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Issue #7

May 2, 1997
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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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- Russ's Update
- Jim's Notes

- "Old Loves Die Hard" CD
- Lyrics

- Reply to Russ ...
- From ZDF, on "The New Triumvirat"
- Found: a copy of "Spartacus" CD
- Here's a tip
- "Ala Carte" and "Russian Roulette"
- Mastermind
- Koelner Ads and Polydor "Krautrock" CD
- GNP Triumvirat ????
- Chilean Fan
- I'd like a double-dimple
- 'Achtung, Baby!'
- Puzzled by Fritz Name
- Barry Palmer: News from Marcel
- "Spartacus" CD in Brazil

- New Wakeman Albums
- New Jon Anderson coming soon
- New Steve Hackett available
- New Genesis ?
- Yes or no ?
- Mastermind European Tour Dates

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From: siwanltd@unitel.co.kr

We've got to tell you this. "A La Carte" CD was originally released 
for South Korean fans. As you probably know we have also released 
"Old Loves Die Hard" CD. If you want to try our "Old Loves Die Hard"  
CD, please return "A La Carte" to Si-Wan Records Canada, and let us 
know. Then we will send you a copy of Old Loves Die Hard CD. Please 
don't get us wrong without listening to other CDs from Si-Wan Records.
And we have never said we would not give you refund. Have we?

[Editor's note:  We recommend that if you wish to obtain "Old Loves 
Die Hard" on CD, it is available on Electrola records, catalog# 
828036-2 from Germany. We cannot recommend the Si-Wan
records releases.]

=>Russ's Update

Here's the BIG news regarding the ex-members of Triumvirat.  A couple
of us fans, myself and Marcel Sztukowski of Germany, have contacted 
Barry Palmer (who most of you know did vocals on the last three 
Triumvirat albums, and was involved with a project called Gansehaut 
with Juergen c. 1984).  The two, apparently hadn't spoken or been in 
contact since then. Marcel and I have gotten Juergen's address and 
telephone number to Barry (with the help of  Dirk Hohmeyer, formerly 
of Virgin records).  To make a long story short, Barry (who as we 
told you previously is just beginning a solo album in London) has 
contacted Juergen for the first time in thirteen years ! According to Barry,
"It feels great!".  Barry also sent along an autographed picture, thanking us 
all at the website for the continuing support.  He has received the 
"Ala Carte" CD we sent him, along with a copy of the entire website 
printout, as we also sent to Hans Bathelt and Juergen.  Barry is 
quite pleased a at the continuing fan support, and I have even talked
to him about releasing his personal "Greatest Hits" CD that could 
feasibly feature tracks from Triumvirat as well as his sessions with 
Mike Oldfied and his solo studio work.  If you wish to send letters
to Juergen Fritz, Barry Palmer or Hans Bathelt, you may e-mail
them to me and I will be happy to pass them along,  since they have
chosen to keep their home addresses private.  By the 
way, Marcel saw Barry personally at a Mike Oldfield fan convention in
Germany, and was kind enough to forward me the picture that Barry 
sent me.  Thanks Barry and Marcel !!!  We will, of course, keep you 
updated.  The most important thing is to write them (e-mail in 
care of me) and express your desire to see a reunion.  This IS 
possible folks!!!

Feel free to contact me anytime.
Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Homepage

=>Jim's Notes
Greetings Friends !

The news about Barry and Juergen is fantastic !  It 
couldn't have happened without all of you.  Getting the guys together
has long been one of our goals, and without everyone who has 
contributed to the website and the newsletter, we wouldn't have been 
able to find them and put them in touch with each other.  Give 
yourselves a pat on the back !  And please accept our heartfelt 
Thank You !

It's becoming a very busy Spring !  Updates to the website are 
happening slowly right now, but more will be coming !  I've been busy
leaning more Internet programming such as ActiveX controls, VBscript,
and other web programming.  I have also received some previews of the
new technologies that will be coming out soon for the Internet. Very
interesting, although I must admit I have some concerns over some

One new addition to the Picture Gallery this month:  I've scanned in
the cover of "Old Loves Die Hard" for your perusal. 

