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Issue #8
June 17, 1997

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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)


- Russ's Update
- FAX from Barry Palmer
- Jim's Notes
- 1974 Review
- Lyrics "Mediterranean Tales"
- Lyrics for "Mediterranean Tales"
- Looking for "Illusions"
- Looking For CD or LP of ....
- Triumvirat CD's
- "Spartacus" and "Pompeii" on CD
- Lyrics to "For You"
- Reply from Russ : Lyrics "For You"
- Reunion of the 'RATS and beyond
- A Tribute ?
- More Fritz News
- "Spartacus" Selected Radio Edits For Programming
- Triumvirat Spartacus... a short story.
- Spock's Beard ?
- "Spartacus" Re-release ?
- TATW #8 ?
- Thanks for the Links !
- Looking for Triumvirat Information
- New Genesis Album: Title and Release date
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=>Russ's Update
Hello again Triumvirat fans worldwide:
This month I have for you some of the best Triumvirat news in almost 
twenty years!
I recently received a fax from Barry Palmer to the fans, which 
follows, and I'll let you read that for yourself.  I have also spoken 
this month again with Hans Bathelt, who asked me to pass on his 
appreciation to the fans, as well.  We should be hearing something 
from Hans pretty soon via letter. 
Thanks again for all of your support.
It truly looks like some sort of Triumvirat reunion is indeed a 
Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Homepage
(Here it is, word for word:)
Hi Russ:
This is Barry, just to say sorry for not getting back to you properly,
but to also thank you for your kind thoughts and inspiring comments.  
As you have realized by now, the past few weeks & months have been a 
little hectic.  Things are calming down a bit now, so I will have time
shortly to respond in full to all your questions.  Thank you for all 
(underlined) your faxes and the Internet stuff (a printout of the 
webpage and the "Ala Carte" CD), I learned a lot from it.  Of course, 
I would love to do an interview with your friend at the radio station 
and we can arrange that quite soon.  By the way, I spoke to Jürgen 
again a few days ago, and both of us agreed that your website was 
really good stuff!  We talked for a long time about many things, both 
past and future.  Regarding any Triumvirat future, let's just say that
we both have and open mind and have resolved to talk again face to 
face in the near future.  Listen, Russ, I'm humbled and grateful for 
your support and I promise we'll talk properly soon.
Take care my friend, 
=>Jim's Notes
Greetings Friends !
     I know that you all have been waiting and wondering, "Where is
the next issue of TATW?"  Thank you for your patience !  I was out of
town over the 3 day weekend for Memorial Day, and returned sick.  And
I've been sick for 3 weeks now, and still not over it.  If I've missed
replying to anyone's e-mail, please forgive me.  In my fogged state
of mind, I had to manually uninstall some beta software, and may have 
lost some messages in the process.  I just not sure.  My Usenet
settings and saved materials were lost, no terrible loss, and the 
folders of one of my e-mail programs were damaged, but that shouldn't
effect my primary e-mail.  No loss of e-mail addresses this time, 
thank God ! (I do keep multiple backups of those, since the December 
     I should also mention that because of my time limitations and 
Russ's time limitations, it has always been our policy that there is 
no set time for publication of the newsletter, nor a schedule (such as
"once a month").  There are also times when there may not be enough
material to publish a significant newsletter, so we wait until there
is.  Or we will publish more quickly with important information.
Expect that during the summer months, there will be fewer issues of
TATW, as folks get out of the house and away from their computers to
enjoy the days !
     I've switched to a different html editing program, as well as to
a different graphics program.  I'm much happier with these.  I've 
been doing some more minor changes here and there.  But the one thing
that has significantly changed is the Links page.  The ongoing links
are now listed alphabetically by Title. It was getting much to hard on
the eyes to search through the list to find what you might be looking
for.  I may still make some more changes there to try to make things 
easier still. Ongoing commercial links continue to be listed 
separately towards the bottom of the page.
