The Triumvirat Electronic Newsletter

Issue #12
December 31, 1997

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)

- Russ's Update
- Joe's Notes
- Dirk's Notes
- This month's new links 
- Query from Denmark
- Cassettes Anywhere?
- Records Anywhere?
- Music Transcriptions Anywhere?
- Illinois Progressive Rock TV Station/VIDEO
- A Late Night Fan on the Web
- Great Issue #11 !
- Fan Since "In Concert"
- A Keyboarder Fan
- Spartacus Triumvirat CD
- German Rock Page
- Early Live Show Attended
- Season Wishes
- Various Items of Interest
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=>Russ's Update

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

I'm happy to be able to tell everyone that none other than Jürgen Fritz
has recently expressed his interest in working with us on the site,  which
is something that we have been hoping for since the website's inception.
He should be able to shed some light on several subjects for us, and
tell us the current lowdown on prospects for a reunion project, which I'm
hearing is still possible.  I should receive a copy of Barry Palmer's CD 
any day now.  Barry has very generously given the Triumvirat website
an exclusive right to premier his new songs on the Internet, so check
back with us within a few weeks, and we should have some great new
music from this legendary Triumvirat (and ex-Mike Oldfield) vocalist
on-line in real audio.  Barry's first solo album has also recently made 
it to CD, so I am hoping to get that soon, as well.  I should know more
soon if either Jürgen or Barry can provide us a mailing address for
fan letters.  I am very high on 1998, as Jacqueline and I have our second 
boy due, and I get a chance to see if I can survive law school.  I hope  
your new year is a safe and happy one!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website Author/Liason
St. Louis, MO  USA

=>Joe's Notes

Season's Greetings, TATW Readers!

Thanks to all of you that have corresponded with me over the year and
for your overwhelming support.  I have never received anything unkind
from any fans ever.  This is why I decided to step in once Dirk agreed
to be the webmaster.  Instead of 1997 ending with a disaster for
Triumvirat fans, It looks like 1998 could be a banner year for both
the fans, and group members alike.

I have learned a lot from TATW readers and contributors over the past
year.  First of all, not all TATW subscribers have web access, as we
are approaching 200 subscribers.  I always prefer the term "TATW
Readers" because "Subscribers" are just a sample of the huge number of
regular website visitors/fans.  In fact, I am one of those regular
contributors to nearly every TATW issue and many ELP Digests without
actually ever requesting to subscribe to either, since archives are
always available on the web.  Many other progressive rock fans have
told me that they have easy access to the websites of their favorite
groups.  Therefore, they don't need to actually subscribe to the cor-
responding newsletter.  I mention this mainly to let the Triumvirat
alumni know that there is a gigantic number of fans beyond the sub-
scribers, as you will find out from the number of web hits on the new
site as Dirk adds new links to progressive rock rings and other well-
visited sites not yet connected to the new site.

Next, I would like the TATW contributors to know that I have received
nothing but compliments on the intelligence of TATW/site comments
about keyboard-oriented groups and artists of progressive rock to new
age jazz.  Contacts have appreciated the very useful and desired in-
formation not found on other sites and newsletters.  Commercial radio
and TV seldom promote progressive rock and new age jazz artists.  That
leaves the job up to the actions of fans, internet sites, and public
and specialized radio and TV shows.

This issue is a bit short, and being put together way quicker than I
ever expected.  For the Christmas season, I refer you to TATW Issue
#003 on the web.  Unfortunately, I missed the Mannheim Steamroller and
Windham Hill- Winter Solstice VI concerts recently in St. Louis.
Mannheim's video concert was on public TV and the new CD and Video is
at CDNow.com.  Windham.com goes into detail about Winter Solstice VI
tour (David Arkenstone, Liz Story, etc.) and the album.  Don't forget
about Jim Brickman's "The Gift" for the season also.

