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Issue #3

December 31, 1996
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(Editor's Note:  Portions of this issue have been edited to reflect updated information,
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- Excerpt from Hans Bathelt Letter (part 2)
- Russ's Update
- Jim's Notes

- Russian Roulette
- Looking for Tapes !

- Matthias Holtmann On the Web ?
- More Singles
- Checking In
- Oldfield w/ Barry Palmer
- From The Artist Shop
- Another St. Louis Fan
- Discography for Triumvirat Musicians
- Christmas Music
- From KSHE 95
- Charlotte, NC Fan
- Scans of Triumvirat Covers

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The entire contents of this interview/letter are (Copyright)
(c) 1996, Russ Shaw
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
for Tales Across The Waters,
Jim Bradley and Russ Shaw, Editors

=>Excerpt from Hans Bathelt Letter (part 2)
Continuing from our last issue (#2), we are happy to present the
remainder of the letter that we received from Triumvirat Co-founder Hans
Bathelt. Enjoy :

"In these days a guy named Alec Johnson was working in the export department
of EMI in Cologne. He sent "Illusions" to Capitol Records in the USA and
got a positive answer. When Alec told us that "Illusions" would be released
in the States, we didn't know what that meant at that point. It picked up
airplay almost everywhere in the States. We went over on our first and did
some 40 dates supporting "Fleetwood Mac".

"After Christmas, we started to work on "Spartacus", in my opinion our best
album. I don't remember why we chose this subject, but I wrote most of the
lyrics after the music was finished. We toured Europe with "Grand Funk
Railroad", and the States with different bands like "Supertramp" and others.
Some shows we would headline, on others we would be the support act. I
remember playing in ST. Louis in that beautiful old "Ambassador Theater"
downtown. Capitol Records was happy with "Spartacus". It sold reasonably
well, and got on to the "Billboard" charts. But we still had not achieved
the status of a group playing in the premier league.

"Anyway, one day Helmut announced that he was going to leave for a solo
career. We could not convince him to stay. So Helmut just went back to
Germany. Juergen and I stayed in Los Angeles and auditioned a few bass
players. We decided on Doug Feiger (who later formed "he Knack", and had
a hit single with "My Sharona"). As EMI wanted us to record a new album
in Germany, we had to go back. Things were very chaotic at that time.
We hadn't written enough material, studio sessions were canceled and so on.
Very soon, Doug was fed up with the session and left. We thought of Werner
Frangenberg and he joined on bass. With an ad in the Melody Maker, we found
a singer which was Barry Palmer. We recorded "Old Loves Die Hard". For EMI
and Capitol it was just another album. There was no tour, and support and
interest in the group from the record company started to fade. Barry and
Werner left, as we were not functioning and working as a group.

"In 1977 I started working as a label manager for EMI in Cologne. I didn't
want to go on playing because I simply wanted to do something different.
After all these years I needed a change and I never missed a rehearsal room
ever since.

"In 1982 I left EMI and the music business as well. After some time of
orientation, I started in the computer industry. These days I enjoy working
as a salesman providing solutions to companies in the Cologne area. I am
happily married for 8 years now, and whenever there is a vacation we try to
spend it in the United States, our favorite country.

"Following please find the answer for your questions I haven't answered in
the letter so far:
- There are no other recordings I did apart from Triumvirat.
- Before Triumvirat, Helmut played in local bands, but didn't do recordings.
- I have no objections to you using the photos on the Website.
- We did a TV show in Germany, but I have no tape and I don't remember the
name of the show.
- I don't remember what emotions or inspirations led to the lyrics of
- A Double Dimple is simply a double shot of a Scotch named "Dimple".
- I have no idea why "Spartacus" is no longer printed.

"Well that's all for now. If there is anything else you would like to know,
just feel free to ask. I enclose a few autograph pictures I didn't even know
I had. And I made a few copies, like the first U.S. tour schedule for your

Best Regards from Cologne,
Take Care

This interview/letter is exclusive to Tales Across The Waters,
The Triumvirat Electronic Newsletter.

If you see this interview or any portion appear anywhere else,
please let me know (russ@triumvirat.net ).

Interview is (c) 1996 Russ Shaw. All Rights Reserved.

=>Russ's Update

Hello everybody!

