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Issue #10
September 12, 1997

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)

- Russ's Update
- Jim's Notes
- This month's new links
- Review from the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant July 28, 1974
- Capitol/Harvest Press Release June 1974
- Triumvirat Midi Files
- "Spartacus" anywhere, anyone ?
- Looking for Midi files
- Where to find Russian Roulette 
- Midi files
- New ELP 2CD Release
- The Krautrock-Page
- French "Spartacus" release ?
- A Letter To Triumvirat
- Triumvirat: Come to Brazil !
- Fan from the Mid-70's
- OUR German band Triumvirat
- King Biscuit CDs, etc.
- CD's on the Internet comparison chart
- One Way Records suggestions 
- Venezuela Triumvirat Fan
- Wow!
- Marillion North American Tour
- Yes prepares for 1997 tour 
- October release of new Yes album planned
- Neil Peart's daughter dies in auto accident
- ELP/King Biscuit CD demand underestamated
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=>Russ's Update

Loyal Triumvirat people:

I finally get do deliver some very positive news about the group's
impending reformation!  I have spoken with both Hans Bathelt and 
Barry Palmer this month.  Hans has just embarked on a vacation to 
"Canada and a bit of the Western U.S.", and he appears to be in for 
a twenty-one year old surprise when he returns!

The bottom line is, to our collective delight, the website seems to
be influencing the band's desire to reform. I spoke with Barry Palmer 
for a solid two hours from his London home last Thursday night, 
September 4th.  

I called Barry and woke him up, but he insisted on chatting anyway.  
He and Jürgen are speaking very seriously to each other not about if 
Triumvirat should reform, but how, with what members, and what they 
should play (how much old, how much new?).  He called the website 
"a rather pleasing monster"...

I heard many things I had never known before,  including that Helmut 
was invited back to sing on Pompeii, then was replaced by Barry!!  
BP said that he and Helmut got along very well together, and that 
there was no rivalry between them for the job.  His personal wish 
list is to have a grand concert to include (you heard it here first) 
both Hans "Boo-Boo" Bathelt AND Curt Cress, and people "like Mike 
Oldfield, for example"...

I don't know yet how Hans will react, as I haven't talked with him 
(since he started his vacation) but I hope he is as jazzed as the 
others.  Hans had not really been in touch with Barry and Jürgen 
since their 1976 breakup, but Barry says "our historical problems 
are forgotten"... I think that is the wisest move that Barry and 
Jürgen could make.  Hans is a legendary drummer/lyricist (a rather 
rare combination), and was an integral part of the first four albums, 
including "Spartacus",  and "Illusions On A Double Dimple", for which 
he wrote timeless lyrics and selected the album titles.  I also know 
him from our talks to be an extraordinarily nice and humble guy.  
(Same goes for Barry.)  (Jürgen is usually so busy in the studio that
our conversations are short).

John Ulett of KSHE Radio in St. Louis has promised me an interview 
w/ Barry very soon, and we are waiting on him to call BP in London. 
He seems to be genuinely swamped, though...he stayed up late with the 
Labor Day telethon to raise money.  So St. Louisans, please call John 
at KSHE (314) 969-1111 or visit the site and e-mail him 
(www.kshe95.com to show your support!!)  So now all of the main three
(JF, Hans and Barry) have expressed an interest in the website, and 
two have provided us with material.  Barry says that in a theoretical 
reunion, that the site could be "central" to their marketing strategy.
(That is, until EMI pulls the rug out from under us...In the immortal 
words of George Herbert Walker Bush "nah gah happen"!)

All in all, quite pleasing news.

Also learned that it is pronounced YOR-gen Fritz. He is asking about
marketing, and how "pop" to go -- there would certainly be at least 
a pop single or two, and I am encouraging that highly, but want to 
keep every original fan, too. We talked about JF's single "Hard To 
Be A God" as a possible example of a direction for "new" Triumvirat 
sound, and Barry asked me to get him a tape of it, which I did.  Barry
kept referring to the theoretical reunion as the "New Triumvirat".  
I also sent him the recent "Gold Collection" Triumvirat CD released 
in Brazil (EMI Gold Collection (Prodzido NA Zona Franca De Manaus 
Catalogue# 853659 2 Brazilian friends : Could you help us find some 
more of these for the members to buy?  I sent my only copy to Barry!)
They have now re-released "Spartacus" on CD in Brazil (thanks to Luiz 
in Rio for the updates!), as well.  I hear it sells for around 
$20 (U.S.) It is on EMI/Electrola Brazil Catalogue #792910 2 )