     And continuing on the links page, there are many new links added
this month !  Guess I'm making up for last month.  There are quite a
few new commercial site listings among them.  We make no claim for
them, and are not affiliated with them in any way.  We provide them
for your information, hopefully they can help you find what you may
be looking for !  Ticketmaster is among these new sites listed, you
can order your concert tickets online for many shows.  CD Europe,
another new listing, is a good source for CD's from:  you guessed it,
Europe !
The new listings are:
Lifting Shadows: The Official Dream Theater Home Page and Fan Network
Eloy Web Page
Jethro Tull
Pat's Mike Oldfield Page
The Ozric Tentacles Home Page
Genesis - The Path
Harmony Central: Guitar Tablature
Tomita - Sound Creature
Rick Wakeman's Communications Centre  
CD Europe, Inc.
Dr. Wax
CD World
Compact Disc Connection
A B CD's Home Page
Welcome to RPM ! (records)
Someone asked about the status of the program I was writing.  I have
essentially finished writing the program, and all the known significant
bugs are out of it except one minor problem in the setup process.  
However, the program is fairly hefty in size, running near 7 mb.  So,
I want to work on getting the program optimized to reduce the size.
One more thought to mention:  We have been looking into ways to get
"Spartacus" as well as other works back into production.  I think
that there is a very real possibility of something happening in the
next 6 months - 1 year !
Hope your Summer Days are full of joy !
Jim Bradley
TATW Editor


=>1974 Review
I happened upon this concert review a few days ago.  The
review is of a Jefferson Starship concert in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, USA.  Triumvirat was the opening act, and one
paragraph of the article discusses their performance.
Enjoy !
Fair Use
from The Bugle-American Nov. 28, 1974 by Jay Lengnick...
Jefferson Starship Takes Off!
The name Jefferson Airplane is legendary. The group that made San 
Francisco famous. Somewhere along their adventurous flight though, the
airplane metamorphosed, conglomerated and was overhauled into a 
Starship, broader in number and age but slicker, carrying on the same
tradition that their foremother had so rightly established.
The new Starship thrust into the Arena on the 15th, melding their 
powerful sound into the same forceful music the the old Airplane is 
still delightfully remembered for. Unfortunately, there were also some
of the age old misgivings about a group and the show, that kept it 
from landing in a musical Utopia.
One, the backup band was Triumvirat, back for its second date in three 
weeks. They performed the exact same set as at the Riverside with a 
little more polish and better riff work from drummer Hans Bathelt. 
Their studio-like precision seemed overly sterile the second time, and
by the time the audience had warmed up to them, they were starting to
grow bored by the long uninterrupted songs and the lack of a show.
Jefferson Starship, on the other ear, exhibited a stage presence with 
fluidity and relaxation, and slowly built the mood to a rare intensity
by the encore of their long set. It is not often that a band is able 
to get Milwaukee leadbutts on their feet, stomping and clapping, 
especially at the Arena.
Of course, the tremendous G-force was what propulsed the reaction, 
perhaps inconsistent with physics, as Gracie Slick took control of the
helm. She, looking lighter and colorfully clad in a flowing orange and
black flowered kimono-type gown (with rockable rice paddy clogs to 
boot), sang, talking, and joked with enchanting rapport.
The other star of the seven member ship that commandeered the respect
and admiration of the full house was the amazingly deceptive 
violinist, Papa John Creach. He stood stone solid during the sound 
delay, as if he were a 75 year old mannequin. But once the set started
with "Ride the Tiger," he loosed to a bowing and rocking agility and 
enthusiasm more befitting his oft time dueling partner, 20 year old 
lead guitarist Craig Chaquico.
For those who haven't kept up with the constant personnel changes, the 
remainder of the touring and apparently semi-permanent lineup is: 
Original member, rhythm guitarist, vocalist and composer Paul Kantner,
father of Grace's child, satisfied to be reserved and out of the 
limelight. Other Airplane carryovers included vocal, keyboard and 
bassist David Freiberg (Quicksilver), and drummer John Barbata 
Recent Starship joiners Pete Sears, bass and keyboards, and Chaquico 
round out the sound that ranged effectively from bluesy or mellow to 
heavy rocking, the earliest evidence of that found in their 
reconstruction of "Wooden Ships." Sears handled the low frequencies 
with a booming variability, but Chaquico dwelled too long too often 
on his basic progressions and digressions up and down the neck. Using
only three fingers during his lead breaks limited his range, but his 
interplays with Creach projected an emotion and euphoria beyond the 
scope of mere instrumentation.