I have been contacted by e-mail a number of times this month by two on-air
announcers/programmers at KSHE-95, St. Louis's #1 rock station (and one of the
first stations in the country to play Triumvirat, as documented by Billboard
08-04-74). John Ulett, the morning drive announcer and host of the weekend
"KSHE Classics" show, has said that he plans to do an on-air interview with
Hans Bathelt and has requested contact information from me, which I sent.
Randy Raley, the nighttime announcer, programs the KSHE web page,
(http://www.kshe95.com), and has promised to link to the Triumvirat page. You
can thank these guys and show your support by e-mailing Randy at
rocko420@aol.com, or calling them during their shifts at (314)969-1111. Their
personal fax is (314) 621-3428. Let's show these Dj's (who already love
Triumvirat), that we support them playing this music.
Also we have found Barry Palmer alive and well in Europe and expressing
interest in a Triumvirat reunion!! He has read the web page, and used the
same exact word that both Jurgen and Hans used to express the continuing
interest and support in Triumvirat: "Astonishing!".

Triumvirat Homepage Author

=>Jim's Notes
Greetings Friends !

As you may know, a power surge damaged my computer equipment, network,
and a lot of data. The information that I had planned on being in the next
issue (#4) was mostly lost, and I apologize for any inconvenience that may
A lot has been happening since last issue, as Russ has already mentioned.
Eduardo Mota has blessed us with a great job of scanning some album cover for
us as well ! These are now available for viewing in the Picture Gallery on
the website.
Russ has done a major revision of the Triumvirat Biography, based on the
information that he has received from Hans Bathelt, as well as others. It is
also available at the website.
I hope your Holidays have been fantastic! There are some great
suggestions for Christmas music in this issue. Although it's a bit late
for this year, there's always planning for next year!

Jim Bradley
TATW Editor

* * * * * * * * * * *

=>Russian Roulette
Congrats on a great website! Was I tickled to find others who love
Triumvirat as much as I do.
Re: Spartacus lyrics in Canadian release
I don't know about the Canadian release, but the U.S. version
definitely did contain all the lyrics to Spartacus. I have it.
Any leads to a copy of 'Russian Roulette' (vinyl or CD) would
be great. Keep up the great work on the website and newsletter.

Rick Makara

=>Looking for Tapes !

From: "Toohey, Joseph", INTERNET:joe@triumvirat.net

Dirk Evans & Russ Shaw,
I am a little confused as to whether both of you are in St. Louis, MO or
just Dirk after browsing the progressive rock pages (TRIMVIRAT/newsletter).
I live in South St. Louis County (Affton) and would like to know if I could
get a tape of Russian Roulette which is the only Trimvirat record album that
I do not have. I also have Keith Emerson's Nighthawks, Inferno, Changing
States, Manhattan Collection, Christmas, & all of the Nice & ELP albums, and
Keyboard Tales by Michael Perlich. I would like to get tapes of Emerson,s
MurderRock, Best Revenge, Honky, LaChiesa, Best of Emerson, & the other
Perlich album that I heard on KSHE back in the early 70's. Please reply back
when you get a chance.
My collection includes all the Rotary Connection albums which is the best
vocal group that nobody knows about now, but KSHE played in the 68-72 period.
ELP web page passes into ELP influenced bands MASTERMIND, PAR LINDH, MONOLITH.
Monolith sends a tape for $6. I recently got 3 Mastermind CDs and 3 Par Lindh
CDs though MMmusic.com which is a must for Emerson, Jurgen Fritz, Wakeman fans.
The new THREAD & Robert Berry's Pilgrimage to a Point is also worth getting
for fans of KANSAS, ELPowell, 3 (E,Berry,P) along with To the Power of 3.
I would love to add concert videos to my collection of (ELP Welcome Back,
ELP Picts at Exhibit, Moody Blues & John Tesh at Red Rocks, Torri Amos,
Wakeman Chronicles 1975(Australia-Journey Centre Earth), Wakeman Live 91,
Yes 90125 & Yannilive. Whatever happened to all the old ABC In Concert & Don
Kirshner Concerts/California Jam? I remember seeing Wakeman's 90 minute
Journey & Six Wives, ELP, Kansas, etc. CDnow.com is the other web source for
videos/albums. I am saving $30 for the ABW&H Live at Shorline 2 hr video. I
hear that VH1 did an hour long Tori Amos on Crossroads, but found out too
I went to many concerts near St. Louis in the 70's Trimvirat(Spartacus 2nd
tour at FOX with ELO), many ELP's, Wakeman tours, Gentle Giant, Mike Quatro
Jam Band, Moody Blues, etc. I am heavily into keyboard music and love New Age
Jazz as well as Prog (Suzanne Ciani, Enya, David Arkenstone, Tesh, Yanni,
etc.). Please respond to joe@triumvirat.net e-mail.
Joe Toohey

