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Issue #5

March 4, 1997
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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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- Russ's Update 
- Russ' Ad for Cologne Music Newspapers/Magazines
- Jim's Notes

- Central American fan Needs:
- Spartacus ?

- Note from Si-Wan Records
- Of Mice and Art Design
- Si-Wan "Ala Carte" CD
- Digital conversions
- The Classic Rock Homepage
- More from Si-Wan Records
- News on Barry Palmer
- Japan Student
- Did Juergen tribute Wakeman ?
- The Mouse Concept
- E-mail to EMI
- I knew them from Brazil...

- Jim's comment
- Rick Wakeman Performance
- New Gentle Giant double disk set
- Greg Lake King Biscuit Flower Hour CD

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=>Russ's Update

Hi everybody:

   It's been entertaining to read all of your new information over the 
past few months.
   Thanks again to our Cologne correspondent Manfred, who notes that 
Juergen Fritz has just produced a debut musical CD by a female comic 
from Koeln named Hella von Sinnen.  He has, as you know, also produced
   Basically what I have been focusing on in the past weeks is to try 
to stimulate interest in the release of a double CD compilation of 
Triumvirat  and it would theoretically contain the pre "Mediterranean
Tales" singles (Dancer's Delight/Timothy; Ride In the Night/Sing Me 
A Song, etc.) and perhaps add "The Story Of Life" (Co-written w/ Hans
Bathelt) and "It's Hard To Love You" from Helmut's solo albums, and 
still maybe a track from "Gansehaut", which at times was highly 
similar in personnel to the "Pompeii" era.
   Your "fan"  letters make a huge difference, too.  We are working on
a rough draft of this page in its printed form and mailing it to the 
guys. The Triumvirat ex-members (specifically Juergen, Hans Bathelt, 
and Barry Palmer) WILL read your letters! 
    I guarantee it!  (I feel like a salesman for the "Men's  
Wearhouse!!!") Voicing your support will only make things happen 

Thanks again, 

Triumvirat Page Author 

=> Russ' Ad for Cologne Music Newspapers/Magazines

Russ has written the following ad for publication.  We thought you'd 
like to see it, and know what we're working on !

Hello everyone:

   I wanted to let you know about the Triumvirat Website (a tribute 
to and Renaissance of) the 1970's group from Cologne that featured 
Juergen Fritz, Hans Bathelt, and the late Helmut Koellen.  The Website
has gotten over 3,300 responses so far from Triumvirat fans from 
Germany to Honduras, from Quebec to Korea, from Japan to Brazil.
Most badly want to see a reunion of some kind.  This website should 
be of special interest to many music fans in Cologne.  It was very 
hard to find the information about Triumvirat over here in the USA, 
and we have been researching for more than three years.  Please give 
it a look and tell your readers.. TRIUMVIRAT IS BACK!!!  The old 
albums are being released on CD, and there is talk at EMI about a 
compilation or "Greatest Hits" type package.  The Website also details
many other Cologne-area bands such as Hollywood, Jail, Birth Control,
LSE, etc.  Thanks for listening!!!!

Russ Shaw
Author, Triumvirat Website
e-mail:     russ@triumvirat.net  
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

=>Jim's Notes
Greetings Friends !

     I hope your had a wonderful February !  Here in the Pacific  
Northwest of the USA, Spring is making it's debut.  The bulbs in the 
garden are blooming, and the buds on the trees are just about ready 
to open up.  There are even some trees that are flowering already in 
the Seattle area.  The long winter night is passing, and as the 
daylight lengthens, I feel the need for music !
     Okay, enough about my mental state. <grin>  I've added quite a 
few new links recently, including links to the LSE homepage, Koln 
Pool, The Fabulous Bar Sluts, The Classic Rock Home Page, Cologne 
Web, and much more.  Many thanks to Manfred for the leads to the 
German sites !  I want to get around to creating a separate links 
page, specifically for German sites.  If you've got any suggestions 
for that, please send them my way !
     I'm removing the link/form for Netmind off the site, as there  
has been some problems with the service.  If you are happy with it, 
great !  But I'm recommending that everyone subscribe to receive 
TATW via direct e-mail, if you haven't already.  The primary complaint
is that Netmind has been getting quite slow.  It was 5 to 7 days late
in sending out notice that the last issue of the Newsletter was 
available.  Secondly, they also sent out a second notice, a few days 
later, even though there had been no further changes here.  So that 
seems a bit unreliable to me.  Your Mileage May Vary.
     Another thing that I've been slowly working on, is a Trivia  
program.  I am writing it in Visual Basic, but since it's been quite
awhile since I did any programing, it's taking longer than it should.
However, the interface is mostly finished, and the database is 
partially complete.  I will make it available for download when it is
done.  All the questions are based on the material available on 
the Triumvirat website.
     Seems like I'm forgetting something, but I can't recall what it
might be.  So, it'll have to wait till next time. :-)