Once Grace got things rolling, the whole band was sucked into the 
positive vibrations, generating the kind of happy energy associated 
with playing for fun, as opposed to working for money. Those vibes 
were epitomized in Slick's enjoyment taken in trading licks and barks
with a loudmouthed fan who repeatedly requested "Across the Board." 
"Hey, we got ten albums and we can only practice so many songs," was 
her reply. "Besides, I can't play piano and sing at the same time." 
Also quoted was a "Are all you kids takin your bennies?-don't." 
Besides a better than fair Burt Reynolds imitation.
The selection of tunes was wide, though most all of the new Dragonfly
found its way in. The highlight tunes, taken on the basis of standing
ovations, were Papa John's "Down Home Blues," "Milk Train," featuring
Papa John and Gracie pitting violin against vocals, "Starship," as the
end of the complete Side Two off Blows Against the Empire, and of 
course the encores, "Somebody to Love" and "Volunteers."
The only lowlights were two sound system problems one at the beginning
and then another a third into the set, some rough transitions during the
breaks, and almost uniform endings to many of the songs.
The times are less political, the crowds are less volatile, but the 
ability of Grace Slick and the Jefferson's to project that magical San
Franciscan sound and spirit hasn't changed.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Lyrics "Mediterranean Tales"
From: "Jo Silva" <rioja@br.homeshopping.com.br>
Dear Russ Shaw
At first, I'd like to say you ¨ THANKS ¨ thousand times. You'd never 
have the idea of how grateful was my pleasure when by the first time I
could really follow the complete words of " Illusions on... ". I think
I'll never find a way to pay you back for your so very precious 
information, I hope I can do it in a not so distant the time.  Besides
that great information, I hope don't be like a fool or a teen, but I'd
like one more time to ask you about the way how can I find the last 
Triumvirat`s lyrics I need, they belong to their first album 
"Mediterranean Tales".  Is it possible to obtain? How can I do it?
   Otherwise, I'd listen on the T.A.W. about some other fans who have 
some difficulty to get the Triumvirat`s CDs, I'd like to say that it's
not so hard to get some CDs, mainly the formers, I mean; 
"Mediterranean Tales, Illusions On a Double Dimple and the great 
Spartacus", and if there's somebody who wants these CDs and hasn't the
possibility to get them, I think I could help them.
One more time; "THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you have much more LIGHT on your whole life.
I hope to hear from you soon,      
Paulo, your newest friend form Brazil.  
=>Lyrics for "Mediterranean Tales"
The Lyrics are now available on the website at:


=>Looking for "Illusions"
From: Ruth Blackman <REBJEB@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>
Like your page on Triumvirat!  I don't have anything to submit, but 
do have a question...  We went to a music store yesterday, to order 
the CD "Illusions on a Double Dimple"  to find that it was 
discontinued in 1996...  any idea where we might be able to obtain a 
CD of it?  It was my husbands birthday, and we do have the LP, so I 
bought him a turntable for his birthday, so we could at least hear the
music, we hadn't heard in a couple of years.....   addy is 
rebjeb@worldnet.att.net if you have any helpful information!
thanks in advance......
=>Looking For CD or LP of...
From: "glowin@icomnet.com" <glowin@icomnet.com>
I'm sorry that I don't have any useful information for you, but I do 
have a question. Is it possible to obtain copies of the albums, 
"Illusions On A Double Dimple" and "Spartacus" on either vinyl or CD 
(preferable)? And if so, do you know where I might find them? 
I really like your page. There is a lot of good music and musicians 
from past decades that present day radio just seems to ignore. Some of
the music I like the best, I never hear anywhere else but at home. But 
dedicated folks like you do your best to keep these tunes and groups 
alive! I commend you and thank you!