* * * * * * * * * * *

=>Matthias Holtmann On the Web ?
You just never know what you might run into while you're surfing the
web. I found a link to the German SDR Web site, and found that they have
a couple pages of info on Matthias there, including a current high resolution
picture. You can connect to it from the links page here at the homepage, or
point your web browser to:

Enjoy !

=>More Singles


I have the following Triumvirat 45 RPM 7 inch singles which are not
shown on your web page. There are no songs on them that can not be
found on their albums, but it you want to have a complete discography
at some point, these must be included:

Dimplicity/Million Dollars Harvest 3947
Waterfall (Stereo/Mono) Capitol P-4700

See ya!

Gary P.

=>Checking In

Man, I read the message from Hans late in my hotel room while
on the road. I actually had tears in my eyes as this letter from one of our
heroes came forth. I guess I really like them, huh?.

You made my day, week, YEAR !!!!. Would Hans mind e-mail from other
fans? I'd love to send him a note since he was involved with SPARTACUS
one of my all-time favs.

Thanks Russ, not just for the letter, but for taking the time to build this
tool (Web site) which has put us in touch and continues to fill
the gaps we'd love to see answered about this fine band.
I'll be in-touch....

Best wishes


=>Oldfield w/ Barry Palmer

From:"David Schrimpf"

Dear Russ,

I have the "Discovery" album with Barry Palmer on vinyl. It's one of those
that was never released in the U.S. It's pretty good as far as a Mike
Oldfield album with vocals go, but I prefer his instrumental works. Is the
tape of live Tubular Bells taken from the Exposed album? I have that on
vinyl too. Amarok is great!! It's one of those non-US releases and it
is very very good. I am totally unaware of any 4 CD set. Is it a boxed
set of various stuff, or is it like the Mike Oldfield BOXED that put
together his first three albums and a fourth disk of various b-sides,
collaborations, etc.?


=>From The Artist Shop

Dear Jim:

Thank you very much for your kind words. It's much appreciated. You can
also be assured that your link to us will be reciprocated! So, what are the
members of Triumvirate up to these days? Anything going on there? Would
any of them be up for an IRC Chat?

Gary Davis
The Artist Shop

=>Another St. Louis Fan

From: Roy DeRousse

Count me as yet another Triumvirat fan from St. Louis! In a previous
newsletter, Dirk Evans mentioned first hearing Triumvirat's Illusions on
a Double Dimple here on KSHE. Me too! I was (and am) totally blown
away by the album. I rarely listen to popular music radio anymore (KSHE
has gone down the tubes, sadly), I usually listen to NPR in the car for
news and features, and my CDs and LPs for music at home. Imagine my
surprise and delight when I briefly switched to KSHE this morning.
IOADD was being played! I recognized it in about 3 notes!

I have played Illusions, Spartacus, and Old Loves to death. It took me
a number of years to find all of the other albums, and all have their
moments, but those 3 are the best IMO. I noticed that even Russian
Roulette has its fans? It took me a LONG time to find this album, even
after I had been repeatedly warned about it. Sad to say, but all of the
warnings were correct. Very little to interest me there. (I rate it a
2 on a 1-10 scale.) Only one song sounds like something from the
traditional Triumvirat, and there is reggae-like song that is decent,
but it's sure not what I wanted to hear from Triumvirat!

A few tidbits:

1) The catalog # for the German Import CD of ES IST NICHT LEICHT EIN
GOTT by Fritz is SONY MUSIC 466250-2. (I don't have a copy personally,
but someone found this in a catalog somewhere.)

2) The prog band Birth Control recorded a tribute song to Helmut
Koellen, "We All Thought We Knew You" for their 1977 album "Increase."

3) The German and US covers for Old Loves Die Hard are different. The
US version features a greyish cover with a mouse behind a magnifying
glass. The German version (EMI Electrola #C 062-29 622) has "Triumvirat
and the title in a large, artsy font in black and white, with small
drawings of cupid-like children playing music on the cover. Photos of
the 4 musicians are on the back cover, along with a recap of
graphics from the front cover.