I recently had the pleasure of finally listening to Jürgen's fantastic
"It's Hard to be a God" solo work.  Fans of Synergy, David Arkenstone,
and Vangelis will love this music.  The title song had English lyrics
presented in classic 1970's Triumvirat style (Great track for a re-
union of Triumvirat).  I also recently was fortunate to listen to most
of Jürgen's "Millenium" solo work.  This is classical music presented
in the style of Michael Quatro's instrumental pieces from the 1970's.
The bad news is that you can't find these anywhere.  Even internet
vendors listing the titles don't have them.  The cassette tape I heard
these on wasn't complete and the tape had some bad spots, but the
quality of the music itself was great.  Now, my New Year's wish is for
clear copies of all of Jürgen's solo works, and the reunion of Trium-

Finally, I would like to thank Jim Bradley and subscriber replies to
improve the subscriber address book listing.  Unfortunately, former
subscribers tend not to inform us when they cancel their E-Mail
service.  I appreciate all personal E-Mail and will continue indi-
vidual contact with anyone on any topic in addition to the submissions
for TATW publication.  Look for new features as we grow in 1998.  My
Christmas present to all you fellow keyboard fans is a new web site I
found and will discuss in the Progressive Rock News section.

Joe Toohey
TATW Editor/Distributor
St. Louis, MO  USA

=>Dirk's Notes

Hello Triumvirat fans,

My name is Dirk Evans and I'll be your new Triumvirat Webmaster.
First of all I would like to thank Jim Bradley who is a co-founder,
along with Russ, of the webpage and the Webmaster since its inception.
I will be building upon the vast amount of information that has been 
collected by Jim and Russ with the help of other Triumvirat fans.

We are starting the new year with several new features:
> New pages were added for the "Pompeii", "A La Carte", and
"Russian Roulette" albums.
> There is also a new "Musicians" page with links to a page for each
of the individual members of Triumvirat.
> There are lots of new album cover scans. We now have scans of every
Triumvirat release, including Helmut Köllen's "You Won't See Me" solo
> Perhaps the most helpful new item for Triumvirat fans is a page
of online cd-vendors that offer Triumvirat cds. I encourage you to
shop around since prices can vary widely. There are vendors from
many countries represented.
> Something just added is automatic form submission (feedpack page)
on the website so that you don't have to be at your E-mail site.
Just fill out the form at an internet computer station and we get
your message automatically whether it is a question, TATW subscribe/
unsubscribe request, or TATW submission for the next issue. Watch
out for the T'rat volcano after you submit the form!
> Keyboard musicians and fans should check out the new Jordan
Rudess and Rudess Morgenstern Project new link sites just added.

Check out my own personal web page at 

Please send me any comments, suggestions, or information that you
wish to share. Don't be afraid to use the form page on the site. If
you need to use your regular E-mail to one of our individual
E-mail addresses, by all means please do so. 

Dirk Evans
St. Louis, MO  USA

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>This month's new links


The Keith Emerson Web Workshop Home Page

Jordan Rudess - Home of the Keyboard Wizard

Rudess Morgenstern Project

Progressive Rock Web Ring on TRIUMVIRAT HOMEPAGE

Automatic form submission (feedback page) on TRIUMVIRAT HOMEPAGE
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>Query From Denmark

From: "Tue Scrensen" INTERNET: engtue@stud.hum.aau.dk

Dear Russ Shaw,
I am a fan of progressive rock (mostly from the '70s) who just came
across your Triumvirat Homepage. I regret to say that I have never 
heard of the band before, but it sounds like the kind of material I
would like. Would it be possible for you (or perhaps some other 
Triumvirat fan you know) to send me a tape with an expert selection
of the work of Triumvirat? It would be greatly appreciated, and I 
would send you another tape in return, with some of my favorite
progressive rock.  My name and address are:

Tue Sorensen
Bentesvej 55, 2.th.
DK-8220 Brabrand

I hope to hear from you soon!
- Tue Sorensen

=> Cassettes Anywhere?

