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Issue #11
November 16, 1997

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
or to correct mistakes in the information presented.  We have done this to insure that you
receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)

- Russ's Update
- Jim's Notes
- This month's new links
- From Billboard Magazine, July 26, 1974
- Thanks For Listening - by David James
- Need to replace vinyl Spartacus
- Spartacus lyrics
- "Illusions" CD ?
- Looking for a Songbook
- Looking for IODD and Spartacus
- Looking for .... Spartacus ? Midi files ?
- Spartacus on CD
- More Info about Jürgen Fritz and Thekenschlampen
- CD's for Sale
- Add A Country !
- Thanks for Reminding me
- T-vat Reunion
- Jürgen on stage
- New album "Triumvirat" ?
- T'rat Wishlist Tour
- 70's fan from Costa Rica
- Progressive Música
- Omaha Fan
- St. Louis Area Fan
- ProgDay Fund
- Wakeman's UK "Tour Hasn't Got a Name" Tour 97
- Yes Open Your Eyes Tour
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=>Russ's Update

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

   A very special holiday greeting to all of the T'rat heads on the 
   It's been a roller-coaster ride here at TATW and the Triumvirat 
Website. Not only will things be changing at the website, things have
changed at TATW, and even Triumvirat's members have been through a 
few changes. 
   I am very disappointed to report that talk of a reunion has again,
like the German weather, cooled down on  Jürgen's part.  It's not 
that he doesn't want it or that Barry doesn't want it, it's just that
Jürgen is getting involved at producing Cologne bands, as it is 
relatively easy and it pays great.  Hans says no again to touring.  I
think that Hans and Jürgen need to break the ice again.  Due in very
direct part to TATW, Barry and Hans spoke for the first time in well 
over a decade. Hans, who just arrived back in Germany after a vacation
in the NW USA and Canada, said, "We had not talked together for quite
some time and it was really good to hear from him. It was kind of 
updating each other on some years in between. "  But in spite of 
themselves, they remain exciting and inspiring people. Barry is 
red-hot as a performer, and has some great new tunes ready!
  In fact, I predict that at least one minute of his new song will be
available on the website within three months.  Barry, being the 
vocalist extraordinaire and all-around nice guy that he is, has given
the Triumvirat Website the right to PREMIER HIS NEW SONG!! The songs 
were co-written and co-produced by Richard Green.
   Myself, I am starting soon at St. Louis University Law School, so 
you can forget about trying to sue me for anything!!!  Or at least 
have a high-priced attorney ready!
     Have a safe and happy Christmas if we don't speak before then (the 
way things are now, we won't)!!
   Thanks to all of you who have written and contributed around the 
globe, especially Manfred, Ralf and Marcel in Germany,  Luiz in Rio, 
and to Joe Toohey and Dirk Evans right here in God's St. Louis for 
joining us here at the Triumvirat Website/TATW.
Thanks to Jim Bradley for driving the station wagon for the last 
three, four, years, what was it,  Jimmy? Enjoy your retirement and 
don't let the monkey get ya!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Website
St. Louis, MO, USA

=>Jim's Notes

Greetings Friends !

Thank you all so very much for your "get well" wishes !  I am really 
touched by all of your messages.  I am healing quickly, thankfully.  
I will need another 2 - 3 weeks for full recovery, but I'm not doing 
badly now.  I'm busily searching to replace my car right now !

Okay, okay... I can hear the, "Huh ? What was Russ talking about ?
Changes to TATW ?  Changes at the website ?  Retirement ?  What's 
going on ?"

It is a time of much change, as my time has become extremely limited.
I won't be able to keep up with the website and newsletter any longer.
I won't disappear entirely though, you'll hear from me from time to
time, I imagine.  I will continue to contribute as I am able to.

The website will now be in the good care of it's new webmaster, Dirk 
Evans, officially as of January 1, 1998.  There will be a new location
to go along with the change, and you will of course be notified of it!
The current "front page" as I call it, will continue to exist at least
until June 1998.  It will have a link to the new location.  So no one
should have any problem finding their way around !  Many Thanks to 
Dirk for keeping the flame burning brightly !

TATW has a new Editor as well, after this issue !  Our good friend
Joe Toohey will be taking over the editor's chair.  And once again, 
we'll pass the details on to you, things like the new e-mail 
address for subscriptions, shortly. Welcome aboard, Joe !  And many 
thanks for stepping up with such short notice !