Have a fantastic May !

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>"Old Loves Die Hard" CD

From: "Gary Pedoto" <lpmj@worldnet.att.net>

Where can find  "Old Loves Die Hard" on CD?!?!" I love Triumvirat but,
I could only find "Spartacus" on CD. I would appreciate your help. I 
love this album.  Thanks.


[See Editor's note after the message from Si-Wan above for one
possible source.]


From: "Jo Silva" <rioja@br.homeshopping.com.br>

I'm a very interested guy about Triumvirat's works! Since the band
began, I have gotten all them, but unfortunately in my country the 
albums were all released without the lyrics.
Just now, I've found your site (thanks God!), so I think you are the
only one who can help me! Please, can you give a information where 
can I find a site with the music lyrics of Triumvirat?
Thanks for all you can do for me, and congratulations for your site!
I live in Brazil, and start in deutsche language learning, but I still
can't in deutsche write.

[Editor's note:  Do to copyright considerations, we have a limited 
listing of lyrics.  Transcriptions of  the lyrics for "Illusions on a
Double Dimple were published in the previous two issues of the 
newsletter.  The lyrics for "Spartacus" are on the website, and are 
provided by permission of Hans Bathelt.]

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>Reply to Russ...

From: <tna@ringier.ch>

Hello Russ !

Thanks again for your quick e-mail!
In this letter I'll try to get back to every open question (hope I 
won't leave out anything).

1. Your complaint and claim for refund to Si-Wan was absolutely 
correct. Their offer to exchange "A La Carte" for another Si-Wan-CD 
is hardly what we would call satisfaction.

2. That legendary "Dimple" Scotch whisky is very easy to get here in
Europe (very tasty, beautiful bottle and not too expensive: about 
50 $ per litre, even less in airport duty free shops). 

3. I'm sorry to say that I have absolutely nothing left from this
Triumvirat gig back in March, 26th, 1980 (I checked the date from the
inner sleeve of the "Russian Roulette" album) in the Volkshaus, 
Zurich. I dimly remember having taken some photos, but I certainly 
cannot find them anymore. As I hadn't been a very good photographer 
back then, the shots didn't turn out well anyway, I guess. What else 
do I remember? Juergen was absolutely brilliant on the keys, even in 
this surroundings of rather low class musicians (Note: the tour
line-up didn't consist of the Toto & Co. US-crew). Arno Steffen did
behave absolutely ridiculously on stage. Embarrassing! Poor Juergen 
anyway had (and obviously still has) sometimes a rare talent to 
associate with the wrong people. Recent examples: His commitment with
"Die fabulvsen Thekenschlampen" or Hella von Sinnen. These are just
third class would-be-artists with no style, no feelings, no brains.
I am really disgusted with the thought that such a gifted, versatile 
and classical trained keyboard player, composer and producer like 
Juergen Fritz keeps on wasting his time with such weirdos.

4. Triumvirat ranking list: Do you seriously put "Russian Roulette"
above "A La Carte"? Okay, ALC has several rather dull songs, but "A
Bavarian In New York" really does compensate for everything else on 
the album and is much better than each of these party pop songs on RR.
"You can't catch me" is quite fun, but the whole album IMHO is 
light-years away from the original Triumvirat musical concept. 

5. You didn't tell me what you think of other Triumvirat-like rock
groups of the seventies. You may not have heard about Trace, Le Orme,
Refugee & Co. but they ARE great.

6. I naturally would be very interested in a copy of that Triumvirat 
live recording. Do you have it on DAT, MD or cassette? If you take a 
sound quality range from 1 to 10 how would you rate it?

7. I ordered 2 copies of the Triumvirat videos from ZDF. I am sure 
they can only deliver VHS PAL tapes. Are you aware of the fact that 
you'll need to have them transformed to NTSC standard?