From:	Rick Kaylor  INTERNET:  Rick_Kaylor@iacnet.com

Would you know where one could obtain cassette versions of Illusions
On A Double Dimple or Spartacus? I'm sure they are not available on CD.
I have these two and Old Loves Die Hard on LP but retired my turntable
eons ago.  Triumvirat was a great band and I'm surprised they didn't 
make it big.  You could say the same about Badfinger.  Great bands 
blessed with nothing but bad luck.   Great website!  Thanks,

Rick Kaylor

=>Records Anywhere?

From: 	Mark Stewart      SMTP: mcs77@x2.alliance.net

I don't believe there are others out there who even know, let alone
appreciate Triumvirat!
What a great sight.  I have owned at one time or another all of their
albums with the exception of the first & last two.  I have *worn* out
all of them.  I think I still have a very beat up "Illusions on a DD"
lying around.  What  was really great is to find out that CD Now has
"Old Loves" & "Pompeii" on CD.  A long time a go a had a record store
manager who offered to record his whole collection, but stupid me I
never took him up on it.  Where can I find these albums?  Please help.
The only one I don't really care about is "ala carte" (sell out album).
Before I go, here is one for you.  Yesterday in the record store I saw
(I believe it was Uriah Heep) a live album recorded for the "King
Bisquet Flour Hour" (remember that).   I remember Triumvirat did
"Spartacus" live on KBFH.  You don't suppose if they have Uriah Heeps
concert kicking around, they might have "Spartacus".  Something to 
think about.  Love your sight, keep up the good work and thank God
good music dosn't die!   Best Regards,

Mark Stewart

(Editor's note: I recently listened to the KBFH CD of live material,
 and the music sounded great, but some language used by the artists
 of Uriah Heep may be found offensive to some listeners on this
 recently released CD. Just a warning to interested listeners -Joe.)

=&Music Transcriptions Anywhere?
From:   Mark Stewart    SMPT:  mcs77@2x.alliance.net

Hi Joe!
It's so nice to see that there are others like us out there.  Kind of
weird.  Here's one for you.  As an old keyboard hack, do any musician
fans have any of their own transcriptions to share.  I could offer you 
my transcription of Jürgen's Hammond solo at the end of  "Lucky Girl"
if anybody is interested (Yeah, I had to listen to it a million times 
to get).  Some of their stuff isn't that difficult to pick out if you
have a good ear.  Hey, let me know.  Stay cool, which shouldn't be a 
problem in STL.   Best Regards,

Mark Stewart

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Illinois Progressive Rock TV Station/VIDEO

From: 	Philip Satterley    SMTP: atv@tvdial.com

My name is Phil Satterley and I'm producer of a Progressive Rock
television show in Illinois called "*progrock" (see information below).
The reason I am writing is that we are now going into full production on
the show and are looking for ANY videos we can find of Triumvirat that
we could use on the show. We are also looking for any CD releases we can
feature in our "New CD Releases" segment of the show as well. Also our
web page is now up and running and any contruibutions would also include
a link to the band's site . Feel free to contact me at the address below
and look forward to hearing from you.

Philip Satterley
*progrock Producer


*progrock/more  (2nd message from Phil Satterley)

My name is Phil Satterley and I am a Community Producer for Lake County
Public Access cable channel 17.  I have currently put together an award
winning Progressive Rock music show titled "*progrock" for broadcast on
our Public Access channel.  The show is strictly non-profit and
commercial free but will emphasize the promotion of Progressive Rock
bands from around the world.  Each hour long episode features everything
from the big commercial bands such as ELP, YES, JETHRO TULL, GENESIS,
PINK FLOYD, RUSH, etc. as well as newer bands such as ANGLAGARD, MINIMUM
VITAL, ARS NOVA, LANDBERK, PENDRAGON, IQ, etc.  I am hoping that the
more well-known bands will lure in viewers who are fans of these groups
and help them discover the "new talent" that is emerging by giving them
the proper exposure they deserve.  The program  not only shows videos
but features new CD releases, interviews, spotlights, and news from the
Progressive Rock world.  I realize that there is an unfortunate lack of
MTV-style music videos by Progressive Rock bands, that is why I am
contacting you.  We are looking for anything from single song MTV-style
videos to professionally filmed concert footage.  We then take the
concert footage and "extract" excerpts, creating single-song "live"
videos.  Showing live videos will actually be a benefit, giving the
viewer a chance to concentrate more on the music and how it is
performed.  Each music video or live video is slated with name of the
artist, song and album title as well as record label.  The name of the
record company will also be stated in the closing credits of the
program.  The show also features myself as an on-camera host that brings
the whole program together.