David James has written a very nice album/CD review for us this issue,
and I'm looking forward to reading more from him !  His review
column is called "Thanks for Listening" and this issue he covers
Gryphon's "Red Queen To Gryphon Three"/"Raindance".  Thanks David !

There are, as usual, quite a few new links.  I have been in touch
with the webmaster of the Progressive Rock Midi Web Server, and
although he is not aware of any Triumvirat midi files in existence, 
he told me that he will be talking to his synth and midi buddies to
try to get them to put some together.  Keep your fingers crossed !  
In the meantime, he has many prog midi files from the likes of Camel,
Dream Theater, ELP, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Gentle Giant, Jean Luc
Ponte, King Crimson, Patrick Moraz....just to name a few !  You'll
find the link in the article below, or on the links page on the

Loose Ends - 

Yes, Virginia, there is a Triumvirat Trivia Time computer program. It
is 3.7 MB compressed zipfile format with only 13 questions currently
contained in it.  Maybe one of these days something will come of it ?
If I ever find enough server space to store it so it can be downloaded
and I get more questions added, I'll let you know.  Oh... System
requirements ?  Windows95, 8MB RAM, 8 MB hard drive space.

Speaking of software, there is also a "Triumvirat E-mail Program".
Does it work ?  Yes.  Is there any reason to have it ?  No.  Maybe

To Triumvirat:
Barry - We're looking forward to hearing your new music !  
Jürgen - Thanks for all the great music you've given us, but...
we'd really like to hear and see some new and live Triumvirat music !
Hans - you have a great heart, and I know there are plenty of great 
lyrics that you could write for a reunited Triumvirat.  You wouldn't 
need to tour to be a part of it, Hans !

One more thing...

RUN ! Don't walk !  Illusions on a Double Dimple and Mediterranean
Tales have been sighted !  Check it out at www. midnightrecords.com.
I don't know anything about midnight records, so I can't tell you if
they are reputable or not.  Use your own judgement.  

Credit goes to Russ for finding this information posted on
Usenet !

Finally, it's been an honor to be able to present the website and
newsletter to you, the fans.  Without you, the music would have died
long ago.  Without you, the website would mean nothing, the newsletter
would be silent.  The music and the Spirit of the music of Triumvirat
belongs to you.  Each and every one of you has a piece of it that
lives within you.  And as long as it does, Triumvirat lives on !

Pleasant Journeys !

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>This month's new links

Progressive Rock Midi Web Server

The People of the South Wind - The On-line Resource for Kansas Fans

Bill Bruford Discography

The Änglagård Home Page

Spock's Beard

O Terco

Procol Harum

le Orme

A Show of Fans: A Website For and By Rush Fans

Marillion Discography Online 

=>From Billboard Magazine, July 26, 1974

TRIUMVIRAT-Illusions On A Double Dimple (Harvest ST 11311) (Capitol)
German group comes up with excellent electronic set, highlighted by 
the keyboard work of Jürgen Fritz and the fine vocals of Fritz and 
Köllen. Set is reminiscent of Flash in spots, of The Who in others, 
especially vocally, but still stands as an original work.  Band 
manages to escape the boredom of many synthesizer-based groups by 
keeping solos relatively short and highly tasteful at all times, as 
well as mixing classical and rock influences.  Each side is divided 
into a story with chapters, but each chapter can easily stand by 
itself as a song.  All in all, a very well done set.

Best Cuts: "Flashback"/"Dimplicity/"Bad Deal"
Dealers: stock in new groups and electronic music.

=>Thanks For Listening - By David James

Dear Russ,

Thanks for inviting me to contribute to your excellent fanzine.  I 
have decided to take a prog rock CD's from my collection and tell 
everyone about them.  For my first selection, I chose an album I have 
been searching for on CD for years - Gryphon's Red Queen to Gryphon 
Three.  I found this at CDWorld on the web.  Next, I'll be searching 
for Double Dimple and/or Spartacus, since there are no good record 
stores where I live!

