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Issue #9
August 4, 1997

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
or to correct mistakes in the information presented.  We have done this to insure that you
receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)


- Russ's Update
- Lyrics: Helmut Köllen's "The Story of Life" 
- Jim's Notes
- Feature: Jürgen Fritz' GX-1 Keyboard
- Replacing my worn out "Spartacus"
- "Illusions" CD and lyrics
- "Illusions" lyrics ?
- Good Recording of Russian Roulette ?
- Spartacus
- RE: Spock's Beard
- "Hard To Be A God"
- Gaensehaut/Various Triumvirat issues
- Triumvirat CD's
- Address change
- You Won't See Me/Russian Roulette
- Si-Wan Records
- MASTERMIND Touring with FISH
- U.K. "Legacy"
- ELP North and South American Tour 1997
- Focus to Play Netherlands on 8/30
- New ELP King Biscuit CD
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=>Russ's Update

Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:

I have two important pieces of information to pass along to all of 
you this month. 
First the best news:  Each and every one of you can now send a letter
or message directly to either Jürgen Fritz, Barry Palmer, or Hans 
Bathelt of Triumvirat.  I want to encourage each and every one of 
you reading now to at least send a few lines to say what this groups 
means to you, to hurry-up the reunion, or whatever is on your mind.  
I will personally guarantee that their message will be received by 
them and read.
Just send the message (Dear Jürgen, Dear Barry,  or Dear Hans, or 
all three)via e-mail in care of me (russ@triumvirat.net ) by 
August 17th, and I will forward all letters.  I hope everyone reading
this will respond!!!  Let's show some support for a reunion project!
There was also a member of Triumvirat for a short time, Matthias 
Holtmann, who also played drums on Helmut's album, who has his own 
e-mail.  You can e-mail him directly at extraspaet@sdr.de 

The second news is that with the help of our friend Manfred in 
Cologne, we now have an ad running in the main music/entertainment 
magazine in Cologne to help search for more Triumvirat insiders who 
can get us rare material from the early days (audio, video, etc.) as 
well as more details on the life of Helmut Köllen.

I hope to hear from you soon!!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Homepage

=>Lyrics: Helmut Köllen's "The Story of Life"

"The Story of Life" from Helmut Köllen's album "You Won't See Me"
(music and lyrics by Helmut Köllen and Hans Bathelt)

You smoke your refer, you drink your wine
You take your pills and you feel just fine
You're taking off like a jumbo jet
That flight is bad but you don't regret

You watch TV till you go blind
Your parents sleep and they don't mind
You blow your nose, you wreck your car
You just drop out, you won't get far

I tell you the story of life, which is old
The more you get older, the more you get cold
About the only thing left in each generation
Is loving and dying and death and frustration

You spend your money you waste your time
The drinks are good and the food's divine
You never care about tomorrow
Just go ahead

You love your lover you hate her man
You kill your ego as much you can
You go around the world you try to stop lying
You finally make it, you feel that you're dying

I tell you the story of life, which is old
The more you get older, the more you get cold
About the only thing left in each generation
Is loving and dying and death and frustration

(thanks to Roy DeRousse of St. Louis, MO for an official copy of the

On this album, the players are:

Helmut Köllen: voice, acoustic and Leslie guitars, bass
Jürgen Fritz: producer, keyboards, orchestra conductor and brass
Dieter Perereit: bass
Matthias Holtmann: drums & percussion
Brigitte Witt: backing vocals, vocal solo on "Playing This Song 
Elke Köllen: backing vocals
Charly Schlimbach: saxophone
Burkhardt Lipps: electric guitar solo

=>Jim's Notes

Greetings Friends !

I hope none of you have had to deal with any of the weather related 
problems that have been going on around the world lately.  A lot of 
flooding out there !