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>Central American fan Needs: 
From: cinasa@simon.intertel.hn

This Central American fan URGENTLY needs the lyrics from 
" ILLUSIONS.." and "Old Loves..." If anybody knows where I can find  
it, please send info. Thanks.    My name is Marcelo Alvarado, and I 
live in Honduras.

[Editor's Note:  The lyrics are now available on the website at
http://www.triumvirat.net ]

=> Spartacus ?

From:  Kpoyer@aol.com writes:

    Its great to discover a fellow fan of Triumvirat. I just picked 
up the Old Loves Die Hard CD could not find the Spartacus CD but, 
found the LP in great shape.
     I do not have a phono but plan to record it on to tape w/help  
do you have any input.

*     *     *     *      *     *     *      *     *     *      *

=>Note from Si-Wan Records

Thanks for the writing. We're sorry to say that we don't have any 
immediate plan of reissuing other Triumvirat CDs because South Korean 
prog market is extremely limited.  Besides Old Loves Die Hard, A La 
Carte & Spartacus are the only ones that Korean fans have been 
looking for. Other albums? Well, we're not quite sure how many copies 
would be selling. As I said Si-Wan Records have reissued Old Loves 
and A La Carte on CDs, and some used LPs of Spartacus have been sold 
at record stores. 

Anyway I hope we keep in touch with each other.
Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Jay Yu
Si-Wan Records.

[WARNING:  We do not recommend purchasing the Si-Wan album
releases.  See TATW Issue #6 for detail as to why !]

=> Of Mice and Art Design

Hi, Jim:

Hans Bathelt, about the mice on the 
Tvat covers, stated:

=| The mouse on our album covers was a 
-| concept of the EMI art department in 
-| Cologne.  There was no suggestion
-| from the band.  They just thought to 
=| come up with something new.

I used to work with art design. Puns
are allowed. Triumvi-RAT was the inspiration.
Anything more to be said?

- c.a.t.

=>Si-Wan "Ala Carte" CD
From: howen@therock.mcg.edu

     Hello Jim, Russ, and everyone!

     I just wanted to provide a little info on this CD release. I got  
it maybe a month ago, and it is excellent, with ONE exception...all 
the tracks that normally would start with a hard and startling effect 
have been "faded up" for some reason. I can't figure why it was done 
this way, but there you are!

     At US $30, you gotta want this CD pretty bad. By the way, I have  
this on vinyl, but I'm a CD completist :)

     KSHE was going strong twenty years ago when I was stationed at  
the Air Force base just outside St. Louis. It's great to hear they 
are still going strong! It really brings back memories.

                 Thanks for listening,

                                   Harold Owen
                                   Evans, Georgia, USA


=> Digital conversions

Hello Jim & Russ,

Just letting you know that I have a Panasonic AG-W1 VCR that 
can do digital conversions from any format to any other format like 
PAL to NTSC.   It has to be on VHS though.  It can be converted to 
VHS, S-VHS and S-Beta.  Maybe this will help you.

Doug Larson

[Russ notes:  Thanks Doug.  We'll certainly contact you, esp. if I 
can't find someone close. Those will be great videos to have!
I'll take that Med Tales album if it's still avail for $15?]

[Editor's Note:  This refers to Russ's update from the previous issue
of TATW.  Please don't contact Doug with unsolicited requests for

=> The Classic Rock Homepage

  Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoyed the Triumvirat
Homepage.  I found your link from WWW.KSHE95.COM.   I have been a fan 
of Triumvirat since first hearing their "Illusions on a Double Dimple"
album in the early 70s.  It was interesting to hear what the members 
of the band are doing these days.  I am saddened to hear that many of 
their albums are difficult to obtain on CD.  Thank goodness my vinyl 
copies are still in good shape.  Even these are hard to find in used 
record stores.

