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Issue #6

March 26, 1997
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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
or to correct mistakes in the information presented.  We have done this to insure that you
receive the most accurate information possible.  Thanks ! 11/98)


- Si-Wan Records Admits To Mastering "Ala Carte" CD From "analog"
  Scratched Vinyl Record

- Russ's Update
- Jim's Notes

- Side 2 "Illusions" lyrics transcription by request
- Searching for "Spartacus"
- Where to find "Ala Carte"
- Wanted "Spartacus" CD
- Looking for CD's
- Looking for Lyrics
- Tapes to Trade Anyone ?
- Looking for Spartacus and Pompeii CD's
- "Spartacus" ?

- On Finding "Spartacus"
- Thank you, great homepage!
- Fan from Barcelona
- My Lucky Day
- Austria Fan
- A new generation of Triumvirat fans ?
- Progressive Video, Music
- Information, Questions, and Reflections

- Patrick Moraz Electronic CHAT III Tour
- New Progressive Rock Book
- Rick Wakeman Interview in "Notes From The Edge"

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     When I first heard our friend Seong Kim Woo from South Korea tell
us that Triumvirat's 1978 LP "Ala Carte" finally made it to CD, I 
thought it was too good to be true.  This was one of only two releases
under the Triumvirat name (the other being "Russian Roulette") that 
had not yet been digitally re-mastered and released in the compact 
disc format.  So, naturally, being one of the co-founders of the 
Triumvirat Homepage, I was excited.  So excited that I rushed the 
news to Jim Bradley (the Webmaster), and asked him to get the word 
out.  We printed the e-mail address and mail-order address of S-Wan's
outlet in Toronto, Canada, a service (or so we thought) to the 
thousands of Triumvirat fans who regularly peruse the Website and the
numerous recipients of the TATW Triumvirat electronic newsletter.
My mistake was rushing the information to the members before I heard 
the CD myself.  The first report came to me from Harold Owen of 
Georgia, who commented that the CD seemed really expensive at $30, 
and that he was disappointed to hear that the songs were "faded up" 
at the beginning of each track.  I was one of the next to receive the
CD.  I was outraged to hear nothing but pure noise and a skip at the 
beginning of "Bavarian in New York", arguably the album's best track.
Could it be that the master tapes had deteriorated so much since 1978
that the resulting CD was pure noise?

     I took it upon myself to write to Jay Yu at Si-Wan Records in  
Korea.  I was curious how Si-Wan got the license to release "Ala 
Carte" on CD in Korea, when it was never released by EMI previously in
Germany, as were the first five Triumvirat CD's ("Mediterranean Tales,
"Illusions On A Double Dimple", "Spartacus", "Old Loves Die Hard", and
"New Triumvirat Presents Pompeii").  Jay told me at first that he 
didn't do the remastering, that they simply contacted EMI Korea, who 
contacted EMI/Electrola in Germany, and then they "took care of 
everything".  All Si-Wan did, he told me, was market the CD.  After 
feeling pure anger at the at the essentially "bootleg quality" of the
CD, (and by that time the Triumvirat fans who had also been burned by
this $30 ripoff were e-mailing me regularly), I decided to complain to
Jay about my suspicions that this CD was not in fact mastered from the
master tapes, but in fact simply recorded from a nineteen year old 
vinyl record.  (After all the "fade-ups" at the beginning of the 
songs, as Andreas Turner from Zurich correctly points out, were 
nothing more than an attempt to hide the scratches between cuts on the
vinyl.) This was his response, finally revealing the truth about what 
many of us suspected from first hearing this CD:

"Dear Russ:
     "Thank you for the e-mail regarding Triumvirat's "A La Carte" CD 
from our label, Si-Wan Records. Let us explain about the sound quality
and the licensing contract. First of all, this CD is NOT 'illegal' 
bootleg that pressed without any authorization. We did have legal 
contract with EMI, and asked them the master tape for the reissue of 
'A La Carte' CD. We were waiting for more than "3" years. You have to
understand this situation. We just kept waiting for the master tape
and waiting. However, EMI failed to find it, and we finally decided to
use the analog for reissuing "A La Carte" due to overwhelming request
from South Korean fans. That's how this CD came out. We didn't mean to
insult any Triumvirat fans.
     "We now apologize for the poor sound quality. But we can tell 
Triumvirat fans from around the world that this CD was LEGALLY 
manufactured and distributed.