I based my review standards on a five-star basis:


Hope you enjoy,

by David James

Two albums on one CD
Transatlantic ESMCD 460
CD released in 1997, made in England
Red Queen originally released in 1974
Raindance originally released in 1975
Produced by Gryphon

   Take equal parts progressive rock, traditional English folk, and 
baroque style classical music, and you get Gryphon's Red Queen To 
Gryphon Three.
   Originally released in 1974 in the U.S. on the Bell label (yes, 
it's the same company that brought you The Partridge Family and Tony 
Orlando and Dawn - go figure), this was Gryphon's third album, but 
the first to be picked up by an American company.  It was no 
coincidence that the group was touring America for the first time, 
opening for Yes.  Gryphon's previous two releases were more along the 
lines of English folk rock, not unlike Fairport Convention or Steeleye
Span.  But Red Queen added an interesting twist - classical music.  
This all-instrumental album is composed like a symphony, with four 
distinct movements.  Band member David Oberle has said that the entire
album was inspired by a game of chess, which explains the album and 
song titles.
   Red Queen's main theme explodes at the very beginning of "Opening 
Move" and goes through a multitude of variations in style, key, mood 
and tempo.  Gryphon uses some pretty unusual instruments, too.  Not 
very many rock albums use tympanis, bassoons, krumhorns, and 
recorders.  During "Second Spasm" for example, there's a 
bassoon/krumhorn/recorder interlude that can't help but bring a smile
to your face.  The third piece, "Lament" contains the album's most 
delightful and powerful passages.  "Lament" begins slowly and calmly, 
playing the enchanting melody with grace and ease.  But, slowly over
the next ten minutes, the tension mounts into a furious prog rock 
explosion, complete with loud, pounding drums accenting the intensity 
of the beautiful melody.  It can only be described as breathtaking.  
The final passage of the work is appropriately entitled "Checkmate", 
and brings this excellent album to an all-too-soon end.  Gryphon owes 
more than a tip of the hat to Mike Oldfield for the concept of this 
album.  Oldfield's classically-structured rock influences are shining 
through loud and clear.  Gryphon punched up their sound considerably 
for this album, adding an electric bass player to the line-up.  This 
gave them a fuller and richer sound, more along the lines of a 
contemporary rock group than a traditional English folk group.
   Supporting Yes through their 1974 U.S. tour, Americans were exposed
to Gryphon's new, exciting sound.  At the same time, the members of 
the group saw first-hand the intensity of the prog rock movement 
sweeping the U.S. during that time.  After playing to much larger 
audiences, and realizing they could successfully marry hard rock and 
prog rock, Gryphon decided to tone down the classical influences on 
their next release, Raindance - also included in this special 'two 
albums on one CD' package.  Raindance is a mostly instrumental album 
with more emphasis on the prog rock/folk sound.
   They do a fine cover of "Mother Nature's Son", and the other song 
with vocals, Graeme Taylor's "Don't Say Go", features some clever 
word play and puns worthy of John Lennon.  (Add The Beatles to the 
list of influences.)  It wouldn't be unfair to say this is a 
transitional album, lacking the solid feel of Red Queen.  You can 
hear the band going for a newer, different sound, and they are not 
quite there.  Yet, it is an enjoyable album with interesting 
songwriting, and fine performances.  It's not hard to imagine that 
during that tour, the band decided to take Yes' complicated song 
structures and give them a harder feel, similar to Jethro Tull.  The 
Tull influences are much stronger in the band's next release, Treason,
but that's another review.
   So, how do these 20-plus year-old release translate onto compact 
   Thankfully, the answer is wonderfully.  Transatlantic has done a 
superb remastering job, reproducing the master tapes with very little 
hiss and distortion.  The cover art is adequately done, although it is
too small to be appreciated.  All original artwork and liner notes are
here, however, some of the pictures that were originally in color on 
the record sleeve are presented here in black-and-white.  There are a 
couple of new comments from band member David Oberle, and critic 
Laurence Aston.

Overall rating:   * * * *    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Visit the official Gryphon home page at 

Comments?  E-mail me at Gentoo15@aol.com
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>Need to replace vinyl "Spartacus"

From:	Edmond Ims, INTERNET:EdmondI@visma.no

My name is Edmond Ims, I come from Norway, and I have been a great
Triumvirat fan since 1976 when I first discovered the band. I am 
wondering if anyone out there knows where to find Spartacus on CD. 
This is in my opinion one of the best albums ever made by any band. 
My old LP needs to be replaced after 20 years in duty.
I'm looking forward to hear from anyone.

Edmond Ims

=> Spartacus lyrics

From: 	TedOrba@aol.com


I love the Triumvirat Web Site!  They are the best progressive band - 
I listen to them regularly....bravo for the great site and of course,
that they are talking about a reunion tour! Amazing. I have never 
seen them live, and have enjoyed their music for over 20 years.....it 
is time.

