead vocalist Barry Palmer 
has very kindly given the Triumvirat Website the opportunity to host 
the "World Premiere Studio Sneak Peek" of his new studio track 
"Ghost Of A Love"!!  This is Barry's first new studio track in 12 
years, since the release of his self-titled album in the U.K. in 
1986. Barry tells us that through this studio sneak peek [the 
material is not yet released!!!] he hopes "to show appreciation to 
all of these wonderful people around the world who have been banging 
the drum for Triumvirat".

This music, co-written and co-produced by David Duncan, (a professional
Scottish/London architect on the 'side') is much different than
Triumvirat. It compliments Renaissance (Annie Haslam and Palmer are
friends), Mike Oldfield (Barry sang on his his 1984 CD "Discovery"),
Triumvirat ("Miracle Tonight" is Barry Palmer's best vocal performance
ever!, & even the Beatles (Barry sings a tribute to John Lennon!). And,
oh, yes; That outrageous voice of Barry Palmer!! Barry's pipes are as
pure and strong as they ever were, and the multi-dubbed vocals and vocal
effects on the upcoming tracks are among the best that he has ever done.
As far as I know, all of the vocals on the new tracks were recorded by
him, and his singing finesse guarantees respect.

I spent many years in radio working with big stars from all walks, 
and there are few as down-to-earth as Barry Palmer. He said to me 
last week that he is "amazed and truly inspired" by the response to 
his music that he learns about through the website and the TATW
newsletter.  I look at this "world premiere studio sneak peek"
as a long-awaited reacquaintance between Barry Palmer and his fans.
This music could never premiere here if it weren't for all of the 
fan support we receive from every corner of the globe every single 
day from all kinds of people.

So don't wait...go listen!!  Thanks to help from Barry, Dirk Evans, 
and Jim Bradley to assist in negotiating through my technical
impairments enough to get the samples from the studio in London to
YOU!!!!  You must have "Real Audio 5.0", and at least a 28.8 modem to
hear the sneak preview.  For our friends internationally with a 14.4
modem, e-mail me on how to hear this music.  If there is enough 
interest, we may be able to put up a 56.6 modem connection.  These 
are "live streams" similar to radio broadcasts, and cannot be 
downloaded since this is, as we say, a "studio sneak peek"...

Thanks again friends, I'll recede now, in favour of hearing another
new Barry Palmer track "Miracle Tonight".!! I have learned today,
however,  that there will be a little change in plans and we will soon
hear "Dear John", Barry/Duncan's tribute to John Lennon, after all
Crank it up and congratulate yourselves for making it happen!!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/Liaison
St. Louis, MO  USA
"se habla espanol"

=>Joe's Notes

Greetings to all of our TATW Readers!

Russ & Dirk have all the details on what's going on with Barry Palmer
and why this is the "Barry Palmer Special Edition".  I just want to
add my thanks to Barry and state that you still have that unique
Triumvirat voice (as did Helmut) which blends perfectly with keyboard
instrumental driven music.  I hope you are able to work on the final
sessions of your latest venture with keyboards providing some of the
instrumental driving force, similar to the high quality of talent by
Jürgen Fritz. Your vocals are very unique and can stand out from all
the electric guitar driven artists by that special blend of various
keyboards, precessions, bass, & occasional acoustic guitar interludes.
All the fans are hoping this leads to the return of Triumvirat music
in some form.  In the meantime, we hope that your current venture can
result with some tracks approaching that great Triumvirat style.