I asked Barry very directly: "So then, wouldn't it be up to Jürgen 
to decide for sure about a reunion?".  Barry:  "I got the idea from 
talking with Jürgen that it was up to me....he said "you know, Barry,
that we are the only ones who can pull this off, don't you?" JF is IN.
I fully expect that I will get to speak to him again before too long.
Now he is working on producing a CD by Bonnie DiFranco (I hope that's 
correct), an Italian actress/singer.  He has also finished producing 
a second and third CD by the Cologne group "Die Fabulosen 
Thekenschlampen" (" The Fabulous Bar Sluts").  (Enough Bar Sluts, 
Jürgen our friend/Triumvirat king, LET'S MAKE SOME MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Also, Barry says he sent me a tape of the solo stuff he is working on.
The afternoon announcer (Mark something...help me England!) on BBC's 
"Radio One" (the major FM station) in London was quoted as saying 
that Barry's new song was "f**king great"!  Barry said he is sending 
me a tape, so I'll let you know about it.  I also spent some more 
time listening to Barry's vocals on a 1984 album with Mike Oldfield 
"Discovery".  I had forgotten how good it was.  It is completely 
different than Triumvirat. The band members are now receiving hard 
copies of TATW, so your comments can be read by them.  It seems to me
that they are keenly interested in knowing what the market wants.  
This would be a good time to speak up!  

Stay tuned to this space for more information as it becomes available.

Thanks for your interest!  It's already made a difference.

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Home Page
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

=>Jim's Notes

Greetings Friends !

	Exciting days indeed !  The news from Barry Palmer is 
absolutely fantastic.  I'm still letting the thought of a possible
reformed Triumvirat sink in.  As Russ said, they are looking for input
on possible style and marketing right now, so please submit your 
thoughts for publication.  Triumvirat will be reading your comments !
Thanks to the Internet we all have this rare opportunity.

	And I am happy that I have been able to obtain a copy of the
CD of "Es Ist Nicht Leicht Ein Gott Zu Sein" (Hard To Be a God) by
Jürgen Fritz.  Very enjoyable listening !  I'd love to be able to 
tell you, "this is how to get one for yourself!", but... <sigh> It 
took me about 4 months to get ahold of this copy for myself.  Folks 
are saying that it is out-of-print (although this is unconfirmed).  
All I can say is take a look around at all the various importers 
periodically and hope for the best.  I have scanned the album cover, 
which you can take a look at via The Picture Gallery:

	I plan on creating a separate page that will contain all the 
information that is available on this album.  It is on CBS records,
catalog number: 466250 2

	I've given the website an overdue facelift.  I hope you like
the new look.  All the new graphics are smaller files, and should
make it quicker and easier for your browsers to load.  The tables 
are more flexible now, and will accommodate the size of you browser
window better.  If you have any problems, or see something that
doesn't look right (or is just plain wrong !), please let me know, so
I can tend to it .  I am looking into adding a simple search engine
to the site. No promises !  

	I also expect to implement a new e-mail address soon, that
will be specifically for submissions to the newsletter.  That will 
eliminate some confusion (on my part).  I have the e-mail account
established already, but I am not ready to begin using it until
late next month. 

	Onward to the subject of mailing list maintenance !  This is
just a policy note, that I wanted you all to be aware of.  When each
issue of the newsletter goes out, about 10% of them return to me,
having been bounced for one reason or another.  Sometimes this is a
temporary situation with someone's server being down for maintenance, 
or other temporary problem.  But other times, the e-mail continues to
bounce for several months in a row.  To save some headaches, and
keep the mailing list up-to-date, I am going to begin removing names
from the list that have bounced for three consecutive issues.  I will
presume that those e-mail accounts are no longer in existence.  So, if
you stop receiving the newsletter for a couple months, there is the 
possibility that this is the reason.  If that happens, just drop me a 
note, and I'll check it out for you.

	One more thing of note !  I will be going on vacation for the
first two and a half weeks of October.  I will be having my e-mail
downloaded from the server to my computer while I am gone, but it
will not get read until I return on or after October 19th.  I will add
a note about this on the website before I leave.  During the time I'm
gone, newsletter subscriptions will not be processed.  But please
continue to send in subscriptions, as well as submissions to the
newsletter !  They will all be taken care of after I return.

Looking forward to the Autumn colors !

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

=>This month's new links

Many new links added this month !  Enjoy !