Anyway...do you have any idea where I can find lyrics for Spartacus? 
Please let me know.... 


=>"Illusions" CD ?

From:	INTERNET:NONE@eni.net,

Is There any hope at all of getting a copy of "Illusions on a Double 
Dimple" on CD?  I love this band since I first heard them in the 70s.
I have Spartacus , Old Love Dies Hard, Pompeii and Mediterranean tales.

Please help

=>Looking for a Songbook

From:	INTERNET:gil@mls.com.br

Hello, may name is Gil, I have 30 years old and I love Triumvirat. I
live in Brazil, here many people knows Triumvirat, but their music is
unknown for this generation. I have listened to some songs to make my
girlfriend enjoy them ( she is 20 years age).  Today I'm looking for 
songbook, but I can't find out, I know this is difficult, but I just 
wanna play the Triumvirat songs with my young brother (we have a 
simple band, oh I wish to play keyboards like Mr. Jürgen Fritz...). 
If it possible, please send me any information about songbook, or 
song sheet, I'd be happy to play the songs and make more people know 
about this great group.

			Thanks for your attention GIL

P.S. My E mail is gil@mls.com.br

=>Looking for IODD and Spartacus

From: 	pclark@jerviswebb.com

I just found your web pages on Triumvirat.  Thank you for a great job 
on presenting lots of useful info in one place on one of my favorite 
 I am ashamed to admit that I never new that *any* of their music was   
available on CD.  I used the handy link to CDNOW and ordered the two 
CD's that are currently in print.
I would very much like to get copies of the remaining discography,
especially Illusions on a Double Dimple and Spartacus.  Do you have 
any idea where I might be able to find them?

Thanks in advance for your help...

=>Looking for .... Spartacus ? Midi files ?

From:	INTERNET:peatross@qnet.com

I'll have to dig out my albums!! I can't believe this site exists, 
what I really want is Spartacus on CD. I'm sorry to hear it's out of 
Any ideas on finding one?

Nice retro to my younger years, thanks.

Know of any MIDI files the group?

Brad PEatross

=>Spartacus on CD

From:	INTERNET:DZRSZ2869@aol.com

     I am looking for a copy of Spartacus on CD I would appreciate
any help you could give me in locating a copy.

Thank You Very Much
E-Mail me at  
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>More Info about Jürgen Fritz and Thekenschlampen

From:	Manfred Jagalski, INTERNET:Manfred.Jagalski@Koeln.netsurf.de

Hello Russ...

Obviously you have already heard that JF has produced 2 new CDs with 
the Thekenschlampen (or did I tell you in one of my last short notes ?). 
Anyway I read it in the last TATW issue. But I will give you some more
info about it. There was a small article about JF in our local paper a
few weeks ago. The first CD he had produced was with the 
Thekenschlampen and Toni Polster on vocals. He is a member of Colognes
soccer club 1.FC Köln and a kind of local idol. Being an Austrian 
from Vienna his sense of humour comes very close to the Cologne style 
of humour and all the supporters (and non-supporters I guess) of the 
club love him. He had already several local TV and stage appearances 
with the Thekenschlampen. I wonder why he is still that good in soccer 
and scoring all those goals......The CD is called "Toni, lass es 
polstern". The best way to translate that would be "Toni, let it go"
or something like that.
The second CD JF had produced with the Thekenschlampen alone is called
"Schlecht im Bett" what means "Bad in bed" and shall be about "male 
cheat packs" (don't know if that's the proper translation of maennliche
Mogelpackung, kind of fantastic packing with nothing in it). On the 
cover will be seen the portraits of 3 well known German men. Lothar 
Matthaeus, a very famous (and due to his "don't think before you talk"
very contested) soccer player from Bayern Munich; Herbert Groenemeyer,
very successful singer/actor; Harald Schmidt, late night talker on TV, 
a kind of German Jay Leno. That's all about JF what was written in the 
papers lately. By the way: the new look of the page is fantastic. Jim 
did a fantastic job !!!!!
Right that's all from me at the moment. Oh....I saw an old "Gaensehaut"
CD 2 weeks ago in a record shop. If you are interested I will buy it 
for you. Are you sure that JF played in that band ?