I've added the transcribed lyrics to "Illusions on a Double Dimple" 
to the website now.  You can read them at 
www.triumvirat.net/illusion.htm   And if you are interested
in the lyrics for "Spartacus", they continue to be available at 
www.triumvirat.net/spartacus.htm  !  There are also some 
minor changes to the Discography page.  I've found a various artists 
LP, "Summertrip", from Capitol records, that lists Triumvirat as one 
of the bands included on the album.  Other artists on this "promo 
only" LP include, Bob Seger, Sweet, Status Quo, and Dr. Hook.   I am 
attempting to obtain a copy of this album at the moment.

Quite a few additions to the links page again this month !  As always,
if there's a link you'd like to see here, let me know !

Moving Waves - Focus Home Page

Mike Pinder's One Step Records

Syd Barrett Spot

Jethro Tull Music Archive

Gibson Musical Instruments Home Page

Rickenbacker Guitars

Progressive Music Online (commercial site: guitars, et al)

Enjoy your August !

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

=>Feature: Jürgen Fritz' GX-1 Keyboard

by Jim Bradley

In 1973, Yamaha premiered the $60,000 GX-1 Keyboard at the NAMM 
convention.  Yamaha had developed the GX-1 as a test bed for later 
synthesizers.  This analog polyphonic synth, featured two full-sized
velocity-sensitive manuals, a small monophonic pressure-sensitive 
manual, a 25-note pedalboard, a "relative" ribbon controller, two 
"swell" pedals and a springloaded knee controller.  The relative 
ribbon controller worked in such a way that zero modulation was 
located wherever you placed you finger first.  The modulation value 
rose and fell as you moved your finger left and right.  It had eight
voices, as well as one monophonic voice.  The monophonic voice could
be layered onto the polyphonic voices as the top note.  The GX-1 was
programmed through a number of miniature control sets that were 
hidden in drawers and panels on the synth.  Also, there were rows of
drawbar sliders as well as buttons located above the middle manual.

Approximately 7 of the GX-1 were produced by Yamaha.  Jürgen Fritz 
bought and used one on the "New Triumvirat Presents Pompeii" album.
Others that bought the GX-1 were Keith Emerson of ELP, John Paul 
Jones of Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Wonder.

The circuits of the GX-1 were placed into IC's and used again in 
Yamaha's CS-80, that came out in 1977.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Replacing my worn out "Spartacus"

From: Jay Taylor (ecu1jet@discover.net)

Help me , please...my 1975 copy of Spartacus has worn out...please
tell me you have some information on this albums re-release on CD,
time?? label?? import??   PLEASE!!! 

Jay Taylor,
Banning, California

=>"Illusions" CD and lyrics

From: Mark Pinsent (sumtotal@onlink.net)


"Illusions" CD and lyrics to Mr Ten Percent and Lucky Girl.

Mark Pinsent

=>"Illusions" lyrics ?

From: Jerry Payonk <payonk@net66.com>


Great page. It's hard to find ANYONE today who still remembers

I have a question which might be a potential addition to your page.
Neither my original album nor the CD for Illusions on a Double Dimple 
contain the lyrics. Helmut Kollen's heavy accent make some of the 
lyrics difficult to make out. I'm looking for lyrics to this CD; 
particularly the tracks "Flashback" and "Lucky Girl". Can you offer 
any assistance?

Jerry Payonk

=>Good Recording of Russian Roulette ?

From: Rick Makara (rmakara@concentric.net)

Hi guys!
  Been with you since TATW #1 and you're still doing a great job with
the page.
I digest each issue with a quiet smile and a good feeling that this
whole thing is being put together by guys who enjoy Triumvirat as 
much as I do.
  If any of your readers can help me out with a decent recording of 
the last album, I sure would appreciate it. It's the only one I don't
have and have not heard. Keep up the great work. See you on the Net.
Rick Makara


From:	"intuit-10021631!qfn", INTERNET:aharris@pacbell.net

I have been trying to locate a copy of Spartacus.  Do you have any
idea where I can get one?  Please help! I used to have the album 
back in the 70's, but it was lost and I would like the CD.  Please
reply to AHarris@pacbell.net.