"Best Regards,

"Si-Wan Records

"P.S. People tend to associate you with one thing. Please don't get us
wrong! We have never reissued any bootleg records ever! If anybody 
tells us that any CDs/LPs from Si-Wan Records are bootleg, then we 
will take that as insulting! You may not satisfied with the sound 
quality of Si-Wan CDs/LPs, but don't ever mention that we have 
released bootleg records, ever! Thank you very much indeed."

[Editor's note:  The incorrect spelling of "Ala Carte" as "A La Carte"
is a direct quote from Si-Wan.  They have consistantly used this
misspelling.  Whether this is an oversight, a result of translation,
or otherwise is unknown, but their website also reflects this.]

For some reason, this time Jay didn't sign his name, but that came 
from his e-mail address.  This was my response:

Dear Jay and Si-Wan:

Calling your "Ala Carte" CD "bootleg quality" is not nearly as 
insulting as Triumvirat fans laying down $30 for a CD mastered from a
scratched vinyl record.  WE HAVE THE OLD VINYL RECORDS.  THAT IS WHY 

You say, "we just kept waiting for the master tape and waiting. 
However, EMI failed to find it, and we finally decided to use the
analog for reissuing "A La Carte" ..."

That was your big  mistake.  If that is the case, you should have 
warned people beforehand that this product is inferior to most CD's 
and not unfairly charged prices commensurate with digital quality CD's.
I own hundreds and hundreds of progressive CD's and have NEVER heard 
one mastered from a vinyl album! (Much less one that is badly 

We, (Triumvirat fans) feel robbed.  While you may have had a license 
to issue the CD, (we are in the process of verifying that),  The 
"Ala Carte" CD IS UNDENIABLY "Bootleg" quality.  If you feel so bad 
about this, why not give us refunds?

Unless your company takes corrective action, we will continue to 
notify Triumvirat fans, lovers of progressive music (and quality CD's)
about this inferior product and Si-Wan's disgraceful attempt at making
a fast dollar. There is no hurry serious enough to manufacture and 
release a substandard product and charge full price (or any price!)

(End of my letter)

So Triumvirat fans , you can make up your own minds.  If you bought 
the "Ala Carte" CD after reading the information that I posted on the
page, I sincerely apologize.  I posted that before I ordered my own 
copy in an attempt to get the latest information out to the thousands
of Triumvirat fans seeking this CD.  Why not?  I had bought the five 
previous releases on EMI (none of them on Si-Wan), and while they are
not audiophile quality, I was satisfied with them, and they sounded 
very good. If you ordered the "Ala Carte" CD from Si-Wan based upon 
the information that I provided on the page, I would like to try to 
make it up to you. E-mail me, and I will make you a tape of rare 
Triumvirat live music at no charge.

If you bought a copy of  "Ala Carte", whether it was ordered directly
from Si-Wan or an innocent vendor, I would encourage you to demand a
refund.  I have informed Si-Wan that I will personally sponsor a 
boycott until they satisfactorily resolve these problems with 
consumers.  You may contact Si-Wan in Korea (the guiltiest parties) 
by e-mail at:
or.. in Canada
Si-Wan Records
609 Bloor Street West
Toronto , Ontario
M6G 1K5 

Telephone (416) 532-2690

Please keep in mind that Si-Wan also released their own "version" of 
"Old Loves Die Hard", which I have not heard, but will not hesitate 
to recommend that interested buyers make sure they are buying the 
original EMI release.  The also have a full catalogue of progressive 
"re-releases" that I have not heard, nor do I think I want to.

Thank you for helping to wipe out "spam" CD's.  

Russ Shaw
from the Triumvirat Homepage staff

Posted to rec.music.progressive
Triumvirat's 1978 "Ala Carte" album was recently released on CD  on 
the Korean Si-Wan label, sold through a Toronto broker.  This CD was 
NOT recorded from the master tapes, but a SCRATCHED VINYL RECORD!!  
It skips and is badly scratched!  At $30, it is one unbelievable 
We were wondering at first why all the songs were "faded up" at the
beginning, and now it is clear: It was an attempt to hide the 
scratches from the vinyl record.
Contact them at siwanrec@idirect.com  or siwanltd@unitel.co.kr
or call (Toronto) (416)532-2690

It makes us wonder if EMI even sanctioned this product or if it is
possibly an illegal "bootleg" release!  Please pass this message on to
all progressive music lovers!