Greetings and all the best 
E-Mail: Manfred.Jagalski@koeln.netsurf.de 
** Manfred_Jagalski@store.gun.de
Interested In German Rock Music ? 
Visit http://www.triumvirat.net/

=>CD's for Sale

From: 	Marcel Liefaard[SMTP:dekkers@cybercomm.nl]

Dear Jim,

Following the newsletters of TATW I find out that a lot of readers are
looking for Triumvirat-CD's or LP's.
Although I'm a big fan of Triumvirat, that for reasons I won't explain
here, I have three CD's and three LP's by Triumvirat for sale.
The following titles I have available on CD as well as on LP.
1. Spartacus (CD. nr. Electrola CDP-538-7- 92970 2)
2. Illusions on a double dimple (CD. nr. Electrola 1C 538 7 95366 2)
3. Old loves die hard (CD nr. Electrola 7 243 8 28036 2 1)
I suggest that you put this offer in your next issue of TATW (no. 11 if
I'm correct).
I intend to sell these items by auction.
Readers can e-mail me there bids for a month after the next TATW is

I hope you will put this in your next issue and wish you good luck with

Kindest regards,

Marcel Liefaard
Vermeerstraat 15
3331 VP Zwijndrecht
e-mail: dekkers@cybercomm.nl

=>Add A Country!

From: 	Henrik Hallgren[SMTP:henrik.hallgren@sundsvall.mail.telia.com]

Hi Jim!

I'm a Triumvirat-fan since many years and I subscribe to your 
excellent list.
In your listing where fans are from you missed out Sweden, I'm pertty
shure since I live there :-))).

Take care



"Hallucinations flash by my eyes. I see images of strange far away
New chocking technology and civilations based on astral magic."

>From "Astral magic" by Dark Sun

Henrik Hallgren, Stapelvägen 5, 856 34 Sundsvall, Sweden

Email: henrik.hallgren@sundsvall.mail.telia.com  /

Fax +46 (0)70 6101310  / Phone +46 (0)60 173716

=>Thanks for Reminding me

From: 	R.Weiler[SMTP:R.Weiler@t-online.de]

Hi Russ, Hi Jim,

Thank you for reminding me again of the music of Triumvirat, which I 
heard almost 20 years ago. Since this time I have 4 LP's of Triumvirat,
and forgot how good they are. After finding your page I recorded 
"Spartacus" for a Friend who is a great ELP Fan: he never heard about 
Triumvirat and even said this Record is almost better then the ELP 
I am busy creating a Homepage, for bands like "Jane, Kraan, Novalis, 
etc. Music that came out same time when Triumvirat did, and called 
Krautrock. Triumvirat, I'm lucky, to be too late, thanks to your great 
Work but I have of course "linked" already to you.

Good Luck 


=>T-vat Reunion

From:	Joe Gerardi, INTERNET:sni@localnet.com

If T-Vat are going to reform, I strongly recommend that their new 
album be a concept or extended form album a la the old days. After 
ELP's "In the Hot Seat" we all know what a commercial album from 
musicians used to creating the the serious music can sound like. Let 
them do what they did best: Symphonic Prog-rock that astounds. Please 
pass this on to BP and JF, and thanks for the GREAT news.


=>Jürgen on stage

From:	Manfred Jagalski, INTERNET:Manfred.Jagalski@pironet.netsurf.de

Hello Russ !

About two weeks ago I found a small article in our local paper. I 
nearly missed the important part. Jürgen Fritz was on stage playing 
keyboards ! Gaby Koester ( a comedian from Cologne) and her cousin 
Gerd Koester  (he used to be the leader of the unfortunately no longer
existing cologne band "The piano has been drinking") had a appearance 
in a small club in Cologne. She tried a few new acts of her comedy 
program and he played some old songs of the "Piano" era together with 
JF and a Frank Hocker (never heard of him before). There was also a 
picture but only with Gaby and Gerd. If I had known before I would 
have gone to see them.

All the best   
E-Mail: Manfred.Jagalski@koeln.netsurf.de ** 
Interested In German Rock Music ? 
Visit http://www.triumvirat.net/

=>New album "Triumvirat" ?

From:	"nyhoff", INTERNET:nyhoff@concepts.nl

Dear Russ,

I'm a young fan of Triumvirat. From a friend a borrowed the album
"Illusions on a Double Dimple" a few years ago. I thought this was the
only album. When I was surfing on the net I discovered the Triumvirat 
Homepage. It was a great discovery. I tried to get the albums on CD. 
But as you mentioned earlier only Pompeii and Old Loves Die Hard are 
out on CD. When I ordered these CD's in a music store they told me 
there was another CD of Triumvirat called "Triumvirat". This was a 
new album they told me, is that really true?? I have not received any 
telephone of the musicstore yet.