If you find anything please let me know.
My mailing address is:
Mike McGlohon
2989 Jenny Lind Rd.
LaGrange, NC 28551
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
=>Triumvirat CD's
From: Claudia Scaff <cscaff@iastate.edu>
Dear Russ Shaw,
I was wondering if you know where I could find compact disc version of
the Triumvirat albums. I am from Brazil, but I am currently studying 
in the United States.  
		Thank you,   Claudia Scaff
=>"Spartacus" and "Pompeii" on CD
From: Mikael Norström (herpeto@algonet.se)
Is there any chance to get Spartacus and Pompeii in CDs. I am very 
pleased to get an answer!
	Yours sincerely
	Mikael Norström
=>Lyrics to "For You"
From: "Claytom P. do Valle" <claytom@usa.net>
Dear Russ Shaw,
Please, I'm trying to find the lyrics of "For you", but I couldn't 
till now. So I've found your page. Can you help me?
Claytom Patterson do Valle
claytom@usa.net      claytom@geocities.com      ===__-+-
=>Reply From Russ: Lyrics "For You"
"For You" (words and music by Jürgen Fritz)
Can't describe
What I feel
When I'm alone with you at night
Don't explain
what it means
to hold you in my arms again
Seem to fail
a simple smile upon your face
will make my day
Words cannot say
how I love to be with you in every way
I'll fly if you will see me
I'm getting high on love and feeling
I take your hand
I hold your face
Your lips are soft
Let's make it last for days
Higher!  Than the eagles..
We'll fly away with love and feeling
and I can't wait
until you see me
see me again
There are times
When we're apart
when I think of you
and hold my pounding heart
And all I want to do
is to be close to you
and every time 
it's like a brand new  start
Don't explain
what it means
to hold you in my arms again
Words cannot say
how I love to be with you in every way
I'll fly if you will see me
I'm getting high on love and feeling
I take your hand
I hold your face
Your lips are soft
Let's make it last for days
Higher!  Than the eagles..
We'll fly away with love and feeling
and I can't wait
until you see me
see me again
Thanks for your patience....
Russ Shaw
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>Reunion of the 'RATS and beyond
From: Redaktion Cash <cash@ringier.ch>
Hello Russ !
Thank you very much for "TATW Issue #6" (everything very interesting)
and your latest e-mail concerning your trip to Switzerland (German:
"Schweiz"; French: "Suisse") way back in 1981. So you missed a 
could-be Triumvirat concert visit only by one and a half year. What a 
pity! But maybe at that time you haven't been a real 'rathead yet 
(anyway it would be interesting to hear how you learned about their 
music first).
Before I forget: I would like to sincerely express my big respect to 
you and Jim Bradley for the great job you are doing with this 
TRIUMVIRAT web site. Great design & intelligent contents! Now and then
some informations can be found that even a hard core Triumvirat maniac
like me didn't know before! I can easily measure how much work both of
you put into this project. Just keep on spreading the 'RAT virus 
This Triumvirat comeback vision (or is it utopia?) hounds me even in 
my dreams: What an exciting idea! Of course, I respect your liking for
Barry Palmer, he undoubtedly is a great person, a nice guy and even a
well trained and experienced singer. I'm just extremely picky 
concerning compatibility between voice style and a band's musical 
direction. And I could surely name you more than one rock vocalist 
whose voice timbre would match better to the original Triumvirat 
Russ, don't get me wrong, please: I support ALL attempts to reunite
Ex-Triumvirat members, at least out of nostalgic reasons. (By the way
I never meant to say that Helmut's English was bad. I don't criticize
the spelling, just the articulation a little bit. As a native German 
he did a great job anyway. But just from his pronunciation one can 
hear a certain German accent, that's all.
Being a leisure keyboard player myself (half a year ago I spent a
fortune for a genuine tone-wheel HAMMOND organ [Model C-3 !!!] 
together with a LESLIE 122 tone cabinet), my main interest naturally 
concentrates on the musical output of Jürgen Fritz. Looking back on 
a 30 years career as a music student, composer, virtuoso, session man 
and producer it certainly would be interesting to hear what he himself
quotes as the highlights of his work. And possibly this reflection 
could lead him back to his roots...