Russ Shaw
St. Louis, MO
"The Triumvirat Homepage"


=>Russ's Update
Hi y'all 'ratheads...

  Once again, continuing thanks for all the letters, faxes, etc.  The 
big news this month  is that I received a nice telephone call from one
Barry Palmer, who says it is "really great" to see what we are doing, 
and he has pledged to help us out any way he can.  He is still spending
long hours in the London studio where he is working on an 
as-yet-untitled solo album, and has been staying up very late to "get 
it right". He hasn't received a copy of the "bootleg quality" "Ala  
Carte" CD, so I am sending him one today, along with a printout of the 
website.  He says he is "definitely very interested" in accepting John  
Ulett's offer of a live interview on KSHE-95 FM here in St. Louis.  
For those of you unfamiliar with the station,  it is a 100,000 watt FM 
rock station in place since 1967.  It was credited in "Billboard" 
magazine with being one of the first few U.S. radio stations to play 
Triumvirat back in 1974.  On Sundays, John dedicates a four-hour block 
to "KSHE Classics" and regularly plays Triumvirat.  I will record the  
interview when it happens! Also, Andreas in Switzerland has ordered two
videos from ZDF in Germany that contain Barry in the "New Triumvirat" 
era...stay tuned on that. I haven't spoken with Juergen in some time, 
and am still trying to get his new home number.  He has always been 
supportive of this proect, and I will start pestering  him soon about 
a Truimvirat revival project (at the very least, in a marketing 
I am also anticiapting a letter again from Hans Bathelt, who has been
very loyal in contacting us.  I have asked him for the lyrics from the
first two albums, as well as other things.  Thanks again to everyone 
who has written to and read our little site.  Stay with us, things are
starting to get exciting!!

Russ Shaw
Triumvirat Page Author 
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

=>Jim's Notes
Greetings Friends !

   It is terribly unfortunate that we have this situation with Si-Wan
records Korea.  Their dedication to progressive music could have 
offered them so much in the world market beyond Korea.  I am sure that
Si-Wan will make every effort to satisfy the people that have been
disappointed with their release of "Ala Carte" on CD.  It is in their
best interests to do so.
   It's hard to beleive that a badly scratched LP was the best
recording available for CD reproduction.  I'm sure many readers have
vinyl LP's that are in better shape.  I truly hope that the South
Korean fans who were anxious for this release are happy with it.  It's
been noted on the usenet group rec.music.progressive that a similar
incident occured with "Collectable Records" on the "re-release" of
Mandrake Memorial's 3 album CD.

   Meanwhile, there have been a few changes on the web site.  I
mentioned before that I had planned on renaming the "What Happened to"
page, and now I have done it.  It is now the "Where are they now"
page.  I've added a new page called "What's New !".  There you'll
find brief notes on new additions and changes to the site.
   Several new URL's have been added to the Links page, including
progressive rock sites in Brazil, Japan, and Italy. You'll also find 3 new
pictures in the Picture Gallery.  Manfred Jagalski scanned these for
us (Thank you !).  You can access these from the "What's New !"
page, as well as the Picture Gallery.  The most interesting of these
is a picture of Juergen Fritz from last month.
   Hope your days are fantastic !

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>Side 2 "Illusions" lyrics transcription by request

All the Illusions lyrics are available on The Triumvirat Homepage at:

=>Searching for "Spartacus"

From: Stacey Phelps [sphelps@juno.com]

I just recently decided to replace the worn out cassette, Spartacus, 
with the CD when I came to the realization that it was out of print. 
As I searched for it, I ran across your Triumvirat homepage and was 
quite surprised at the number of people who have a great interest in 
the band. The newsletter you guys have put together is fantastic. 
I must put in my two cents worth as far as favorite cuts go; Cold 
Old Worried Lady, off of "Old Loves Die Hard" is one of the best.
Stacey Phelps

PS: I'm still searching for it 

=>Where to find "Ala Carte"

From: Gunnar Homdrum <gege@a.sol.no> writes:

Hi Russ!

Wow, is this x-mas or what? Ala Carte finally on CD! Any idea where 
I can order a copy. Tried to search the web without any luck.