Our pilot episode premiered on TCI of Illinois on October 1st to RAVE
reviews, and our second episode is currently airing.  It featured videos
from  King Crimson, Minimum Vital, Anglagard, Relayer, Fish and Peter
Gabriel as well as featuring an EXCLUSIVE interview with former
Marillion vocalist Fish.  On Friday November 7th, the Illinois state
cable television Cammy Awards were held in Lombard Illinois. Out of over
100 entries, *progrock's pilot episode took home the award for "Best
Entertainment Program" for 1997!  Our November show features videos
from  Halloween, Yes, Jethro Tull and Twelfth Night as well as featuring
an EXCLUSIVE interview with Marillion during their stop in Milwaukee,
WI. The entire concert was also video taped using our 3 camera mobile
production unit for broadcast in early 1998. We have received quite a
bit of extremely positive feedback and have decided to go to a full
series and produce a regular, hour-long episode.  We are also in contact
with other Public Access stations in the Illinois area as well as around
the country.  Tapes will be supplied to these stations free of charge
for airing, with expenses for tapes and postage literally coming out of
my own pocket.

What we are looking for is high quality, professionally filmed videos.
These must be broadcast or pre-recorded (store bought tape) quality and
not multiple-generation dubs.  Super-VHS is our preferred format but
standard VHS can also be used.  We can also accept videos in the  PAL
and SECAM format as well but they must be in standard VHS so they can be
transferred to NTSC.  Please let me know if you have another format and
we'll try to work something out.  We are contacting you because you have
either released videocassettes of Progressive Rock bands or own the
rights to Progressive Rock videos. If you have a video released, and we
have a copy of it in our library, all that we would need is written
permission to use segments of it for our pilot episode.  If we don't
have a copy, and you have videos you would like us to consider adding to
the pilot, please let us know because we're looking for everything we
can get our hands on.   We can also use any rough footage of concerts,
interviews and features to include as well.  Also please let us know if
you would like us to review and announce new CD releases from your label
for our "New Releases" segment.  We will soon the in the process of
putting a set for the on-camera host together and can use any posters,
art work and tee-shirts to dress it up.  As always we need the latest
news and information about upcoming releases, events, concert tours,
live dates, reissues and general updates about Progressive Rock bands.

This is really an ambitious project and I'm really excited about this
program and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have that can
help us out and help spread the word about Progressive music.  If you
have any questions please feel free to contact me or check out our web
page for more information.

Phil Satterley - Producer
P.O. Box 448
Wadsworth, IL 60083
WWW:  http://www.tvdial.com/prog.html

PLEASE NOTE: My E-mail address has changed to:  atv@tvdial.com

PHILIP SATTERLEY- *progrock Producer- The Midwest's ONLY Progressive
Rock music video show!!!  http://www.tvdial.com./prog.html
DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL- Classic TV on Videocassette!-

=>A Late Nite Fan on the Web

From: Brian Anderson   INTERNET: socrates@flash.net

Great site, guys.  I've been listening to Triumvirat since about 1976
(and was listening to Spartacus when I hit your site).  I never knew
they were working day jobs when they made albums like Illusions on a
Double Dimple and Spartacus -- it gives me a new appreciation for the
band knowing how much harder they actually worked to get their music
out.  And Helmut's death came as a real shock.  With his picture in
front of me and his voice coming out my speakers, it really drove home
the sense of loss.  So much talent and potential, cut short so soon.
We are lucky to have what few albums we do from them.  Thanks for
taking the time to show your appreciation for their music and for
letting guys like me know we're not alone out here.  P.S.  It's 2:45
a.m.  Your web site has kept me up way past my bedtime.