Speaking of Triumvirat, I recently contacted the large Rhino label
that reissued all ELP works on CD not too long ago.  The response was
that they only pursue CD reissues if tens of thousands of people
are guaranteed to purchase CDs within a reasonable amount of time.
Recently I found the 1997 King Crimson Epitaph 2CD box set in the
library.  The insert listed DGM claiming to be a small mobile label
company with offices in Europe and the USA, who have still not given
any response to my inquiry about any interest in pursuing reissues
of Triumvirat material on CD.  The URL for King Crimson has just
recently changed to http://www.elephant-talk.com (need to update
that one Dirk).  This set includes old BBC Sessions and the famous
1969 concerts at Fillmore West and Fillmore East where they were
on the same stage as the excellent live released NICE album material
with full orchestra (Emerson meets Lake; ELP then forms). Now, that
website & CDNow.com have a 4CD KC Epitaph box set for those that want
to hear the 1969 material over and over at various concerts and
broadcasts during that initial pinnacle success of the group. I did
not realize their version of Mars was the classical version from "The
Planets" (interesting but can't compare with the great ELPowell one).
I was glad to hear live versions of the material from 1969 since the
first album was so unique and I couldn't attend their live concert
in St. Louis back then.

I recently checked the Robert Berry webpage via ELP digest webpage,
and e-mailed an inquiry.  Most of us have the Emerson,Berry,Palmer
(Three) album To the Power of Three.  Berry's Pilgrimage to a
Point album has many similar great tracks on it with the insert
talking about & showing pictures of Berry's association with Carl
Palmer, K. Emerson and all the other famous artists, and how he had
planned a sequel (Three) album including tracks on Pilgrimage. But,
there were no credits stating who played on what tracks (most of
them sound like Emerson on keyboards and Carl Palmer on precessions 
playing with Berry).  The webpage confirmed what one of our own
St. Louis area TATW subscribers told me.  Robert Berry played all
instruments and vocals in the studio!  He must be a musical genius to
have the talent to play and sing the progressive symphonic style of
ELP and Triumvirat as just one artist creating the sound.  The
reason for not stating it on the album was that he didn't want to 
brag about his talent since this album was a tribute to all the
great names he was lucky to play with.  The impression on the
insert was that many artists played with him on the album.  The
closest I have never heard of any individual doing a similar type
of one-man show progressive symphonic rock album was Michael
Perlitch from the early 1970's.  The bad news is that it was a one
album tribute project and his new album is standard vocals without
any virtuoso keyboards and precessions. (Note: The play on words
earlier,  Emerson,"Berry,Palmer",  was done intentionally:)

I also want to thank Dirk for telling me to check out music by
Renaissance in the library. I am still in awe, since I thought that
only Rotary Connection made that type of prog symphonic rock music.
I swear I listened to KSHE95 all the time in the early 1970's which
played T'rat, ELP, Rotary, Tull, YES, Moody Blues, etc., but I had
never heard any music by Renaissance until the past several weeks.
I'm hooked now, as anyone would be after hearing their albums.

You will notice in the FEATURE section of this special edition the
first of many future colorful video reviews by Martin Kornick, an
inside look of how the TATW newsletter is created, and new website
links added by Dirk.  What is needed still, is a regular audio 
review author for future issues.  I believe my pulse beats in sync
with that of most Triumvirat fans.  So on behalf of all fans, we
would love to read words of wisdom by Triumvirat alumni in future
issues.  We all support your latest venture Barry, and would love
personal messages from you, Jürgen, Hans, and your other fellow
artists to appear in the future issues of TATW.  The website and
newsletter are now growing exponentially and it would be an honor to
present all of your thoughts directly in front of the Triumvirat
world wide fan base.  We are here to serve the fans and the group.

Joe Toohey
TATW Newsletter Editor/Distributor
St. Louis, MO  USA

=>Dirk's Notes

Greetings and Salutations Triumvirat Fans and Alumni,

As you can see, I have been very busy on the website with all kinds
of new enhancements including Barry's ra files, new links, appearance,
etc. You can download RealPlayer for free from the website if you
need it to play ra files on your system. It is fairly simple to do.

Check out the FEATURES section for comments on new links added to
the home page. We are getting many more visitors with all the new
links and those webpages linking to the Triumvirat Homepage. There
were just too many new ones to list in TATW and the format now looks
quite different than the site links page formerly looked. Just to
mention a few new links out of all those now present are:

Progressive Rock pages and other comprehensive sources: 
Dutch Progressive Rock Home Page 
Spanish Progressive Music Page 
CALYX - The Canterbury Web Site 
Anil Prasad's Innerviews 
Progression Magazine 
Expose Newsletter Homepage 
All Music Guide 
and more,... 