RENDEZ-VOUS U.K. - The Official U.K. Web Site

Chasing The Dragon - The Official John Wetton Web Site

Yesterdays - The Classical YES Show

Jean-Luc Ponty Official Home Page

Hawkwind: Welcome to the Future

The history and mystery of Gong

Alternate View: The UK Progressive Music Webzine

Progressive Rock Brazil

Genesis-Web: The Official Site For Genesis

The Official Greg Lake Web Site

Ageness Homepage

The Krautrock Page

The Little River Band

The Marillion Homepage

ELP Tribute Site  

The following review and press release were provided courtesy of
Hans Bathelt !

=> Review from the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant July 28, 1974

"Triumvirat is EL&P German Counterpart"
from the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant July 28, 1974

by Triumvirat (Harvest Records)

International comparisons are always tedious and generally wrong.  
Remember when Donovan was called "The British Bob Dylan"?  And is 
Johnny Halliday really the "French Elvis Presley"?

In some cases, though, the comparisons are so obvious- and so exact- 
that they must be made.  Such is the case with Triumvirat; they are 
the German Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Jürgen Fritz, Triumvirat's synthesizer player, is the master of 
several keyboard instruments, as is EL&P's Keith Emerson.  Both have 
extensive classical music training, inevitably reflected in their 
groups' music.  Hans Bathelt, Triumvirat's percussionist, is a 
strong, sure-footed drummer, as is ELP's Carl Palmer.  And Helmut 
Köllen, Triumvirat's guitarist, provides a competent rhythm track 
and sings, as does ELP's Greg Lake.

"Illusions On A Double Dimple" Triumvirat's first U.S. release, bears
a strong resemblance to ELP's second album, "Tarkus".  Both consist of
extended suites, highlighted by exciting synthesizer sequences and
occasional vocal passages.  Triumvirat's "Last Dance" on the LP is 
cast from the same mold as ELP's "Mass", with bits of their "Jeremy 
Bender" thrown in for good measure.

There is the same halting rhythm, the explosions of synthesizer lunacy
matched beat-for beat by the drums and the fervent bass track.  But 
beyond that, there is the same strange mixture of honky-tonk and 
jazz-rock.  It's enough to suspect that Triumvirat is really ELP in 
disguise (hmmm...surely there's no trace of German accent in the 
vocal passages...could it be?)

Still, there are differences, chiefly Triumvirat's skillful use of 
the Cologne Opera House Orchestra as a backing band.  And in any case,
there's no cause for Triumvirat to avoid comparisons.  Any groups that
can so successfully reproduce a top-notch jazz-rock sound like ELP is
in good company indeed.  

Especially pleasing is "Million Dollars", the final movement of the 
groups' "Mister Ten Percent" suite (apparently dedicated to a recently
fired manager) in which all Triumvirat's talents are released in one 
electronic deluge.  An especially Tarkus-like opening dissolves into 
a huge orchestral and vocal rush as Triumvirat bids farewell to their
agent; "Who's going to work for you for the rest of your life?"

=>Capitol/Harvest Press Release June 1974

CAPITOL/HARVEST PRESS RELEASE JUNE 1974... (includes photo of Hans 
Bathelt seated, with Helmut and Jürgen sitting on the back and arms 
of the chair)

In recent months, U.S. singles and album charts have felt the weight 
of the burgeoning Continental Rock scene.  Like Britain in the early 
1960's, the Continent has finally produced a number of outstanding 
and serious artists whose ability immediately places them in rock's 
upper echelons.  The German school of progressive music, spearheaded 
by Amon Duul II and Tangerine Dream most recently, now has yet another
contender for the Continental crown of rock distinction-Triumvirat.

It's been noted that Triumvirat, a three man group by definition, is
reminiscent of Keith Emerson's early work with the Nice in its smooth 
blend of fine musicianship and structural complexity.  With the 
release, however, of Triumvirat's newest album on Harvest, "Illusions 
On A Double Dimple", such journalistic comparisons will end. They 
will stand on their own.

Hans-Jürgen Fritz is one of the original members of the group, and 
is the power source both creatively and spiritually.  His years of 
serious training at the Koelner Konservatorium imbued Hans with a 
brain trust of theoretical knowledge, but rather than let such 
"academic" notions rest in the Great Abstract of the back of his head,
he enthusiastically puts his ideas into practice, or as he puts it, 
"to get to grips with the music".  He uses a vast array of keyboard 
instruments (including piano, organ, melloton, and synthesizers) to 
create the distinctive sound identified exclusively with Triumvirat, 
a melodic and sensuous pattern of sounds and colors underscored with 
a vigor that creates the bottom line of the music.  It moves.  It's 

Hans Bathelt, also in the group since its initial conception, handles
the percussion chores, while Helmut Köllen, a cousin to Hans-Jürgen 
Fritz, and the latest addition to the group, plays the guitar, bass, 
and supplies the vocals.