=>Great Issue #11

From: 	Rich Farquhar   SMTP: farquhar@mindspring.com
Subject: 	Great TATW Issue #11

Awesome issue!  On my new home computer I can print off the internet
so much more easily and efficiently.  Really enjoyed reading cover to
cover and I plan on dropping Jürgen a card of appreciation and 
encouragement.  The biggest shame is that with so many fans out there,
it is so difficult to buy Triumvirat on cd.  Our push should be to the
record companies to make the entire catalogue available - import or 
domestic - to we the fans. Hope Jim's recovery continues.  Thanks for
your commitment to the website and the band.


=>Fan Since "In Concert"

From:   Chris Jarrells   INTERNET: CRJARRELLS@aol.com

Dear Joe,    (Editors note: Anyone knowing where to get Triumvirat
                 "In Concert" video please contact us immediately!)

I have been a Triumvirat fan since about 1973.  I happened to be awake
late one night and saw them performing on the old "In Concert" series 
and they played some songs from the Illusions on a Double Dimple album.
Not too long before that I had heard ELP's Brain Salad Surgery album at
a friend of mine's house and found the music to be different and complex.
Up to that point, I had never heard music that demanded one's undivided
attention and concentration to follow the various nuances and tremendous
abilities posessed by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  Being of similar ilk, I
found the music of Triumvirat similarly thought provoking.  I was hooked!
At this point I have on CD Mediterranean Tales through Pompeii and like
every song on those albums.

While I am convinced that Keith Emerson is the greatest keyboard player to
ever strike a key, I'd have to say Jürgen Fritz is a close second.  Of
all of this type of music I have listened to over the years, Emerson & 
Fritz are the only two gentlemen I have ever heard that have the talent,
technique, and composition skills to pull off having the keyboards as 
the lead instrument(s).  No one else comes close ..... period!  Believe 
it or not, everyday I listen to some ELP and/or Triumvirat. 

Thank you for reviving the interest in and possible reunion of Triumvirat.
It would be great to hear some new music from them combined with a world
tour and I'm looking forward the the next issue of TATW.   Sincerely,

Chris Jarrells 

=>A Keyboarder Fan

So I finally got around to putting the name of my favorite prog
rock band of the 70's in the search engine, expecting to draw a total
blank, and by God, here we all are at last!  I'm a newcomer to the web,
and I am ecstatic to find that there are thousands of us T'rats who
still love this band.  I, like many of you, am a keyboarder who was
obsessed with Mr. Fritz' melodies and technique. I quickly learned to
play my favorite passages by resetting a stylus again and again, using
pure guesswork that the needle was in the right place on the old black
slab'o vinyl.  I had to buy replacement copies of the three
white-rat-covered discs, my favorites, and still have my LP's covering
Med. Tales--A la Carte, the 8 Track versions having long ago
disintegrated.  Of course I've long ago compiled my favorite cuts to
cassette, and it is still one of my most frequently-played tapes.  I
figured I'd never find their music on CD here in Southwest Arkansas, 
and not even through BMG or Columbia music clubs.

Thanks to TATW, I have Old Loves and Pompeii CD's in my grubby little
hands,  and others on the way.  What a shame it is that Spartacus, their
best-known disc, is so hard-to-get.  Anyway, what I'm hearing from the
CD's over my Polk Speakers is a revelation, compared to the primitive
system and media we had in the 70's, and I'm in love all over again
(some Old Loves Hardly Die).  