Lately I had a closer look into my old vinyl record shelf and realized
that I own TWO "Gaensehaut" albums: "Augenblicke" and "Schmetterlinge
gibt's nicht mehr" (translation: There a no more butterflies). Jürgen
is featured on both albums.
Maybe it would be about time also for you to set out for a second
journey to middle Europe (Cologne is only 5 hours by car from Zurich).
I think a visit to Cologne (EMI, Jürgen Fritz) is a MUST for every 
true 'rathead.
I'm really impressed how seriously you take this robbery by Si-Wan on
all true Triumvirat fans and I want to congratulate you on this
professional and brave "resistance". I agree with all your statements
I hope you had a great Easter holiday.
It's a pleasure to hear from you anytime
=>A Tribute ?
From: Roy DeRousse <relayer@iname.com>
Hi Russ!
Here's something for you:  I'm listening to "Journey of the Dunadan" 
by Glass Hammer right now.  (Yes, it's based on the Lord of the 
Rings.) It's actually a very good album with some nice keyboard work.
In the middle of "Song of the Dunadan" (at about 3:51), something 
seemed familiar.  Then, at 4:24, it was unmistakable:  There is a 
direct quote (swipe?) from "Spartacus"!  The keyboard and drum parts 
are almost identical to one of the songs on the album.  (I can't 
remember exactly which.  It's late!)  Anyway, that lasts until 4:52, 
but subtle references remain throughout the song.  I don't know if 
this was a swipe, a tribute, or simply unintentional - something that 
they didn't even realize they were doing.  There is an extensive list 
of "thank you's" in the liner notes.  Bands like Klaatu, Gentle Giant,
and Fireballet are mentioned, and Jon Anderson is thanked... but no 
mention of Triumvirat.  That leads me to doubt that the Spartacus-like
segment was a tribute.  I wonder what the real story is?
Have fun!
Roy DeRousse (relayer@iname.com)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
=>More Fritz News
From: Manfred.Jagalski@Koeln.netsurf.de (Manfred Jagalski)
Hi Russ !
I got some news for you. I read in my local paper that J.Fritz is
producing a solo CD with Tommy Engel of LSE. 
Here is another interesting Internet address: 
The online German telephone directory (and available in English as 
well )!
=>"Spartacus" Selected Radio Edits For Programming
From: Rick Accordino (RickAccord@worldnet.att.net)
Hello All at The Triumvirat Home Page and it's readers;		
I love your homepage and happy to see so many fans out there. I have 
been a big follower of the band since I bought my first copy of 
"Spartacus". Since then I have been very lucky to find all of the LP's
and the first 5 German pressed CD's. The sound quality is great and 
wish luck to all who are searching for them, don't give up!
As for the Radio programming LP that I have, it's pretty cool, for one
the song selection:
Side 1	                                  Side 2
The Deadly Dream of Freedom / 3:25        A Broken Dream / 2:52
The Gladiator's Song / 3:00               (from "Spartacus")
(from "The School of Instant Pain")       Italian Improvisation / 2:56
The Battle / 2:40                         (from "The March to the Eternal City")
(from "The School of Instant Pain")       The Superior Force of Rome / 2:04 (from "Spartacus")
The cover art is the same as the original jacket. The back cover reads
Spartacus Triumvirat like the front cover only it encompasses the 
entire back cover. A sticker announcing the "Selected Edits for Radio 
Programming" are both front & back.
 I do not believe I had read anyone mentioning this so I thought I do 
so tonight!
Thanks for the great news about Jürgen and Barry. Let's hope it works 
out. I would really like to see the solo LP by the late Helmut Kollen 
be released. He had such a good voice and knowing Jürgen produced and 
played on it this recording now seems a must. 
Thanks again for putting this Home page together and keep up the great
                   Rick Accordino
                   Tampa, Florida
RickAccord @worldnet.att.net   
=>Triumvirat Spartacus... a short story.