Links to Labels added: 
Kinesis Progressive Rock Label 
Mellow Records - Italian Progressive Label 
Rhino Records 
CMP Records 
MUSEA - Progressive Music 
Magna Carta Records-Progressive Rock Label 
Cuneiform Records 
Laser's Edge 
and more,... 

Artist / Group homepages added: 
Jan Akkerman 
Amazing Blondel 
Amon Duul II 
Ars Nova 
Barclay James Harvest 
Tommy Bolin 
MANY, many more, ...

Once again, Thank you Barry for allowing me to put ra files on
the webpage so that all our website visitors/readers get to hear
your work before the general public gets to listen to it. I am more
than glad to add other ra files from you and other Triumvirat
alumni in the future and anything else that you and your fellow
artists will allow us to present on the Triumvirat Homepage.
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about the presentation
of the Official Triumvirat Homepage from St. Louis, MO  USA!!

Check out my own personal web page at 

Please send me any comments, suggestions, or information that you
wish to share. Don't be afraid to use the form page on the site. If
you need to use your regular E-mail to one of our individual
E-mail addresses, by all means please do so. 

Dirk Evans
Triumvirat Homepage Webmaster
St. Louis, MO  USA

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>This month's new links

http://www.triumvirat.net  has been immensely expanded with
new Prog and Group/Artist homepage sources.  Please visit
http://www.triumvirat.net/other.htm to check out dozens of
new links added. In fact, just click the LINKS box on the menu bar 
that appears at the top and bottom of all the pages on the website.

There is now a separate page for links to group/artist homepages. I
have also added a link to my complete CD vendor list.  I hope that
these pages will serve as comprehensive sources that you can visit
regularly.  You will find keyboard, guitar, newage, jazz, anything
having to do with music. If you find a link to add on, just tell
us on the form feedback page or e-mail me. There are way too many
new pages now in the links to even list here. You will probably be
able to find almost anything for music.  Much more to come later!

Dirk Evans
Triumvirat Homepage Webmaster

=>Progressive Video Review

Hello Mr. 10 Percent & TATW Readers!

Welcome to The Progressive Treasures Video Review!
As an avid collector of Rare Progressive Videos for over 12 years, I am
proud to give TATW readers a special peak into the world of underground
collector videos.  Periodically I will review new videos as well as rare 
old favorites that are available ONLY for "collector to collector" 
When we watch ELP documentaries such as '93 ELP Welcome Back Video and
the '74 Mantacore documentary you can pretty much see an overview of 
the major video footage that was made of the band during the 70's. 
One concert, however, always seems to be left out... 

This would be DEPAS Publishing's Emerson Lake & Palmer live in Tokyo
Japan 1972. This program gives you around 70 minutes of live footage
from the Trilogy Tour as shown on Japanese TV. (The tape also contains
some short Japanese Commercials and rounds the tape off at 81 minutes
total.) The show begins with a black screen and the words "DEPAS" in the
upper right corner.  The new upgrade opens with ELP taking the stage
(this was missing on the previous version), KE wearing a black Japanese
style jacket with a colorful dragon on the back, GL wearing his classic
white suite, and CP with no shirt on. There is a short commercial break
and then it kicks right into Hoedown.  This is the only piece we hear
from Trilogy, as I understand the band did not play much from that
album due to the many overdubs that were used in it's recording. Right
at the start of the song, we hear some Japanese commentary about ELP,
but this is the only place that this happens. 

What makes this recording really fascinating is that it seems like the
cameramen and editors are on more drugs than the audience. I also get
the feeling that this footage was found in a dumpster after 15 years 
and they spliced it together with whatever live clip they could find.
While most of it looks just fine, when it cuts from one camera to
another, sometimes the quality completely changes. I also have to
mention the cheesy visual effects, like the 180º161º rotating camera. 
Or the camera on it's side effect, and the famous upside camera that we
all enjoy. There is one camera that floods the screen with a color that
is so obnoxious it makes your TV screen flip over. No joke, I actually
think our TV sets can't produce this color. There is also an occasional
video jitter or tremble on the close-ups of Greg Lake. It happens maybe
once with KE, but it always seems to be on the GL close-ups. 