Thanks in advance
Gunnar Homdrum
Oslo, Norway

=>Wanted: "Spartacus" CD

From: Wayne Miller[wfmiller@ptd.net]

Wanted: Spartacus CD .............

e-mail me at wfmiller@ptd.net

=>Looking for CD's

From: Curt[Oi8abug261@aol.com]

Hi Russ,
Amazing, never figured to find a Triumvirat home page. I first heard 
them in 1975 when I was stationed at homestead AFB in Florida. 
Spartacus, then got illusions on a double dimple in Germany. I never 
knew they had so many albums. I found the Spartacus CD in the Triumph
section at a record store in Omaha, Nebraska. $9.99 a real bargain. 
I've never seen another Triumvirat CD anywhere and I've looked for 
about 15 years. where can I get some of these CDs? thanx for any 
help you can give me. 
a new friend, curt

=> Looking for Lyrics

From: "Romulo Santos Constantino" <romulo@novanet.com.br>

Hi there!

I'd like to have the lyrics of all Triumvirat albums (specially the
first three albums). I seeked in WWW for some HP with these lyrics, 
but I failed

Can you please help me? I appreciate it a lot!

Thank you in advance,


[Editor's note:  The lyrics for most of the albums are now available
on the website.]

=> Tapes to Trade Anyone ?

From: Richard Johnson Farquhar <farquhar@mindspring.com>

I have really enjoyed the Triumvirat web site!  Lots of good info,
great look.

I have been a fan of Triumvirat since 1977, when a New Haven, Ct. 
radio station previewed "Pompeii", their new record at the time.  
"Pompeii" has reached 'island disc' status over the years and I 
finally found it on CD from Worldwide CD, an import/mail order company
out of Chicago.  Some German friends of mine sent me the CD of 'Old 
Loves Die Hard.'  I have vinyl of all their other releases.  But for 
me, 'Pompeii' is their pinnacle as a band and as a beginner drummer, 
Curt Cress' drumming on the album is spectacular.

I am 36, live in Atlanta Georgia, married, one child.  

Are there any live tapes of Triumvirat out there amongst fans for
trading?  Please let me know.

My e-mail address:  farquhar@mindspring.com

Thanks and keep up the great work!
Rich Farquhar

=>Looking for Spartacus and Pompeii CD's

From: RLozano232@aol.com

We are two Mexican folks living in California Looking for CD's, 
specially Spartacus & Pompeii. How can we get the material? Would we 
have some information? Please contact us at RLozano232@aol.com
Thank you 

=>Looking for Videos
From: Yvan <rlandry@total.net>

Well, I notice that the Spartacus CD seems not longer available from
I have one copy here from Capitol Records here in Quebec, Canada...
Bought the CD 3 years ago...Maybe this company release it again one 
of these days....

So here's the CD # : CDP 7 92910 2

Good luck.... maybe you'll find it this way....

I'm a great fan of TRIUMVIRAT since the 1970's....
Also searching for Video's of Triumvirat if some available...

=>"Spartacus" ?

From: Rogerio Goncalves <rpg@eid.pt>

Dear Russ Shaw

Do you have any good news about Spartacus? I'm still waiting to get a
Have you managed to find out some yet? Tell me if so. I could not 
follow your suggestion about posting a message on the usenet newsgroup
rec.music.progressive because my connection doesn't provide access to

Thank you so much for your attention.

Rogerio Goncalves, Lisbon, Portugal

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=> On Finding "Spartacus"


I had excellent luck - I am now in possession of this great CD. I
did as you suggested - I posted a message on alt.music.progressive 
and within a couple of days, I received a reply. I was able to get it
used from this chap, for $15.00 US. He even sent me the CD first, and
told me I could send him payment on receipt of the CD. I was very 
impressed! So, I owe you a debt of thanks for your suggestions!

All the best,
Stewart McKinnon

=>Thank you, great homepage!

From:  <33186F7E.43FA@da2.so-net.or.jp>

Dear RUSS,
Thank you very much for such great information about Triumvirat.
I am 35 years old, male, and live in Japan. Triumvirat is the all time
best group of mine.

I like 'OLD LOVES DIE HARD' best.
Thanks again.

=> Fan from Barcelona

From: Julia Murillo [mbbjulio@ibernet1.ibernet.com]

Old Triumvirat fan from Barcelona, Spain. My name is Julio, graphic 
designer (Mac, of course). Fan since the days of Spartacus. I'd like 
to be on your e-mail list, please subscribe me. Thanks a lot. 

Greetings from this sunny shore.