Have fun!

Roy DeRousse (relayer@inlink.com)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

=>Christmas Music

Christmas Music for Prog Fans

From: Joe Toohey - joe@triumvirat.net

I am another St. Louis, MO fan that has communicated with
Russ Shaw & Dirk Evans, and am now giving some Xmas info for TATW
readers. The ELP I Believe in Father Christmas CD is out in many
stores at a low price since there are only 5 tracks. This came
out last year in November at bargain prices also. Also fans can
go to the ELP web page which has a link to Keith Emerson's web
page. Emerson's The Christmas Album & related items can be bought
on-line through his web page. Last year I got the UK import version
at Blockbuster & a couple weeks later got the US version (longer &
less cost) off an internet vendor. At used record stores I also
highly suggest getting the Rotary Connection Cristmas album Peace.
The is Minnie Riperton with the groups other great vocalists and
rich symphonic rock music. I have all their albums, which fans
have heard since the late 60's but never know the name of the
group. CDnow.com does have their first album on CD which has
fantastic sound. Milder Xmax albums are from Windham Hill artists
(Windham.com) such as Winter Solstice I thru V CDs and varius other
peaceful (new age type) Xmas CDs. John Tesh has varius Xmas albums
that are more traditional with some new age mixed in. Many of
these albums are in City/County libraries or can be listened to
at places like Block Buster Music. The Emerson & ELP Xmas CDs
will definitely please Triumvirat fans and Rotary Connection
albums will please rock fans of all types. By the way, Best Buy
is selling most of the ELP CDs for $9.99.
I have the newest album out that sounds very much like music
of Triumvirat and is a must have CD. It is called THREAD by THREAD
and was purchased thru MMmusic.com from the internet. The way I
discover most music like this is go to ELP page, bands influenced
by ELP page, Mastermind page, where to get Mastermind CDs,
MMmusic.com web page. I do have all Mastermind CDs, Par Lindh CDs,
and the Monolith tape mentioned on the bands influenced by ELP
page and will explain why they are a must have for prog fans of
Triumvirat/ELP in a future E-mail. The Triumvirat page is a
fantastic enhancement since I first visted it in early summer.
>From a longtime Emerson, Fritz, Wakeman, keyboard fan in St. Louis,

=>From KSHE 95

From: EZXD64F@prodigy.com (NEWS DEPARTMENT)

dear russ,
This is Randy Raley at KSHE 95. Ef it is okay with you, we would like
to hook up your Triumvirat home page with ours. Please call me at 621-
0095 ext 138 and let me know if this is OK.

[Editor's Note: Of course, we said "Yes"! You can contact KSHE on the Web
at www.kshe95.com]

=>Charlotte, NC Fan

From: Tim Sanford

Jim, you and Russ are to be commended for your outstanding work
with the web page and now newsletter. In the mid-70s here in Charlotte,
NC we had a great "progressive" radio station WRPL. They played several
cuts from "Illusions" when it was released here, and already being a ELP
and Yes fan I loved it. One of my best friends bought "Spartacus" and
"Pompeii" when they came out. He still lives here in Charlotte - I need
to see if he still has those albums and tell him about the website.
As for CD availability, I have seen "Illusions", "Pompeii", "Old
Loves Die Hard" (all the German imports) and even the American release of
"Spartacus" (which is now, alas, out of print), at various Best Buy stores
here in the Charlotte area, so you US fans might want to check them out.
Unfortunately, I didn't buy Spartacus when I saw it but I did buy
"Illusions" which I listen to very often. In closing, I put my vote in
for "Illusions" as the best album. Keep up the good work!

Tim Sanford
Charlotte, NC USA

=>Scans of Triumvirat Covers

From: Eduardo Mota <eduardomota@mail.telepac.pt>


I wonder if you wouldn’t like to place Spartacus,
Old Loves Dies Hard and Pompeii covers in Triumvirat
pages. I could scan them for you in full colour. Jpeg in
I like Triumvirat music since 1975. So it was
a good surprise finding this Home Page.
I put a URL to it in the sites I am maintaining.

Keep the good work,
[Editors: Thank you so very much for scanning these for us! They are now
available for viewing/downloading via The Picture Gallery.]


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