I have a homepage titled "The Classic Rock Homepage" located at 
WWW.ARISTOTLE.NET/~SRKDAVIS.  I will be adding a link to your 
Triumvirat page on my Classic Rock Artist page.

Would you consider adding a link to my page on your Links page?  I 
would appreciate it.

Take care,

[Editor's Note:  Thanks Scott, we've added your link to our links 
page. (And thanks for correcting that mistake!)]

=> More from Si-Wan Records

From: siwanltd@unitel.co.kr

Here are the answers to your questions about Triumvirat.    
The CD of A La carte from Si-Wan Records was printed by EMI Korea. 
We didn't reissue Spartacus CD because EMI Korea once reissued it on 
LP a few years ago. We don't want to talk with EMI Korea about 
reissuing it on CD. As I said before we don't like their attitude!
And I don't have any idea how much would cost to buy the rights of
reissuing Spartacus. I asked our accountant about it, but she 
wouldn't tell me. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Jay Yu/Si-Wan Records

[WARNING:  We do not recommend purchasing the Si-Wan album
releases.  See TATW Issue #6 for detail as to why !]

=> News on Barry Palmer

Dear Russ !!

Again, good news for you!
This week I was talking to Barry. He told me that he was very happy 
to receive your faxes and that he is always interested in keeping the
contact to music fans. He likes discussing about music and receiving 
any news from other people. If he did not contact you in the last 
weeks it was because he had a lot to do and had caught a flu. But now
he will try to get in contact with you and he also has got a little 
surprise for you. So, let us hope the best.

Well, that is all, but it is quite a lot, I think.

Mail me again, I am looking forward to it!

Best wishes

=> Japan Students

From: cqe07425@niftyserve.or.jp

Dear Mr. Jim Bradley,
  Hello ,my name is HIROKI NARITA ,and I'm in college now. I live in 
I want to subscribe to TATW. Could you send TATW to me? 
  Your web site is very interesting! and there are many of links, 
ELP etc..

Sincerely yours,

[Editor's Note:  Thank you for your kind message.  And welcome to the
  TATW Newsletter !] 

=> Did Juergen tribute Wakeman ?

FROM:Kyohei Nishimura<HQN02356@niftyserve.or.jp>


It's my favorite!

My name is Kyohei Nishimura and I come from Kobe in Japan.
I've loved Triumvirat since 1975.  

So, I would like to subscribe TALES ACROSS THE WATERS!

Juergen's tribute to Wakeman because there is a phrase that is 
exactly the same as Wakeman's HENRY 8 included in YESSONGS album. 

And one more thing. My copy of OLD LOVES DIE HARD CD(German Version)
always skips a moment at 2'30" of A DAY IN A LIFE(Uranus' Dawn). 
How about your CD?


Best regards,
Kyohei Nishimura

=>The Mouse Concept

From: Robert Hélie <robert.helie@ec.gc.ca>

   I stumbled onto your site and what a pleasure it was.  I went 
through the whole thing.  You see, "Illusion on a Double Dimple" is my
all-time favorite album.  It marked my musical taste then as a 
musician and to this day as one who does not think much of current 
music (with a few notable exceptions of course).  I have all the vinyl
albums, but I made a point to buy CD copies of the quintessential 
Triumvirat: Tales, Illusions and Spartacus. 

   I have always enjoyed the mouse concept.  I remember looking for 
it on new albums.  You might be interested to know that the band 
responsible for my second all time great album (title is Hope) also 
uses a mouse as a partial thread between albums, but for totally 
different reasons.  The band in question is from Toronto, Canada.  
They have disbanded several years ago, but they have enduring fans 
all over the world.  They are Klaatu.  Dave Bradley is the webmaster 
for their homepage.  It's worth a visit.  


A Triumvirat fan (from the beginning) from Quebec, Canada

Robert Helie

=>E-mail to EMI

From: Alejandro Del Riccio(tapeari@datamar.com.ar)

I enclose e-mail to EMI, for the record.
Congratulations for the high quality info.