The band's first LP, unreleased in the U.S., contained nuances of 
classical music, but the boys now look back upon it as a normal stage 
of development. The latest album, on the other hand, is strictly their
own.  They have incorporated the brass section of Kurt Edelhagen's 
Orchestra and the strings of the Cologne Opera Hose into the album at
tremendous expense, along with Hans-Jürgen Fritz's expansive use of 
the synthesizer and mellotron, and the richness of the sound must be 
heard to be believed.  And once it is heard...well, just wait and 
you'll know.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Triumvirat Midi Files

From: "Joseph A. Marmo" <roadshow@frontiernet.net>

Do you know if there are any Triumvirat midi's in existence?

Joe Marmo

[Editor's note:  I'm sorry to say that we do not know of any
 Triumvirat midi files in existance.]

=>"Spartacus" anywhere, anyone ?

From:	INTERNET:DReeves855@aol.com

My older brother had Triumvirat's "Spartacus" on LP many years ago. I 
realize it's no longer in print. I was very surpassed to find so many 
people out there who were into this great band. I'm sure that this is 
a rhetorical question you've hear before, but do you know of ANYWHERE
I can purchase "Spartacus" on CD? I don't care if I have to pay $60 
or more for it. I have tried all the local record stores/import mail 
order places that I know of. Any up to date info on EMI planning to 
re-release it again?

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Great 


=>Looking for Midi files

From: gete@fastlane.com.br

Hi Jim,

My name is Alberto,
I live in Brazil and I'm a Triumvirat fan. I don't find 
Triumvirat's midi files. Do you have some or knows who has it ?

Thanks and regards


=>Where to find Russian Roulette

From: 	GerryPSU80@aol.com[SMTP:GerryPSU80@aol.com]

Hi, I just found your site by using the search engines and looking for
Triumvirat - was really glad to see there was a web site - I never 
knew they had done another album -Russian Roulette - I'd like to know 
where I can get it!  I was also wondering if there are any midi files
for any of their songs - that is what I was searching for but had no 
luck.  Anyway, my name is Gerry Rickabaugh and my e-mail address is 

=>Midi Files ?

From: VANZO <vanzo@ix.netcom.com>


I have been looking for midi files by Triumvirat and wonder if you 
know of any sites that might contain such files for download.

Great looking home page......Thanks much.

John Vanzo
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=> New ELP 2CD Release

From: 	Brian Werner[SMTP:Brian.Werner@MCI.Com]


This is for all of those ELP die-hards like myself - awesome selection
list! I saw the reference to the King Biscuit CD set in your issue #9. 

Brian Werner

------- FORWARD, Original message follows -------

Date: Wednesday, 06-Aug-97 05:11 PM

From: King Biscuit Flower Hour \ Internet:    (production@kbfh.com)
To:   Brian Werner             \ Internet:    (brian.werner@mci.com)

Subject: Re: New ELP 2CD Release

Brian Werner wrote:
> -- [ From: Brian Werner * EMC.Ver #3.2 ] --
> Hi,
> I am a very avid ELP fan and heard about your new 2CD release by 
> ELP due out on
> August 26th.  I would very much like to know what material is going
> to be included.  I talked to The Artist Shop (I'm assuming they are
> one of the suppliers of King Biscuit CDs) and they could not give
> me any specifics because they had not yet received their promo 
> copy.  Would you be able to provide me with any specifics???  I 
> would like to know if the November 1977 performance will be included
> - this is the live Works Vol I / Vol II performance without the
> orchestra, and it includes the following pieces:
>     1) Peter Gunn
>     2) Tiger in a Spotlight
>     3) C'est La Vie
>     4) Piano Concerto #1 - 1st Movement
>     5) Maple Leaf Rag
>     6) The Enemy God...
>     7) Watching Over You
>     8) Pirates
>     9) Fanfare for the Common Man
*** Yes you are right about the track listing.

> Also, could you confirm the release date.