From: Rogerio Goncalves <rpg@eid.pt>
Hello Russ
I thought you might like to read my little story about finding a copy
of Spartacus. You've recently posted a message of mine on TATW issue#6
, for which I am very much grateful and wished to thank your kind 
Keep going with your page. You are doing great.
>Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:18:34
>From: Rogerio Goncalves <rpg@eid.pt>
>Subject: Triumvirat Spartacus... a short story.
>I've recently send a message to you after reading on the TATW issue#6
>that you had Triumvirat Spartacus available for those who don't. 
>Unfortunately I came late.
>However, I could finally find a copy, which made me very happy, and 
>I'd like to share with you the incredible circumstances in which I 
>could managed it.
>I was recently in Switzerland, being more precise, at Neuch=E2tele,
>attending to a course concerning my job. Of course I tried very hard 
>to find the CD every time I had time left, which was not very much, 
>taking to the account that after 18:30 there is no more shopping at 
>all. The best I could find at "Vinyl" was "Pompeii" and "Old Loves", 
>which I already had. Nevertheless, I could find a copy of Rick's 
>Journey, which I'm very keen on also (as well as King Arthur and Six 
>Wives). My little daughter Joana, which is coming to her ninth summer,
>was also presented with a copy of Spice Girls, the only gift she 
>wanted from Switzerland, can you imagine?!
>Then, someone with me suggested a visit to Bern. None of us had been
>there before and so we decided to go, on the day after, after the 
>course, of course. I though immediately I could have another chance, 
>but it would be quite impossible, as we would reach Bern by the time 
>the shopping would be closed. I even took my thoughts away from it. 
>Coming to Bern we chose from the city map a place to go, near the 
>town centre of course. However, due to a mistake of our driver, we 
>were forced to turn left at some place, near a large parking building
>which was at the same time a train (or underground) station. We 
>decided to park our car there and walking afterwards. The time
>was 18:45, and we only could managed to visit the place and take some
>After getting to the main road at the first corner, one of my 
>colleagues saw a music shop (they knew what I was searching for) and 
>it seemed to be still open. We made all three our way inside, and at 
>the same time we were almost turned the other way round, as the shop 
>was already closed, but due to some delay the door was still open, 
>but it shouldn't. Nevertheless, I didn't give up and insisted with 
>the girl, telling her what I was looking for. She said that there was 
>no time (she was going to have training and she was already in a 
>hurry), I insisted again and finally she handed over to me all "T's" 
>leaflets from available CD's. After a little browsing, there it was, 
>the little mouse inside the lamp, shone into my eyes. I just couldn't 
>believe, but there it was: Triumvirat Spartacus just in front of me, 
>ready to be paid and taken away. And so it was. I even managed to get
>a discount of 4 Sfr for the cashier had already went out so I 
>couldn't even use my credit card. So I paid the more close amount to 
>the original price I had, which was only 20 Sfr.
>It's really funny and amazing and fantastic the way things happen
>sometimes. Can you imagine the amount of "If not's" that were 
>bypassed at the same time in order I could get what I was looking 
>for? Incredible isn't it?
>Best regards
>Rogerio Gonealves, Lisbon, Portugal
=>Spock's Beard ?
From: (joe@triumvirat.net)
As all you TATW net browsers know by now, Triumvirat is on the ELP 
home page now under bands influenced by ELP link page. Since TATW #3 I
have described many similar sounding groups to ELP/TRIUMVIRAT 
discussion of another "influenced" band in the ELP digest called 
SPOCK'S BEARD, but no real details on what they sound like 
(keyboard-oriented?, heavy guitar?, ...) and their home page doesn't 
help much. Has anyone out there acquired either of the first two 
albums (3rd is in progress)? What does this group exactly sound like 
I was watching some ELP interview footage again out of my now decent 
size of prog video collection. Carl Palmer made a strange statement 
that they were the only three piece progressive rock group that was 
essentially keyboard oriented without electric guitar! Shame on you. 
Somebody needs to inform Carl about listening to some TRIUMVIRAT from
the early '70s. The group was so popular here in St. Louis, that I 
find it hard to believe Carl never heard TRIUMVIRAT music before. 