In Tales across the waters issue 6 you wrote that people who had 
bought the CD  Ala Carte could get a tape of rare Triumvirat live 
music. I didn't buy that CD, but I am really interested in the tape. 
Is it possible to send me a tape anyway (at charge if necessary of 

Patrick Nijhoff

=>T'rat Wishlist Tour

From: 	Toohey, Joseph[joe@triumvirat.net]

Fellow TATW readers,
  I recently imagined what the perfect reunion tour would be for
TRIUMVIRAT. The opening number would be Broken Mirror from Med. Tales.
Then of course all of the Illusions album followed by all of the
Spartacus album. This is about 95 minutes which means time for a break.
Then return with all of the Old Loves followed by all of the Pompeii
albums. This is another 93 minutes which means either a short encore
of some A La Carte tunes, or holding back some Pompeii material for the
encore. Of course no other acts would tour with this show. Recording
should be done of the entire show for a new live release box set. Video
taping should be done for sales to the fans of these 4 great albums (I
do like Med. Tales and A La Carte, but the other 4 albums are great
works of art that should be heard by everyone). This would then generate
the money to make another great progressive concept album without
relying on pop type material catering to commercial radio. This is
probably every true fan's wish list tour, but could it actually be done?

>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,

=>70's fan from Costa Rica

From:  Oscar Jimenez (ojimenez@astro.ocis.temple.edu)

Hi Folks:

   Even Though I am now living momentarily in Philadelphia and doing my 
Doctorate in English as a second language, I first learned about 
Triumvirat in 1974/75.  A friend called me and said, you gotta come and 
check out these guys from Germany.  They sound like ELP.  I came and to
my surprise he had a copy of Spartacus,  I was blown away by the sound 
and the quality of the album.  I immediately got a copy myself and
tried to get Illusions and Tales...  It took me sometime to get 
   Then, when I came to Philadelphia 22 years later, I found out they
played the Spectrum.  I also know that there is a guy in the city 
who has a tape of that show at the Spectrum.  I have tried to track 
him, especially in ELP's shows,or Yes' shows, but I haven't been able.  
Apparently, the recording was good.  I would love to have it.   Do you
know anybody with a copy of that tape?  Is it true that KBFH(King
Biscuit" broadcast one of their shows?  They must put it out.  Believe
me, there are enough people who would buy it. I don't know why they 
haven't reunited.
   Please let me know if I can help promote the group.  They must 
	Please keep in touch.

=>Progressive Música

From: 	Carlos Vaz - Ger. Projetos (Redacao)[SMTP:carlosv@oglobo.com.br]

Dear Friends of Triumvirat.

I have a personal home page about progressive música, and I'd like to
know if you can add my address in Triumvirat's Home page.

Here it's my address:


I hope you enjoy.

Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira

=>Omaha Fan

From: 	Oi8abug261[SMTP:Oi8abug261@aol.com]

Please include me on your e-mailing list. I've been a Triumvirat fan 
since I first heard "Spartacus" in 1975. I found the Spartacus CD by 
chance a couple years ago in a record store in Omaha, Nebr. Think I 
paid about 10 bucks for it. I'd have paid a hundred for it if they 
wanted. I had been looking for years. I sure like the sound of the 
boys getting' back together. Hope it happens. Thanks
 Curt Bolles

=>St. Louis Area Fan

From:	Jim Polwort, INTERNET:polwort@fastrans.net

Hi Russ!  My name is Jim Polwort, and I live in Collinsville, Illinois
(just across the river).  I'm a huge Triumvirat fan and was glad to 
come upon your site (thru the Ulitimate Band List).  I just started 
glancing at your web page and am excited over the fact the boys might
get back together.  My favorite album is "Old Loves Die Hard", which I
have the honor of having on CD.  I also have Spartacus and Illusions.
Haven't checked out CD-Now lately, but it's a great resource for 
finding any album on CD.  I'll probably sign up for your newsletter.
I also have a good friend Dave Wentzel, who is (or at least was) a 
Triumvirat fan back in the 70's. Hey, keep up the good work.  If 
possible, put some Real Audio sound bites of anything that is recent.


Jim Polwort
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>ProgDay Fund

From:	Dr. Robert La Duca, INTERNET:rlladuca@rs01.kings.edu

Russ- Could you please post the following to the T'rat mailing list?