After we get a nice dose of all that for "Hoedown", we get into some of
the most extraordinary footage of ELP around: The complete version of
"Tarkus" including Greg singing "Epitaph," and the long closing Jam
version of "Aquatarkus." I really enjoy this segment as we watch KE
tooling around with his Mini Moogs as if he just bought them the other
day. And we see Kieth play the Huge Modular Moog, pull out the Ribbon
Controller and create those soaring sounds that we hear on the Welcome
Back '74 Live album -- Complete with Greg Lake in super slow-motion
action. And once again, we are foiled by the cheesy visual effects, as
we watch the entire Tarkus composition through a hole probably created
by putting Jelly around the camera lens'. It appears that it started to
rain and the "jelly" covers up the huge plastic tarps around the stage.
Only until the next song do you see them pulling away the plastic tarps
and you hear Greg singing "I'm Singing in the Rain."  Nonetheless,
amazing footage of "Tarkus" that is completely enjoyable.

The show continues with "Take A Pebble" including Keith doing some piano
improvisations. At one point our serious young Mr. Emerson plays the
piano with his feet! During this improv section you see the giant 
plastic tarp being pulled away from Keith. After the next commercial we
start off with "Pictures At An Exhibition" and Carl Palmer ringing the
big golden bell hanging above his head. But after a few minutes it fades
out and says "End of Part 1."

With the previous copy of this show that has been around, the quality on
the following 20 minutes was so bad it was completely unwatchable. But,
now the upgrade surpasses the first 60 minutes of our show, with no
jitters or flipping.

It begins with "ELP Part 2," and the song "Rondo." Across the screen we
see a giant lightning bolt vibrating over Keith's head as he battles the
L100 organ.  And Keith really goes nuts during this exhibition, turning
the organ completely upside-down. And instead of just stabbing it with
knives, Keith pulls out a samari sword and thrusts it into the organ!
But beware drummers, they edited out Carl's drum solo.  For our closing
number it starts off again with the entire "Pictures at an Exhibition."
Now for those of you that are familiar with Lindsey Clennell's "Pictures"
film, we all know about the famous comic book segment during "The Hut
of Baba Yaga."  There we can't see the band playing, but we see Captain
America doing battle with the forces of evil instead.  During this show
however, we can see all the live action. But, don't think our friends
didn't try to do something like Lindsey. What we get is an etch-a-sketch
drawing being created on top of the live footage.  We watch a guy
scribble curved & straight lines until the finale when the artist
completes a picture of "Marvin The Martian" from the Bugs Bunny
Cartoons.  Being a cartoonist myself, I find this quite amusing, but I
don't think Keith or Mussorsky had cartoons in mind when they penned
this number. 

All in all, this show is a definite for Die-Hard ELP fans!!! But, an
average fan may find this film less than enjoyable. The picture quality
is "A", The Sound Quality is "A-" (due to static on "Take A Pebble"). 

Martin Kornick 
Chicago, U.S.A.
Write me at: treasures@interaccess.com

=>Inside Look of TATW Creation

How is the TATW Newsletter put together, when does an issue come out,
and how do you select what gets in and what does not get in?  Since
Dirk can devote full time to the website, this allows me to create
the HTML version of the newsletter (the web site/archive version)
using WordPad to take a previous HTML version and edit it. This gives
a nice uniform format, allows links, colors, and nice appearance on
the website.  The Netscape or Internet Explorer HTML browser has a
nice feature under file/save as/plain text pull down that lets me or
you save a page currently in your browser as a plain text file. This
gives a nice uniform file for e-mail distribution that will look the
same to all recipients by simple mouse select/copy/paste operations.
Typing e-mail and sending it never looks the same in most cases
compared with the nice uniform plain text file created by this
method. So you can go to an album page for lyrics, save the page as
plain text, edit what you want, and create a font/size of your
choice for printing. Subscribers are put in the address book of my
Internet Explorer mail utilty and then can be put in a group name
for easy distribution in just a couple minutes to all subscribers.
I myself prefer Netscape for web/HTML browsing, but use both browsers
depending on what I want to do.