=> My Lucky Day

From: Tim Sanford [web477@charweb.org]

Since my last posting to TATW, I have had success in finding 
more of Triumvirat's music for my collection.  A local used-CD store 
opened a branch in my neighborhood and I finally got around to 
checking it out.  As I walked in the door, the musty smell of old 
record jackets almost knocked me down.  Once my eyes adjusted to the 
dim light, I saw that I was in classic rock heaven.  After zipping 
thru the slim selection of used CDs (no prog except "Best of Uriah 
Heep" - I already have it), I approached with great expectation the 
"various T's" section of the album racks.  No Spartacus, but the last
record in the "T's" was a near-new copy of Pompeii for the bargain 
price of $3.75!!! Now if I can just find Spartacus in the CD section!

Tim Sanford

=> Austria Fan

From: Reinhard Kunz <rkunz@xpoint.at>

Very nice homepage!

Reinhard Kunz, Vienna

=>A new generation of Triumvirat fans ?

From: Wayne <wfmiller@ns1.ptd.net>

Russ, me again. The only CD that I have is Old Loves Die Hard. I 
cannot to my chagrin find any others at this point in time. I 
understand that Spartacus is out of circulation but I still want one 
badly. I do have some old ratty albums that I bring out every once in
a while to listen to and even actually have a tape (reel to reel) that
I recorded in the seventies from a local radio station featuring 

Anyway I now have teenage sons that love the music. Any help you can
provide in information on obtaining further CD's would be GREATLY


=>Information, Questions, and Reflections

Hello Russ ! !

At first it was a big surprise, and now it's simply great to know that
there's an official Triumvirat homepage on the web. I must confess:
Together with ELP this is still my all time favourite rock group in 
the world. I know Triumvirat since 1974, when I was a school boy and 
they just put out "Illusions On A Double Dimple". I remember myself 
listening to this outstanding record every night for months now and 
then having a thimbleful of real Dimple (a fine Scotch Whisky) at the
same time. I guess (together with "Spartacus" one year later) this was
the only record I loved in its entirety from the first note until the
last - and still do.
Later I collected all their records on vinyl including Helmut 
Koellen's solo work "You won't see me". In 1980, soon before the 
group's break-up, I had the chance to see them live in Zurich, 
Switzerland, but with only Juergen Fritz as the only original band 
member, of course.

If you want my personal Triumvirat LP ranking list, here it is:

1. Illusions On A Double Dimple
2. Spartacus
3. Old Loves Die Hard
4. Mediterranean Tales & Pompeii
5. A La Carte
6. Russian Roulette

That means that - "Mediterranean Tales" is the exception which 
confirms the rule - with each record Triumvirat's artistic performance
faded a little IMHO. This certainly has its reasons, which I want to 
argue about on some other occasion.

Today I would like to contribute some information, questions and
reflections about Triumvirat.

1. Thanks to your Homepage I got the information where I could get my
   sixth Triumvirat CD: "A La Carte".
   I sent 30 dollars to Si-Wan records in Canada and 10 days later I gladly
   received the CD. But when I put it into my home player I could not
   believe my ears: 
   This CD is a very bad joke for all Triumvirat fans who are looking
   for decent sound quality!
   Never before in my life (and I own about 1000 CDs) I have 
   encountered such a clumsy and incompetent CD production: Very 
   obviously this CD is recorded from a scratched and damaged vinyl 
   LP!  Specially on the best track of "A La Carte" (which is No.  
   6: "A Bavarian In New York") on a very delicate part you hear a  
   loud crack at 1:51 and a needle jumping at 1:56. Generally I am a 
   mild-tempered person, but this made me really angry. My God, what 
   a shame! Maybe somebody should tell these Korean Si-Wan people that
   if they buy the rights to publish a CD re-issue they should also 
   ask for the master tapes!
   By the way this also explains the message from Harold Owen in the 
   last newsletter: He complained about the tracks being "faded up".  
   Yes, indeed they are, because otherwise you would hear the cracks 
   in between! Actually I wouldn't be surprised if all the CDs from 
   the Si-Wan catalogue are transferred in that stupid way. For me 
   it's clear: Hands off of Si-Wan from now on!

2. If there are "Tales Across The Waters" readers who can't get 
   original Triumvirat CDs anymore, I can help (with the exception of
   "A La Carte" and "Russian Roulette", of course). Just send an 
   e-mail to tna@ringier.ch

3. I'm desperately looking for Triumvirat videos (VHS, PAL). Could you
   please e-mail me the contact person and address at ZDF, Germany? 