Peace, Rob

ProgDay Fund update (9/22/97):

Many people have said many kind words and pledged donations!!
Donations have started to arrive. Keep it coming!  I know it's a year 
away but let's make Prog Day '98 something incredibly special.  All we
need is your support.

In the works:  Prog Celebrity Auction, so far 17 bands (including some
VERY well known bands) have donated/will donate autographed CDs, which
will be auctioned with proceeds going into the ProgDay Fund.
Keep a lookout on rec.music.progressive or this mailing list.

Look at what we enjoyed at ProgDay '97!!
	the zany, unclassifiable, but delicious sounds of French TV
	the rippin' new and improved Ozone Quartet
	the heavy, exotic, and surprising Providence
	the straight-edged but deep and complex Salem Hill
	the virtuosic David Ragsdale Band
	the quirky Smokin' Granny
	the power of After the Fall
	the Canterbury stylings and fun of Volare
	the majesty and lush music of Finisterre
	the tight musicianship and grand scope of Glass Hammer
	the passion and energy of Discipline.

Even if every band wasn't to one's liking, ProgDay '97 had something 
for everyone.  That's the beauty of the ProgDay tradition.  You're 
exposed to so many different styles falling under the umbrella of 
"Progressive Rock", opening your mind.  That's why many of us listen 
to prog.... 

Would you like to see ProgDay, the premier American outdoor 
progressive rock festival, become a growing annual institution?

Would you like to see more international progressive bands such as 	
The Flower Kings, Tipographica, the Par Lindh Project, White Willow, 
Il Berlione, Hoyre-Kone, Anekdoten, Le Orme, Banco, (insert your 
favorite here) etc. perform at beautiful Storybook Farm next year?  

Anyone up for a Finisterre repeat performance?  :) :)

Anyone interested in exploring a National Health or Anglagard reunion?
(yeah, I know, fat chance, but why not ask?)

Would you like to see bigger name acts such as Spock's Beard, 
Marillion, Fish, Dream Theater, California Guitar Trio, Kansas, 
Caravan, Camel, Triumvirat, maybe even King Crimson, play ProgDay so 
bigger crowds would come out and then be exposed to more unknown, but 
not less talented, progressive rock bands?

Working together maybe we can make some of these "...dreams become 
reality." Once again for ProgDay '97 Peter Renfro put his bank account
(and credit cards, and relatives' bank accounts) where his heart is 
and lost a whole bunch of money having the ProgWorld visit his 
frontyard for a couple of days of wonderful music and energy. 
Certainly we can help.

If 600 ProgFans donated $5, the cost of one McLunch, Peter's 
estimated losses for ProgDay '98 would be covered, ensuring the 
continuation of the ProgDay tradition.

If an additional 200 ProgHeads sacrificed buying just one import CD 
for a year, nearly $4000 could go to making ProgDay '98 even more 
special than previous ones!!

Names of all persons donating to this ProgDay '98 Fund will be 
acknowledged in the ProgDay '98 program and on the ProgDay '98 
Web Site in the following classifications:

	$5 to $19	ProgFan
	$20 to $49	ProgHead	
	$50 and over	ProgGod/ProgGoddess
Peter Renfro did not put me up to this. In fact, he was VERY reluctant
to agree to my suggestion to start this ProgDay '98 Fund.  But we need
to lend a hand so he and his family don't continue to take a financial

Please consider keeping the music you love alive by donating some 
amount you can comfortably afford to the ProgDay '98 Fund.  All 
donations will go to funding ProgDay '98, NOT for covering previous 
losses.  Any amount collected over Peter Renfro's actual losses next 
year will be rolled over for PD '99. (If for some bizarre reason PD 
'98 doesn't happen, all money will be refunded.)  Also, kindly donate 
early so we can let the money collect as much interest as possible.  
Feel free to email, write, or call if you have any questions. If you 
don't have spare money, but have some prog CDs you don't want anymore,
consider donating one or more of them, we can sell them and apply the 
proceeds to the fund.