Thank you.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

=>RE: Spock's Beard

From: Brett Tiesmaki (Tiesmaki@banff.net)

(joe@triumvirat.net) said:
>As all you TATW net browsers know by now, Triumvirat is on the ELP
>home page now under bands influenced by ELP link page. Since TATW #3 I
>have described many similar sounding groups to ELP/TRIUMVIRAT
>discussion of another "influenced" band in the ELP digest called
>SPOCK'S BEARD, but no real details on what they sound like
>(keyboard-oriented?, heavy guitar?, ...) and their home page doesn't
>help much. Has anyone out there acquired either of the first two
>albums (3rd is in progress)? What does this group exactly sound like

I just purchased "Beware of Darkness", but I'd have to say the group's
sound (aside from the occasional keyboard styling) is most strongly
influenced by "Fragile-era" Yes.  Lots of interesting time signatures
and some neat vocal work, particularly on "Thoughts".  Also of note,
their drummer is appearing on the next Genesis album........

"...we're just musicians, here to thin the thickness of your skin..." 
(Max Webster)

Brett Tiesmaki
Banff, Ab.

[Editor's note:  I have heard the track "Congo" from the new Genesis.   Too early to say what I thought of it ! But I will say that the drums are of primary interest on this track, IMHO.]

=>"Hard To Be A God"

From: Andreas Novak (Andreas.Novak@poboxes.com)

I found time to read your website a little more careful. But not as
careful as I wanted to...  :-)
Here you are some additional information I didn't see on your website.

JF's 'Hard To Be A God' was released in 1989 by CBS Schallplatten
GmbH under the title 'Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein'. The
industry number is CBS 4662502.
It's absolutely impossible to find a copy of the CD. I asked CBS
Germany about a possible re-release of HTBAG. The answer I received
on 06/06/97 from Ole Kirchhoff (Columbia_Germany@Sonymusic.Com) was

Jürgen Fritz did also the soundtrack for the German movie 'Eine Frau
für gewisse Stunden' (A Woman For Certain Hours) in 1984.
Unfortunately I don't know wether the soundtrack was released on CD.
I also never saw the movie, so I can't comment the soundtrack's

As I always mentioned the German title of the soundtrack CD of HTBAG
leads me to the theory that the soundtrack has never been released
outside Germany.
If you want I could provide you the title song 'Hard To Be A God' by
Jürgen Fritz (vocals by Grant Stevens). The format would be MPEG
audio layer-3, 16 bit stereo, 22 kHz, about 1,6 MB. I could also
provide a Freeware MPEG audio player if needed.

Andreas Novak

Freestate of Saxony,

e-mail: Andreas.Novak@poboxes.com

It's a magical world... Let's go exploring!

=>Gaensehaut/Various Triumvirat issues

From: Alex Gitlin (UHEEP4@aol.com)


Thanks for the latest issue of TATW!  I was delighted to find out
that A La Carte has now made it onto CD (is it true?) - more
information, please?  [And I don't mean Si-Wan!!!]  Ditto "Pompeii"
and "Old Loves Die Hard" - are these all now available on CD??

ANDREAS has mentioned two albums by "Gaensehaut": "Augenblicke" and
"Schmetterlinge gibt's nicht mehr".  I am very interested because one
of my all-time keyboard idols, Jürgen Fritz, plays on both, so could
someone please provide more information on these two LPs?  Like, years
of release, labels, and so forth?

When are we getting the re-release of the posthumous Helmut Köllen
solo album? Any news on that?

I apologize in advance if some of these questions sound/look a bit
ignorant or clueless - I'm only trying to catch up...

P.S. Been looking for the Curt Cress Clan albums for ages - to
absolutely no avail - what's the story there?  How many were there? 
How to find them? Any help?

Thanks for all your help, in advance!