**** August 26 so far

> Please provide me with some feedback as soon as possible.
> Thanks,
>         Brian Werner
>         E-mail ID: brian.werner@mci.com

to answer your questions, please see above:

Also a show from 1974 is going to include on the CD - the tracks are:
Hoe Down
Still, You Turn Me On
Lucky Man
Piano Improvisation
Karn Evil 9

Also an interactive part on CDROM, with interviews, videos, and other

thanks for your e-mail

------- FORWARD, End of original message -------

=> The Krautrock-Page

From: 	sherpa[SMTP:sherpa@cyberjunkie.com]

hi Jim,

I'm George and I'm the webmaster of the Krautrock-page. (I do not come
from Koeln-ehrenfeld ;-) but I live close to it.....)  

I'm lucky that I found your Triumvirat-page and I already linked it as
you can see:
it would be great if you put a link to it.

greetings from Duesseldorf

<-------------------- No Risk - No Fun <-------------------------------- 
  sherpa     \|/        mailto:sherpa@cyberjunkie.com
             @ @        Home: http://online-club.de/m3/sherpa/
        -oOO-(_)-OOo-   mailto:krautrock@cyberdude.com
       Krautrock: http://online-club.de/m3/sherpa/music/
----------------------> SAVE THE VINYL -------------------------------->

[Editor's Note:  I've added a link to your website, George !  Thanks
 for writing !]

=>French "Spartacus" release ?

From: 	A. Del Riccio[SMTP:tapeari@datamar.com.ar]

Has anyone heard a French release of Spartacus.  somebody told me that
a label called PM from France is selling the piece of art.  It's 
tempting but I would not like to have the same experience as the 
recent one with Tales. Thanks for info through this media or to 

Alejandro Del Riccio

[Editor's note:  We are not currently aware of a French release, but
 that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist !]

=>A Letter To Triumvirat

From: "SMATHIS338" <SMATHIS338@prodigy.net>

To:    Jürgen Fritz
       Hans Bathelt
       Barry Palmer

       Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, where scores of music fans 
travel from across the world to pay homage today to Memphis' and the 
world's most famous singer, actor and musician, Elvis Presely. Today,
twenty years ago, Elvis passed away.

Twenty-two years ago, about this time of year, my girlfriend and I 
were walking up to the doors of the Auditorium North Hall, only to be 
met by a small sign taped on the glass that read "Triumvirat Show 
Cancelled". I was, to say the least, heartbroken. Later, I found out 
that the Guess Who were playing that same night at the  Coliseum. 
Maybe that caused poor ticket sales. I guess I'll never know for

When attending the University of Tennessee  in Knoxville, Tennessee,
I met a classmate in music theory that introduced me to Illusions on 
a Double Dimple. The year was 1974 and I was entranced with music, 
lyrics and the production. Being a keyboardist, I guess you can 
imagine my enthusiasm concerning Triumvirat. Later in 1975, Spartacus
appeared. I bought the album, took it directly to Layfayette's, an 
upper quality sound system store, posing to buy some of those 
eight-hundred dollar a pair speakers. I told the salesman that I would
like to here this on those speakers. He consented, and as soon as
"The Capital of Power" started, heads started turning and the sound 
room filled with people listening intensely, staring at me, holding 
the Spartacus cover.
The Home Page is great and was very pleased to find it !  If a reunion 
happens, there will be a much  bigger audience than you might expect.
I listen to Triumvirat weekly. Even my seven year old daughter sings 
along with, "The Hazy Shades of Dawn".
Thank you for sharing your talents with the world  !!
Scott Mathis

=>Triumvirat: Come to Brazil !

From: drummond@openlink.com.br

hello  Russ,

Congratulations for your work . The page is really great. First, tell 
Jürgen Fritz to come to Brazil if he plans to do a reunion. ELP is
now on tour here for about 10 concerts, all sold out. Triumvirat is 
very popular here, all of their albums were released here. It's still
very easy to find Spartacus CD in any record store here. There is also
a compilation CD (it's a series called Gold Collection) of Triumvirat
with songs from Spartacus, Old love dies Hard, Illusions. 
If you know how I could get a video, I would appreciate to know 
about it.


Luiz Ocatvio

[Editor's Note:  There is a scan of the cover of the Gold Collection
 in The Picture Gallery.]

=>Fan from the Mid-70's

From: 	David A Anderson[SMTP:daa1@sbl.edwards.ca.us]

I was ecstatic to find this newsletter!!!!  I was a big fan of 
Triumvirat when they first toured with Fleetwood Mac in the Mid-70s!