8. How exactly do you know about the existence of "Illusion" and
"Spartacus" concert videos? This really would be a sensational thing!!
Is it something official or just an amateur Super-8-movie? In that 
case I wouldn't put much hope in quality. Anyway I would like to help
you in finding them - do you have an idea where I should begin to 

In May/June I plan to do an extensive interview with Juergen Fritz...
about the old days, about the progressive rock scene, the music 
business and future projects. In Germany there is a music magazine 
called "SOLO" which would be interested in such an article about a 
German rock keyboard legend of the seventies. 
As soon as I am ready to go I will mail you the questions I want to 
ask Juergen. And maybe you'll want to add some yourself.

How about the progress in your Triumvirat fusion project?

Best wishes!

=>From ZDF on "The New Triumvirat"

From: "ZDF, Oliver Doett" <zred@zdf.de>

Dear Russ,

Many thanks for your e-mail and the great trust you put in us.
As we cannot offer you video recordings or any other material
about the band "The New Triumvirat" - up to now there had 
been no  such live concert event on ZDF or 3sat in the past -
we recommend you to contact the current record company in
Germany. The address is

Emi Electrola
Postfach 300329
50773 Koeln
phone: 0221/49020

We were delighted to have been of help to you and remain

with best regards

i.A. Alexander Metternich

=>Found: a copy of "Spartacus" CD

From: steven stewart-sturges <stunning@mail.helix.net>

Hey Russ,
All those people looking for Spartacus and other CD's should keep
pestering the newsgroups. I got my copy of Spartacus from the 
'alt.music.progressive' group, virtually straight away, from this 
bloke in LA. $25 and he ate the postage.  Haven't heard it for years 
and I have to tell you, it was fantastic. My wife, now had a somewhat
more mainstream indoctrination to music was rapt.....I can come home 
to the CD roaring away at least once a week. It's a pity I've had no 
luck with a 'Illusions' CD, don't suppose there was ever one released.

[Editor's Note:  "Illusions" has been available on CD, however has 
apparently now gone out of print.  There should still be some
available if you look around enough.  I personally found a copy a 
couple of weeks ago for $24 USD.]

On an slightly different tact, my other progressive, if they were 
considered so, favs are Be Bop Delux. I am British and was in London 
when they were hotting up, and I was amazed when I first saw them, the 
total antithesis of punk, which was all the go then; Slick clothes,
futuristic effects and lighting, and of course Bill Nelson, wailing
away. One of those nights I've not forgotten. I rank that night with 
one in Portland, Oregon in the seventies(late), when I saw Triumvirat
playing in some theatre, the name has long escaped me. I was taken 
then by the fullness of the group sound wise and the complexity of 
the work. I had been told by some wag that they were "just like ELP"
(who I dread) so I wasn't sure of what the evening would hold, happily
I was blown away by them. 
A comment on those times, they were magic, really special, vinyl was 
cheap, the record companies would take a punt on just about anyone
(remember "Captain Copter and the Twirlybirds?? Really!!)If politics 
and all that related to the business was there it was hidden in the 
backrooms where it belonged. I played guitar and did sound for years 
starting when I was thirteen, in a three piece that played every 
church basement and intervals between groups in every pub in 
Hampshire. Coming to Canada was a revelation to us, my brother and I,
and we were amazed at the positive response to our music and or 
attitudes. I argue now that it was because of our accents and Stay 
Prest Levi's but still, when our mates began shipping us King Crimson
and Yes LP's, we always had well attended LP parties, a tradition that
caught on with the rest of our mates here, and I have them myself, 
though not like the OLD days, when we would have 15-20 pitch up. I had
the jump on me when my bass player produced "Mediterranean Tales", we
spun that all night......That was what got me hooked on Triumvirat, 
class muso's, great arrangements, a far more accessible group to me 
than say, YES, who tended to be somewhat obscure in the lyrics, most 
of the time nonsense, as Jon Anderson said once "I write lyrics to 
the song, it's how they sound not what they mean"...Good for him, at 
least T'rat's lyrics and vision appealed to the common man. Oh Christ,
I've been rambling, please forgive me. 
Take Care and thanks for your efforts in the Triumvirat cause. It 
takes a lot of work and I appreciate it.