An issue comes out when there is enough e-mail submitted to make it
worthwhile to consolidate what fans would be interested in, or if
there is important news that needs to get out quickly to subscribers.
This particular issue is coming now mainly because of Barry Palmer.
With Russ now having direct contact to Triumvirat alumni, there will
always be important news directly involving the group or individual
artist activities. With Dirk constantly evolving more information
on the website, there will always be something new about the site
in every issue. The new form (feedback) page allows much in the
way of comments, questions, & answers coming to all three of us
automatically. This has a big impact on what will go in future TATW
issues along with regular e-mail received by the three of us. The
WANTED section & COMMENTS AND COMMUNICATION sections are essentially
created by all of the readers themselves and web site visitors that
may have not even read a TATW issue.

Hopefully, everything that gets put in an issue is of interest to most
of the TATW readers and to Triumvirat alumni. Basically I gather
together e-mail messages and generate a comprehensive draft version
that goes to Russ and then to Dirk. Typo errors are corrected,
anything violating possible copyrights are left out, and anything
that might be offensive based on race, sex, religion, etc. is not
allowed. This is the advantage of having three editorial individuals
screen TATW and to ensure accuracy of non-opinion statements. As far
as the FEATURE section goes, I would love to have a direct message
from Triumvirat alumni for each issue. I am also looking for a
regular audio review author source now that I have a video review
author for each issue. The PROGRESSIVE ROCK NEWS section is open for
anything not put in the other sections. Anyone interested in
contributing information to the newsletter may send e-mail directly
to me.

Joe Toohey
TATW Editor/Distributor

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


=> Triumvirat CDs

From: "Numerous Fans"    INTERNET: All Over the World
Please check the website links to Albums/Where to buy Triumvirat CDs
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Barry's New Song
From: 	Andrew Conover    SMTP: aconover@ecicnet.org

I just listened to Barry's new song and found it very good. When
can we expect more? I can't wait for the release of the new CD.
Thank you Barry.

From: 	Grant Penton    SMTP: penton@odyssee.net

I'm impressed! Great haunting melody, good vocal treatments perfect
for the song, real nice backing echo voices.  Looking forward to the
next posted material!

=>The First Form User on the Site

From: Scott Managhan   SMTP: monaghan@ne.uswest.net

I have been a fan since 1974.  A friend played "Illusions ..." for
me, then I bought "Spartacus" and "A La Carte" as soon as they were
released.  "A Bavarian in New York" is actually my favorite from all the
albums, but my vinyl is worn.  I have been able to find some old "Lake"
albums on CD, but only "Spartacus" from Triumvirat.  Is there any access
to the Korean "import" of "A La Carte?"

I am a data conversion specialist with a cable/telephone software
company and will be converting the TCI offices in Overland, Belleville,
St. Peters and St. Louis on January 31 through February 5.  (I just
noticed a few of you folks are in St. Louis.)  Anyway, if you have any
information on CD availability, let me know through E-Mail.  Thanks.

action: subscribe, received December 30, 1997 (Note: Scott was the
first user of the feedback page, subscribed the day before Issue #12,
and of course was warned about Si Wan quality on A La Carte as was
discussed in previous issues of TATW.  Also, as a separate Note:
Before the last issue, one reader subscribed from Reunion island
in the Indian ocean. With the form (feedback) page we recently got
a subscriber from Nelson Napitupulu on Jakarta way out in Indonesia
(Nelson_Na70@hotmail.com) who also wanted lyrics to all Triumvirat
albums. This is just one of many isolated fans asking for Jürgen
Fritz to please allow the website to display all Triumvirat lyrics.)