                        David A. Anderson

=>OUR German band Triumvirat

From:	Frankie, INTERNET:frankie@silverpoint.com

Hi Russ, 

what an incredible work you've done on OUR German band Triumvirat. 
I was searching for various German bands such as Triumvirat, Lake and 
Snowball, when I just found your page. I'm sorry I can't help you with
anything you already haven't on your pages. I just thought it's very 
interesting to see American fans do this job instead of those dumb 
ole Krauts (I really do think they are !). I first heard of "New 
Triumvirat" when releasing "The Hymn" which was actually one of my 
girlfriend's and mine first favorite songs at that time (I was 14 
then !). Anyway, in case I could ever help you out with anything like 
translating from German etc., just lemme know ;-) 

Thanks for all the work you've done 

BTW, I've also done an appreciation page, but for the Australian 
Little River Band , it's at 

Al the best, 


[Editor's Note:  I've added a link to your webpage !]

=>King Biscuit CDs, etc.

Jim, Russ, & TATW Readers,

I had my advance order of King Biscuit's ELP GREATEST HITS LIVE 2CD 
in at CDNOW.COM and was surprised to find it shipped Aug 26 (release 
date) and received within a couple of days. For about $20 total cost 
you get over 100 minutes of live 1977 and 1974 ELP broadcast music 
plus the multimedia on the CDROM (disc two) which is a decent price 
considering what you get.
The full listing/description is on the Artists Shop link (King Biscuit
Flour Hour) which is much more current than www.king-biscuit.com. 
Right now CDNOW was less, but upon getting the CD I learned that King 
Biscuit has toll free 1-800-LIVECDS which might be slightly less 
depending on shipping. I called the number and asked about TRIUMVIRAT
broadcast on 8/31/75. Unfortunately the lady sounded like you can 
only order what has been pressed to CDs (Uriah Heep, Rick Wakeman, 
Greg Lake are several choices also available). ELP tracks
from 11/12/77 were at Wheeling, WV and from 3/7/74 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
A lot of tracks sounded like the live 3LP album after Brain Salad LP 
and the In Concert LP, but according to the dates of the tracks these
are probably not just copies off the LPs. The 1977 tracks were after 
ELP dropped the Symphony so that the tracks are not on the Works Live 
CDs. The Pirates track is fantastic, Karn Evil 9 is the full 34 minute
version, Piano Improvisation I is great, & in general, it is a nice 
companion to the Works Live 2 CD set.
The multimedia would have been great except that almost everything is
taken directly off the Welcome Back documentary video as far as 
interviews, music videos, etc. All album covers were presented, etc. 
If you don't have the Welcome Back video, you will appreciate the 
multimedia a lot more. 
Suzanne Ciani had her live CD also released Aug 26, but no multimedia
like on her last two CDs unfortunately. Since the local library has 
her CD and the Uriah Heep King Biscuit CD on order, I will hold off 
on getting these right away. It would be nice if we could get King 
Biscuit to issue the TRIUMVIRAT broadcast from 8/31/75 on CD or a 
cassette. Hope to see some of you Sept 21 at the FOX in St. Louis for 
ELP. I got 4th row center stage by being in the first 25 Internet 
browsers to buy tickets prior to general sales. 

>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,

[Editor's Note:  I'm jealous !  ELP won't be coming anywhere near me
 this time around.  Enjoy it for me !]

=>CD's on the Internet comparison chart

From: Dirk Evans <dirk@triumvirat.net>

If anybody is interested I have compiled an Excel spreadsheet this 
weekend of some music titles. If needed, I can export it to a 
text file.

Far and away the best source that I have found is www.cdplus.com (out 
of California). They beat everyone's prices on practically every 
title by large margins in most cases.

For me, the next best source seems to be www.telecd.com. They have the 
rest of the titles that www.cdplus.com is missing from their catalog 
(and at better prices than domestic import CD distributors). They 
offer free shipping for orders over $200, otherwise the shipping is a 
flat $11.

So, if anyone wants to add some titles to my order, then you can avoid 
the otherwise exorbitant shipping charge.


Dirk Evans
Data Research Associates
Software Development

=>One Way Records suggestions

From: Dirk Evans <dirk@triumvirat.net>

One Way Records has an online form to submit suggestions for titles 
that you would like for them to release on CD. Below is a list that 
I submitted and their response.