=>Here's a tip

From: AAPRTemp19@aol.com

Got the most recent newsletter today. Great job!  Keep up the great
work!  I didn't know there were so many fans like me who grew up in 
the 70's listening to "Neo-classical rock."  ELP, Rick Wakeman, Iso 
Tomita, Klaus Schultz, Larry Fast..... YaHoo!  What great memories!
Here's a tip:  I picked up my 3 Triumvirat CD's from Best Buy (an
electronics, appliance, computer, music store).  The last time I 
checked, they had "Pompeii" in stock (at a store not near me...)    
Anyway, you may have luck with them.

Hope all is well,

=>"Ala Carte" and "Russian Roulette"

From: Richard Johnson Farquhar <farquhar@mindspring.com>

Your web site has re-kindled my interest in Triumvirat, which began
with the release of 'Pompeii,' which when I finally found it on CD
through Worldwide CD, I thought I died and went to heaven.

It is amazing to me the interest expressed around the world.

Your web site is fabulous, one of the better ones around.

I have every album accounted for except "Russian Roulette."  Can you
please give me your personal thoughts on this album and who played on
it.  I will be on the  lookout for it even though it won't be easy to
find one.  Also, who played on 'A La Carte' as there is so little 
liner notes on the album sleeve.



=> Mastermind

From: Tiesmaki@banff.net

Just wondering if anyone has heard material by a band from New Jersey
called "Mastermind". Reports are that this modern trio does 
instrumentals in the ELP/Triumvirat mould, but without any keyboards!
Evidently the guitar player uses a system that generates keyboard 
sounds from his guitar, reportedly with astonishing results.  
Reviewers swear you wouldn't know it was a guitar rather than an
organ; of course, the question that begs to be asked is...why bother?
In any case, I'm curious, so please get back to me if you've heard 
this group.

Banff, Alberta

[Editor's Note:  Sample midi audio files are available on the 
Mastermind Website. You can connect from the Triumvirat Homepage 
Links page.]

=>Koelner Ads and Polydor "Krautrock" CD

From: Manfred Jagalski

Hi Russ!

One word concerning the ads in the Koelner.
They did not publish the ads yet. I got the April issue of the 
magazine now and the ads are still not in it. Don't know why. I will 
write them an e-mail and ask for the reasons. The conditions said: 
all online placed ads will be also in their next printed issue.
If I don't get a good answer I will use the coupon in the magazine. 
That should work !

  You mentioned that you are a great fan of Lake. I remember that band
(just the name, not the music). They have obviously released 5 albums
according to my old little LP catalogue. 

I read in the paper last week that Polygram has released a double CD
called "Krautrock" with all the music from 70`s with bands like Can, 
Guru Guru, Embryo. I will check that out if its worth buying. 
Greetings from a sunny Easter Monday in Cologne

e-mail: Manfred.Jagalski@koeln.netsurf.de **   
Interested In German Rock Music ? Visit

[Editor's Note:  Love that sig. !]

=>GNP Triumvirat ????

From: "Toohey, Joseph" <joe@triumvirat.net>

Found a web CD vendor $3 s/h total no matter what order total
called German Music Express http://www.musicexpress.com
Search for artists containing string: Triumvirat ; it lists:
ELEC803621 01/96 Electrola : New Triumvirat-Old Loves $16.24
ELEC803522 01/96 Electrola : New Triumvirat-Pompeii $16.24
GNP223622 01/96 GNP Triumvirat-Triumvirat $28.15

What is this third CD??? Something unknown to us or does the
vendor not have the correct title? I figured you probably
either know, or can find out by E-mail fairly easy. I wouldn't
think it's something new since Old Loves shouldn't be New T'rat,
but it would be worth finding out, just in case it is something
that wasn't released under the '70s albums.