Unfortunately all interviews that I've seen talk mainly about the 
interviewed group as though nobody else existed. I'd like to see 
comments from Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, Par Lindh, etc. each discussing
their opinions of each other's music and the possibility of a 
virtuoso keyboard joint effort that would be a historic culmination of
these fantastic individuals before they lose their virtuoso abilities.
(Note; Yanni stated that he only listens to his own music. I know he 
can't read music, but how can someone actually avoid listening to 
anyone else's music all the time??)
>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,
=>"Spartacus" re-release ?
From: Walter Semerenko <walter@orlinter.com>
What are the possibilities of Spartacus being re-released?  I would 
love to have it on CD.  Some people on the newsgroups have sold it for
$20, but I didn't get it. :(  >>
BTW, I discovered Triumvirat a couple of months ago (I'm 21) and they
blow me away.
Russ Replies: 
>Hi Walter:
>Thanks for the message.  The possibility is good.  I am speaking with
>Jürgen and Hans this very week about that.  It could take a year,
>however, realistically.
>I have seen it go for as much as $35.  Keep on pestering r.m.p.
=> TATW #8 ?
From: "Mariano L. Mazal" <m.mazal@worldnet.att.net>
Hi Russ, I was wandering what happened with TATW #8. The last time 
I've received your e-mail was by 5/3 (TATW #7). Is there any problem ?
Please, keep on sending me your excellent material !!!
Mariano Mazal
North Miami Beach
[Editor's note:  See Jim's Notes above .  And Thank You !]
=>Thanks for the Links !
From: hirai@pnc.go.jp (HIRAI Kou)
Hello Russ :
Do you remember me ?
About two weeks ago, I arrived your homepage. It became to be much 
much greater than I expected. It has large links of progressive rock.
I found good home page of Rick Wakeman there ! I arrived RWFP 
(Rick Wakeman Fan Page) and contacted it's owner. So I could
find some CDs and videos which I did not know.
Last week I contacted RWCC (Rick Wakeman Communication Center) which 
was linked to RWFP. And I could get 4 CDs and 2 videos from them. It 
is amazing for me to get them easily at one time.
I appreciate your home page to introduce me these home pages.
I hope you and your family enjoy good health.
=>Looking for Triumvirat Information
From: (KONBSSKJ@statoil.no)
Hi !!
My name is Bjørn, and I' m from Stavanger, Norway.
I was surfing along the Internet, trying to find any information about
the German group , TRIUMVIRAT , when I found this address via 
Triumvirat Home Page. I hope I'm moving in the right direction, by 
typing this e-mail to you. All I want is as much information as 
possible about Triumvirat, because I am å great fan of them.
My first priority is to find out how many CD's which are available, 
and their number(s), and my second priority is to find as much 
information about them, as possible. If someone answers my ' little 
cry in the dark ', it will be appreciated a lot !!
Best rgds
=>Availability of Triumvirat CD's
From: (Andreas.Novak@poboxes.com)
Hi Russ, hi Jim,
Because I think that 'Hard To Be A God' is the best soundtrack ever I wanted to
find out more about Jürgen Fritz.
So I found your website. It's was really helpful and very interesting.
I also downloaded all editions of the TATW newsletter. I was very surprised that
there are so much problems getting various Triumvirat CDs.
At least 'Pompeii' and 'Old Loves Die Hard' are available without problems. I
got these two CDs yesterday from http://www.jpc.de. I don't know wether they
sell abroad but asking can't harm.
The CDs should also be available from http://www.cduniverse.com as imports from
Perhaps these information could be helpful for some fans of Triumvirat that read
the TATW newsletter.
Andreas Novak
e-mail: Andreas.Novak@poboxes.com
It's a magical world... Let's go exploring!
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
=>New Genesis Album: Title and Release date
The latest news that I've heard from the Genesis camp is that, 'Calling All 
Stations' is the title of Genesis' new album.  It is currently scheduled for 
a September 2nd release. 
As some would say, we'll see if they continue to go "pop" or not !
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