In my life outside of Prog, I'm a chemistry and astronomy professor 
at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA (Some of you may have looked 
through my telescope at ProgDay).  I'm untenured so I have absolutely 
nothing to gain by ripping anyone off.  :) In addition, my first 
child Tony was conceived at ProgDay '95 ;), so ProgDay will always 
have a special place in my and my wife Melissa's heart.  Help keep it 

Please send a check or money order in US dollars payable to 
"ProgDay Fund" to:
ProgDay Fund
c/o Robert L. La Duca
58 East Center Street
Shavertown, PA 18708

email: rlladuca@leo.kings.edu
phone: 717-696-9974

Prog Heads: Juan Joy


P.S. Meanwhile, please help relieve Peter's losses for PD '97 by 
buying a PD '97 T-shirt or the ProgDay '95 2 CD set, containing over 
50 minutes of otherwise unavailable live echolyn material from their 
last-ever performance, as well as music from Cloud Nine (now Ozone 
Quartet), Timothy Pure, Bon Lozaga, and Discpline.  The sound quality 
is brilliant, mixed direct from the soundboard recordings.  Contact 
Peter at prognerd@mindspring.com for more information.

Peter Renfro's posted response about the above:

I've received a couple of inquiries...yes, Rob is legitimate and he's
serious about this Fund.  I'm leaving most of the organization in his
hands, but I think David's idea about receiving a free program etc. is
a good idea worth investigating.  So, for now, just assume you'll get
something in return for your contribution (over $20), but let's not
get bogged down with determining what that something is.  

Fish, Dream Theater and Fates Warning will be strong contenders for
the headlining spot in '98.  Debbie and I got to spend some time with
Jim Pitulski (pseudo manager for all three groups) and he strongly
believes in ProgDay.  Angra have expressed their interest in ProgDay
as well as Spock's Beard, IQ, Pulsar, Par Lindh, Roine Stolt,
Isildur's Bane, Quaterna Requiem, etc.  Obviously not all these bands
can play...but even *one* of them would be amazing  :)

For those who would like to contribute to this Fund via
Visa/Mastercard, just give me a call at:  (919) 968-1181...otherwise,
direct all your questions/money to Rob LaDuca.  Thanks!

Peter (Prognerd@mindspring.com)

=>Wakeman's UK "Tour Hasn't Got a Name" Tour 97

From the Rick Wakeman Communication Center:

The "Tour Hasn't Got a Name" Tour 97

It's that time of the year again, and here are the dates for this year's 
three piece tour. Joining Rick on the road will be Adam and Fraser, for 
what promises to be evenings filled with musical genius, awful jokes and 
just damn good fun. Try and catch one (or more) if you can. 

		The "Tour Hasn't Got a Name" Tour 97

   Date              Venue        			  Telephone

Sat, 15th Nov 97  Leisure Centre, Mansfield		01623 646082
Sun, 16th Nov 97  Leisure Centre, Kendal		01539 729702
Mon, 17th Nov 97  Auditorium, Grimsby			01472 311311
Tue, 18th Nov 97  Theatre Royal, Norwich		01603 630000
Wed, 19th Nov 97  Stables Theatre, Wavendon		01908 583928
Thu, 20th Nov 97  Watersmeet, Rickmansworth		01923 771542
Fri, 21st Nov 97  RWCC Xmas Party 
Sat, 22nd Nov 97  Pen y Rheol Theatre, Swansea		01792 897039
Sun, 23rd Nov 97  De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill		01424 212022
Mon, 24th Nov 97  TBA 
Tue, 25th Nov 97  TBA 
Wed, 26th Nov 97  Assembly Rooms, Derby			01332 255800
Thu, 27th Nov 97  TBA
Fri, 28th Nov 97  Theatre Hafron, Newtown, Powys	01686 625007
Sat, 29th Nov 97  Secombe Centre, Sutton		0181 661 0416

=>Yes Open Your Eyes Tour

Yes continues it's 1997 "Open Your Eyes" Tour !  Here are the remaining
dates that have been announced.  Please note, that a few of the dates
in December are still considered to be tentative.

18  Minneapolis, MN State Theatre
20  Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre
21  Louisville, KY Palace Theatre
22  Cincinnati, OH Taft Theatre
23  Columbus, OH Veteran's Memorial
25  St. Louis, MO Fox
26  Tulsa, OK Brady Theatre
28  Dallas, TX Bronco Arena
29  Houston, TX Bayou Place
30  San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre

2   Denver, CO Buell Aud
3   Denver, CO Buell Aud
5   Phoenix, AZ Union Hall
6   Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Cafe/The Joint
7   Los Angeles, CA Universal Amph
8   Los Angeles, CA Universal Amph
9   San Diego, CA Civic Theatre
11  Sacramento, CA Memorial Aud
12  San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
13  San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
14  San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
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