[Editor's Note:  I've seen this at a couple other online music
stores in Europe.  I don't know what this is, however, I have
heard it mentioned that there may be another band "Triumvirat" that
has recently formed, perhaps from Italy.  We'll keep looking into

=>Chilean Fan

From: jj@genesis.ibm.cl

Hi: I am Chilean Triumvirat fan since the seventies and I want you to
know that this German quality progressive rock group is appreciated 
even here.
Great job with this web page. Also thanks for the lyrics you've got 
for us.

I have Spartacus on CD, but it is a Brazilian one. I am telling you 
this because I have seen that you only report one USA or German 
edition. By now I don't have the CD near me. I'll send you the 
complete info later.

My name is Juan Jose Vasquez Gutierrez and my email is jj@ibm.cl.

Regards from Chile and good bye !

=>I'd like a double-dimple

From: dkheatsy <dkheatsy@idt.net>

Hello. I'd like a double dimple...Great page.  Glad to see there is 
still interest in sounds never found in nature.  Turn it up!

=>'Achtung, Baby!'

From: Richard Johnson Farquhar <farquhar@mindspring.com>

Thought you would like to know that the English music monthly 
magazine, Mojo, ran a cover article in their April 1997 issue called,
'Achtung, Baby!" about "Krautrock" of the 1970's.  The article covers
Kraftwerk, Can, Faust, Amon Duul, Tangerine Dream.  There is only a 
slight mention, unfortunately, of Triumvirat.  

Are you familiar with Mojo?  It is an excellent magazine, which 
usually features great retrospective articles on bands from the 60's, 
70's, etc.

Hope all is well...


=>Puzzled by Fritz Name

From: Toohey, Joseph(joe@triumvirat.net)

Jim, Russ, & Fellow T'rat Fans,
I am puzzled about the spelling of  Fritz's first name. I have seen it
used officially three different  ways (Jurgen, Juergen, and Jurgen
with two dots over the u). Is this because of English vs. German
spelling; are all three spellings correct due to different languages?? 
>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,

[Editor's note:  Yes, on the spelling of Juergen's name, it is due to
English/German differences.  The proper spelling is Jurgen with an 
umlaut - the two dots - over the 'u'.  The accepted English spelling 
is with the 'ue' to represent the umlaut.]

=>Barry Palmer: News from Marcel

From: sztukows@farpoint.fps.de (Marcel Sztukowski)

Hi Russ !!!

Thank you for your e-mail.
Barry has received the CD "A la carte" and your printout. He was 
quite happy about this.
We were all astonished about his kindness and friendly character. 
Barry did not behave as a "star" at all. He was openhearted and 
always keen on talking to you about everything. Apart from that he 
never became unpollite even though he had to give thousands of 
autograms and tell the the old stories again and again. As I already 
may have mentioned, it seems that we all have found a new friend.

By the way, concerning his haircut, let me cite Barry: "Yes, I need 
to go to the hairdresser again!" This is a true citation, believe me.


=>"Spartacus" CD in Brazil

From: jj@genesis.ibm.cl

Hi Russ: Glad to hear from you !!!. I appreciate VERY MUCH your kind
offering, but it is not necessary because I own the vinyl and CD. In 
my opinion that is the best one from Triumvirat. Also I own 
"Spartacus". I have been told that it is almost impossible to find it
out, but I was lucky to got in my last trip to Brazil. Almost four or
five months ago I got "Old Loves Dies Hard", but (believe it or
not) I have not found the necessary time to listen it carefully. Hope
soon I'll have. Also I hope to continue hearing from you and other 
Triumvirat fans.


Friendly regards from Chile.