Kind regards

Alejandro Del Riccio
Buenos Aires, Argentina

dear sirs:

   After trying to get a CD copy of Triumvirat's "Spartacus", I came
across the information that you have that out of print.
   I am an accountant and believe understand financial reasons for 
such a decision.  However, it is hard for me to believe that you will
not make relatively good money with this record.
   Spartacus has been a great success worldwide and even though out of
print at present, popular radio stations (at least in Argentina) 
still play songs from it quite frequently.
   I hope you turn around in your decision very soon.  I would 
appreciate to hear news about that at tapeari@datamar.com.ar

Kindest regards

Alejandro Del Riccio
Buenos Aires

[Editor's Note:  EMI's replies have been that they do not have this
title in their catalog.  This is actually true, as "Spartacus" was 
released on Capitol records in the United States, and on
EMI Electrola Germany, in Germany.]

=>I knew them from Brazil...

From: Sidney Oliveira (dylex@worldnet.att.net)

I'm a huge fan of Triumvirat since mid seventies. I Would like to get 
any information available about these guys.  "Spartacus", "Illusions  
on a Double Dimple" and "Pompeii" are my favorites.
Beautiful Internet site. I loved it. And it was a big surprise find 
it because Triumvirat is not very known in America.   I had a hard 
time finding their albums here.  I knew them from Brazil...

Good Luck and Congratulations...



=>Jim's Comment

     From time to time, there is news in the progressive and classic
rock world that may be of interest to many of you.  So, I am adding
this new section to TATW, as a place for such information.  You may
have heard some of these bits of news elsewhere before you hear it 
here, or perhaps not.  But I think you'll be happy to be kept
informed !  

Enjoy !

=> Rick Wakeman Performance


GARDEN GROVE, CA (February 22, 1997) -- YES keyboardist, Rick Wakeman,
is bringing his powerful oratorio, "The New Gospels" which he has 
performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London and many of Britain's 
cathedrals, to Southern California, for five major performances 
during Easter Week.

Joining Rick for this first performance in the United States 
will be his son, Adam Wakeman, and also world-class tenor, Ramon 
Remedios, and British actor, Garfield Morgan.

     Dates are:

     March 26:  Calvary Chapel of Downey, California.
     March 27:  Horizon Christian Fellowship, San Diego, California.
     March 28:  University of Redlands main auditorium, 
Redlands, California
     March 29:  Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California.   
     March 30:  Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California.

Rick Wakeman and Ramon Remedios will also be taking part with
Pastor Chuck Smith in the mid-day Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Good 
Friday service at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, California, 
and also at the Easter Sunday "Sunrise" service also at Irvine 

Each of the concerts will be performed as a benefit with all 
proceeds supporting Rick's favorite charity, ASSIST (Aid to Special 
Saints in Strategic Times.)  ASSIST, which is based in Garden Grove, 
California, is run by Rick's long-standing friend, Dan Wooding, who 
wrote the first-ever press story on Rick more than 25 years ago when 
he was a reporter on a London, England, newspaper, and later penned 
his biography, "The Caped Crusader."

One of the Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa concerts will be 
broadcast live across America on the Calvary Satellite Radio Network 
and also on the INTERNET on LightSource on AudioNet.  The INTERNET 
event will also be making history as it will be used as a "virtual 
fund raiser" for ASSIST, the first time this has been done in a 
live concert.

=> New Gentle Giant double disk set
The Artist Shop reports:

     "With thanks to Dan Barrett, the webmaster of the Gentle Giant 
home page, The Artist Shop is proud to present a new album called 
"Giant Tracks."  This is a double disc set in tribute to Gentle 
Giant that was actually put together by their internet fans!  This is 
really a very professional, very inspired set.  It even includes a 
couple tracks by Kevin Gilbert (whom we are still missing) and Mike 
Keneally.  You'll find this album at:

=> Greg Lake King Biscuit Flower Hour CD

More news from the Artist Shop ...

"...Not too long ago King Biscuit Flower Hour released a live 
performance of Greg's that included his solo material as well as ELP 
material and King Crimson, too!  Now Greg and his manager, Bruce 
Pilato, are proud to announce a very special limited edition of the
King Biscuit Flower Hour CD.  It has received the 20 bit remastering
treatment, the booklet has been expanded and is in English and French, 
there are now two extra tracks previously unavailable and every CD is 
numbered and personally autographed by Greg Lake!  This CD is not 
available in any store."

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