=>Great Homepage

From: Ward Spring   SMTP: ward@accessone.com

Thanks for all the work on the Triumvirat Homepage...And I thought I
was the only fan left alive...I'd like to voice my wish that Triumvirat
reunites for a tour as well as new music. I'm hoping to find everything
by T'rat on CD. Thank You Jürgen Fritz for all the wonderful music
you've given me...Please make some more, and reissue everything you've
done on CD!     (follow-up received by Ward > :)
Thanks for your warm welcome...I've been a huge fan of Triumvirat
since the '70s and am now looking to collect EVERYTHING they've done
on CD. I am happy to see there are lots of fans out there...I thought
I was the last one carrying the flame... I'll be checking in often,
Thanks for all the work you've done for T'rat!

Ward! (Editor note: Ward is from Seattle & doesn't know Jim Bradley.)

=>Fast Reply Back to Fan

From:  Gary Cannon   SMPT: ca8703ga@uscolo.edu

Dear Dirk,
WOW!  What a fast reply!  Thank You! I was disappointed to learn that
A La Carte is not currently out on "legitimate" CD.  It would be neat
if someone could encourage the band to re-release A La Carte on CD. I
know that this album is very different than most of the other albums,
but it has a dear place in my heart and was a very good album.  I
always look at an album on its own merits and not on what "I" expected
the band to do next...(A La Carte passed this test for me). Please let
me know if this status ever changes.  Once again my hat is off for 
your quick reply!  I love the the Triumvirat page and think all your
efforts are super!  Also, it is very commendable for people to take
the interest and effort to help us who may have only heard the music
long ago, to learn more and complete our mental picture. Thank YOU!

I hope a Triumvirat reunion all works out.  It has to be realized by
the band members that they have a lot of people that appreciate their
musical creations.  So many bands have not stayed together or taken
interest in their musical legacies.  And, since the music scene is 
really fragmenting with everyone liking different segments, these
bands have an opportunity to perform without trying to be hits on the
"charts." Triumvirat is a solid band musically. They should look deep
into that fact and rethink whatever is presently standing in the way.

Sincerely,           - Gary L. Cannon -

=>Fan on the Site from WebTV

From: Mike Klotz     SITE FORM: via webtv.net

It is really strange to see that the band is so well remembered by so
many people.  When I was listening to that "mouse in the lightbulb" 
album in high school, my friends thought my musical tastes were eclectic
to say the least.  It is great to know that my friends did not gauge the
lasting appeal of the band. I always felt that the band was unique in
their style and probably had the tightest coordination between a
keyboardist and drummer I ever heard.

=>Longtime Triumvirat Fan Finds CDs

From:  Mark Fonda    INTERNET: markfonda@setarnet.aw

I was so glad to find the Triumvirat Homepage recently!!  Like many
others I see from reading the archive newsletters, I thought I was the
only person who still loved Triumvirat... but now I realize I am not
alone.  I first heard "Spartacus" back in 1975 and soon had all their
releases on vinyl.  I got out of music for quite a while and all my old
records are long gone.  I'm now back into it again, and I'm rebuilding
some of my old favorites on CD... at the top of the list was Triumvirat,
of course.  I have kept the sound of that raspy synth from "Eleven Kids"
in my head for over twenty years without even hearing it.  I got POMPEII
and OLD LOVES DIE HARD easily and then I lucked out and found
MEDITERRANEAN TALES at the Virgin Superstore in Costa Mesa, CA.  The CD
is even better than I remember the vinyl ever sounding.  Now I've just
located and ordered SPARTACUS from Modern Sound in Brazil and ILLUSIONS
ON A DOUBLE DIMPLE from Cranium Music in New Zealand.  Thanks for the
tips on locating these classics!!! I am in Aruba, so you can add me
to subscriber list and Aruba as another country at top of TATW!!!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Various Items of Interest

News items sent in from Jim Bradley:

Bill Bruford has assembled a new Earthworks band and will shortly be 
touring Europe! The new band members are:

Saxophonist Patrick Clahar: A terrific young improviser, highly
thought of in the London scene. Played with Steve Grossman, Valery
Pomarov, Incognito, among others.