Juan Jose Vasquez G (e-mail is jj@ibm.cl)

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>New Wakeman Albums

A new album has been released by A&M Records. The double album called 
'Voyager-The Very Best Of...' is a collection of Rick's material he 
made for A&M Records in the period 1970-1979. The CD's contain tracks from "Six Wives of Henry VIII", "Journey to The Center of the 
Earth" (remastered), "Myths and Legends of King Arthur", "White Rock"
(hard to find on CD, 1,000 copies only), "Lisztomania" (only out on 
Japanese label: hard to find), "No Earthly Connection" (Never released
on CD, only one track from this album), "Criminal Record" (only out 
on Japanese label: hard to find) and "Rhapsodies" (also only out 
on Japanese label: hard to find). The collection also includes
Temperament Of Mind, Rick's solo spot during the Strawbs live gigs. 

Tracks listing:
CD one:
1. Catherine Of Aragon
2. Catherine Howard
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne Boleyn
5. Arthur
6. Merlin The Magician
7. The Last Battle
8. White Rock
9. Searching For Gold
10. After The Ball
11. Ice Run
12. March Of The Gladiators
13. Summertime

CD two:
1. Temperament Of Mind
2.a The Journey b Recollection
3.a The Battle b The Forest
4. Crime Of Passion
5. Judas Iscariot
6. Hibernation
7. Free Song
8. The Maker

From Rick's own record company label, Hope Records, comes 'Can You 
Hear Me?' a re-recording of five tracks from 'Prayers' plus three 
new tracks. Catalog number: Hope Records HRHCD 005

'Vignettes' is the final joined album of Rick and Adam Wakeman. 
Six tracks from Rick and seven from Adam. The recordings include the 
English Chamber Choir (yes, from 'Journey', 'King Arthur' and '1984'),
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Phil Laughlin, Chrissie Hammond and Stuart
'Doom' Sawney (playing guitar on one track). This album is released 
by President records.

Two video's are also out from Hope records. The Piano Album (from the
'Simply Acoustic Tour') and 'The New Gospels' are available.

=>New Jon Anderson coming soon

Jon Anderson's "The Promise Ring", is scheduled for release on 
May 20th

=>New Steve Hackett now available

Steve Hackett's new album "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is now
available.  It has been described as "a guitar album with orchestral 
support."  It is classically oriented.

=>New Genesis ?

According to UK sources, Genesis aims to release a new album in 
September.  It is rumored that the vocalist is former Stiltskin 
frontman Ray Wilson.  Nick D'Virgilio, formerly of Tears For Fears, 
is on drums. He was quoted as saying: "It's not easy for Mike and Tony.
They know the pressure's on them to prove they can go on without Phil."

=>Yes or no ?

A great deal of speculation has been going on across the net regarding
the current situation with Yes.  A rumor that Rick Wakeman had been
fired from the band took root and quickly spread.  Jon Anderson has
stated that this is not the case. However, he also said that it is 
highly unlikely that there will be a summer tour as was planned.  
Tickets for summer concert dates in a number of locations have already 
been advertised and placed on sale by Ticketmaster.  Caution is advised
in purchasing tickets, as it is considered that these dates have likely
been cancelled.  The band apparently is now planning for an fall/winter 
tour.  No release date has been scheduled for their new album 
tentatively titled "Know".

=>Mastermind European Tour Dates


FRI. MAY 30     New Blood 2, Staffordshire, England
With: Parracide, Adrenalin Kick, Four Way Kill

SAT. MAY 31     CRS Festival, Rotherham, England
                With: Grey Lady Down, Ritual, Jump

MON. JUNE 2     The Royal Standard, London, England
                With: Sphere

THU. JUNE 5     The Half Moon, London, England
                With: Sphere

FRI. JUNE 6     The Orange, London, England
                With: Grey Lady Down, Ars Nova

SAT. JUNE 7     Planet Pul Festival, Uden, Holland
                With: Collage, Quidam,  Ars Nova
                Chandelier, Ritual, Lemur Voice

SUN. JUNE 8     Jugendhaus, Leonberg-Hofingen, Germany
                With: Ars Nova

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