4. For me clearly no other keyboard oriented progressive rock band 
   comes close to Triumvirat and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. But there 
   are some other bands from the seventies who have been aiming in a 
   similar direction and truly are worth listening to:
   - Trace (from Holland)
   - Le Orme (from Italy)
   - Beggars Opera (from England)
   - Refugee (from England) 
   - The solo work of Jon Lord (Deep Purple's keyboard player)
   For further information I would be glad to help.

5. I honestly want to congratulate you for your attempt to initiate a
   Triumvirat comeback. Nevertheless I think that this project should
   be considered very, very carefully. If it shall be good, please 
   don't rush it. Under the condition that Juergen and Hans Bathelt 
   actually would agree there is still the problem of the third man. 
   In my opinion Triumvirat always was a bit careless in choosing 
   their vocalist (of course they were very lucky with Helmut Koellen,
   he had an outstanding, excellent voice, although his English was 
   not perfect). But good examples of inferior, not-matching 
   Triumvirat voices were Hans Pape, Arno Steffen and - I am sorry to
   say - also Barry Palmer. The timbre and odd colour of his voice was
   never quite in harmony with Juergen's great keyboard work. In fact
   he is one of the main reasons why I must put records like "Old 
   Loves Die Hard" and "Pompeii" below "Illusions" and "Spartacus". 
   (Thank God that "Panic On 5th Avenue" is an instrumental!!!).

- In musical terms theoretically the best comeback line-up with former
  (and living) Triumvirat members undoubtedly would be:
  Juergen Fritz, Keyboards
  David Hanselmann, Vocals
  Dieter Petereit, Bass
  Curt Cress, Drums and Percussion

My immediate self-corrections on this are:
Not only out of nostalgic reasons though, I would also choose Hans
Bathelt as the drummer. He was excellent and admirable in the 
seventies and most important: He was one of the founding members and 
played on the three (or four) best Triumvirat records!
My only concerns about today: Hans is out of the business for such a
long time! Could he possibly and in reasonable time update his 
playing and cope with this enormous challenge?

And last but not least: A four men line-up for a band called 
"Triumvirat" is always a bit ridiculous (Triumvirat = old Latin term 
for "a power union of three men")!
So, if I may sum up: The real challenge would be teaming up Juergen 
and Hans again - and at the same time finding a new, terrific 
Triumvirat singer with a breath-taking voice who is also a master of 
the bass and acoustic guitar

Thanks very much for listening
and best wishes from Switzerland!

[Personal Note from Russ: While I agree with much of this letter, I am 
a big Barry Palmer fan and sincerely hope that he could be a part of 
our "theoretical" Triumvirat revival.]

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>Patrick Moraz Electronic CHAT III Tour

News from Princeton Records/VidEOS Multimedia

"The time is right," proclaims Patrick, "for a private tour of new 
electronic music."

"Moraz will tour with a self-contained, state-of-the-art electronic 
show, complete with instruments and sound system. Promoters need only 
to provide space and an audience. Engagements are limited due to other 
commitments later this year. It is anticipated the the tour will be 
comprised of 3 brief U.S. segments by region, beginning in late spring 
and finishing just into summer.

"Final booking will be handled directly by Music on the Road from 
A to Z. CHATI & II promoters with larger audiences and those that can 
combine forces are encouraged to contact now for preferred booking 
schedule. Tour dates and other information will be posted to relevant 
Web-sites and discussion groups, as well as traditional media, as it 
becomes available. For booking information only, please e-mail 
Princeton Records/VidEOS Multimedia at videosmm@aol.com"

=>New Progressive Rock Book

"Rocking The Classics:
English Progressive Rock And The Counterculture"

This new 320 page book from Edward Macan, is now available.

The publisher, Oxford University Press, says in its catalog that in 
this book, "the first comprehensive study of progressive rock history, 
Edward Macan draws together cultural theory, musicology, and music 
criticism, illuminating how progressive rock served as a vital 
expression of the counterculture of the late 1960s and 1970s."

=>Rick Wakeman Interview in "Notes From The Edge"

There is a very enjoyable interview with Rick Wakeman in the current
issue of "Notes From The Edge".  You can link to their web site from
the Triumvirat Homepage links page.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Send your submissions for publication to: Jim Bradley 
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