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"Illusions On A Double Dimple"

Helmut Köllen 
"You Won't See Me"

This is an excellent album produced and recorded by Jürgen Fritz, who also plays keyboards. The drummer was Matthias Holtmann, who played on "Ala Carte", and who appears in the " The Hymn" video.

EMI/Harvest German import (1977) Recorded at Conny's Studio Wolperath, Germany 10-11/76

Helmut Köllen: bass, acoustic and electric guitars and vocals
Dieter Petereit: bass
Matthias Holtmann: drums
Jürgen Fritz: keyboards, producer
Brigitte Witt: backing vocals
Elke Köllen: backing vocals
The Horn and String Section

  1. It's Hard To Love You 5: 46
  2. I'll Walk On The River 3:53
  3. Station 3:19
  4. Dear Poor Boy (not listed))
  5. Playin' This Song Together (not listed)
  6. Listen Lady 4:38
  7. Mainstreet 4:17
  8. The Story Of Life 4:23
  9. You Won't See Me 6:03

This album is dedicated to 
Helmut's mother and father.

"You Won't See Me" lyrics

IT'S HARD TO LOVE YOU (Köllen, Fritz)

Its' hard to love you with the way things used to be,
however, I still feel that need in me
To kiss you tenderly
To really hold you tight
But I just don't know wrong from right

You're pretty hard to please
You always ask for more
And if it fails you just run out the door
And when you disappear completely out of site
Then I sit here alone tonight
Quite uptight

I still remember pretty well the way we started
It was like jumping on a cloud up in the sky
We spent an endless time and promised when we parted
To be true, but there was something in your eye
That told me that it wouldn't work
'cos you're not quite the type
That's satisfied with just one way to go
You need the opportunities to reassure your pride
And you're leaving me far behind

I felt depressed when I had learned that it was over
I didn't really know how life would carry on
So I gained strength and saw the things I had to cope with
The summer's over when the last few birds have gone
But I want to tell you something
You might need to make it through
Maybe love will help you make a better day
You need responsibility to straighten out your mind
Now I'm leaving you far behind
Your turn

I'LL WALK ON THE RIVER (Köllen, Fritz)

I've wasted all my life just tryin' to live it
It took me quite some time to realize
There's nothing here for free
You've got to face it
For everything you gain
You pay a price

I'll walk on the river
I know it takes me out to the ocean
I'll walk on the river
Out there life is an endless emotion

I've seen it all
I tried to understand it
The loves and hates
The searchings for a friend
But all these efforts really do not matter
'For we will all be leaving in the end

STATION (Köllen, Fritz)

I lost my wife last night
In a sheer amazing fight
To a supersonic stud that hit me right
So I got out of there
'Cos the fight just wasn't fair
He was using both his hands and not his mind

And so I'm standing at the station
With a pocket full of change in my hands
Tryin' to decide the destination
That takes me to the promised land

The country is brand new
there's booze and boogaloo
and ladies that roll over anytime
And the greatest of it all
just raise your hand and call
For the whole thing they won't even charge a dime

It looks like a dream that never ends
You don't want to go back home again
It tenders you gently all the time
The only thing wrong about all this
That beautiful country don't exist
You keep on dreaming till you hear this


You think you can do everything
You think you're really great
You never fail, you're never wrong
You're never even late

Yes, you're really talented but still you have to know
That if you work like this my friend
You're gonna lose this show

You did a lot of good that's true
But don't you understand
That even in this business you will sometimes need a friend

So listen to this carefully and think about my words
To be a real superstar needs more than just some fans


You were angry the first time you played that music
You felt hate and disgust when you wrote the words
Disappointed by people you thought you cared for
To get a 'No' from a friend
That's what really hurts

California sun was shining
But it didn't help that lonely feel
far away from good old Germany
Here we are and we're playing this song together
Reunited in music and in our minds
We don't know if this time it will last forever
But we're sure trying
Here we are and we're playing this song together
And what music unites man should not take apart

I've been thinking about all those wasted emotions
While I tried to find out what I was doing wrong
Well it seems pretty clear once you know what the point is
Where respect substitutes being hard and strong

California sun's still shining
But to reassure the way we feel
We went back to good old Germany

LISTEN LADY (Köllen, Fritz)

I met an elder lady on a plane the other day
She told me 'bout her dog whose name is Boo
That he was an alcoholic in the good old fashioned way
And that sometimes she herself indulges in a good old brandy too

I looked at her and saw her eyes were real red and old
Like two cherries from a century ago
Then she opened up her purse and took out pictures from a fold
That were wrinkled and that showed a girl
in an oldtime Broadway show
She looked and said
'Those were the days. Today's just Rock and Roll.'

I said 'Listen Lady don't you know those Broadway days are gone?
And wrinkled photos will not bring them back
The roaring twenties ended such a long long time ago
An that is something, with respect,
That even you should know.'

She stared at me in disbelief and firmly shook her head
She gently put her skinny hands in mine
'I never tried to rearrange these times again my boy
And these pictures are just memories
That help me pass the time
'Cos I know it is yours
It isn't mine.'

I said 'Listen Lady don't you know the Broadway days are gone?
And wrinkled photos will not bring them back
The roaring twenties ended such a long long time ago
An that is somethin, with respect,
That even you should know.'

MAINSTREET (Köllen, Fritz)

There's something fascinating about the city life
That keeps you going all night long
You've gotta find your way to where the action is
But once you're there you can't go wrong
The music's pretty loud it hits you in your head
Some green eyed chicks are standing in the door
It smells of rotten fish and smoke and alcohol
But I don't care I just want more,
I just want more

I'm walking round on mainstreet
I'm out to have some fun
I'm walking round on mainstreet
The red light ladies on the run
And every night it's the same street
Where you can see the show
I really did that mainstreet
That's where you rock and roll

That universal feel is hitting everyone
In London, New York City, or L.A.
it doesn't make a difference where you're coming from
We do the bump we don't ballet
That's what is fascinating about the city life
There's twenty and four hours to a day
And once you really taste it you will realize
You'll never leave you're gonna stay,
You're gonna stay

THE STORY OF LIFE (Köllen, Bathelt)

You smoke your refer, you drink your wine
You take your pill and you feel just fine
You're taking off like a jumbo jet
That flight is bad but you don't regret

You watch T.V. till you go blind
Your parents sleep and they don't mind
You blow your nose you wreck your car
You just drop out-You won't get far

I tell you the story of life which is old
The more you get older the more you get cold
About the only thing left in each generation
Is loving and dying and death and frustration

You spend your money you waste your time
The drinks are good and the food's divine
You never care about tomorrow
Just go ahead

You love your lover you hate her man
You kill your ego as much as you can
You go around the world you try to stop lying
You finally make it, you feel that you're dying

YOU WON'T SEE ME (Lennon, McCartney)

When I call you up your line's engaged
I have had enough so act your age
We have lost the time that was so hard to find
And I will lose my mind
If you won't see me
(You won't see me)

I don't know why you would want to hide
But I can't get through my hands are tired
I won't want to stay
I don't have much to say
But I can turn away
And you won't see me
You won't see me

Time after time you refused to even listen
I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing
(No I wouldn't)

Though the days are few
They're filled with tears and since I lost you
It feels like years
Yes it seems so long girl since you've been gone
And I just can't go on
If you won't see me
(You won't see me)
If you won't see me


You Won't See Me

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