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February 10,2002
Issue #021


The Triumvirat Electronic Newsletter
Issue #021
Sunday, February 10, 2002

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- Triumvirat "The Website Story" www.triumvirat.net/websitestory.htm
- Triumvirat Net New look www.triumvirat.net
- New site: www.triumvirat.tv (previews of the new album !)
- A Promise From Jürgen Fritz www.j-rat.com
- Tales Across The Waters Changes
- What About the Remasters ?


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=>Triumvirat - "The Website Story"

It was a month ago, in the evening of Thursday, January 10, 2002 when the phone rang. As I was sitting with my 3 month old daughter in one arm, my wife grabbed my cell phone and handed it to me. Who could it be ? I answered the phone and had the pleasant surprise to have received a call from Cologne, Germany. It was Jürgen Fritz.

"It took a long time - not just the album, but for me finding the right balance - after 20 years of not having done TRIUMVIRAT - to treat this long forgotten monster." He told me that the new Triumvirat album was essentially completed, and he is hoping to see the album released sometime in April or May (tentative). The new Triumvirat album, titled "The Website Story", is a concept album with a Science Fiction flavor to it. Jürgen sent a "scenario" that "sets the grounds" for what the story builds upon. "Like in the early 'STAR WARS' Movies, where the introduction moved along the screen - and got you settled and tuned in for things to come. " And now...here is that scenario. (you can also view it, in the scrolling 'star wars' screen format, at http://www.triumvirat.net/websitestory.htm )


A Digital Trilogy

Part One


The groundbreaking developments of modern technology - computer, internet, genetic manipulation etc. - around the millennium caused, in years to come, drastic changes in global society & economy structures. The dreams and visions of the Global Players of the late nineties of the 20th century had come true - the world had become the internet, one single global market.

A major part of people`s lives were real personal computers - not unlike a highly intelligent, digital butler - that were totally familiar with the personality structure, needs, likes and dislikes of their masters. Based on this knowledge, the p.c. selected and suggested and decided independently from the maze of choice of goods, entertainment and life`s necessities. With the increasing personal isolation of this lifestyle, the “digital butler” became a necessary friend.

These friends left tracks - unbelievable amounts of data, the total transparency of a technology dependent see-through society. The administration and handling of this information represented the largest economic and political power in the world – and, naturally, it`s greatest danger.

The execution of this power could – in the end - not be subjected to economic or ideologic, corruptible competition. The technological freedom, the democracy of access required the opposite - an independent, yet total control.

Ostin Technologies, the largest international multi, developed, by way of takeover and reduction of various systems, an international standard and won the confidence to control the administration of this global net.

Dylan Ostin was founder, owner and ingenious mastermind of Ostin Technologies. His immeasurable wealth guaranteed immunity to corruption and greed, and the lack of competitive rivals made trivial use of his limitless power unnecessary. His energy and his endeavours to develop and realize his visions of the impossible, he used - responsibly - for the good of mankind

He also wanted to play god.


=>Triumvirat Net New look

In coordination with the new Triumvirat album, and a new website dedicated to the new album, Triumvirat Net was due for a new layout. There is still quite a few changes that I would like to make to the site, but all in a matter of time. If you run into any problems with the new layout, please let me know, as I'm expecting there to be a few problems here and there. I spent a very long a tiring week, and I'm not sure that I got it all put together right in my sleepless state ! All things are new in this 30th anniversary year of the release of the first Triumvirat Album. Enjoy !

=>New site: www.triumvirat.tv

There is also a new website that is dedicated to the new Triumvirat album, created by Michael Schlieper of Side by Site in Cologne, Germany in coordination with Jürgen Fritz. Jürgen has registered the triumvirat.tv domain name to provide an official home for the band's new album. Rush over to the new site today and you'll hear the audio preview of "Just A Face" from the new album, featuring Grant Stevens on vocals. You'll also be able to download and view a 4 minute video. (Streaming video will be provided in the future. Michael is working on making arrangements for the streaming server.) Check out the new song and post your comments in the Triumvirat Net Forum ! (More previews to come !)


=>A Promise From Jürgen Fritz

A Promise From Jürgen Fritz (from J'rat; the webmaster of Japanese fan site)

Jürgen Fritz is a man of his word.

He pledged that he would make the new album deserve to be released after 20 years of his career. The gap of two decades in his band career was not a disadvantage, but mature for the birth of the new Triumvirat.

Jürgen gave his word to me in the summer of 1999:

"The nature of the idea for a new TRIUMVIRAT album includes a variety of different characters - which will be performed and represented by a variety of singers and characters, that have developed personalities through their work over the past years.

It will be a result of musical ideas, that were gathered throughout the years and a spirit of what music is for me today - past the boundaries of a band that does not exist anymore. What wonderful freedom - what room for experiments."

I understood his word but did not grasp the true meaning at the time. The only thing I did, was to blindly accepted what he had said. However, I now finally understand that his word was correct and precise in detail.

Jürgen also showed confidence:

"I would hope that you trust my judgment on what TRIUMVIRAT could be in the future - and have faith to keep up your spirit for the band's past and - hopefully - future. Even if it's different people - I am doing this and it will have my handwriting on the music, if there is such a thing. Give it some time, and I am sure you will enjoy it. Thank you for your faith and for loving the history and music of this band."

He did not go back on his word. The concept and the sound of this album greatly exceeded all my hopes. We have not listened to all songs in "The Website Story" yet. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned at TRIUMVIRAT.TV and TRIUMVIRAT.NET! (Japanese fans; visit the WWW.J-RAT.COM, new site that opened for the promotion)

All the best,

Hideyuki Nakajima(J'rat)


=>Tales Across The Waters Changes

"Where has the newsletter been ?" There just hasn't been any new information to warrant the publishing of a new TATW issue until now. But more importantly for me, I just don't have the kind of time available that I use to have to put together a full-fledged newsletter. So in the future, the Tales Across The Waters mailing list will be used to release the latest bulletins and information regarding Triumvirat and related news. Announcements/Bulletins will be made as they occur.

Thank you to everyone for all your support for the website and the newsletter ! This month is the 7th anniversary of the website. It's been quite a ride !


=>What About the Remasters ?

"So what's the deal with the remasters?", you ask. The answer is.......I don't know. I know you are anxious for news about the remastered Triumvirat catalog, but I don't have any news about them at this time. Our contacts at EMI are no longer there. The staff in Cologne was drastically cut back. As soon as we have any information, I will pass it on to you.

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