I thought that I had a link to One-Way Records on my Music page, but 
it's not there. There is a One-Way page at 
but it does not have the form that I filled out.
I may have got there from http://www.artist-shop.com

From: 	Terry Wachsmuth[SMTP:terwac@aent.com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 02, 1997 8:42 AM
To: 	Dirk Evans
Subject: 	RE: WWW Form Submission

We will be releasing Bloodrock 3, along with Bloodrock USA & 
Bloodrock Live sometime in 1998.
From: Dirk Evans
To: terwac; list
Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 1997 3:38PM

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
Dirk Evans (dirk@triumvirat.net) on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 08:37:04

Message: Jan Akkerman - Tabernacle
Amboy Dukes - Marriage on the Rocks
Ambrosia - Ambrosia
Ambrosia - Somewhere I've Never Travelled
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Red Tape
Bloodrock - 3
Billy Cobham - Magic
Curt Cress Clan
Earthquake - Earthquake (w/ Things)
Allan Holdsworth - Road Games
Hudson Ford - Free Spirit
Illinois Speed Press - Illinois Speed Press
Steve Khan - Tightrope
Mahogany Rush - IV
Mahogany Rush - World Anthem
McDonald & Giles
Passport - Iguacu, Cross-Colateral, etc...
Rarebird - As Your Mind Flies By
Rarebird - Epic Forest
Rarebird - Somebody's Watching
Lee Ritenour - Captain Fingers
Lee Ritenour - Captain's Journey
Michael Stanley - Rosewood Bitters
Michael Stanley - Friends and Legends
Steelers Wheel - S/T , Ferguslie Park,...
Streetwalkers - Red Card, Vicious but Fair, ...
Snowball - Defroster
Strawbs - Ghosts
Triumvirat - Spartacus
Wishbone Ash - Nouveau Calls
Gary Wright - Extraction
Gary Wright - Footprint
Gary Wright - Wonderwall (unreleased?)

=>Venezuela Triumvirat Fan

From:	Mile Ostojich, INTERNET:damir@cantv.net


What a nice surprise,  I just recently found Triumvirat homepage.
Now you can add Venezuela to your country list.

Mile Ostojich


From: Caramanico@aol.com
Subject: WOW!

I don't have anything to add - it's just great to find out that this 
website is out there.  I am the only person I know of that ever even 
heard of Triumvirat!

=>Fan from the Beginning

From: 	EloyProd@aol.com[SMTP:EloyProd@aol.com]

I'm a huge Triumvirat fan since the very beginning. Glad to have 
found this web-site.  My name is John Szatai. 
My e-mail address is:  
Eloy Prod.@aol.com

=>Glad to read about them

From: 	Carlos Ezcurra[SMTP:rael@impsat1.com.ar]

 I liked you "Triumvirat Home Page" very much. It is really very well 
done. I loved reading about them again.


=>ELP Tribute Site

From:	INTERNET:usdyver@execpc.com


 I've long been a fan of Triumvirat. I wish I could get some of the
albums on CD. I'd love to hear "Illusions" without all the pops of a
20-something year old album.

The reason I am dropping you a note is to make you aware of my web 
site. I am a long time ELP fan and have put together an ELP page. 
Take a look and let me know what you think. I'm still working on 
some graphics. 


Harry T
     Suffering in silence, they've all been betrayed.
     They hurt them and they beat them, in a terrible way,
     Praying for survival at the end of the day.
     There is no compassion for those who stay.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Marillion North American Tour

Marillion is now on tour in North America.  Here is their tour 

Mon, Sep 1 Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
Thu, Sep 4 Toronto, Canada - The Government
Fri, Sep 5 Quebec City - Salle Albert Rousseau
Sat, Sep 6 Montreal, QC - Le Spectrum
Tue, Sep 9 New Haven, CT - Toad's Place
Wed, Sep 10 Sommerville, MA - Sommerville Theatre
Thu, Sep 11 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
Sat, Sep 13 S. Amboy, NJ - Club Bene
Mon, Sep 15 Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere
Tue, Sep 16 Philadelphia, PA - TLA
Thu, Sep 18 Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
Fri, Sep 19 Cleveland, OH - The Odeon
Sat, Sep 20 Pontiac, MI - 7th House
Sun, Sep 21 Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room
Tue, Sep 23 Chicago, IL - Park West
Sat, Sep 27 Mexico City - National Auditorium

For details and ticket information: www.marillion.com

=>Neil Peart's daughter dies in auto accident

From the Toronto Star:

"Rush drummer Neil Peart's 19-year-old daughter Selena Taylor died in 
a single-car crash on the weekend (Sun. August 10th).  The Toronto 
resident was driving her 1997 Jeep westbound on the 401 east of 
Cobourg at 1:20 pm Sunday when the vehicle left the highway, rolling 
over several times before landing in the median, Ontario Provincial 
Police say.  They continue to investigate.  The group's record 
company, Anthem, declined comment except to confirm the tragedy."