Most sincere and friendly regards,

=>Triumvirat CD's

From: Jerry Payonk <payonk@net66.com>


Some time ago I got three Triumvirat CD's (Mediterranean Tales,
Illusions and Old Loves) from RPM Records in Texas at:


Look under "progressive". They currently don't have anything listed
from Triumvirat, but the list changes often. "Big Al" (the owner) is
a progressive rock fan and tries to pick up titles as they become
The entire list is quite impressive. You can always call and ask and
they might have something in that isn't on the list.

Jerry Payonk

=>Address Change

From: INTERNET:draco@garden.metrobbs.com


    Once again I'd like to commend you on the great job you guys are
doing with the Triumvirat Home Page and the Tales Across The Water
newsletter.  The possibility of a T-Rat reunion is very exciting

   My e-mail address is now changing and I would like to ask you to

   My NEW e-mail address is:   draco@garden.metrobbs.com


   Gary Pfeifer

[Editor's note:  Thanks Gary !  It has been done !]

=>You Won't See Me/Russian Roulette

From: Toohey, Joseph (joe@triumvirat.net)

Jim & Russ & T'rat Fans,
   After a long wait I finally got a few recordings in my audio
collection that I would like to comment on. The album "You
Won't See Me" is fantastic Triumvirat sound. It should have
been titled something like Köllen, Fritz, Holtmann, and
Petereit present "An Evening of Triumvirat Music". It would have
made quite a decent selling in the USA if the Triumvirat name
would have been put on the Album. After all, ABWH got away with
"ABWH, an Evening of Yes Music" which was a great concert that
was broadcast on pay-per-view and is one of my treasured quality
video concerts. On the other hand, it seems strange to see the
name Triumvirat on a funky pop album like "Russian Roulette".  I
consider "A La Carte" to still be the final true Triumvirat album with
the great keyboards/vocals/drums that makes Triumvirat unique. 
It would be a shame if a Triumvirat reunion was not made up of the
members of the group prior to the making of "Russian Roulette".

   Also, an import by a group called Quill has a "Sursam Coda"
album that very much has the same style as early Triumvirat
albums (great sound). I am still in search of Fritz soundtrack/
solo works. After collecting all of Emerson's solo works, I
would rate soundtracks as #1 Night Hawks, #2 Inferno, #3 Best
Revenge, #4 Harmagedon, #5 Murderock. Don't bother getting
"La Chiesa (The Church)" since most of it is on his "Changing
States" solo album. The "Honky", "Christmas", and "Manhattan
Collection" albums & sampler CDs are worth getting also. The
other half of "Harmagedon" is "China Freefall" by Derek Austin,
who is one of the other keyboard artists on "Manhattan Collect."
It would be very interesting to compare solo works by Fritz
with those by Emerson.
>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,

=>Si-Wan Records

From: PIPPorts@aol.com

Hi Russ,

I just read your complaint regarding Si-Wan's release of "Ala Carte"
in an old issue of TATW on the Triumvirat homepage. While I haven't
heard this reissue, I did purchase another release on Si-Wan: PFM's
"Storia di un Minuto". I'm not very pleased with it! I purchased it
on LP, supposedly an "audiophile quality" reissue on 180-gram vinyl.
It sounds like crap! The first time I played it I was assaulted with
a variety of crackles & pops. My first thought was that it was a poor
pressing, which I still believe, but in light of your comments on
their release of "Ala Carte", I'm now convinced they used a poor
master for the PFM release as well.

Just wanted to let you know of my experience and that I don't plan to
buy any more Si-Wan records or CD's.

Tim Webb

[Editor's note:  Unfortunately, it seems that Si-Wan is more
interested in getting their releases out quickly, than producing a
quality product.  There are companies that will take your vinyl
albums and record them to CD for about $30 US.  And you may end up
with better quality than Si-Wan, if your vinyl is in better
condition than theirs !]