Keyboardist Steve Hamilton: Trained at the Berklee School of Music,
Boston, U.S. Played with Van Morrison, Pee Wee Ellis, Freddie Hubbard,
Bobby Hutcherson, Gary Burton, and others.

Bassist Geoff Gascoyne: One of the most in-demand London jazz players.
Has played with Sting, Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, US 3, Tommy Smith,
Guy Barker, and others.

Current European Tour Dates
 8 Utrecht, NL
 9 Amsterdam, NL
10 Bonn, Germany
11 Freiburg
12 Kaiserslautern
13 Ludwigsburg
14 Kircheim
15 Ingolstadt
16 Frankfurt
17 Tilburg, NL
24 Bolzano, Italy
25 Ferrara
26 Padova
27 Forli
28 Ascoli Piceno	

 1 Todi (Perugia)
 2 Firenze
 3 Gorizia 	

1998 Yes Tour - NW USA and Canada tour has been postponed until
after their European tour.

1998 Tour Dates
All dates and venues are subject to change.
Updated January 21, 1998
Tickets for European dates may be purchased from www.live-music.com.
26 	Manchester, England 	Apollo 	
27 	Newcastle, England 	City Hall 	
28 	Glasgow, Scotland 	Armadillo Theatre 	
 1 	Nottingham, England 	Royal Concert Hall 	
 3 	Bournemouth, England 	Bournemouth International Centre 	
 4 	London, England         Hammersmith Apollo
 5 	London, England         Hammersmith Apollo 	
 6 	Paris, France 		Palais de Congres 	
 8 	Utrecht, Holland        Muzickcentrum Vredenburg 	
 9 	Utrecht, Holland        Muzickcentrum Vredenburg 	
10 	Frankfurt, Germany 	Jahrhunderthalle 	
11 	Dusseldorf, Germany 	Philipshalle 	
13 	Zurich, Switzerland 	Kongresshaus 	
14 	Milan, Italy 		Linco Theatre 	
16 	Berlin, Germany         ICC 1 	
17 	Dresden, Germany        Kulturpalast Dresden 	
18 	Mannheim, Germany 	Rosengarten 	
19 	Geneva, Switzerland 	Arena 	
20 	Stuttgart, Germany 	Liederhalle 	
22 	Hamburg, Germany        CCH 1 Hall 	
23 	Hannover, Germany 	Music Hall 	
24 	Bayreuth, Germany 	Obertrankenhalle 	
26 	Warsaw, Poland 		Sala Kongresawe 	
27 	Katowice, Poland        Spodek 	
29 	Poznan, Poland 		Arena Hall 	
31 	Budapest, Hungary 	Korskarnok 	
 1 	Trieste, Italy 		Palasaport Di Chiarbola 	
 2 	Vienna, Austria         Music Hall 	
 3 	Munich, Germany         Circus Krone 	
 5 	Strasbourg, France 	TBA 	
 6 	Brussels, Belgium 	Forest National Theatre 	
 7 	Lille, France 		Zenith Arena 	
 8 	Luxemborg, Luxemborg 	Differdange Centre Sport 	
14 	Cardiff, Wales 		International Arena 	
15 	Plymouth, England 	Plymough Pavillion 	
16 	Birmingham, England 	Symphony Hall 	
17 	Edinburgh, Scotland 	Playhouse Theatre 	
19 	Liverpool, England 	Empire 	
20 	Sheffield, England 	City Hall 	
21 	Brighton, England 	Brighton Dome 

Steve Howe has completed his new album of instrumental studio tracks.
The album, QUANTUM GUITAR will be released in the U.S. and Europe
later this year.  Yes Magazine, Yesworld and Notes From The Edge have
joined forces to become YesWorld Network on the web. Rather than have
Yes fans jump around to the different sites for official information, 
YesWorld will be undergoing a transition and become THE preeminent 
location for official Yes information and content, thus reducing much
redundancy between the sites. Both Notes and YM will be a part of the
site. This will not affect Notes as THE Internet Yes digest for online 
Yes fans to voice their opinions, nor will it affect Yes Magazine's 
print editions. But it will affect YesWorld, and for the better.
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