We at TATW wish to express our condolences to the Peart family in the
light of this tragedy.  For those who may be interested, a trust fund 
has been established in Selena's name.  Here is the information, from 
the Rush website, A Show of Fans: 

"In response to the recent passing of Selena Taylor, Neil Peart's 
daughter, the Selena Taylor Trust Fund has been set up in her name.  
If you would like to make a donation, please make your check payable 
to the "Selena Taylor Foundation"
and send it to:

Selena Taylor Trust Fund
189 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario

"Cards may also be send to the above address.  Please, no packages.  
Additionally, SRO/Anthem has requested that no phone 
calls be made to the office.

"Thank you for your support of the Rush family during these difficult


Steve Streeter, Mandy Streeter and Chad Hutchinson
(A Show of Fans)

"The above information is also available at http://www.ASOF.com"

=>Yes prepares for 1997 tour with new band members

The long awaited new Yes album and tour appears to be coming together.
Yes has announced that they have added a sixth member to the band, 
Billy Sherwood, who has been working with Yes and World Trade 
previously (he mixed the studio tracks on the Keys to Ascension album,
as well as co-wrote songs such as "The More We Live, Let Go" from the 
Union album.) Also announced, is a new keyboard player, Igor "Ivan" 
Khoroshev, who has been working with the band on a new studio album 
to be released next spring.

Alan White describes Ivan's style as a cross between Rick Wakeman 
and Keith Jarrett.

Concert dates for the first month of the tour have been announced.  
The band will be rehearsing during September.  The dates announced so 
far are listed below.  For more information, TATW suggests the 
websites listed after the tourdates.

10/17 Hartford, CT - Meadows (on sale 9/12)
10/18 Boston, MA - Orpheum (on sale 9/13)
10/19 Boston, MA - Orpheum (on sale 9/13)
10/21 Albany, NY - Palace
10/22 FairFax, VA - Patriot Center (on sale 9/12)
10/24 Philly, PA - Tower (on sale 9/12)
10/25 Philly, PA - Tower (on sale 9/12)
10/29 New York, NY - Beacon (on sale 9/15)
10/30 New York, NY - Beacon (on sale 9/15)
11/2  Pittsburgh, PA - Palumbo
11/3  Detroit, MI - Fox
11/7  Toronto, ONT - Massey Hall
11/8  Quebec, QUE - Colisee
11/10 Montreal, QUE - Molson Center

Suggested Yes websites:

Notes From The Edge

Yes Magazine


=>October release of new Yes album planned

Keys to Ascension II, the next release from Yes, is tentatively 
scheduled for an October 22nd street date.  The album's debut will 
coincide with the group's Fall/Winter North American tour.  The 2 CD 
set will include one disc of live material from the San Luis 
Obispo, California concerts of 1996, and a second disc of new studio 
material that was recorded with Rick Wakeman in November of last 
year.  The expected track list, follows:

Disc One:

Going for the One
Turn of the Century
Close to the Edge
Time and a Word
And You and I
I've Seen All Good People

Disc Two:

Children of Light
Mind Drive
To the Power
Sign Language

The album will be released on Purple Pyramid, a division of Cleopatra 

=>ELP/King Biscuit CD demand underestamated

The Artist Shop has reported that King Biscuit has apparently 
underestimated the demand for the new ELP/King Biscuit CD.  Not 
enough were printed in the first run to meet the demand.  It seems 
that many stores have not recieved their shipments of the discs yet, 
as a result.  So, if you have pre-ordered the album, and are wondering
what the status is, this may answer your question.

Why the demand ?

ELP seems to be enjoying a renaissance in popularity these days.  
Last year's tour with Jethro Tull, followed by another tour this year 
has helped to put them back in the spotlight.  It seems that the more 
time that bands allow between tours and albums, the less sucessful 
they tend to be (minus the exceptions, like Pink Floyd.)  

Rumors ?

According to Gary Davis at The Artist Shop, "...rumors are running
rampant that the next album in the works is going to be a concept 
album and a return to the old way of doing things and that they plan 
to resurrect their old Manticore label.  Actually these rumors are 
100% true having been confirmed to me by Keith's personal manager, 
Will Alexander."
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