There's lots I could write, about how deeply Triumvirat has touched my
soul for the last quarter-century, but for now let me just thank you for
making this a very Merry Christmas indeed!  David Sitzes,
bsitzes@ridgenet.com, Hope, AR, USA

=>Spartacus Triumvirat CD

From: 	John David Adamski     SMTP: jda@conglomerate.com
Subject: 	Spartacus Triumvirat CD

I stumbled across your web site.  I have been looking for Spartacus
Triumvirat on CD for years now, and never been able to find it.  I 
have the Lp copy, but would like to get a CD version, do you know
where I might be able to find a copy?
URL: http://www.conglomerate.com
email: jda@conglomerate.com
MIME and plain old text mail is fine with me
   (and then, John's 2nd E-mail,  * Dirk has added to CD sources) 

Just to let you know I ordered a CD from the this place in Brazil:

        Rua Barata Ribeiro, 502 - loja D - Copacabana

        email: loja@modernsound.com.br

I thought you might want this in your newsletter.  The CD cost
$24 USD plus shipping which will vary depending on location.
Natural Figure Photography
Honoring the Beauty of the Human Body
Owner: John David Adamski
URL: http://www.conglomerate.com/jda/NFP.html
email: jda@conglomerate.com
MIME and plain old text mail is fine with me

From: Perry27   INTERNET: Perry27@aol.com

I am interested in purchasing the CD Spartacus.  Is it possible to 
get it?  Does anyone have a copy that they are selling?  Thanks.
My office number is 212-259-2936 or email me at
Perry.Grosser@us.coopers.com or Perry27@aol.com
(Editor's note: Dirk's new links now provide these answers.)

=>German Rock Page

Hey Joe,
Don't know if you get this mail on the Triumvirat list or some kind of
private service.  I have moved my German rock homepage to another 
provider with more space.  By the way, there is a foundation of an
official  "german rock e.v." on the 3.1.98 which will help much with
German rock bands.  If you are interested check out via my page.
We would appreciate any comments or help or suggestions from your 
"Triumvirat people".   Good times!    (Editor's note, I checked it
                out, and noted German Prog Rock Web to Dirk, Thanks!)
Roland Weiler
Tel. 06357-96133  Fax 06357-96134

=>Early Live Show That I Attended

From:	Lynn      INTERNET:  culmv@panther2.pen.eiu.edu

I was fortunate enough to have seen Triumvirat in America in 1974.
I'm not sure of the exact date, but they were the opening act for the
Fleetwood Mac "Heroes Are Hard To Find" tour (perhaps the Mac's last
good LP) in Champaign, Illinois at The Assembly Hall (University of
Illinois campus).  Anyway, the lineup was the same as is credited on
"Illusions On a Double Dimple" (Helmut Köllen on bass at the
show--remember that Hans Pape was credited for playing bass on most
tracks on Side 1).  I already owned a copy of "Illusions" when I saw
them, so I was one of a handful of appreciative fans in the audience
(unfortunately, most were not as enthusiastic--but then, they usually
aren't for the "warm-up" band).

Also, the day of the show, the band was in the studio of WPGU, the local
college radio station (the format of which was actually pretty cool back
then).  They were there for a very awesome 20-minute interview.  I will
never forget Jürgen Fritz's response to the question (and I have heard
this same question from people with whom I have shared the Triumvirat
music experience): "What about the sound of the band?  Does it bother
you to be compared to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, indeed being called
copycats by some critics?"  Jürgen's reply: "I'm flattered.  It means a
lot to be in the same league with them.  As far as the similarities,
there are some, yes, but there are striking differences as well.  And,
as far as being "copycats": we both started around the same time, but
with their name recognition (Author's note: I'm sure he was referring to
past associations of ELP, such as Lake with King Crimson, Emerson with
The Nice, and Palmer with Atomic Rooster) they have tended to overshadow
our success somewhat.  Things may have been very different if we had
started a couple years earlier."  This may not be exact wording, but I'm
sure it's very close to what he said.  After all, these rare exposures
to such greatness are not easily forgotten.