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>MASTERMIND Touring with FISH

MASTERMIND will be touring the States in support of FISH 
(ex-Marillion) at a majority of his US shows. More shows may be 
added but these dates are confirmed:

MASTERMIND North American Tour with FISH

July 18  Pittsbugh, PA - Graffiti  
July 19  Philadelphia, PA - TLA
July 20  Washington, DC - The Bayou
July 24  Danbury, CT - Tuxedo Junction
July 25  Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
July 27  Providence, RI - The Strand
July 28  Boston, MA - The Paradise
Aug  07  Buffalo, New York - The Tralf
Aug  08  Pontiac, MI - 7th House
Aug  10  Cleveland, OH - Odeon
Aug  11  Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
Aug  12  Columbus, OH - Ludlows
Aug  14  Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall
Aug  15  Chicago, IL - Park West
Aug  18  Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre 
Aug  21  Vancouver, BC - Starfish Room
Aug  22  Seattle, WA - The Fenix
Aug  24  San Francisco, CA - Slim's
Aug  25  Fremont, CA - Club Kaos

More dates may be added. For updates & info visit:

=>U.K. "Legacy"

Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, and Bill Bruford, as well as Steve Hackett
and Tony Levin, appear on the new effort from U.K.  The album will be
called "Legacy", and is scheduled for a 1998 release date.  The album
is largely completed with "some guitar tracks" still to be laid down.
John Wetton describes the new album, saying that it will be
"a little bit of Zappa's wierdness, dark, and a very powerful album."

=>ELP North and South American Tour 1997

For those that haven't heard, or haven't visited the ELP Digest 
website in awhile (Check them out for great ELP info at 
http://bliss.berkeley.edu/elp/) here are their tour dates.

August 6-7 - Santiago, Chile - Estadio 
August 9-11 - Buenos Aries - Tearro Opera 
August 12 - Porto Allegre, Brazil - Opiniao 
August 13 - Curitiba, Brazil - Teatro Guaira 
August 15 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Metropolitan
August 16 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Mineirinho Gymnasiun 
August 17 - Brazilia, Brazil - Teatro Nacional 
August 19-20 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Olympia 
August 27-28 - Mexico City, Mexico - Auditorio Nacional 
August 29 - Monterey, Mexico - Plaza de Toros 
August 30 - Tijuana, Mexico - Plaza de Toros 

Sept. 6 - Vienna, VA - Wolf Trap Farm Park
Sept. 7 - Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre 
Sept. 8 - New Brunswick, NJ - State Theater
Sept. 10 - New York, NY - Beacon Theater 
Sept. 12 - Boston, MA - Harborlights
Sept. 13 - Altantic City, NJ - The Sands Hotel & Casino
Sept. 14 - Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theater 
Sept. 15 - Providence, RI - The Strand 
Sept. 17 - Cleveland, OH - Nautica 
Sept. 18 - Auburn Hills, MI - The Palace 
Sept. 19 - Chicago, IL - Rosemont Theater 
Sept. 20 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagle Ballroom(this may have been cancelled) 
Sept. 23 - Phoenix, AZ - Union Hall 
Sept. 25 - Los Angeles, CA - Universal Amphitheater 
Sept. 26 - Concord, CA - Concord Pavilion 
Sept. 27 - Reno, NV - Reno Amphitheater 
Sept. 28 - Fresno, CA - Visalia Center 
Sept. 30 - San Diego, CA - Humphrey's 

=>Focus to Play Netherlands on 8/30

From: jtymecki@spamneggsmindspring.com (Joe Tymecki)

It appears Focus (with VanLeer) will play a concert in Mill,
Netherlands on August 30th.  I have more of the concert information 
at the Focus web page:


The Dutch band Focus and Radio Airchecks

To Reply via e-mail remove the words 'spamneggs' from
e-mail address...TNX, Joe

=>New ELP King Biscuit CD

News from The Artist Shop (http://www.artist-shop.com) :

 "The next King Biscuit release will be Emerson, Lake & Palmer!  The 
release date will be August 26 (coming up fast!).  The album
will be a double disc set with the second disc containing music and 
CD-ROM material!"
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