I am an ardent record collector (vinyl isn't dead!), and just procured a
still-sealed copy of "Illusions", which I was just listening to (I will
tape this copy and not play the LP but one time--I wore out my last
copy).  It sounds every bit as good as it did in 1973!  I hope everyone 
enjoyed this story; keep the band's contribution to the music world 
alive.  Great homepage!

=>Season Wishes

From: Patrick Nijhoff    SMTP:nyhoff@concepts.nl
Hi there Triumvirat fans all over the world.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy Triumvirat year.
Sincerely, Patrick Nijhoff  nyhoff@concepts.nl from The Netherlands

                       'Hello           !!!
                    Let's  hope      this Inter 
                   net can be used  more and more
                  to spread Love around the planet,
                 because that's only  what *really*
                 counts.  I wish You and your Family
                 a wonderful Christmas and a healthy
                 and successful 1998.  Plenty of new
                  projects, huge motivation to impl
                   ement them and,above all, a lot
                    of  inspiration.  Best wishes
                      and energy from  Carlos Alb
                            erto Teixeir
                              a - Rio,
                                         ,    ,      .      .       .
      Carlos Alberto Teixeira           `6_ 6  )   `-.  (     ).`-.__.`)
           cat@royal.net                (_Y_.)'  ._   )  `._ `. ``-..-'
      Rio de Janeiro - BRASIL         _..`--'_..-_/  /--'_.' .'
 http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/~cat  (!1).-''  ((|).'  ((!.-'

     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.
`._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'   `._.'

From:   Jürgen Fritz, 
To:     Russ Shaw, Triumvirat
Dear Russ,
I would like to express my respect and appreciation to you and Jim 
Bradley for your efforts and care on the subject of " The Triumvirat
Homepage".  I feel flattered and am truly impressed with your creation
of a forum for an obviously still existing group of fans.  Over the past
two years I have received various letters - mostly via the assumed
"Köln Pool" Connection, and they were nice enough to forward them
and a postal delivery with a complete printout of the homepage.
Thank you very much.  However, there were a few surprises.

I was amazed that you were in touch with Hans Bathelt - haven't seen or
spoken to him since the mid-eighties. A lot of what I read dealt with 
my personal activities - current and past - and whereabouts. Some of it
right, but most of it wrong or - at least - partly incorrect. Thanks to
my daughter Lorraine - a real internet whizkid - I found access to the
current "Homepage" on my computer today. That made me want to respond.
If it is of any value to you, I would like to make a few adjustments to
some of the statements & rumors that exist around the band and myself.
Please choose a form of communication via e-mail or fax for you only if
you are interested.  (Editor's note: While this was a personal E-mail,
             I am sure that Jürgen extends best wishes to everyone :) 

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year.

Jürgen Fritz

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Various Items of Interest

The two most important new websites of interest to Triumvirat fans are:


The Keith Emerson Web Workshop Home Page

The new TRIUMVIRAT site is quite obvious to the fans and took many
hours of work by Dirk, Jim, Russ, & a few suggestions of mine. Dirk has
probably added many new interesting things to the site before this
TATW Issue #12 is published. Check out the site and we will try to
cover continuing new site enhancements in the next TATW newsletter.

The second site was found by a rumor, upon searching Keith Emerson
Tutorial with Alta Vista engine, there it was. This is an amazing new
site that has MIDI files from all the ELP & Emerson solo albums, keeps
growing daily with music transcriptions coming soon. It provides a
musician tutorial on how to write your own transcriptions. This site
is so overwhelming that you need to visit it to actually see for your
own eyes all the fabulous things happening there.

ELP Digest confirmed that Marc Bonilla & Glenn Hughes will join Keith
Emerson on January 16 at the Coachhouse in San Juan Capistrano and
on January 17 at Billboard Live on Sunset in Hollywood.

CDNow.com confirmed that the delayed KBFH CD of Gentle Giant will be
released on January 13. CDNow.com lists the live tracks released even
though The Artists Shop KBFH site does not mention the release yet. 

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